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Minnesota Republican state Sen. Steve Drazkowski on bill providing free school breakfast and lunch: "I have yet to meet a person in Minnesota that is hungry. Yet today. I have yet to meet a person in Minnesota that says they don't have access to enough food to eat." #mnleg
Steve Drazkowski is now fundraising off the blowback to his ignorant, callous comments Image
Steve Drazkowski is having quite the week
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JUST IN: @MMBCommunicates pegs FY2024-25 surplus at about $17.5 billion.

Essentially unchanged from early Dec., but it means revenue kept growing because this forecast figures inflation into spending calculations for the first time in decades. #mnleg…
Revenue was up $599M over the prior forecast and $865M was carried over from the prior year's budget. That pushed up overall available revenue to $1.464B

Estimated expenditure increase (including inflation projection and approved bills this session) was $1.536B. #mnleg
Estimated inflation for current programs came in at $1.422B, according to state finance documents.
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FOLLOW UP on our posts about weights and objects being thrown from a building onto vehicles last week on 3rd and Washington Ave S. SWAT responded after several days of reports.
Michael Brett Judy, 03/04/1993
313 Washington Ave S, 9th floor apt
Michael Brett Judy was taken into custody after an hours-long stand-off on Thursday. He was released on Friday after supposedly posting $10,000 bond, and he makes his first court appearance on Monday.

Five 911 calls between Jan 3-5 reporting incidents and damage.
In one incident, a dumbbell struck the roof of an airport shuttle van with 7 passengers inside. A large dent was made, and the driver said he was "terrified." The weight landed above one of the passengers.

Complaint: "dumbbell could cause great bodily harm or death."
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The Minnesota Supreme Court was extremely stupid to open the door to assessing comprehensive plans based on their "full build-out," seemingly not understanding that a zoning envelope provides for flexibility and does not prescribe maximum use.

—the Appellate Court decision today is correct to notice that the District Court order enjoining the Minneapolis 2040 plan and reinstating the previous comprehensive plan did not make any attempt to verify that the prior plan was better for the environment (it was not).
Not a lawyer, but it seems to me that this should re-open the door for the City to challenge the myopic analysis by the fake environmental groups suing to block the plan, something it failed to do the first time.

In such a way, the court *could* back into the correct decision.
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In no particular order, here are my favorite #housing reads from 2022.

Across the political spectrum and in both articles and opinion pieces, the message is clear: The cause of the #HousingCrisis is the lack of housing and under-building since 2008… (1/14) #mnleg
…caused by policies that price buyers and renters out of the market. Removing access and affordability roadblocks is necessary to achieve the level of construction needed to solve this problem.

And it takes all players. #housing #mnleg (2/14)
Supply and demand is a simple concept, but Americans have a hard time applying this Econ 101 topic to #housing. Housing Shortage Denialism and NIMBYism must be overcome. via @TheAtlantic #mnleg (3/14)… Image
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Gov. Tim Walz, speaking to reporters, mentions four priorities for the surplus:

-Expanding child care
-Relief to Minnesotans for inflation, in the form of rebates
-Road and bridge funding
-Public school funding

"We can do all of these things," he says. "It isn't either-or."
Walz says he supports excluding more Social Security income from state tax in 2023.

But he's not committing to a full elimination, which was part of the spring 2022 deal that never passed.
Walz says he's going to propose $1,000 rebate checks per adult again despite being rejected by #mnleg in 2022.

He's open to changing the income limits he proposed earlier this year.
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Minnesota's budget surplus is now projected at $17.6 billion between now and June 2025, per @MMBCommunicates.

The projections will help #mnleg decide short-term spending plans and a two-year budget.
@MMBCommunicates Higher-than-expected tax collections and #mnleg's failure to strike deals in 2022 have contributed to another record surplus, which Democrats now have control over.

Initial story ahead of news conferences that start at 11:45 a.m.:…
@MMBCommunicates There's the full budget forecast:… Image
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UPDATE: Minnesota's projected budget surplus pegged at $17.6B through June 2025.

