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इंग्लिश विकेटकीपर 'एमी जोन्स' ने इसे कैच के रूप में दावा करने की कोशिश की।
फिर वोह लोग 'दीप्ति शर्मा' को खेल की भावना के बारे में ज्ञान देते हैं।

#ENGvsIND #DeeptiSharma #AmyJones #WomenCricket
#ICC द्वारा "मांकडिंग" के अनुचित खेल टैग को आधिकारिक रूप से हटाने के बाद नॉन स्ट्राइकर छोर पर पहला "रन आउट"।

दीप्ति शर्मा का चार्ली डीन का रन आउट पूरी तरह से कानूनी है, लेकिन राय बटी हुई है!

#DeeptiSharma #CharlieDean
यह अजीब है कि इंग्लैंड दीप्ति शर्मा द्वारा रन आउट की ओर इशारा कर रहा है, वे भूल गए कि कैसे पुरुष टीम ने 2019 क्रिकेट वर्ड कप जीता..जो वास्तव में न्यूजीलैंड के साथ बहुत अनुचित था

तो खेल की भावना अन्य टीमों द्वारा ही ले जाना चाहिए ?

#Deepthisharma #Runout #ENGvsIND
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A #thread on Disney's #ICC Media Rights bid:

👉🏽 Disney bid value: US$3.04B (approx Rs 24,000 cr).

👉🏽 Second highest bid: Sony at US$1.35b (approx Rs 10,000 cr).

👉🏽 Bid was for the India sub continent markets, 95% of which revolves around consumption in India alone.

👉🏽 A general ICC assumption is, the Indian subcontinent alone generates close to 70% of their broadcast revenues.

👉🏽 So does that mean Disney's winning bid of US$3.04b is potentially just around 70% of what ICC will make from sale of rights in other territories?

👉🏽 Not really. Why? Because the delta between the winning bid and the second highest one is extremely huge and the narrative is highly skewed in favour of Disney massively overpaying for it already.

👉🏽 Let's stick to Indian subcontinent. US$3.04b for how many matches? 179.

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The Disney-Hotstar bid for the #ICC rights is astonishing on many counts. For one, nobody had estimated it would breach the 3b USD mark, people are rubbing their eyes in disbelief. This is the best news that ICC member countries could have received. (1/n)
It is rumoured that the consolidated bid might be close to twice the size of the next best bid. Even if it isn't that dramatic, it means Disney's assessment is at some variance with that of other qualified, intelligent bidders. Ideally, you want to win an auction with (2/n)
as small a margin as possible. It means your bid was rational and clever. So clearly by making a bid to win, as opposed to a competitive bid, Disney have looked at it differently. It is an audacious bid and over the next 5-6 years, all eyes will be on them, (3/n)
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Our live Q&A session between camp based #Rohingya and the accountability mechanisms has begun.

Victims from within the camp begin by expressing their wish to learn more about the investigations and cases being conducted in their names.

Arselan Suleman, counsel for The Gambia before the @CIJ_ICJ answers questions on the progress before the case against #Myanmar before the International Court of Justice.

Explains that #Myanmar must provide its written submissions by April 2023.
Chantal Daniels, International Cooperation Advisor at the @IntlCrimCourt notes that justice for those who were displaced five years ago will never be fast enough. But reminds that #ICC team and prosecutor @KarimKhanQC were on the ground in February, and investigations continue.
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1/ Launch of my Legal Opinion for the Myanmar Accountability Project @MyanmarAProject explaining why the National Unity Government of Myanmar has validly provided consent for the International Criminal Court to exercise jurisdiction #ICC #Myanmar
2/ Full text of the Legal Opinion…
3/ @opiniojuris blogpost on the Legal Opinion including summary…
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1. Let’s face facts: In 20 years (and almost $2billion spent), the International Criminal Court has never sustained the atrocity conviction of ANY state official (even lowly) ANYWHERE.Only 5 African rebels.🧵 Thread on #ICC’s 20th anniversary(1 July) & our "#Ukraine moment"⬇️1/15 Image
2.But the #ICC, which embodies the int’l community’s (uneven) commitment to end impunity, has had a massive impact on global #accountability through its Statute and the norms it promotes, its pressure, its preliminary exams and its protective umbrella. Image
3.Example- The African Union’s vital role in the trial of ex-Chad dictator #HissèneHabré was intended to ward off more ICC cases against African leaders, by showing Africa could handle its own… Image
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Great Map by @XX_1133_1221_11

