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Listen to @RJ4arizona share Ashley's Story as she votes to protect babies Born Alive in @AZSenatorShamp's #SB1600

It's Justice to try and save all babies born alive.
Representative Gail Griffin explains her vote with the @AZHouseGOP on @AZSenatorShamp's #SB1600; sharing a story about a friend who moved to Arizona after seeing babies left to die on a table

This Bill doesn't require anything other than that doctors and nurses uphold their oath
Democratic Rep. Travers argues that some life isn't worth saving if it is too disabled or unable to live more than a few hours after birth

@LizHarrisMBA spoke next with personal stories of people who survived botched abortions with missing limbs and are proud to be alive
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Check out some of the Democratic Senate bills left on the table by Republicans ⬇️ 🧵 #azleg
#SB1515 (@mendezforaz) never got a hearing...
#SB1689 (@MitziEpstein) never got a hearing...
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Last week, I had the opportunity to be in Phoenix with hundreds of Arizona @momsdemand volunteers demanding action from lawmakers. Arizona vols have been relentless in their pursuit of a safer state despite an often challenging legislative landscape🧵#AZleg
Despite a pro-NRA governor, last year @momsdemand and @studentsdemand volunteers helped stop SIX bad gun lobby backed bills from becoming law.
These bills included measures that would:
-Allow guns on campuses and in public spaces
-Expand shoot first protections
-Attempt to nullify federal gun laws
-Put the NRA’s dangerous Eddie the Eagle firearm training program in schools
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Happening momentarily: @GovernorHobbs gives her first State of the State address.

I'll 🧵it here 👇
But while we're waiting, here's a look at the new political reality that exists for GOP lawmakers, who are in for a sea change at the Capitol…
Chants of "Katie! Katie! Katie!" as the governor takes the podium
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SHE DID IT!!! Katie Hobbs - a @momsdemand gun sense candidate - just won the Arizona governor's race:
.@Everytown spent over $1.4M in Arizona this election, including support for Katie Hobbs. @MomsDemand and @StudentsDemand volunteers made over 6M voter contacts and Arizona volunteers participated in dozens of events to support gun sense candidates and Sec of State Katie Hobbs.
We also released polling this fall showing that the vast majority of voters in Arizona support common-sense gun safety laws, including 86% for background checks on all gun sales.…
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THIS IS NOT OK: Republican Judge Kellie Johnson was appointed to the Pima County Superior Court by Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey just ruled that the state legislature can make abortion illegal.

In 45 days, our safety and freedoms are on the ballot.…
Arizona GOP Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who led the legal process to try to get Arizona’s pre-statehood ban on abortion put back into effect after the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade in late June, tweeted that he was pleased by the decision. #thisisnotok #azleg
To be clear, this is a ban from FUCKING 1901 that is now being enforced by Republican Arizona lawmakers and judges.

Please, please, please get activated and get out the vote. Our rights are disappearing and MAGA Republicans won’t stop at abortion.

Text ELECTIONS to 644-33.
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This is the final week to sign the @arizona_sos petition to block the unpopular voucher expansion. 🛑 Having voucher deja vu? Don’t worry you’re not alone.

Read through our 🧵on how we got to this point & find a petition location near you. 👇
In 2018, Arizona voters across the state overwhelmingly voted to block vouchers, which rob money away from public schools to give to private schools.

Effectively defunding public schools in a state that already has historic challenges with funding.
Voters from all backgrounds knew the catastrophic effects that voucher expansions would have on our public schools, so they shot down Prop 305 in 2018!

That should've been the end of that fight right? Well, not quite.…
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THEY DID IT!!! In primaries across Kansas, Arizona, Michigan, Missouri and Ohio last night, TWENTY ONE @MomsDemand volunteers won and will advance to the general election in November.

Follow and support these gun-sense champions to help elect them this November! 👇#DemandASeat
Last night was a BIG NIGHT in KANSAS, where not only did the pro-choice movement get a huge win, but @MomsDemand volunteers @NinaforKansas, @joellahoye, @Linda4Kansas also won their primaries! Support their campaigns for more wins on issues you care about.
In ARIZONA, our gun sense candidates are up against some frightening gun extremists. Thankfully @MomsDemand volunteers @ChristinePMarsh, @lauraforAZ, @JenLongdon, @allmond4az and @nancygforAZ will be on the ballot and leading the fight for public safety. #azleg
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ARIZONA: There are EIGHT @MomsDemand volunteers and gun violence survivors endorsed by @Everytown on the ballot next week. Follow this thread to see how you can support them! #demandaseat #azpol #azleg
Follow and support @danielforaz who is running for

