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Strong signs of a potential #volcano #eruption near #Keilir on #Reykjanes peninsula. Scientists reporting #earthquake patterns that are similar to the start of an eruption. Eruption likely to start within the next few hours. Image
The ICAO airport code for @kefairport and #Reykjavik airport have been raised to Orange - which indicates a high likelihood of imminent eruption. Rescue teams are being put on standby. Coast Guard @gaeslan helicopter to fly over the area shortly. Press briefing scheduled for 1600
This potential eruption is not expected to cause any damage to infrastructure and towns/cities according to @almannavarnir. The eruption has not yet started and is far away from habited places.
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Based on the latest satellite data there are signs of #magma buildup. Over 30cm of rising is the highest seen so far in the area. This has caused scientists to add a potential scenario of a volcanic #eruption in the area west of Keilir mountain in #Reykjanes peninsula. #icemagma Image
This magma buildup is the likely cause of the #earthquake swarm over the past few days. Most likely location if #magma does reach the surface is behind Keilir and #lava would most likely flow only to uninhabited areas. Image
Potential #eruptions in the #Reykjanes peninsula are not explosive eruptions but rather basic lava eruptions - similar to the #Holuhraun eruption in 2014. The area is known for eruption periods, lasting 1-200 years, and calm periods lasting like this one for 800 years.
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Op het schiereiland Reykjanes wordt hard gewerkt aan de mid-oceanische rug. Dit soort aardbevingen gaan vaak gepaard met een magma-injectie in de korst, die ongeveer 10 km dik is onder dit deel van #IJsland (35 km onder Nederland. Soms leidt dat tot een spleetuitbarsting.
De aardbevingszwermen op het schiereiland Reykjanes, Z.W. #IJsland, blijven toenemen. Wie weet zit er wel een spleetuitbarsting in. ImageImageImage
Mooi om te zien hoe de aardbevingen schommelen rond de as van van het Krýsuvík systeem. Er wordt daar flink wat magma geïnjecteerd. ImageImage
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Dear you, good evening,
tonight the #volcano(#火山 ) of #Suwanosejima(#諏訪之瀬島) of #TokaraIslands(#トカラ列島) in #Kagoshima(#鹿児島) is erupting out high temperature gas,
at 20:34~20:54,Jan.13th.2020(JST).🌋
The #magma(#マグマ) may be rising.
Japan🇯🇵 ImageImageImageImage
Dear you, good evening,
tonight it's very cold,
#volcano(#火山) of #Suwanosejima(#諏訪之瀬島) of #TokaraIslands(#トカラ列島) in #Kagoshima(#鹿児島) is erupting out high temperature gas,
at 23:12,Jan.18th.2020(JST).🌋
The #magma(#マグマ) may be rising.
Japan🇯🇵 Image
Dear you, good evening,
tonight it's very cold,
#volcano(#火山) of #Suwanosejima(#諏訪之瀬島) of #TokaraIslands(#トカラ列島) in #Kagoshima(#鹿児島) is erupting out high temperature gas,
at 22:52,23:04,Jan.18th.2020(JST).🌋
The #magma(#マグマ) may be rising.
Japan🇯🇵 ImageImage
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Government, on August 13, issued a 'Scheme to provide a one-time partial credit guarantee to PSBs for purchase of pooled assets of financially sound NBFCs'. This scheme is a step in right direction towards solving the liquidity crunch that NBFCs are faced with. Thread (1/12)
It may be recalled that the Finance Minister, in her budget speech, had made an announcement to this effect. Thid scheme attempts to address temporary asset liability mismatches of NBFCs/HFCs so that they don't have to resort to distress sale owing to paucity of liquidity. 2/12
The major features of this scheme are:
A) It is a one time guarantee provided by GoI, for a period of 24 months.
B) The schemes is only applicable to PSU banks for first loss of up to 10%
C) Guarantee can be invoked if the credit rating of the pool goes to 'D' (default). 3/12
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.@realDonaldTrump you need a big win. A historically monumental, Congressionally heralded, bipartisanly supported, nationally uniting, globally respected, job creating, forward thinking win. Here’s an idea: Make America Go Metric Already. #MAGMA 1/
Every country around the world except the US, Liberia, and Myanmar, officially use the metric system. Even Russia! #метрический 2/
Think about it. Jefferson opposed it ‘cause he didn’t like French stuff. (#snowflake) Ford tried & failed. Carter merely talked about it. Only Donald J. Trump could actually change the very measure of the country. #MAGA by #MAGMA 3/
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