I noticed I have seen Heng Swee Keat somewhere in my research mindmap before👀

A deep research thread to show #Singapore is a leader in the global #4IR #DLT #Technology #Race🌎

#MAS #Fintech #Research #DeepDive #Innovation #Complex #Ubin🧠
1. 2018 #NTP - Transformational platform - A one-stop interface that will enable traders to interact with all business stakeholders and regulators on trade-related TXNs

"Our vision is to be a truly global network, with efficient data flow to work together to facilitate trade"
2. These #NTP are ecosystems of the future building a regulated digital ecosystem in Singapore

#Ripple, #Tradeflow, #Xinfin, #Wadzpay as examples…
#XDC #WeAreXDC #tradeflow #ICC
#Digitalization #TradeFinance #Platforms #DLT #Data #fintech #Innovation
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🚨New paper alert🚨

Does the International Criminal Court target the American military?

My take is now available on FirstView @apsrjournal.

A 🧵 on why you should care about US-ICC relations:
The US has been wary of the #ICC for a long time. Its basic fear is that the ICC will initiate biased investigations that target members of the American military scattered around the world. Given America’s global military presence, its troops are uniquely exposed.
US opposition to the ICC has come in many forms. During Clinton’s presidency, the US participated in the negotiations in Rome that created the ICC. But the US was just 1 of 7 states to vote against establishing the Court.
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1. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine violates laws and norms that the international community built & reinforced over decades.

A 🧵 on evidence of Russian possible violations of int'l laws & norms and implications for the new global order that will emerge from the #Ukraine conflict:
2. On Wednesday @columlynch of @ForeignPolicy noted that @POTUS is reviewing #USA policy on the International Criminal Court investigation into war crimes and atrocities stemming from the #RussiaUkraineWar. It’s tricky for the #WhiteHouse on many fronts.
3. #Biden also stated yesterday that Putin is a war criminal.
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#ICJ Prelim Measures hearing #Ukraine v #Russia #Genocide Convention begins. Camera lingers on the Russia table, which is notably empty... #intlaw
#ICJ Pres makes clear RF was immediately notifed of the filings, & RF ambassador to NL has indicated RF will not participate in the proceedings.
#Ukraine has chosen ad hoc judge Prof Yves Daudet.
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The @CIJ_ICJ public hearings concerning the request for the indication of provisional measures in the Allegations of #Genocide Case (#Ukraine v #Russia) are about to begin.

#UkraineRussianWar #UkraineRussiaConflict #UkraineUnderAttaсk #aggression

President J Donoghue opens the hearing and states her regret that #Russia has failed to appear at the hearing. The hearing was scheduled on short notice but it is quite remarkable, if unsurprising, that the respondent is absent.
Some ICJ judges are participating via video link.
President Donoghue introduces Prof. Yves Daudet, an ad hoc Judge chosen by #Ukraine; states his credentials, and invites him to make a solemn declaration. Ad Hoc Judge Daudet is duly installed.
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I was recently asked about the possible effects of the #ICC's intervention on resolving the conflict in Ukraine and de-escalating violence.

So, a few thoughts 🧵👇
First, the #ICC's investigation won't solve the war or likely even do much for peace.

Peace isn't on the table and the effects of the Court are often much more modest than people imagine.

Any suggestion otherwise is wrong and unnecessary for support of the Court.
The ICC's effects on belligerents depends on how they view the Court.

