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The complete index for #MapCamp2020 ... slides and videos included. Some is still going up but this will be the source for it all -… ... thank you to the speakers and @lefep for making this happen.
X : Is #MapCamp going to be virtual going forward?
Me : Yes. We've started that transition. We will grow from here. There are many lessons to learn and may additional things that we can do to turn it into a truly global festival of mapping. This was the beginning of that journey.
But as important as learning about the new world, there are also many things we need to unlearn. As with three perspectives on one topic, because of the timezones then we will need three community driven mapcamps merging into one. Each with its own perspective but shared values.
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X : Is mapping a cult where you pay to get access to hidden knowledge of the inner circle?
Me : My work is research. I use mapping. I occassionaly teach it. Mapping is all creative commons. #MapCamp is as low cost as we can make it (this year we managed to make it free) ...
... mapping doesn't help everyone, I emphasise how it's imperfect, it's a model and hence it's wrong but it seems to be useful. I've spent a lot of time helping others. Yes,I charge for workshops because that takes me away from research but I do an awful lot of community work ...
... I think it's not unreasonable to say that the value the community has gained from mapping vastly exceeds the few workshops I might have given to large corporate by factors of hundred of thousands or more ...
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Don't forget to go explore. Map Camp starts on the 13th (i.e. Tuesday) but you can log into the platform, find where things are, plan your day now.
X : What are you planning for the introduction to #MapCamp
Me : It's already on the site, a short video introducing map camp. You can watch it now and then just get started on the sessions when they kick off on Tuesday.
X : What's through the windows?
Me : Three session tracks - archway, square and round - full of goodness.
X : No, I mean in the lobby / network area ... the outside of the office?
Me : Apocalyptic Mars landscape i.e. a quiet space of learning in the midst of a maelstrom.
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I heard the most surprising line recently that climate change is highly political and shouldn't be in tech conferences like #MapCamp.

I don't know who said it but please, NEVER attend #MapCamp again.

You are NOT welcome, nor will you ever be welcome. Thank you.
I will not accept any attempt to shut down debate or challenge or discussion on the most important topic of our generation simply because it doesn't fit in with your political ideology.

People call out "this is political" when something doesn't agree with their own politics.
The purpose of maps is to allow for discussion, to enable people to share their assumptions and to allow others to challenge the map not the person.

To try and close down such discussions with lines of "it is political" is the antithesis of what mapping is about.
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Listening to the marvellous @hpdang discuss open source adoption in Asia and the sustainability of the community with a vision of building a better future through sharing & collaboration #OSCON ... this really should be a keynote.
Oh ... ... this looks useful for #MapCamp ... oh, an open sourced smart speaker - ... oh, and on and on. Loving this #FOSSASIA
Oodles of lessons on creating a sustainable community from motivations, skillsets (encouraging designers and tech writers), participation in the local community, events, high rates of diversity (47% of attendees are women) and focus on positive community. #FOSSASIA is awesome.
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X : f you have no changes because of fixed scope, is there a need for Agile?
Me : As in XP, not whatever "agile" has become? Ok, pretty straightforward ... start by mapping out your landscape i.e. focus on user needs, understand the chain of components, map over evolution.
... one thing you learn from mapping is there are no one size fits all methods i.e. each has its context. So use it. Agile here is lightweight XP (see @KentBeck) and not whatever horror people have come up with. Lean is more Scrum / MVP etc.
... so apply it. In other words, use appropriate methods. Ditto outsourcing etc i.e. don't outsource the whole lot or try to build it all in-house. Both are usually problematic.
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We have 95 standard tickets left for #MapCamp, 15th October, Sadler's Wells theatre -… ... once they are gone, that's it, same with the early birds. I know the event is over 3 months away but it should sell out end of this month #WardleyMaps ...
... I will put up a wait list as per previous years but we've planned for just over 600 people and it'll be difficult for us to add more. There are a limited number of sponsorship options which includes blocks of tickets for that company that wants to take several people.
Anyway, we've not spent any money on marketing ... this has just been me tweeting. But I want to give everyone a decent chance of going, spread awareness as much as I can ... soon, I'll go quiet on #MapCamp as we get closer to closing ticket sales.
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The event isn't until 15th October but 400 tickets already gone for #MapCamp -… ... ok, this will be bigger than last year. I did plan for more space, 700 at a push but to be honest, I thought that was me being ... well, over optimistic ...
... for something that started as a tweet about going to a pub in case anyone wants to learn a bit of mapping, this is a very accidental conference. I'm overwhelmed by the support. Thank you all.
I'm really excited about the event, though I know the amount of work / panic that it causes me. The opening lineup of @SalFreudenberg, @littleidea, @adrianco and @Rachel0404 is stellar in my book and I'm very grateful ...
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So let's talk #MapCamp 2019 -… ... it's a real pleasure to have @SalFreudenberg opening up the talks with "Social and cognitive benefits of mapping". Sal is an amazing speaker. One not to be missed.
After @SalFreudenberg, we have the legend that is @littleidea discussing "What is the best move?"

Just to add fire to the mix, we go stratospheric with another legend - @adrianco before @Rachel0404 brings us back to earth with "building a company with maps".
So, that's the opening sessions for #MapCamp 2019 -… ... @SalFreudenberg, @littleidea, @adrianco and @Rachel0404.

Best bit is, I could build a conference around any of these speakers and we've got a whole day of this.
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For those who have examples of mapping impact in organisations both positive and negative for this Cambridge / LSE paper then @RoserPujadas1 is the person to share with. Can I encourage people to also share counter examples i.e. to work out the limits / constraints with maps.
i.e. I'm asking the attendees of both 2017 and 2018 #mapcamp and the wider community. It would be good to put mapping on a more academic footing and that means warts and all. It's the only way the field can truly progress if we challenge it.
It's also part of why I wanted this year's #mapcamp to consist of other voices. I'm fully aware that for #mapping to progress it has to become a field with a wide community of leaders, academic rigour and a willingness to challenge. If we don't, it risks becoming a #cult.
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I'm still processing what I heard and saw at #mapcamp #map18 ... everything was on a scale I hadn't expected. I mean when you're listening to people talk about mapping saving lives and the UN talk mapping, it's ... #mindblown -
and on top of this you have mapping used in food safety (@JuliePierce77 presentation was glorious) - ... ok, saving lives, UN, Gov regulation and safety ...
and we switch gears into the world of startups with @yoditstanton bringing the house down with maps and collaboration - ...
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At this point, I want to make a huge shout out for the unsung legends of #mapcamp ... @JaneKingston for actually organising everything and @svanderburg for keeping me focused and not running away from doing it in the first place because so many people wanted to turn up.
Behind the scenes along with @coderinheels there was @BenMosior, @jhngrant, @cacorriere, @mrchrisadams along with a host of advisors, volunteers and the @lefep ... without all these people, the speakers and the audience it would never have happened. Thank you.
It's quite rare that I swear ... so I won't ... except to say that you all rock, just a bit more strongly than that.
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