Gov/#mnleg will set new 2-year budget in 2023 session.
If you don’t believe me, here it is from @MMBCommunicates Image
First out of the gate: @LisaDemuthMN, the new House GOP minority leader, who says it’s tax-cut time. #mnleg Image
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I haven't adjusted for where the vote is outstanding, but as of right now, DFLers are winning in 70 #mnleg House seats (majority: 68) while Republicans are leading in 35 #mnleg Senate seats (majority: 34). Would represent a status quo in terms of control.
After another ~50 minutes of votes coming in, the DFL currently has a lead in 72 of the #mnleg House seats (majority: 68) and in 34 of the Senate seats (majority: 34).

Still votes coming in, but fewer by the minute.
Pulled the numbers again at 1:55 a.m. — no changes.
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Put the magic markers away, kids.

Ridge Austin James Kinney, 11/15/2001, in custody on 2nd and 4th degree assault, fleeing x2 and 1st degree damage to property.
Charges say Kinney rammed a Brainerd squad during a suspicious vehicle stop, then fled, crashed and fled on foot.
Two prior felony convictions on 1st degree burglary of an occupied dwelling in two separate cases, which is a violent crime. Also, has another felony conviction on receiving stolen property.
In a 2019 conviction on 1st degree burglary, a plea deal dismissed 3 counts of felon in possession/firearm & another ct of 1st degree burglary & spun him out on a stayed sentence for the violent crime of 1st degree burglary.

MN is totally serious about gun and violent crimes.
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SD32 @lwvmnabc forum for #mnleg
GOP Endorsed Michael Kreun
DFL Endorsed Kate Luthner
What is your immediate goal for SD32?
Kreun: Highway 65, transportation reform, crime control
Luthner: Public education, Local infrastructure, social safety nets, green energy.
How does state government assist small businesses?
Luthner: Price gouging laws, public healthcare option
Kreun: Inflation control via tax relief, fiscally responsible state spending.
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THIS WEEK I'll be in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin to help @momsdemand volunteers and other gun sense champions running for office. Here's the info - hope to see you there! 🧵
ILLINOIS: Come support @momsdemand volunteer and gun sense champion Rep. Maura Hirschauer (@votemaura) in Springfield on Thursday, Oct. 6.

RSVP here:… #twill
MICHIGAN: I'll be joining the House Dems on Thursday, Oct. 7. We're just FOUR seats away from a gun sense majority.

RSVP here:… #mileg
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1/ Early voting begins Friday in Minnesota. Here's our 2022 voter's guide: Who's running in the election and where they stand on the issues.… An illustration of people i...
2/ The governor's race will dominate Minnesota's midterm elections, but Minnesotans will also vote on the statewide offices of attorney general, secretary of state and state auditor, along with all eight congressional races and all 201 seats in the Minnesota Legislature.
3/ Because of redistricting (the once-a-decade process of redrawing political lines to accommodate changes in population) #mnleg candidates are running in brand-new districts.…
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This one might just be a record breaker.
Javaughn Elijah Marquise Tieh, 10/3/1997, Mounds View.

Arrested from a Coon Rapids pursuit/PIT we posted yesterday afternoon.

IN CUSTODY on 45 warrants + PC charges in at least 15 jurisdictions including other state fugitive warrants. Image
Current charges, warrants, holds. Image
Javaughn Elijah Marquise Tieh has 55 prior Minnesota convictions, including 9 felonies since 2016.

EVERY. SINGLE. FELONY. CONVICTION. WAS. STAYED. by judges in Anoka, Hennepin and Ramsey counties.

@MNCourts and our "leaders" want you to be victims.

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Hopkins police on Friday arrested a suspect in two separate burglaries of occupied dwellings.

We've previously posted Efrain Almestica, 08/23/1988, who was booked on 12 felony + other warrants. New charges are expected in the Hopkins burglaries.
You will recall Efrain Almestica from this classic video when he rammed into a Bloomington apartment building while trying to flee police late last year.

