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While #Babur is under copy editing, I have decided to have my third fiction “Ayodhya Nuke Code” published & is in process.

I had finished writing it in 2014, & a lit agent had taken this project. She had refused to take it ahead after Award Wapasi event. Image
When the book was shelved, I was shattered & gave away writing.

It was only through push of @Sanjay_Dixit @TVMohandasPai @vivekagnihotri @RatanSharda55 @prafullaketkar @scdesh2010 & few others that I resumed putting write ups through tweets.
& then a friend @Kaushik02258399 gave me idea to write “ #ModiAgain : An Ex-Communist’s Manifesto” over morning tea in a stall at Manyata Tech Park, & @GarudaPrakashan published it in record breaking time.
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இதையெல்லாம் தமிழக மீடியாக்கள் காட்டாது

ஆரம்ப சுகாதார மையங்களை வலுப்படுத்த தமிழகத்துக்கு ரூ.805.928 கோடி வழங்கிய மத்திய அரசு

ஆரம்ப சுகாதார மையங்களை வலுப்படுத்த தமிழகத்துக்கு ரூ.805.928 கோடி மானியம் வழங்கியுள்ளது மத்திய அரசு.
19 மாநிலங்களின் உள்ளாட்சி அமைப்புகளுக்கு மொத்தம் ரூ.8,453.92 கோடி வழங்கப்பட்டுள்ளது

15வது நிதி ஆணையம் தனது அறிக்கையில், 2021-22ம் நிதியாண்டு முதல் 2025-26ம் நிதியாண்டு வரை உள்ளாட்சி அமைப்புகளுக்கு ரூ.4,27,911 கோடி மானியம் வழங்க பரிந்துரை செய்துள்ளது,
இதில் ரூ.70,051 கோடி சுகாதார மானியமும் அடங்கும்

இந்தத் தொகையில் ரூ.43,928 கோடி, ஊரக உள்ளாட்சி அமைப்புகளுக்கும், ரூ.26,123 கோடி நகர்ப்புற உள்ளாட்சி அமைப்புகளுக்கும் பரிந்துரைக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது. உள்ளாட்சி அமைப்புகளில் ஆரம்ப சுகாதார நிலையங்களை வலுப்படுத்துவதற்காக
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.@vivekagnihotri ji, I had clarified it in detail in my book #ModiAgain

If I summarize it :

'Religion is institution while Dharma is the way to “strive to be right”. Dharma tells to reject institution which shows wrong path.'

'Dharma signifies behaviors that are considered to be in accord with Ṛta, the order that makes life and universe possible. It includes duties, rights,laws, conduct, virtues and “right way of living”. Eg, ‘Rajadharma’ means King’s Duty not Religion.'
People who lived beyond river Sindhu, ie the Hindus, followed the Sanatana Dharma & hence, it became to be known as "Hindu Dharma" too.

The "Quasi Cyclic Time" makes the biggest difference, as Dharma is centrally based on it @vivekagnihotri
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I am an admirer of Modi.

But can’t buy this argument that : question only Mamta for WB violence

Get it embedded that controlling violence is primary duty of any government (Center & State).

There is no use of Constitution & bla if loss of life is just a “Khela”.
And in case people wish to be peachy upon me, they should know I did write a book on subject “Why Modi is right for India?”

So I am totally aware of the arguments which you might bring & actually have criss arguments too for all.
It is important to question the state (Indian), if you want to avoid it to keep living in la land that everything is fine.

And yes, yet I believe “Modi is aware that Muslim votes don’t matter to him.”

He knows it, hence I don’t consider “him” to be appeaser.
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7.5 crore people taken out of extreme poverty due to Modi's Scheme
According to Axis pollster who gave NDA over 339 seats said it was difficult to find a household in poorest state that was untouched by Modi's welfare schemes
Ujjawala, Housing, Toilets
2014 b4 MODI took the reins ,Country was in a gloom, economy was in Shambles, Corruption, terrorism had made Indians disenchanted with the Political System
If 2014 was about Hope then 2019 is about reinforcing that Hope. It's abt Conviction & Deliverance
Over 7.5 Crore People Lifted Out Of Poverty Under Last 3 years Of Modi Govt. India No Longer The Country With Most Poor

(Some people are asking for Source.)...
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This thread will list down the 75 reasons why everyone should vote for @narendramodi and @BJP4India

Thanks to @muglikar_ and @IndiaPeCharcha for coming up with these brilliant 1 minute videos.

