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There’s a #schoolvouchers link to the #January6thReport. It centers around attorney Cleta Mitchell who led Trump’s GA pressure efforts after the vote. #BigLie

Mitchell is all over the final report:
Mitchell is also Board Secretary for the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, a huge #schoolvouchers backer out of Wisconsin that’s given $millions to voucher research and advocacy.

2/… ImageImage
The Bradley Foundation is also financially the “extraordinary force” behind #BigLie efforts, per @JaneMayerNYer reporting @NewYorker.

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1) The release of the #twitterfiles has changed things.

For the first time since 2020, there is now an opening to actually do something about the overwhelming corruption we have, worldwide.

Let me explain...
2) Over the last few years, many of us have seen the escalation of TOTAL and ABSOLUTE corruption.

The MASSIVE increase in propaganda, cover-ups, and lies - reached previously unprecedented levels in 2020.

Something was about to happen...
3) When you have corruption, collusion and conspiracy large enough - it becomes a "slow-moving system".

As long as events in the world ALSO move slow - a strong enough system of corruption can adapt, cover up and stay in control.

Not this time...
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Asst. Attorney General for Arizona, Jennifer Wright, has requested answers and explanations surrounding the “myriad problems” found to have occurred in Maricopa County.
AG’s office has requested response by 11/28 before Maricopa may certify their results. ImageImageImageImage
Mohave County Board of Supervisors just released an agenda for their December 15th meeting, on which is a plan to discuss possible litigation against Maricopa County and the #Arizona SoS over the 2022 election. Image
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Stock Market News Today: Cooling Inflation Data Adds to Trader Optimism | Nov 15
- Stocks.. declined from intraday highs on news that #Russian #missiles intended for #Ukraine crossed into #Poland…
[Paid Nato's #warmongers in #WW3 climax]
Russia-Ukraine live: #Explosions kill two in #Poland | Nov 15
- Russia’s defence ministry has denied that its missiles hit the #NATO member state
[#MSM #misinformation, #smokescreen over #FTX]
2 dead in #explosion in eastern #Poland, near #Ukraine border
- “The causes of this incident are not known at the moment,” Marcin #Lebiedowicz, spokesman of the local State Fire Service office, ~#RadioLublin
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Quick🧵 on vouchers and fringe campaigns:

The common link between @gretchenwhitmer @katiehobbs is both ran against fringe #schoolvouchers candidates #Election2022

Whitmer ran against @BetsyDeVos handpicked avatar @TudorDixon who made #schoolvouchers and “parents” the centerpiece of her campaign

2/ Image
Hobbs ran against @BetsyDeVos choice Kari Lake, who made AZ’s recent #schoolvouchers expansion—the largest in the US—her own centerpiece

3/ Image
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For non-MI folks:

A Sunday thread 🧵 on the history of Let MI Kids Learn, the pre-packaged name for @BetsyDeVos #schoolvouchers in #miched

@DianeRavitch @saribethrose @vicpasquantonio @Network4pubEd

Among the dozens of #schoolvouchers plans I’ve seen, this was the worst in terms of transparency—alongside #azed and #floridaed.

In particular no failsafe against Chatfield-style allegedly abusive schools.

Whitmer actually vetoed the plan originally a year ago. And as early as then, the state GOP didn’t expect to win the #migov (save for a more recent post-primary fever dream) in #Election2022

