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#WPUKLondon is now kicking off. It’s the 22nd meeting promoting our right to speak.
Previous meetings have been targeted and meetings prevented. Tonight this meeting is free from protests! Thanks to the venue, for support and donations. #WPUKLondon
#WPUKLondon is launching the #WPUKManifesto tonight.
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The second #GIDYVR Still Talking Series event was another success, with more than 250 coming out for a civil discussion. Everyone who came was brave—because they had to face down ~150 (at the peak) verbally abusive protesters. I want to do a thread about the protesters.
#MeghanMurphy addressed the numerous threats Croatian Cultural Centre rec’d for renting a space to us in her talk. 30+ email threats, many “cancel the event or else” type ones. Their mgr told me they called her “every name in the book”.
One of her male staff didn’t want to tell her the content of some email threats, thinking it would be too upsetting. CCC never once bowed to pressure because they support free speech. @VPL could take a lesson from them.
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Last night Rob Rinder made a programme about 2018 and concluded it was a good year for women. Was he living on Mars then? 2018 has seen a woman forced to refer to her male assailant as 'she' by a Judge #WarOnWomen #womenstandup
2018 has seen unprecedented numbers of women permanently banned from Twitter #MeghanMurphy despite tweets abusing women being routinely ignored #WarOnWomen #womenstandup
We've seen no drop in the number of murders of women by male partners and yet the Police think misogyny doesn't need to be a crime #WarOnWomen #womenstandup 8 murdered this Christmas
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This is the person who has been harassing #MeghanMurphy, admitting at a city council meeting to being responsible for her Twitter ban, and asking that she be prosecuted for hate crimes:
For additional context, here is a sex toy review article by the same person—I'm not sure what's the actual gender of the genitals being stimulated, but that very ambiguity is half the fun:
Should we not speak about this person?
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Jessica Yaniv (starting 1:40 in video) appeared at Township of Langley meeting on 10 Dec. Discusses traffic lights & among other things (see linked PDF, right) proposes changes to public bathroom policies--including tampon/pad machines in men's bathroom.…
At 5:28, Yaniv tells the Langley Township council that #MeghanMurphy "violated the Canadian criminal code" and adds "I personally got her Twitter account suspended [chuckles] and created global outcry...& created global policy changes in social networks."…
Yaniv specifically mentions "Twitter and Wordpress and such" censoring and banning writers and takes responsibility for that change. "However, #MeghanMurphy has still not been prosecuted for her hate the meantime she has booked a hate rally."
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Vancouver Public Library puts out extremely hostile anti-feminist notice.

"We have advised the police of the event; they will be monitoring and will take appropriate action should conduct breach the Criminal Code.
We recognize that #MeghanMurphy’s opinions are concerning."
Men announces he will come to #MeghanMurphy's event at Vancouver Public Library to shout her down, presumably because that is men's proper and accepted behaviour towards women. He's an actor too, so I imagine his voice must carry.

What will @VPL do then?

A propos of nothing...

1914, London: Suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst arrested
1917, Washington: Mob of men tear up suffragette banner…
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1 / A fact for the next time someone tells you trans people are at an astronomically high risk of violence:

In 2017, the rest of Americans, looked at as one average, were just over 1.66x more likely to be murdered than a trans American.

Open the thread to see the numbers ↓
2 /… The Daily Beast reported in July of 2018 that 28 trans Americans were murdered in 2017. As of July 2018, there has been 14 trans Americans killed, so basically on par for the same.
3 / In June of 2016, Time reported on a UCLA study which found that 1.4 million Americans identified as trans. That number, if anything, grew in 2017. But let's assume a little padding. That gives us 28 murdered out of 1.4 million.…
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