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Senate Majority Leader @jeremyrmiller says his caucus doesn’t want a special session #mnleg
House Minority Leader @kdaudt, newly empowered as special session talk commences, says he wants spending bills reined in.

“I am not optimistic about there being a special session, and I think that’s OK.”

“We can pick that work up right away in January of next year.”
GOP Senator @jimabeler on status of the HHS bill, which would be the place where long-term care/nursing home money and child care assistance dollars would land:

“It has a remote chance to exist.” #mnleg
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NEW: @melissahortman says #mnleg is beyond the point where all bills can be closed up, written and voted on by midnight.

She says negotiators will work to seal up agreements and she will ask @GovTimWalz for “a brief special session” to process remaining bills if deals sealed.
Still not finished: Health and Human Services, Public Safety, E12, transportation, and bonding.

Some of the completed bills could get votes today.

Only governors can call special sessions but duration dictated by #mnleg, especially minority caucuses due to rules suspensions.
Worth noting, yesterday House Taxes Chair Paul Marquart told reporters that the tax-cut deal would be the same in a special session. (Quote below)

Senate Taxes Chair Carla Nelson said she hoped for Sunday passage (her birthday).

But tax bill will be among last to pass #mnleg
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Details of #mnleg's deal on taxes:

-Cuts individual income tax rate from 5.35% to 5.10%

-Makes all Social Security income exempt from state taxes

-Makes renter's tax credit refundable…
There are several other smaller provisions, but those three together account for $3.4 billion of the $4 billion bill.
Conference committee due back within the hour to discuss (you know the drill on the timing, though).
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State employee contracts bill ratified by Senate, which appears to be identical to a bill approved by the House in March. #mnleg
There might need to be one more House vote. But it'll sail there.
House passes the state employee contracts bill again. On to governor. #mnleg
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“There is enough time,” House Speaker @melissahortman says about concerns that some of the largest bills, like health and human services, won’t get done by Sunday.

“Everybody has to get realistic,” Hortman says, and no one will get 75-80% of what they want. #mnleg
I asked which issue areas are in the worst shape.

Hortman says K-12, public safety, health and human services are “tied.”

That’s…a lot. #mnleg
Hortman says the tax bill will definitely have an expansion of the renter’s credit and an individual income tax cut.

That’s about all we know for certain. #mnleg
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Minnesota Republicans have chosen their most extreme and dangerous candidate to lead their party in the fall. We can’t allow Scott Jensen to become governor. #mngov…
Scott Jensen has promised to ban abortion, even for victims of rape and incest.
And for his running mate, he chose…this guy. Image
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Who are the 10 decision-makers shaping MN #edpolicy in the final weeks of #mnleg session? Swipe to find out! 1/ 🧵⬇️
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Last week, former Minnesota @MomsDemand leader and state rep @ErinMayeQuade, who was seeking to become the first Black woman and first openly gay woman elected to the State Senate in Minnesota, went into labor during her convention floor speech for her party’s nomination. #mnleg
Emma McBride, Women Winning political director, told the New York Times, “While we were in awe of her strength, it was horrifying to watch a woman go through this vulnerable experience while nobody with the power to do so stepped in to put an end to it.”…
McBride also said that Maye Quade had directly approached her opponent, told him she could not stay the whole day because she was in labor, and asked if he would be willing to suspend the convention and go directly to the the primary, but he refused.…
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#mnleg #mngov agreement on Hero Pay/Frontline worker recognizes the 600k+ Minnesotans who put their own lives at risk to keep all basic activities running; here are some key details for LTC #thread
There's always a give & take in the #Mnleg process; final text provides $500m in bonuses for workers employed 120 hrs+ during 3/15 to 6/30/21…
Workers with direct COVID-19 patient care must have incomes under $350k (married)/$175k (single); all others have incomes under $185k (married)/$85k (single) #thread
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Minnesota House is moving to take up an unemployment replenishment bill (the Senate version) under a rules suspension. #mnleg
Bill would put $2.7B toward a fix -- part to pay off a federal loan and part to add a cushion to avoid any additional business assessments.