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:Collapsed #FTX hit by rogue transactions, analysts saw over $600 million outflows | Nov 12
- suspicious circumstances…
- The sudden collapse of "FTX" and its #Bankruptcy filing today, has revealed that FTX presently suffers from $10-$50 BILLION in liabilities with almost ZERO assets…
#HeavenlyJerusalem. #FTXbankrupty filing today, has revealed that FTX presently suffers from $10-$50 BILLION in liabilities.
- #Ukraine was receiving money from the US, Ukraine sent it to FTX, Sam #BankmanFried and #FTX sent it to #Democrats
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My 2nd and last comment about this election. In 2017, lots of women in Kansas were working every day to protect the Affordable Care Act. (Some were wealthy—I went to their fancy houses for meetings. 🤣) They organized rallies, protests, town halls...
One of them was Laura Robeson, an awesome person and the mother of a son with many medical needs. She worked so hard and gave eloquent public speeches.
The ad hoc group made scrapbooks of what the Affordable Care Act meant to their families and brought them to the Republican senator's office. When he held town halls in small towns, they traveled there to speak up about ACA.
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BREAKING: The New York Times (and the AP) have called it. Arkansas Issue 3, the so-called "Religious Freedom Amendment," has FAILED! This is great news for anyone who values real religious freedom, civil rights protections, and the rule of law. #Election2022 #AtheistVoter
This dangerous attempt to create a religious opt out for literally every law on the books was dangerous and extreme, and Arkansans wisely refused to go along with failed candidate Jason Rapert's final attempt to create a Christian Nationalist theocracy in their state.
Almost 150,000 voters who pulled the lever for Sarah Huckabee Sanders refused to back this dangerous amendment. It just shows how out of step and extreme people like Jason Rapert and his ilk are that they can't even win in Arkansas.
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Happening now: Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo to deliver speech at HC Democratic Party HQ after narrowly winning 2nd term.
#Houston #HarrisCounty #Texas #Election2022

Commissioner Rodney Ellis is speaking, notes there will now be two women on the court with Lesley Briones win in Precinct 4.
Hidalgo says there were some in her own party who wouldn't fundraise for her or cut an ad with her and says she will remember who they are.
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It should be noted that in #MI12 that although Rashida Tlaib won her reelection bid, she dropped -7.3% of the vote since her last election in 2020 meaning that at the current moment -26,604 less people voted for her.
Additionally, #MO1 Cori Bush also lost support.  At this moment she lost 6.1% of the vote from her last election in 2020 and is -89,045 votes behind her previous election bid.
Jamaal Bowman in #NY16 suffered some of the most losses of the “Squad” members. At this moment, He has dropped -23.1% of the vote compared to 2020. That is currently -92,744 votes than his last election in 2020.👀
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The cannabis movement saw mixed results in Tuesday’s elections, with recreational weed legalization passing in 2 of the 5 states that had it on the ballot. #Election2022
Voters in Maryland approved a ballot question that will legalize recreational cannabis for adults 21 and older, starting in summer 2023. Medical weed has been legal in Maryland for close to a decade.
With the new measure, individuals with past convictions for behavior that is now legal will be able to get their records expunged.
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🚨A new MN trifecta. A new MI trifecta. PA House ground gained. The top #Election2022 takeaway? Our electoral work, as part of a nearly $60M investment in states this cycle, made all the difference — despite a national party that overlooks & under invests in state legislatures.🧵
Not only did we help prevent the down-ballot losses that Democrats suffered in 2020, but we also fueled new pro-democracy majorities in several key states that will play an essential role in protecting our democracy in 2024. (2/x)
These strong results in our target states show that we can, in fact, win at the state legislative level — with dollars, data, and candidates who meet voters where they are. Now, let's break down where things stand, state-by-state. (3/x)
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No red wave in House. Senate will most likely stay Dem.

None of the “polling aggregators” got this right. Again. Similar story to 2020 really.

If we made so many errors predicting markets each week, we wouldn’t be in business any more. Just sayin :)
For the record, our performance in 2020:
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THREAD: #Election2022 recap

The key takeaway is clear:

GOP pro-life candidates WIN in competitive races if they define their opponents as abortion extremists who support abortion on demand with NO limits... 1/
...and contrast that with a clearly defined pro-life position centered around consensus such as pain-capable or heartbeat limits.

This must be the key takeaway for the GOP as we head into the 2024 presidential cycle, especially those eyeing a run for the White House. 2/
Candidates in competitive races who did this effectively and either won or have a strong shot at winning include @marcorubio, @TedBuddNC, @JDVance1, @HerschelWalker, @RonDeSantisFL, @GregAbbott_TX, @BrianKempGA , @MikeDeWine & @KariLake 3/
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This is a spreadsheet of Cook Report races which I made based on currently reported results (9am Wed).

+1= Dem Victory
-1=GOP Victory
+0.5= Dem winning
-0.5 = GOP winning

Based on this, right now, I think the Dems hold onto the US House.

#Election2022 Image
Note especially: 3 (of 10 total) GOP "Toss up" seats have already been called for Democratic Victory.
#NC13 #OH01 #TX34.

