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Dear Indian Voter - Why should You vote for Narendra Modi in 2019?
Here are 200 reasons:
1. Fragile five to fastest growing economy - India
2. 11th largest to 5th largest economy – India
3. Share of world GDP from 2.43% in 2014 to 3.08% in 2018
4. Avg GDP 7.3% against 2/6
6.7% in previousregime
5. Forex reserves from 300 Billion USD in 2014 to 420 billion USD in 2018
6. Doubling of FDI inflow from 36 billion USD in 2014 to 66 billion USD in 2018
7. Inflation less than 2.3 % (Nov 18) against 10.1% in 2014
8. Growth of Sensex from 24,121.74 3/6
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Important Thread :
Today an Interaction of @RahulGandhi Ji was scheduled at Amphi Theatre, Block D1,Manayata Tech park, Bengaluru.

1000's of Young Techies/Interns, Students gathered at the site & started chanting Modi-Modi slogan with Placard of #ModiOnceMore & #ModiAgain (1/n).
Pro-Modi/Modi-Modi Slogans continued for hours infront of Congnizant & Manayata Tech park.. (2/n)
Another video of "Modi-Modi and Bharat Mata Ki Jai" slogan.

(Watch Video till last second, Patriotic atmosphere with Pro-India chantings).

Atleast a total of 10000+ Techies were present at the site. (3/n)
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Thread on how Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC), one of Modi govt's landmark fin reforms revived India's banking system by recovering a mountain of bad loans left by UPA govt

2015: RBI conducted AQR (Asset Quality Review) of large borrower accounts…
2015: Outcome of AQR

Most banks were hiding bad assets under the practice of "forbearance" AQR overrode such accounting methods & helped determine the accurate level of bad loans

True NPA level shot up from INR 2.78 lakh crore to INR 9.5 lakh crore…
Understand the enormity - INR 10 lakh crores (US $150 billion) is larger than the GDP of 130 countries

This amount was stuck with corporate borrowers, not returning to banks, thus making capital unavailable for other growing businesses and impeding India’s economic growth
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🇮🇳Namo Namo🇮🇳
Here I am starting a long thread which will list down hundreds of reasons why we should all vote for @narendramodi and @BJP4India in the coming general elections!!!
#ModiOnceMore #ModiAgain #AbKiBaar400Paar
@ModiOnceMore @Youth_4Modi
All are fact based data. Appropriate links are provided to validate every achievement. #Modi4NewIndia #MainBhiChaukidar
(1/n) Fragile five to Fastest growing economy - India listed in Fragile five in 2014 - Fastest Growing Economy in Jan 2019
#ModiOnceMore #ModiAgain #AbKiBaar400Paar
@TeamNamoBrigade @namo_bharath
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👉Opposition: Modi has destroyed the economy.
👉Modi started following schemes requiring huge govt spending:
👉National Highways, railway lines, port connectivity, airport, national waterway, rural roads double/triple than UPA ---Infra push means job creation.
👉Medical college to each district. To tackle shortage of doctors their retirement age incresed to 65 yrs. Free medical insurance to 40 cr people. Poors removed from the clutches of private hospitals
👉Free housing to poor: nearly 20 times what congress gave
👉Free gas connection to 8 cr families: saved women from diseases due to smoke
👉All remaining villages electrified. 4 cr families given free elctrical connection
👉Cong stopped OROP in 1974. Modi gave OROP. Cost 35K cr
👉Modi gave India's first war memorial
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मोदी ने क्या किया ?

👉 रेलवे स्टेशनों में स्वचालित सीढियों में चढता व्यक्ति पूछता है मोदी ने क्या किया ?

👉 स्वच्छ, सुंदर आधुनिक रेलवे स्टेशन को देखता हुआ व्यक्ति पूछता है मोदी ने क्या किया ?....1/1

👉 399 रुपए मे प्रतिदिन 1.5 Gb 4जी डाटा इस्तेमाल करता हुआ व्यक्ति पूछता है मोदी ने क्या किया ?

👉 रेलवे स्टेशनो पर फ्री WiFi का इस्तेमाल करता हुआ व्यक्ति पूछता है मोदी ने क्या किया?