But there is an amendment to alter where the money comes from and to credit employers that have already paid at a higher rate.
Now the House is moving to add the previously approved $1B pandemic worker pay bill (up to $1,500 per check) to the bill.

All of it means that both will wind up in a conference committee, unless the Senate accepts the amended bill. #mnleg
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NEWS: St. Paul Police say DFL Rep. John Thompson showed up after officers pulled over his daughter Sunday afternoon, screamed and yelled at police, identified himself as a state lawmaker and handed out his business card during a "chaotic" scene.

Officers say they stopped Thompson's adult daughter for erratic driving and expired registration. Cops smelled marijuana. As more officers arrived, so did Thompson.

To diffuse tensions, police say they decided to charge Thompson’s daughter out of custody and let them both go.
Police are asking the St. Paul city attorney to charge Thompson's daughter with 3rd degree DWI-test refusal, a gross misdemeanor.

Thompson does not face charges, though police say the case is open.
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Light #mnleg attendance for Gov. Tim Walz’s State of the State speech tonight given the Sunday evening timing.

I counted fewer than half of the 67 senators entering the House chamber.
Former Gov. Mark Dayton and his wife are in attendance. Though he used a cane, Dayton is moving much better than during his final days as governor.
Gov. Tim Walz urges #mnleg to pass rebate checks but says he's open to income tax cuts -- though excluding wealthy people.

"They don’t need a tax cut," Walz says.

Senate GOP tax bill doesn't have an income cap.
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In what parallel universe does an MN political party roll up in an official @MinnesotaDFL PARTY VAN on a "live" crash scene involving two prominent party-affiliated elected officials?

He says THIS 👇 to police on the scene and NO MEDIA reports he was even there?!?!

I don't recall anyone in the #mnleg media or the DFL apparatus making reference last summer to Ken Martin & the DFL Party Van rolling up on scene of this accident.

Why wouldnt journos have reported this? Why wouldnt Ken have talked about this?

Seems newsworthy to me. Image
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We're passing the Biggest Tax Cut Ever! today. Here's what it does:
✂️Cuts the first tier income tax rate by nearly half, providing 2.4 million taxpayers immediate relief. The average relief for taxpayers is $759 every year.
Minnesota's LOWEST tax rate is HIGHER that the HIGHEST tax rate in 17 other states. This cut is the right thing to do for every working Minnesotan.
🚫Eliminates the awful tax on Social Security benefits.👵🏽👴🏽
Minnesota is just one of 13 states and an island in the midwest -- every other state around us provides a better financial benefit for seniors' Social Security.
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Under the Senate Republican caucus proposal to cut the state income tax in the first bracket, the highest-income Minnesotans would receive the LARGEST cuts. ✂️ #mnleg
Specifically, the 20% of Minnesotans w/ the highest incomes would receive average annual tax cuts more than 7x the average tax cut a household w/ income under $30k would receive. Find out more in our latest issue brief: #mnleg Image
Adding graphic w/ updated title to clarify this specifically shows that the first bracket rate reduction gives largest tax cuts to highest-income Minnesotans. #mnleg Image
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If the Senate Republican caucus’ proposal to expand MN’s income tax exemption for Social Security benefits is intended to help seniors struggling to get by on fixed incomes, it fails to meet that goal. The lowest-income seniors get NOTHING from this proposal.
Instead, households w/ incomes $279K+ would get an average tax cut more than 20x larger than what households w/ incomes $30K - $51K would receive. More details in our latest issue brief: #mnleg Image
Adding graphic w/ updated title to clarify this specifically shows that more than half of Social Security tax cuts go to highest-income Minnesotans. #mnleg Image
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Here is the House DFL tax bill #mnleg…
And the House research fiscal analysis…

Bill summary…
I don't see that @GovTimWalz's rebate/direct check proposal made it into the bill (point it out if I missed it), but there is a rebate-style giveback with a far lower eligibility cap than Walz recommended and an adjusted dependent care credit among the income tax items.
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The Senate GOP tax bill has been posted #mnleg…
The bill would cut taxes by $3.38B in this budget and $5B in the next two-year budget. #mnleg…
A distributional analysis over who would see what reductions under the Senate tax bill.

