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1/ 🌟 Leaping emergent effects are fascinating phenomena that occur when the collective behavior of a system is fundamentally different from the behavior of its individual components

Let's dive into 10 amazing examples of such effects in our world today! 🧵👇
2/ 🦢 Flocking behavior in birds: Witness the mesmerizing patterns created by birds in flight!

Each bird follows simple rules, like maintaining distance & avoiding collisions, yet the complex flocking patterns that emerge are nothing short of breathtaking #NatureIsAmazing
3/ 🚗 Traffic jams: Ever been stuck in a traffic jam without any visible cause?

This emergent effect arises from the complex interactions among individual drivers, who follow basic rules like maintaining distance & adjusting speed #TrafficMysteries
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1/🧵Ok it's only 10:30 in the morning and 🤯🤯🤯
Do you astro folx (who were raised in one of the Western monotheistic traditions) remember Ba'al from your Sunday/Hebrew/Qur'an school stories?
The "bad" god in the story of prophet Elijah?>>>
2/🧵Guess who Ba'al was to the Phoenicians?
✨The constellation Orion. ✨
And they observed Ba'al/Orion's movements in giant reflecting pools that were oriented to the directions of the equinox and solstices.
These pools are found in Phoenician temple complexes>
3/🧵all over the ancient Mediterranean, as the Phoenicians were skilled sea-farers/traders.

I had known that the Phoenicians were amazing navigatiors (they got at least as far as the West coast of Africa and the British isles).
And I knew they worshipped Astarte/Venus>>>
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1/🚨New Episode🚨
The Lipid Panel Reimagined: #MindtheGap Segment

How do you interpret the #lipidpanel to help inform patients' risk for #cardiovascular disease? Do you use #ApoB? 🧐

2/ Unfortunately, our patient is stuck in "bumper-to-bumper" #cholesterol traffic 🚗!

See traffic analogy to understand why ApoB can give us information that LDL-C may not:

#Mindblown! 🤯
3/ Overall, LOWER ⬇️ is better for both #LDL-C and #ApoB in terms of reducing #CV disease risk!

But #discordance between LDL-C vs. ApoB is actually quite common!

Take a look at the orange line to see how ApoB confers a higher CVD risk over time 👇
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Watch the spiral path taken by the sun moving around the galactic center. But this is the easy part. Visualize the geocentric view of the apparent motion of the sun.
According to @jayasartn, the oscillatory model of the precession in Surya Siddhanta (ie tropical vernal equinox oscillating around side-real vernal equinox with an amplitude of 27° amplitude) is based on this spiral motion of the sun.

Just finished reading 3 parts of her four-part series published in famous BV Raman's reputed Astrological magazine.
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#Jahresplaylist: 1984.
Alright, let's go, musikalischer @ZeitsprungFM ;-) ins Orwell-Jahr. Songs + Geschichten aus dem Pop-Jahr. Folgt diesem [Thread] für die Lückenfüllung zwischen Micahael Jackson (…) und Michael J. Fox (…).
Mit bevorstehenden Wahlen in den USA und dem neuen BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Album #LetterToYou am Markt müssen wir #1984 natürlich mit einem der missverstandendsten Songs der Popgeschichte beginnen:

#1984 war das Jahr von PRINCEs Film/OST "Purple Rain", das sogar den Oscar für die beste Musik gewann. "When Doves Cry", "Let's go crazy", "I Would Die 4 U" und natürilch der Titeltrack alles unvergessliche All-Time-Klassiker -- gönnt euch 8Min Ausschnitt
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Hey #Anons #Q !!

I was recently doing some digging on the Q posts to try and decode and I found something very interesting...!!!

AnyOne can explain me this logically ??

So as per my theory Jun 2020 Connects to April '18 Dec 18' and Oct 19'
But there are no Q posts from...
...Aug 01 2019 to November 3rd 2019...!! So I thought I was wrong...No October Q posts...but while seeing the April 2018 posts o found this !!

#Castle_online #Castle_green similar to Which Q posted a couple of days back #CastleRock_GodSpeed
Also i just googled the numbers in the post...just out of intuition...and it lead to these search results !! #RedSparrow #RedArrows with the first two results being Dept of Defense's tweets...!!
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This is the color violet.

...actually it isn’t. In fact, it’s impossible to make this color appear on your screen.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to have your mind blown, keep reading. #physics #violet #colors #color #mindblown #tricks
Colors are the result of electromagnetic waves occurring in a specific “wavyness” as this image shows
Seen another way, the visible spectrum is the range of wavyness (wavelengths) that human eyes can see. Notice how violet is way off on the edge.
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If you ever wondered what makes Āryabhaṭa so great, here is a sampling from Āryabhaṭīya (499 CE) written by the maestro while he was 25. Gaṇitapāda chapter with just 33 terse verses will make you wonder why aren't all Indians studying works of this genius. #AwesomeAryabhata
Here's the mind-blowing spectrum of mathematics covered in Gaṇitapāda with just 33 verses: 1. Saṃkhyāsthāna: Place value system 2.Vargaparikarma, ghanaparikarma: Squaring and cubing. 3.Vargamūlānayana: Obtaining the square-root 4.Ghanamūlānayana: Obtaining the cube-root
5.Area of a triangle 6.Volume of an equilateral tetrahedron 7.Obtaining the area of a circle 8.Volume of a sphere. 9.Obtaining the area of a trapezium. 10.Chord of a sixth of the circumference. 11.Approximate value of the circumference showing π ≈ 3.1416
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I'm still processing what I heard and saw at #mapcamp #map18 ... everything was on a scale I hadn't expected. I mean when you're listening to people talk about mapping saving lives and the UN talk mapping, it's ... #mindblown -
and on top of this you have mapping used in food safety (@JuliePierce77 presentation was glorious) - ... ok, saving lives, UN, Gov regulation and safety ...
and we switch gears into the world of startups with @yoditstanton bringing the house down with maps and collaboration - ...
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