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Ooo. The Kingston group polygamists with the $500M biofuels scam? The big vertically integrated #MoneyLaundry?

More trouble. They owe $25M on breach of contract to Singapore based Lifetree, because they *refused delivery* of 90K metric tons of soy methyl ester. Weird...

For a biofuels manufacturer to refuse that is... weird. It’s the most common biofuel right now, and Washakie’s model was reselling other people’s biofuels. Plus it’s the best of the plant based solvents that can substitute for toluene and xylene. It’s a soy based paint stripper.
So... why refuse it? It can be sold and used. Is this an indication that all of Washakie Renewable Energy was a Potemkin project?

How much were they laundering?
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A case study of a vertically integrated #MoneyLaundry
The Kingstons: the polygamists that Big Love toned down to make them believeable for TV.
Also featuring Turkish and Russian costars.
(Thread. You been warned. Somebody throw Scalzi a distraction burrito.)
1 of many...
Established Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: “LDS Church”.
Members of that church: “LDS”.
The shared mythos group including LDS, LDS before 1890, fundamentalist FLDS, & other polygamist groups: “Mormon” or “Mormondom.”
Individual schismatics: their name.
Mormon : LDS :: Christian : Protestant (or Catholic, or Baptist, or Jehovah’s Witness)

LDS and LDS Chruch try very hard to deny that they share holy texts & mythology, but they’re all related, from the same foundation.
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Lawsuit implicates brothers from Utah polygamous sect in airline conspiracy involving Turkey’s attempted coup; Robert Mueller is mentioned, too - The Salt Lake Tribune

Mueller indictment unsealed in last round.

Okay, this one is complicated, and you need a little history on Mormondom & its splinters.

The Kingston clan are a big polygamous sect, and they’d say they’re the ones carrying out the LDS prophecy as it should be.
But really? The Kingstons are in it for the money. A LOT of it.
For decades, the Kingstons have had... the kind of business practices that make State Attorneys General & Corporation Commissions reach for antacids. Shells, “profit-sharing” where no employee gets paid or pays taxes, companies owning other corps...

and there were the murders.
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🌿On Precipice!🌿

#Espionage is a capital offense☠️

#TeamTrump engaged foreigners to subvert 2016 Elex: RU, CH, IS, who else?

Trump hired Black Cube (Israeli black ops) to target Obama officials re Iran Deal.😱

Oh Lordy! Spain has tapes!

Does Spain want DonJr’s cojones?
🌿On Precipice!2🌿

Did Spain flip a huge Mob King?🤗

Spain did expose a huge RU mob power network.

Is Blavatnik filling GOP coffers?

Bet FinCEN already examined Ghouliani’s finances.🤗

Ghouliani, Bolton, Chao, & 🐢 = #MEK 💰washers, who else?
🌿On Precipice!3🌿

Abuse of EB-5 visa program under scrutiny

Chinese pay big 💰for access to Trump

Who killed Bobby Kennedy? Case re-opened?🤔

Chinese agents of influence active in AU & US for decades?

We are so close folks‼️
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