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I'm sharing this experience with a violent trans person because, honest to fricking goodness, I've had enough of the normalising of violence against women
#IStandWithMayaForstater #IStandWithJKRowling #IStandWithMaya #IStandWithJK #WarOnWomen
This past summer, me and my friends, women between the ages of 19 and 23, went to a coffee shop near our university campus, and one 21 yr old man who was the boyfriend of one of the women.
We had just finished a three month program in our chaplaincy together. There were around 9 of us in total. It was supposed to be a women's only get together to celebrate making through the three months of fasting and obligations. The boyfriend, whom I shall call S...
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Everyone linking that thread from Rebecca somebody on how sex is sooooo complicated is missing the point feminism makes completely. Women were oppressed long before chromosomes could be seen, before we had current technology to map many intersex variations.
Men knew who to rape, who child brides were and are, who to deny education to, who to deny property rights, the right to vote, right to have bank accounts ect ect ect. Sex was not complicated enough to blur the line of who experiences sexism.
No trans women or trans girls or cross dressing males or third gender role occupying males faced this systemic sexism. No modern trans women do either. No misogynistic nb White bearded men like the one from Maya’s case do either
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156. Ordinarily, if a woman tweeted this, Twitter would ban her. I wonder why this time was different?
157. A lesbian objected to lesbophobic #rapeculture. A man responded with a death threats. Guess which one got banned by Twitter?
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Should these transgender rapists, paedophiles, sexual offenders and violent criminals be allowed to self-ID their way into women's prisons? A thread:

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"We just want to pee.
And use your changing rooms.
And shower beside you in the gym.
And sleep beside you in the hostel.
Also sleep beside you in hospital.
And if you’re a lesbian, we want to fuck you with our lesbian penis.
We just want to take your allotted women’s shortlist spaces.
And win your women in STEM or business or arts awards.
And count as you for pay gap data.
Also for the crime we commit, when counted statistically.
We really just want to pee.
And also play on your rugby and football teams.
And win your gold medals and set your world records.
And your women’s scholarships.
What difference does it make to you how someone identifies?
We just want to pee.
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1/6 So, a well-meaning comrade asked me a very simple, commonsensical question: 'Why are u so focused on the trans backlash? It doesn't affect you directly, it's kinda weird.'

If women lose, half of the working class loses. How does that not directly affect socialist organisers?
2/6 Socialists exist in order to help the exploited & oppressed discover their collective strength through organising and direct such efforts towards achieving their class interests.

We work to raise morale within the working class. We don't solve problems in its name.
3/6 When women lose their hard-won rights it directly affects the whole of the class. The context is still set by the 2008 crisis that hasn't resolved for 11yrs. Austerity hit women the hardest & is followed by legalising prostitution & surrogacy and banning abortion. #WarOnWomen
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Day 69, talking about issues that affect mostly females: how does Pornhub escape judgement from the Me Too Movement when it teaches males to harm women?
UK MP Sarah Champion wants to change the legal age of marriage from 16 to 18 years. Could that help a bit to prevent forced marriage of underage girls?
Heterotopic pregnancy: "intrauterine (IU) and extrauterine pregnancies occur at the same time"
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I've always been a firm believer in school uniform.
A fair, accessible and affordable uniform does have benefits, reducing bullying of those who can't afford branded clothing, introduces discipline in a fair way as everyone appears equal.
But current uniform policy has gone far beyond being uniform.
It is no longer affordable and accessible.

It is now teachers and schools who bully and abuse the pupils, who make lasting judgements based on appearance.
There is no such thing as a uniform size where children are concerned but the child is punished for their size, shape not conforming to the manufacturers average.

Girls are taught by their educators to expect judgement and abuse because of what they wear and how they wear it.
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1. I keep hearing 'It's complicated' Use the correct language & everything becomes much clearer. Should men be allowed in women's sports? Should men be allowed in women's prisons? Should men be allowed on all women shortlist?
2. Should men be allowed in women's domestic violence centres? Should men be allowed in female toilets? Should men be allowed in female changing rooms? Should boys be allowed in the girl guides? Should boys be allowed to sleep in girls tents?
3. Should boys be allowed to shower with the girls? Should women who offer a single sex service be forced to touch a man's genitals?....... Language matters #waronwomen #waxmyballs #waxherballs
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@rickygervais We got here because women are being silenced.

They're called TERF and bigot. They're losing their jobs and being assaulted. They're not able to meet safely to discuss. They are being replaced on committees and in politics by men.

@rickygervais They're being banned from social media and thrown out of organisations that used to put children first. They are seeing all the hard won, necessary rights and safe spaces being removed.

@rickygervais They are being reduced to 'menstruators' and 'uterus havers' and 'people who are pregnant'. They are being forced to go to court to say they won't touch a man's genitalia. They are being coerced in courts to lie. They are being visited by the police for 'wrongthink'
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We have some voices from pride & accounts of the day. @JoanMcAlpine @joannaccherry:

"The first person to scream at us was carrying a sign about getting corporations out of Pride. This is something she and I could have chatted about because we would be in agreement./
"Instead there were three instances in which she started shouting 'terfs out' to which we replied 'women in'. A handful of people joined her. But this is what I thought was interesting./
"We were surrounded by different groups from financial services cos and law firms like Burness Paull, Ageon, Kames Capital and Black Rock. I didn't see her shout at them once./
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The shenanigans of @scotgov regarding the announcement of proposals to reform the GRA are, to say the least, concerning. There are serious questions which now must be answered by @S_A_Somerville and @NicolaSturgeon

First, why are @scotgov hurriedly coming out with an announcement with 2 days notice? Did they give all their MSPs the opportunity to submit a question, including those critical of proposals to date? Or have they tried to stack the deck with sympathetic allies in parl?
We ask because it is quite clear that certain, unelected, individuals, renowned for their abusive behaviour on Twitter and privileged links to those in power are claiming to have superior inside information.