On the Dem "Toss up" side, there's #VA02 which flipped Red. But that's it.
In summary, of currently held Dem seats, only 1 flipped Dem-> GOP (#VA02), with 6 races leaning GOP.

On the other hand, of current GOP seats, 4 have flipped GOP->Dem (#MT01, #NC13, #OH01, #TX34) and 7 lean Democrats.

I think the Democrats will win the US House. Image
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Good morning.

If you went to sleep at 2:30 a.m. like I did and are just waking up, here are a few things to know:

1️⃣ The House and the Senate remain uncalled.

2️⃣ So do governorships and secretary-of-state races in AZ and NV.

3️⃣ In AZ Sen: NYT estimates that many votes remain in one Democratic area & several Republican areas.…

4️⃣ In NV Sen: NYT estimates that lots of votes remain in two D areas, while some votes remain in several R areas.…

#Election2022 ImageImage
5️⃣ Two big ballot measures that I didn't see called before 2:30 a.m. (but might have just missed):

*️⃣ Michigan enshrined a constitutional right to abortion:…

*️⃣ Missouri legalized recreational marijuana:…

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Another #ElectionDay is in the books.

By scoring two big wins for Democrats, Josh Shapiro and John Fetterman made points that reverberated nationwide.

We'll have live updates all day long ⤵️…
Josh Shapiro won his bid for governor, defeating State Sen. Doug Mastriano, who ran a hard-right campaign that railed against COVID-19 restrictions and “wokeness."

“Real freedom won tonight,” Shapiro told his supporters.

🔗… Josh Shapiro wins Pennsylva...
John Fetterman will be Pa.'s next U.S. senator after defeating Mehmet Oz in the most expensive Senate race in the country this year.

"I never expected that we were going to turn these red counties blue but we did what we needed to do," said Fetterman.

🔗… John Fetterman wins Pennsyl...
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Pennsylvania's Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman has won the state's open Senate seat, according to projections from NBC News and ABC News, among other outlets. #Election2022
Fetterman's victory over GOP opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz is a massive boon to Democrats' hopes of retaining control of the Senate overall, as it flips a seat that is currently occupied by a retiring Republican, Sen. Pat Toomey.
The face-off was one of the 2022 midterms' most bruising races, with both candidates directly attacking the other on a number of fronts.
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Voters in Michigan are projected to have approved Proposal 3, which establishes a constitutional right to abortion and other reproductive services in the state. #Election2022 Image
The constitutional amendment would take effect 45 days after Election Day and also negate a dormant 1931 state law that outlawed abortions as a felony punishable by up to four years in prison or $5,000 in fines.
Other Michigan laws regulating reproductive health care, such as requiring parental consent for minors to obtain abortions, would seemingly remain open to court challenges by advocacy groups, who say the restrictions are unconstitutional.
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Well that's quite a call! No one else calling this one yet. #Election2022
Fox now calling Pennsylvania for Fetterman too.
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🇺🇸 US Midterms 2022 🗳️

There has been early victories for Republican favourites Ron DeSantis, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Marco Rubio and Tim Scott.

However, the 'red wave' is yet to fully emerge.

Follow all of the #Election2022 results live here ⬇️
🗳️ Alaska's polls have now closed, meaning the final polls of the night are finished.

Get all of the results live as they come in on our #Election2022 liveblog 👇… A voter casts their ballot at the Hillel Foundation on Novem
🔴 NEW: The Democrats have flipped a crucial Senate seat in Pennsylvania, with John Fetterman defeating Trump-backed celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz in a significant and surprise result.

Read more:… John Fetterman waves during his 2022 midterm elections night
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We are minutes away from finding out that Lauren Boebert is another one and done Maga member of congress

Down 8550 votes with few left to count.

Frisch needs 45% of the remaining votes
left to count.
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Democratic Rep. Elaine Luria has been defeated in her bid for re-election in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District. #Election2022 Image
VA-2 is one of several House districts that election experts pegged as a ‘bellwether’ district in terms of determining which party will ultimately control Congress in 2023.
Though she has served in the House since 2019, Luria gained greater national prominence as a member of the January 6 House select committee. Notably, Luria is now the 4th of the select committee’s 9 participants who will not be a member of Congress in 2023.
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