And help GOTV…
Follow and support @AaronJMarquez who is running for a seat in the AZ State Legislature:

And help GOTV this weekend:…
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I am dazed & furious. Last night, I was in the #AZLeg Senate Gallery (right after ESA voucher expansion passed 😡), when calls for evacuation started erupting on the Senate Floor & ppl started running scared. Senator @RaquelTeran asked where members of the public (us) would go -
Rs told us to leave out the front. Some Dems started shouting that it wasn't safe, it was a riot. That we should be evacuated safely. It took SEVERAL mins of convincing while Rs were running away. We gathered the children & folded up wagon, still not knowing what was going on.
We were brought to the back hall & staircase, where the smell of tear gas & smoke choked us. We all put on KN95s & were told we were going 4 floors down to basement, but gas was stronger & they diverted us all (Senators, staff too) back up to the 2nd floor. Children were crying
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In addition to damage sustained to the Arizona State Senate building during last night’s riot, the following Memorials/Monuments were damaged in Wesley Bolin Plaza by rioters: Wesley Bolin Memorial Amphitheatre, 158th Regimental Memorial, Arizona Peace Officers Memorial, 1/2
Korean War Memorial, Arizona Law Enforcement Canine Memorial, Operation Enduring Freedom Memorial, and the Lt. Frank Luke Jr. Memorial. I am forever thankful to our @Arizona_DPS Troopers for keeping my legislative colleagues, our families, staff, and gallery guests safe! #AZLeg
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As the #AZLeg is poised to pass a 15-week Mississippi-style abortion ban, I just want to remind everyone that this isn’t only about abortion.

So, hear me out…
Over the past few years, I’ve been asked by PP supporters why we can’t simply stay in our abortion rights lane. I got this question a lot after we took a stand on police money in elections.
My response has always been that our lane is whichever one our patients need us in. They’re whole people with a range of obstacles that can prevent them from reaching our doors. We want to be a party of the solution.
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This morning, the @AZHouseGOP passed a slew of transphobic, bigoted, and anti-abortion bills in the House Judiciary Committee.

This is what happened, what the bills are, and what you can do next to stop these attacks on our civil rights. #AZLEG

The 15-week abortion ban which is a copy of the the same bill at the center of Dobbs v. Jackson — the Supreme Court Case awaiting a decision this summer that will decide the fate of Roe v. Wade.

This bill passed out of committee on partisan lines of 6-4. #AZLEG

It is now up to the Arizona House of Representatives to decide the fate of it before it gets sent over to the desk of Gov. Doug Ducey. If it passes, it would ban all abortions in Arizona at 15-weeks. Still before many know they're pregnant.…
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The timing is no coincidence. The day after #MLKDay House Education Committee Chair
@michudall will hear her bill to muzzle teachers by banning factual discussion of controversial subjects like racial injustice and discrimination. #CRT #HB2112 🧵
None of the concepts Rep. Udall's bill seeks to ban are taught in Arizona schools. That's irrelevant. The bill would open the door for any political activist sowing anti-"Critical Race Theory" hysteria to wreak havoc in Arizona schools, costing $ and ruining careers.
For example, if discussions of the Holocaust, or why we celebrate MLK Day, or why Arizona took longer than other states to approve the holiday, or the Navajo Trail of Tears bring discomfort to an activist, the school can be sued and the teacher fired.
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I’ve been going through the proposed legislative maps approved yesterday and matching Senate incumbents to their new districts. Mute this thread if you don’t care, it’s going to get long. 1/? #AZLeg
Many thanks to @AndyfromTucson, who mapped the districts on Google Maps, making my job easy. I used the addresses in our legislative directory (the “green book”) and on financial disclosure statements to determine which districts incumbents are in.
@AndyfromTucson The map starts with 14 D and 16 R districts, same as now. But some incumbents – mostly Democrats in Tucson and Republicans in the Phoenix suburbs – will have choices to make as to who runs where.
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Away we go in the #azsenate, where Cyber Ninjas and other contractors are going to present their findings from a GOP-led election review in Maricopa County.
Senate President @FannKfann said of the main finding from the the review (that @POTUS beat Donald Trump in Maricopa County) in a draft report leaked last night: "That is a true statement. That is a true statement."
@FannKfann also claims that Maricopa County violated Arizona election law and procedures, and says today's report will detail those claims.
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The Arizona District Court is hearing oral arguments on SB1457 RIGHT NOW. Follow @ncjwarizona and this thread to hear how it's going.
Kicking off and it's a hot bench (that means that the judge has a lot of questions).