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Poo boy decided to try to get my pages taken down rather than make good on his promise to answer questions. Too bad, I'd love for one of these trans activists to actually give a truthful response to that one.

#NotAFeeling #NotYourCostume #TranswomenAreMen #PeakTrans #Feminism
The TRA trolls have set their sights on me and are trying to get me banned from all the internets.
They got the post taken down on fb, soi f you like this meme you may want to save it while you can.
It's interesting, innit, how literally showing their own words is considered...
(cont.) scary and harmful...
He posted his "ask me anything" on my page btw, so I just took him up on the offer.
Anyway, these misogynists are trying to add me to the long list of feminists they've silenced, so if I disappear for a while, you'll know why.

#WarOnWomen #Silencing
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This is a detailed piece of work by a volunteer women's group in Scotland. It explains why many feminists on the left oppose self id of sex, as such policies hurt vulnerable women & girls. It's a good introduction if you are new to the #waronwomen issue
The report says some women are self excluding from services because they fear there is no single sex provision - including intimate care. Equality Act 2010 allows for these services to be female only -as these lawyers make clear - but the law is ignored
I was disturbed by the report's section on prisons, as I spoke directly to the senior source myself. Vulnerable women exposed to male rage and sexual obscenities. These women didn't consent to intact trans identifying males in shower rooms or common areas
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.@SenGillibrand attends #StopTheBans rally: "I will not and appoint a justice or a judge who doesn't believe that Roe v. Wade is settled precedent. I will work to overturn the Hyde Amendment."
.@SenGillibrand attends #StopTheBans rally in DC: "[President Trump] apparently wants to have a #waronwomen in America and if this is a war that he wants to have, he will have it and he will lose it."
Mayor Pete Buttigieg attends #StopTheBans rally in DC: "I do not believe that women and their doctors should be overruled by the heavy hand of government."
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More proof that I’m #genderfree - none of these “11 Cisgender Privileges You Didn't Know You Had” apply to me. THREAD.…
“1 - Bathroom Safety”. No. As a woman I’m safe in single sex loos, and those at my workplace and the changing room at my old gym are all now “all genders”. (I’ve complained that this is exclusionary as I don’t have a gender - watch this space.) #genderfree
“2. Cis ppl don’t have to choose between feeling invisible or being othered.” As a petite woman, the wrong side of 40, often with children in tow, I am unfortunately also invisible. #genderfree
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#Alabama, #Ohio, #Missouri, and #Georgia have begun the @GOP's orchestrated attack on women with restrictive abortion laws.

Make NO mistake this is NOT about protecting life. It is a hostile GOP and their #WarOnWomen restricting #WomensReproductiveRights and #WomensHealth.
Highly restrictive abortion laws are not associated with lower abortion rates! Whether legal or prohibited the number of abortions taking place remains relatively unchanged. Highly restrictive abortion laws simply prevent SAFE abortions.
In countries where abortion is completely banned or permitted only to save the woman’s life or preserve her physical health, only 1 in 4 abortions were safe; whereas, in countries where abortion is legal on broader grounds, nearly 9 in 10 abortions were done safely.
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Thank you @DAvallone for telling the story of you brave mom— it is because of Woman like her that woman like me have been afforded the right to bodily autonomy for most of my life
I want to remind people what illegal, back alley abortions look like— the consequences that comes with this power grab of #WomensRights

Geri Santoro, 29 year old mother of 2 daughters, abused by her husband— In 1963, she left her husband w/her daughters #MyBodyMyChoice
Geri Santoro moved back to her hometown, began working to support her family, had an affair w/a married co-worker & became pregnant

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As I said, no trans-bill should have 'hate speech' provision - because trans activists consider biological truths as 'hate speech' - women have been banned/sued for stating biological truths - a thread👇 - Isn't it also attack on motherhood?
In case u thought why this needs to be told in the 21st century, that's because the progressive left in the west mandates women r not allowed to assemble without the express permission or presence of males, males in dress that is
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Porn is about male dominance, porn is about telling all women 'know your place'. It is therefore no surprise that porn is being used to bully and sexually harass women in the work place. Thread.
The use of porn to bully and victimise female paramedics is across the U.K. From Bristol 'Female paramedics have been 'forced to watch pornography, give sexual favours and have been physically propositioned' while working at the ambulance service which serves Bristol'.
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Last night Rob Rinder made a programme about 2018 and concluded it was a good year for women. Was he living on Mars then? 2018 has seen a woman forced to refer to her male assailant as 'she' by a Judge #WarOnWomen #womenstandup
2018 has seen unprecedented numbers of women permanently banned from Twitter #MeghanMurphy despite tweets abusing women being routinely ignored #WarOnWomen #womenstandup
We've seen no drop in the number of murders of women by male partners and yet the Police think misogyny doesn't need to be a crime #WarOnWomen #womenstandup 8 murdered this Christmas
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