👉 प्लेटफॉर्म पर 5₹ मे एक लीटर आरओ का पानी खरीद कर पीने वाला पूछ रहा है मोदी ने क्या किया?
👉 अपने पड़ोसी को मुद्रा योजना की सहायता से स्वरोजगार करते देखता व्यक्ति पूछता है मोदी ने क्या किया ?

👉 जिन्हें बात-बात पर डाक्यूमेंट सत्यापन नही करने पड़ रहे वो पूछते हैं मोदी ने क्या किया ?
... 1/3

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Dear Indian Voter - Why should You vote for @narendramodi in 2019 ?

Here are 200 reasons :

1. Fragile five to Fastest growing economy - India

2. 11th largest to 5th largest economy - India

3. Share of world GDP from 2.43% in 2014 to 3.08% in 2018
4. Average GDP 7.3% against 6.7% in previous regime

5. Forex reserves from 300 bn USD in 2014 to 420 bn USD in 2018

6. Doubling of FDI inflow from 36 bn USD in 2014 to 66 billion USD in 2018

7. Inflation less than 2.3 % (Nov 18) against 10.1% in 2014
8. Growth of sensex from 24,121.74 in 2014 to 36,395.03 on 12 Feb 19 (50.88%)

9. Fiscal deficit under control

10. Per capita income increased by 45% from Rs 86,647 in 2014 to Rs 1,25,397

11. IT exemption from 2 lakh in 2014 to 5 lakh (effectively 9.85 lakh with hoam loan)
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'Modi' government has "SIGNED" Defence Contracts of more than 4.26 Lac Crore in last 4.5 Years.

Compiled by @go4avinash
Read on.....
● 36 - 'Rafale' Multirole Fighter : 59,000 Crore
● 7 - Project-17A Class Frigates : 50,000 Crore
● 5 - Air Defence SAM S-400 : 39,000 Crore
● 22 - 'Apache AH-64' & 15 'Chinook' : $ 3 Billion
● Spares & Ammunition : $ 3 Billion
● 6 - 'Arihant Class' Submarine : 23,652 Crore
● 1 - 'Akula II Class' Nuclear Attack Submarine : $ 3.3 Billion
● 'Barak-8' MRSAM Air Defence : $ 2 Billion.
● 73 - ALH 'Dhruv' :14,151 Crore
● 464 - Main Battle Tank 'T-90 MS' : 13,448 Crore
● 7.47 Lac -AK-203 Assault Rifles : 12,280 Crore
● LRSAM 'Barak-8' : $1.41 Billion
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The taste of ashes in Indian palates is finally being expelled after eons of disheartened spills in the sands of time.
The expressed vision of Govt to rebuild India on its Culture & 21st Century digital norms has lit a desire in each citizen.
We were hobbled for centuries by Barbarians from the North and Colonialists from the sea. No more.

In 1947 a tattered nation left deeply divided has rebuilt itself from its bootstraps to its robes.

We are now at the cusp of a $3 Trillion economy, 2019 figures.
It's an acknowledgement internationally that we are a fastest growing economy today. Our Strategic Security firmly in place by Nuclear powered Submarines on Deterrence Patrol with Armed Nuclear Missiles has placed India in the League of Major Powers. We can no longer be ignored.
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This is because of sheer Dedication & Hardwork of @narendramodi Goverment that such good and principled governance has been made possible!

Modi Works for India,
If Modi Wins, India Wins!!

This is why I want #ModiAgain
This is why I'll Vote for Modi!
Here are 100 reasons. 👇
1. Surgical Strike against Pakistan
2. Implementation of the historic GST scheme.
3. Demonetization
4. Providing bullet proof jackets to the Indian Army
5. Providing modern weapons to the Armed Forces
6. Providing electricity to 18450 villages. #ModiUnstoppable
7. Introducing Ayushman Bharat
8. Not letting the terrorists into India like the UPA government.
9. Generic medicines
10. Reducing price of stents
11. For reducing joint operation
12. Providing employment due to Make In India scheme
#ModiUnstoppable #ModiOnceMore #NaMoAgain
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1/13 THREAD EXPOSING EMPLOYMENT LIES OF CONgress. 3.49 crore people availed Mudra Loans for startups. If even 1.50 crs employed one labor, office boy etc that is 5 crores employment and growing in informal sectors. Thank you @narendramodi #ModiOnceMore 👇…
2 "Unemployment Rate" India #WorldBank Data
🅾 UPA Tenure Rate
2004: 4.369%
2005: 4.396%
2006: 4.237%
2007: 4.060%
2008: 4.116%
2009: 3.751%
2010: 3.540%
2011: 3.529%
2012: 3.621%
2013: 3.464%