Putin's well aware that the ICC likely has him in its cross-hairs, if not for what is happening now, then for Crimea and Georgia. There's no reason to believe he cares. He has stayed silent on the subject.
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🧵w/ proposed instruction manual for creating an international tribunal for the crime of #aggression re: #Ukraine that is fundamentally fair and best established w/ the limited avenues available to the int'l community to do so.
#1 Draft and put up for a vote a @UN Security resolution referring the situation in #Ukraine to the #ICC so to add the crime of aggression to the @IntlCrimCourt 's existing jurisdiction in the country. #Russia will undoubtedly veto, but important step to get #UNSC on the record.
#2 Re-open #UN General Assembly #UnitedforPeace Emergency Special Session to pass another resolution recommending the establishment of an international tribunal for the crime of aggression re: Ukraine & incl GA resolution 3314 w/ definition of aggression…
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“Europeans are aware that our soldiers are fighting for our country and, consequently, for the whole of #Europe."

Ukrainian President @ZelenskyyUa signs formal request to join the European Union
#Ukraine #EU Image Image
"Papa is asking if I can send you a parcel."

"What kind of parcel Mama can you send me? I just want to hang myself…We were told they would welcome us & they are throwing themselves under our armored vehicles. They call us fascists. Mama, this is so hard"
This tragic exchange confirms several elements of #RussiaUkraineWar reporting:
1) #Russian soldiers were deceived by the Kremlin + their commanders
2) #RussianArmy is committing #WarCrimes
3) the "heroic Ukrainian civilian resistance" is very real #Ukraine
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#war #Kyiv #Ukraine #Russia Collecting all reports thread; Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv" from @lukeharding1968 Friends report explosions in #Kyiv, #Odessa #Kharkiv #Mykolaev thread, add info
Targets include airfields and military headquarters, operational command says
"Distant crumps - soft explosions - reported from west Kyiv, towards the airport. Not Cruise missiles, i think, but sounds like an attack on the airport." @JohnSweeney
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De berechting volgens o.a. de #NeurenbergCode wacht.

Dat is ook een grote zorg voor @MarionKoopmans.

Berechting wegens #misdadentegendemenselijkheid
Georganiseerde #angstaanjaging, hetzes, grootschalig breed bedrog.
Aanzetten tot schadelijke/dodelijke medische handelingen.

We gaan eens luisteren ⬇️

@lientje1967 en @mariannezw bij BNR over de #Coronapas #Macron-Scholz-#MarkRutte
en de Brexit.
⬆️ Study:

Most of #Vaccinated Die Because of Vax-induced AutoImmune Attacks on Their Own Organs…

⬇️ video…

#SucharitBhakdi, M.D.
#ArneBurkhardt, M.D.
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As I asked Sparky to search into MLETR & he did!

So I will help explain why I ask FUDers to RESEARCH certain keywords to show you what they can come across

MLETR is a dDOC standard that is being implemented across the globe from the @iccwbo DSI Initiative

He found Tradetrust👏
This is a good start! @xrpSparky91011 👏

Perlin is a member of the MOI that is a part of Tradetrust

If he was to dig deeper he would find..

The ICC DSI Initiative supports two consortiums:

@tradetrust and the @ITFA DNI Initiative / TFD Initiative!👀
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🧵1/ This thread is about a trend advocating for preventing Omar al-Bashir, wanted for crimes against humanity, from being sent to the ICC. It's a fantastic example of how artificially amplified and manipulated trends pretend to be grassroots sentiment #Disinformation #Sudan
2/ firstly, this shouldn't be taken lightly. The warrants against al-Bashir include the worst charges, from extermination, torture, and intentional targeting of civilians. Up to 500,000 are thought to have been killed as a result of the Darfur genocide (although figures vary).
3/ The trend translates as 'Surrending al-Bashir is an insult to Sudan'. It started trending on the evening of the 11th August. Then, @sabqorg an Arabic newspaper, ran a story about the trend saying it reflected 'popular (Gulf) outrage' about al-Bashir's plight #disinformation
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka @retheauditors 1/ The curious case of the #Earthport crew. While the UK FSA(FCA) turned a blind eye to its ‘small caps cesspit’ & #emoney scene, #Wirecard & it’s ‘brothers with different mothers’ used reverse mergers, ‘sexed up’ M&A & ‘related party’ …
2/ japery to take their ‘high risk payment processing’ (of online gambling +/or pornography +/or blacklisted FX/CFD/Crypto/binary option +/or scam ops) proceeds ‘off the table’ + just keep on doin’ it .. doin’ it .. & doin’ it again ().
3/ EarthPort’ was founded in 1997 as one of the first e-wallets with gambling transaction processing up front + centre from the start (in the form of lotteries). Co-founded by South African (via Australia) David Vanrenen as Chairman/CEO + with UK national (come Singapore …
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.@SecBlinken was in Ramallah to talk abt aid for #Gaza (& to ask the PA to stop the #ICC case ag #Israel for war crimes during 2014 attack on Gaza). Bomb, rebuild, repeat—& protect Israel—shldn’t be US policy. Here is a better approach that centers rts.1/8…
@SecBlinken also discussed the PA ending the practicing of providing social welfare benefits to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails & to families. But how do Palestinian 'Prisoner Payments' Work? via @YouTube 2/8
Some important political context for the social welfare payments is provided by Halla Keir @hmkeir1 here 👇3/8
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A thread on nuance...
Many things can be true...
1. Israel’s attacks on Palestinians are racist.
2. Israel’s occupation of the West Bank is colonialist.
3. Israel’s treatment of its Arab citizens and of Palestinians in the occupied territories is unequal to its treatment of Jews
and is akin to Apartheid.
4. Hamas is not a bastion of democracy and human rights.
5. Hamas often exacerbates tensions among Palestinian leadership.
6. Hamas’ rocket attacks displaced attention away from the ethnic cleansing taking place in East Jerusalem.
7. The US’s
unconditional military support for Israel despite clear human rights abuses is hypocritical and unacceptable.
8. Solidarity with Palestinians is not an invitation to vicious anti-Semitism.
9. The wave of attacks on Jews in Canada, London, France, Berlin that took place on the
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La colonizzazione -illegale- israeliana procede a passo di carica e impunita almeno dall'inizio del secolo.
Da Stati Uniti e Unione solo vaghi moniti.
#Israele ha licenza di fare quel che vuole, ingabbiare la #Palestina,bombardare la #Siria, darsi al terrorismo contro l'#Iran
Il problema non è #SheikhJarrah, il problema è un paese dominato da una destra ultranazionalista, suprematista e razzista che non ha mai smesso di comportarsi come tale e di perseguire la pulizia etnica dei palestinesi e l'espansione territoriale a danno loro e dei paesi vicini.
Le notizie da #Israele cominciano sempre nel momento in cui Israele, POTENZA OCCUPANTE "reagisce" agli attacchi degli occupati.
Che di solito partono dopo che Israele innalza il livello di repressione fino a che qualcuno non decide di tirare qualche inutile razzo da #Gaza.
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What's going on in #sheikhjarrah.
The settlers are trying to own a neighborhood by a fake deeds bearing in their minds that the the occupation courts will be in their side, like the hundreds cases they have a court orders with fake documents.
It's becoming obvious, its a state of ImageImageImageImage
Organized Mobs for taking the Palestinian property's through a biased law & injusticless.
Settlers taken lands by Military orders or Courts orders&in both ways are illegal under the Int'l law&Geneva convention.
It's an ethnic cleansing crime.#savesheikhjarrh
#انقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح ImageImage
- Palestinian woman: "You know this is not your house. This is my house!"
- Israeli settler: "Yes, but if I don't steal it, somebody else will steal it.
This is the reality of whats going on in #SheikhJarrah neighbourhood in #Jerusalem🇵🇸 #SaveSheikhJarraj
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1) Let me first congratulate @SherryKyama & @O_Owiso for organizing a very stimulating
@opiniojuris symposium on the legacy of the #US' disgraceful sanctions on #ICC personnel. Some highlights and thoughts on some of these articles.…
2) Apologies in advance to the organizers if more articles are on their way. However, given that the much-anticipated @asilorg report on the future of US engagement w/ the ICC hits tomorrow, it seemed prudent to dive into this symposium beforehand.
3) The piece by @OrinaEsq was particularly good given that it (IMO, correctly) evaluates US sanctions through the broader prism of "more powerful vs weaker states" as opposed to something uniquely American/vis-a-vis US-ICC relations solely.…
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