Two main provisions are:
-A lowering of the bottom rate 5.35% to 2.8% (all taxpayers pay that on first segment of income)
-100% exemption of Social Security income.…
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It's been two years since @GovTimWalz used a amatuer and grossly innaccurage U of MN grad student model to lie to Minnesotans about the lethality of SARSCOV2.

Two years ago @GovTimWalz told us that upwards of 70,000+ Minnesotans would die of the virus by October if we didnt completely shut down our lives until he & @MDHCommMalcolm told is it was safe.

Remember when @GovTimWalz staged a photo op with the help of @gspphoto & other media photogs when he smugly signed the FIRST of many Shelter in Place Executive Orders?

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There is a lot of attention right now on public defenders, and that’s good. But the current contract impasse is a symptom of a much larger structural problem: MN has never even come close to adequately funding public defense work, despite it being *constitutionally mandated*
The Sixth Amendment clearly states that you have a right to an attorney if you’re charged with a crime. Further, the US Supreme Court has held that it is the responsibility of the states to provide that attorney if the defendant cannot afford one. This is well settled law.
Funding for public defense in MN is not even close to being adequate to meet minimum national standards. Despite the clear constitutional requirement that we do better, funding for PDs is treated as just another line item to be fought for in our state budget.
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(Thread) Tomorrow, Senate Republicans will be bringing three controversial education bills to the floor that are unnecessary, increase teacher burn-out, and could remove protections from children in dangerous situations:
Parents already have access to their child’s curriculum and can even, by law, remove their child from lessons they feel go against their family values. This legislation is clearly unnecessary and is a solution in search of a problem. Image
Teachers are already underpaid, overworked, and are experiencing burnout. This proposal would dramatically increase teachers' work loads, take time away from investing in students, and worsen the teacher shortage— all to provide a "solution" to a problem that doesn't exist. Image
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Miguel Huerta, 08/02/1974
Another dangerous offender deemed "incompetent" was released on $500 bail by Judge Richard H. Kyle, Jr., and is now charged with raping a 14-year-old in St. Paul on Feb. 14 after breaking into the home.
Huerta had been charged in another case stemming from 2019 on 1st degree burglary (occupied dwelling). He was found incompetent to stand trial in the case. He also recently twice failed to appear at hearings in that case (Nov and Dec 2021).
Yet, Huerta was ordered released into society on low bail pending yet another order for a competency evaluation signed on Jan. 6, 2022 by Judge Richard Kyle.
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Remember Brandon David Miller who, while acting as a 'violence interrupter' for We Push for Peace, beat a shoeless homeless man outside a St. Paul grocery store last fall...
He was sentenced on Tuesday.

In a downward departure from sentencing guidelines, Miller's 27-month prison sentence was stayed by Judge George T. Stephenson.

He was instead sentenced to probation... DESPITE...
... DESPITE the fact that Miller was charged in another felony assault case in December (occurred Oct. 31) that left the victim with serious injuries.

That case is still open/pending and would have/should have been known to the judge at the time of sentencing.
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🧵1/10 For the last few weeks, @Stowydad and I have tried to answer a question:

In spite of all the planning Minnesota put into preventing hospitals from being overrun, how are we just now emerging from the worst capacity crunch of the pandemic.…
2/10 Depending on your perspective, the answer may seem simple.

Some will say, "It was the unvaccinated people!"

Some will say "the @GovTimWalz administration went too far, too early!" (Or didn't do enough!)

Some will point to cracks in the health care system or disinformation
3/10 Well, as it turns out, the answer isn't simple. All those things can be true at once.

Here are a few things that really stood out to me as we were reporting this piece:
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