That Bloomington case is one of the open felony/other warrants under which Almestica has been jailed, among numerous other cases from Edina, Richfield, Minneapolis and Minnetonka involving multiple burglary, multiple fleeing, auto theft and obstruction.
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NEW: Petition filed in Minnesota Supreme Court seeks to declare GOP Sen. @GeneDornink ineligible for residency reasons. Dornink is among #mnleg-ers who say they moved after redistricting.

Petitioner claims he didn't actually move into new house, citing a private investigator.
If Dornink was to be declared ineligible, there is another GOP candidate on the ballot (Lisa Hanson) so the election wouldn't be postponed as has happened in at least one other similar case.
Hanson is the restaurant owner known for defying state shutdown orders during COVID-19 and then being convicted for it.

Lawyer who filed the residency petition against Dornink wouldn't take questions. He previously represented another cafe owner who fought shutdown order.
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#SpecialEducation #CrossSubsidy 🧵
The Minnesota legislature is failing our school districts, students and communities by not fully funding the required special education services our schools must deliver #mnleg @msba @amsdmn <1>
With an unprecedented $9.3 billion surplus this year, the Minnesota legislature should finally fully fund its obligation to special education in our state. To this point, the state has failed its obligation leaving Minnesota’s public schools with an unfunded mandate. <2>
Schools are forced to borrow from their general funds, taking dollars meant for general classrooms to provide these required services. Each year, this “cross-subsidy” for school districts grows and all of our schools and students suffer. <3>
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Senate Majority Leader @jeremyrmiller says his caucus doesn’t want a special session #mnleg
House Minority Leader @kdaudt, newly empowered as special session talk commences, says he wants spending bills reined in.

“I am not optimistic about there being a special session, and I think that’s OK.”

“We can pick that work up right away in January of next year.”
GOP Senator @jimabeler on status of the HHS bill, which would be the place where long-term care/nursing home money and child care assistance dollars would land:

“It has a remote chance to exist.” #mnleg
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NEW: @melissahortman says #mnleg is beyond the point where all bills can be closed up, written and voted on by midnight.

She says negotiators will work to seal up agreements and she will ask @GovTimWalz for “a brief special session” to process remaining bills if deals sealed.
Still not finished: Health and Human Services, Public Safety, E12, transportation, and bonding.

Some of the completed bills could get votes today.

Only governors can call special sessions but duration dictated by #mnleg, especially minority caucuses due to rules suspensions.
Worth noting, yesterday House Taxes Chair Paul Marquart told reporters that the tax-cut deal would be the same in a special session. (Quote below)

Senate Taxes Chair Carla Nelson said she hoped for Sunday passage (her birthday).

But tax bill will be among last to pass #mnleg
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Details of #mnleg's deal on taxes:

-Cuts individual income tax rate from 5.35% to 5.10%

-Makes all Social Security income exempt from state taxes

-Makes renter's tax credit refundable…
There are several other smaller provisions, but those three together account for $3.4 billion of the $4 billion bill.
Conference committee due back within the hour to discuss (you know the drill on the timing, though).
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State employee contracts bill ratified by Senate, which appears to be identical to a bill approved by the House in March. #mnleg
There might need to be one more House vote. But it'll sail there.
House passes the state employee contracts bill again. On to governor. #mnleg
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“There is enough time,” House Speaker @melissahortman says about concerns that some of the largest bills, like health and human services, won’t get done by Sunday.

“Everybody has to get realistic,” Hortman says, and no one will get 75-80% of what they want. #mnleg
I asked which issue areas are in the worst shape.

Hortman says K-12, public safety, health and human services are “tied.”

That’s…a lot. #mnleg
Hortman says the tax bill will definitely have an expansion of the renter’s credit and an individual income tax cut.

That’s about all we know for certain. #mnleg
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Minnesota Republicans have chosen their most extreme and dangerous candidate to lead their party in the fall. We can’t allow Scott Jensen to become governor. #mngov…
Scott Jensen has promised to ban abortion, even for victims of rape and incest.
And for his running mate, he chose…this guy. Image
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Who are the 10 decision-makers shaping MN #edpolicy in the final weeks of #mnleg session? Swipe to find out! 1/ 🧵⬇️
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