➡ During 10 Years of UPA Tenure, average "Unemployment Rate" stands @ 3.908%.👇
3 🅾 NDA Tenure Rate
2014: 3.414%
2015: 3.490%
2016: 3.505%
2017: 3.523%
2018: 3.534%

➡ During 4.9 Years of NDA Tenure, average "Unemployment Rate" stands @ 3.493 %.

Whom do you believe World bank data or unpublished random survey?
Will you prefer misinformation over logic?👇
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Taking 3 crore people out of the 7 crore tax payers from the tax burden plus hassles totally, is mind blowing. We were demanding reduction of taxes to half (without any exemptions). But only demanding; not expecting. Govt knows what it can.
Completely exempting individuals with net income upto ₹ 5 lakhs (after deductions under various sections), from paying any tax at all, is no less a wonder. It’s an unprecedented steep jump from ₹ 2.5 lakhs in previous year.
If there’re 3 earning members in the family, can you imagine the savings achieved!! Another fantastic provision is the Pension Scheme for people in unorganised sector. You can encourage even domestic helpers to subscribe.
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Rising India Phenomenally with @narendramodi

Facts & Figures As It Is from May 2014 till date


Lifeline to the Nation

I'm starting a thread of Developments kindly follow & retweet

2009 - 2014 : 4.1 kms/day
2014 - 2018 : 6.53 kms/day

2013 - 2014: 118
2017 - 2018: 73
Reduced by 38%

2013 - 2014 : 2,926 km
2017 - 2018 : 4,405 km

2009 - 2014 : 23
2014 - 2018 : 107

2004 - 2014 (10 Years) : 415/year
2014 - 2018 (4 years) : 1220/year

2009 - 2014:7600 kms
2014 - 2018: 9528 kms

2009-2014:21 km New Lines completed.
2014- 2018:68 kms New Lines completed

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#ModiOnceMore team was on ground speaking to people in Kashi about Modiji's leadership, transformation in Kashi and opposition. Check out this thread on what a common man in Kashi has to say about @narendramodi (some new, some reposting) (1/n) @Shubhrastha @RajatSethi86
Balkrishna Yadav runs a coffee shop in BHU campus has this to say on the work done by @narendramodi ji in Kashi in the last 4.5 years #ModiOnceMore #KashiforNaMo @Shubhrastha @RajatSethi86
Shubham , a student of BHU shares his views on @narendramodi 's #SwacchaBharat Abhiyan #ModiOnceMore @Shubhrastha @RajatSethi86 @swachhbharat
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Why #ModiOnceMore?

Please Read this Thread.

You will get answer.
Modi Government is Electrifying #NewIndia

👉18,374 Villages Electrified under 'Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Garm Jyoti Yojana'

👉'SAUBHAGYA Yojana' is ensuring Universal household electrification by 31st March 2019.

Thank you @narendramodi 😊

⭐️ Number of LPG connections to Household:

👉 1947-2014: 13 Crore
👉 2014-2018: 12 Crore

⭐️ Household Gas Coverage:

👉 2014: 55%
👉 2018: 90%

Kudos to @narendramodi for transforming the lives of common people.

#TransformingIndia #NewIndia
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Indian Railways jobs alert! @narendramodi govt announces massive 2.3 lakh vacancies; new upper-caste quota applicable.…
India ranks in 'Bloomberg Innovation Index’ of 60 economies for first time ever.…
10% quota won't affect existing reservation to different categories: @narendramodi…
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Didi accused Modi of “crossing all limits in politics”, emerged the news that the administration of TMC in WB had blocked #Amitshah's chopper from landing in Malda — an area where the BJP is gaining in strength — ahead of Tuesday’s key rally.
This isn’t the first time that Mamata has denied space to the BJP or the RSS to organise rallies n public meetings. The saffron unit has been forced to knock on the judiciary on multiple occasions.
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There's no doubt that @narendramodi is the last hope for India. Request everyone to share achievements of the Govt, the +ve initiatives etc.
Some more from me:

Imp move to finally meet accountability goals. Whatta... @narendramodi Govt😀👏👏…
That’s Bharat for you under @narendramodi
With a installed capacity of 71 GW of Renewable Energy, India is leading the pack among major economies.
Read this article to know improvement in 4.5+ years.…
SECI is promoting 5,000 MW & 2,500 MW solar power projects in Ladakh & Kargil. With its mammoth power generation capacity, solar project at Ladakh will become world’s largest single-location solar photo-voltaic plant…
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2019 election is battle of survival & revival of Hindu identity against forces that bear more than a resemblance to the then invaders. Since independence, anti-Hindu forces have left no stone unturned to destroy Hindu civilization.…
This is world's oldest living religion in its full glory.
Good vibes of our faith is only reason we are all living Hindus. Ofcourse it's the Indian Army too! Watched #Uri had tears in my eyes with their war cry....they die so we can live.…
@narendramodi Government's tenure has seen the highest growth & lowest inflation in the last 25 years!! #TransformingIndia
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'59-minute' scheme by Modi: Whopping! 1.12 lakh loan applications approved; Rs 37,412-cr loans sanctioned.
Average yearly inflation figures:
Middle Class Biggest beneficiary.

Under UPA
2006: 5.8%
2007: 6.4%
2008: 8.3%
2009: 10.8%
2010: 12.1%
2011: 8.9%
2012: 9.3%
2013: 10.9%

Under @narendramodi
2014: 6.3%
2015: 5.9%
2016: 4.9%
2017: 2.5%
2018: 3.7%
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How many of you knew 18k villages did not electricity before Modi informed to people of India ? #ModiOnceMore
Did you know that 29 Crore families in India did not have bank accounts till Jan Dhan happened ? #ModiOnceMore
How many of you even thought 6 crore families did not LPG connections and there are 5 crore more families even today who use coal/Kerosene chulla till Ujwala happened ? #ModiOnceMore
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Rising India Phenomenally with @narendramodi

Facts & Figured AS IT IS from May 2014 till date

TOPIC : Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports @Ra_THORe

🇮🇳🇮🇳 KHELO INDIA🇮🇳🇮🇳

I'm starting a thread kindly follow & RT


🔹 Common Wealth Games (CWG) - 66 Medals - Highest since 2010

🔹 Asian Games - 69 Medals
Highest Ever Until Now

🔹 Para Asian Games - 72 Medals
Highest Ever Until Now

🔹 Summer Youth Olympics - 13 Medals
Highest Ever Until Now
♣ THE 2 GOALS OF THE MINISTRY of Youth Affairs & Sports

1. Find Untapped Sports Stars at Grassroots

2. Nurture Top Talents

Let's talk about these in the below thread
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Thread on Ganga cleaning project:

12,000 MLD (Million Liters a Day) of Sewage is drained into Ganga everyday. Treatment capacity in-

2014: 485 MLD
2018: 4000 MLD (up by 8 times within 4 yrs)

94 more projects with capacity of 1900 MLD are ongoing…

In Nov. 2018, sewage from Asia's biggest sewage Sisamau drain in Kanpur was successfully redirected to STP. It treats the water before draining into the river

This would clear another 140 MLD of drainage before releasing into Ganga…


Many projects are ongoing along the entire Ganga route (Gangotri – Rishikesh – Haridwar – Kanpur – Prayagraj – Varanasi – Patna – Kolkata – Bay of Bengal) for-

constructing STPs,
forestation projects,
cleaning of ghats,
campaigns for educating the people

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Rising INDIA Phenomenally with @narendramodi

Facts & Figures AS IT IS from May 2014 to Dec 2018

पढ़ेगा इंडिया तो बढ़ेगा इंडिया 👨‍🎓👨‍🏫

Ministry of Human Resource Development @HRDMinistry

I'm starting a thread Kindly follow & RT



▪Labs established in schools for grade 6 to 12.

▪Hands on, Do it yourself learning for students in Robotics, 3D Printing, Internet of Things, Microprocessing etc.

▪Grant in aid of 20lakhs per school, across 5 years.
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