Of note at the outset, the judge has adopted the language of the Plaintiffs that this is a "Reason Ban" and not a "Non-discrimination Provision" as the Attorney General argues.
At issue is the prohibition against physicians providing abortions to people who are carrying fetuses with genetic abnormalities.
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The Americans with Disabilities Act (#ADA) was signed into law 31 years ago today by President George H.W. Bush.

The law was meant to improve access to everyday life, work and our democracy, but voters with disabilities are still fighting to remove barriers to voting. #ADA31
Arizona enacted a law this year that removes voters from the state's permanent early voting list (PEVL) more frequently & requires more steps to obtain a mail ballot. This law creates deliberate barriers for disabled voters in the state. #AZLeg #ADA31…
Florida & Georgia have passed laws restricting access to drop boxes and the ability to receive and submit mail-in ballots.

GA #DisabilityRights advocate Gaylon Tootle explains how the law creates barriers for voters like him:

#GaPolitics #FlaPol #ADA31
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Thread-Review - #DCP #AZDCP #LBDCP has failed…
August 2019 - @CAPArizona – Colorado River Drought Contingency Plan - Fact Sheet page 1 – “DCP will begin in *2020* & Risk of Lake Mead going below 1025’ *8% with #DCP*” @azwater @AZWaterFacts @AMWUA #azwater #AZleg
“A Colorado River water shortage does not mean that Arizona is in a water crisis.
Arizona residents can now be assured that future water supplies are more reliable and secure. The economies supporting the state can continue to thrive based on this secure water supply.”@CAPArizona
1/ 31/2019 Arizona Republic Editorial Board – was giddy (and contradictory) with praise: "Years from now, you'll thank Arizona for joining the Drought Contingency Plan...
“Arizona has done something truly monumental… All DCP does is buy us time.”…
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A not-so-fun but all-too-common thread of Republicans shutting down Democratic voices speaking truth to power against their destructive #AZBudget. HT @arizonapolitics on TikTok. #azleg
The mighty @P2Hannley.
“Shame on you!” — @JudyForAZ #AZBudget #azleg
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In what can only be described as a colossally terrible idea, here we have a proposed amendment to the #AZleg education budget bill to put the Arizona State Board of Education into the curriculum adoption business for the first time in state history. 1/
Arizona does not have statewide adoption of curriculum. This is because statewide curriculum adoption is a recipe for the total politicization of everything children learn in school. By everyone. 2/
Throughout the nation, we have recently been treated to a purposeful avalanche of bad information about "indoctrination" and "re-writing history" by people who can't actually describe in detail what they are objecting to. 3/
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Quick thread recapping the strange last hour in the Senate:

When the #azleg recessed for 2 weeks in May, Gov. @dougducey vetoed all 22 bills on his desk in an attempt to push the Legislature to work on the budget. The main thing he accomplished was pissing off all 90 lawmakers
@dougducey This isn’t the first time Ducey did this: in 2018, when @JDMesnard was Speaker of the House, Ducey vetoed five House bills without warning and signed every veto letter telling Mesnard to send him a budget with money for teacher raises.
(Former Gov. @GovBrewer also instituted bill moratoriums, but she warned lawmakers first, telling them not to send her any more bills. Ducey’s lack of advance warning rubbed a lot of lawmakers the wrong way.)
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Senate is back. President @FannKfann tried to call on @RickGray for a motion, but @AZKellyT interjected with a point of order to explain that there is an active motion on the table.
@FannKfann @RickGray @AZKellyT Gray makes a substitute motion to adjourn until 11 a.m. Monday. @MichelleiUgenti is calling for a roll call vote on the motion to adjourn.
.@FannKfann says they want to adjourn because the House isn't progressing very well on the budget. "I don't want you guys sitting here twiddling your thumbs." This would give the House two days to figure out what it's doing.
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The AZ GOP has snuck all kinds of anti-voter provisions into the budget deal that passed the Arizona State Senate very late Tuesday night and could pass the House as soon as today.

Some of the most concerning (and bizarre) provisions include...
1. Taking away the power to settle election-related lawsuits from the Sec. of State (a Democrat), and giving it to the Attorney General (a Republican). Total power grab! Applies only til Jan 2023 - just in case a Democrat becomes AG in 2022
2. Authorizing the Attorney General and outside third parties hired by the legislature (did someone say Cyber Ninjas?) to sift through the voter registration database, and giving them the power to remove people from the rolls
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