My effort here is to list all the 75 reasons in a single thread
#Reason1 - @BJP4India MPs work for you.

👉 #Attendance #DiscussBills
👉#PassLaw #75ReasonsToVoteForModi #PhirEkBaarModiSarkaar

#1MinuteTalk by @muglikar_ and @IndiaPeCharcha -

#Reason2 - Electricity for All

👉 100% Rural Electrification #DeendayalGramJyotiYojana
👉 Electrification of 100% households #Saubhagya

@PiyushGoyal @grameenvidyut

#75ReasonsToVoteForModi #PhirEkBaarModiSarkaar

#1MinuteTalk @muglikar_
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Ha! This was our yajnya for #ModiAgain As #TeamModi volunteer none of us sat in AC rooms but worked on ground to reach voters. There were two rounds of rallies one before announcing elections and the other after. Here is the report of the both rally combined! ImageImage
In second round we travelled almost 18k km for 26 days conducting 50 programs reaching 1.25 lac people directly and through FB and YouTube reached many more lacs!
I should thank everyone who worked on ground to make this happen. 🙏
Diring first phase we worked for 31 days having 66 programs covering 8k KMs of 24 LS constituencies. Reached 2lac people directly and 3 million people indirectly. #TeamModi videos watched by almost 20lac people! Image
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MODIfied Railway station's

After seeing this thread still u are voting CON party due to Priyanka's nose looks like Indira then
"इसमे आपका घाटा ,मोदीजी का कुछ नहीं जाता ।ठगबंधन वाला आता ,ओ बस लूट के जाता ।"

Manduadih station in Varanasi

Almost 65 railway stations are modified with LED lights, wi-fi, food centres, Kiosks, Exc lounges, lifts Escalators ,ramps

Modified New Delhi's railway station

#Moditransformsbharat 👇
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🇮🇳Namo Namo🇮🇳
Here I am starting a long thread which will list down hundreds of reasons why we should all vote for @narendramodi and @BJP4India in the coming general elections!!!
#ModiOnceMore #ModiAgain #AbKiBaar400Paar
@ModiOnceMore @Youth_4Modi
All are fact based data. Appropriate links are provided to validate every achievement. #Modi4NewIndia #MainBhiChaukidar
(1/n) Fragile five to Fastest growing economy - India listed in Fragile five in 2014 - Fastest Growing Economy in Jan 2019
#ModiOnceMore #ModiAgain #AbKiBaar400Paar
@TeamNamoBrigade @namo_bharath
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This is because of sheer Dedication & Hardwork of @narendramodi Goverment that such good and principled governance has been made possible!

Modi Works for India,
If Modi Wins, India Wins!!

This is why I want #ModiAgain
This is why I'll Vote for Modi!
Here are 100 reasons. 👇
1. Surgical Strike against Pakistan
2. Implementation of the historic GST scheme.
3. Demonetization
4. Providing bullet proof jackets to the Indian Army
5. Providing modern weapons to the Armed Forces
6. Providing electricity to 18450 villages. #ModiUnstoppable
7. Introducing Ayushman Bharat
8. Not letting the terrorists into India like the UPA government.
9. Generic medicines
10. Reducing price of stents
11. For reducing joint operation
12. Providing employment due to Make In India scheme
#ModiUnstoppable #ModiOnceMore #NaMoAgain
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6. Providing electricity to 18450 villages
7. Introducing Ayushman Bharat
8. Not letting the terrorists into India like the UPA government.
9. Generic medicines
10. Reducing price of stents
11. For reducing joint operation
12. Providing employment due to Make In India scheme
13. Not even a single corruption charge in 4 years of Modi government
14. For making Dalit the President of India
15. For making woman as India’s Defence Minister
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