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The OTP has filed its response to the various submission in the #Palestine situation. I still maintain asking the PTC to decide now was a mistake. I think the OTP is quite likely to lose.… #ICC #Israel
2. The OTP opens (para. 3) by expressing regret at the adversarial tone of some of the amicus briefs, citing the ridiculous ones filed by @ECLJ_Official, @ShuratHaDin, and the Israeli Bar Association.
@ECLJ_Official @ShuratHaDin 3. OTP rejects (paras. 7-10) idea it should not have sought a preliminary ruling on jurisdiction. Unconvincing argument that ignores institutional considerations. As @pilabuda and I have argued, finding no jurisdiction in response to an arrest warrant would be more difficult.
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#BREAKING : The #Russian FSB detained two agents of Ukrainian intelligence in #Crimea who were preparing a terrorist attacks in #Russia. Of detained one is #Ukrainian citizen and a #Russian women, currently under house arrest in case of treason and espionage.
#UPDATE : The detained women is active female soldier of the Armed Forces of the #Russian Federation recruited by #Ukrainian intelligence agencies. In photograph the #Ukrainian military officer, who recruited the female soldier and #Russians in Crimea.
#BREAKING : Video of the detention of the two suspects of espionage in favor of military intelligence of #Ukraine.
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1/9 Estonia is concerned by the human rights situation in #Crimea.

Remarks by @MFAEstonia 🇪🇪 Undersec for Political Affairs @realPaulTeesalu at @UN Security Council Arria-Formula meeting on #humanrights situation in #Crimea & Sevastopol 🇺🇦

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2/9 #Russia’s actions in Crimea are part of the Kremlin’s broader campaign to destabilize Ukraine.

We are concerned about the human rights situation in #Crimea. According to reports by human rights defenders, the situation continues to deteriorate.
3/9 Since the outset of its occupation of the peninsula, #Russia has drastically curtailed the freedoms of assembly, expression, association, access to information, and religion.
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This thread is inspired by the conversation I'm involved in with @cchukudebelu, @dondee_don and a few others.

Will #Nigeria break up? Maybe. But it will be very messy as there are issues that need sorting, and they are, well, difficult...
The first thing is to understand the place of geography in determining how people behave, and how it shapes their interactions with the world.

I have given this presentation many times. I always start with this map...
You see, #Russia may be the largest country by area, but geography has dealt them a bad hand in terms of location. Asides the Crimea (Azov) all of Russia's ports are located in areas that are frozen for a good portion of the year.

Since sea trade is vital, the Crimea IS vital.
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This is crazy.
You guys continue to IGNORE & even NOT NAME #Russia when it comes to creating 1,2 Million Syrian refugees in 10 months – the biggest indirect threat to 🇩🇪 domestic policy. At the same time, you keep talking about "bridges" – like what? The illegal #Crimea bridge?!
And what is your (unsuccessful) "special representative for the gas transfer through Ukraine", Georg Graf Waldersee, doing at the table?
Didn't you notice that - thanks to #US sanctions against #NordStream2 - his duties are not needed anymore? Or is he our new "man at #Gazprom"?!
By the way.
FM @HeikoMaas wrote an opinion piece in the context of the #MSC2020 yesterday, in which he touched upon "signs of Western paralysis in view of a loss in global significance".

He did NOT mention #Russia and #Syria in it. Now you know why.…
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@JoyAnnReid #Ukraine is a top military arms EXPORTING nation.
Hundreds of million$ in U.S. military aid helps Ukraine sell their weaponry to China!
#Trump continually gives military aid to Ukraine to buy U.S. weapons, including #Javelins not used in #Donbas conflict.…
@JoyAnnReid Do you believe Ukraine is now fighting for its survival against an invasion of Russian soldiers with thousands of casualties?
It’s nothing like that.
#ObamaBiden denied all military aid to #Poroshenko fearing that lethal aid would provoke Moscow.… #JoeBiden
@JoyAnnReid Any time you hear the #BidenProtectionMedia wailing that #tRump denied (delayed) U.S. military aid to fight off Russia’s proxy mercenaries (not Russian soldiers) remember #Biden’s impotence when #Poroshenko begged for military aid.… #FlamingHypocrites #DNC
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@DrDenaGrayson @realDonaldTrump Do you believe Ukraine is now fighting for its survival against an invasion of Russian soldiers with thousands of casualties?
It’s nothing like that.
#ObamaBiden denied all military aid to #Poroshenko fearing that lethal aid would provoke Moscow.… #JoeBiden
@DrDenaGrayson @realDonaldTrump Any time you hear the #BidenProtectionMedia wailing that #tRump denied (delayed) U.S. military aid to fight off Russia’s proxy mercenaries (not Russian soldiers) remember #Biden’s impotence when #Poroshenko begged for military aid.… #FlamingHypocrites #DNC
@DrDenaGrayson @realDonaldTrump #Biden told #Obama he wanted to take on containing the #IslamicState, curbing #immigration from Central America, & keeping Russia from devouring #Ukraine.
Ironically, Joe did none of that, but #tRump has, without starting any new futile wars.… #SquidProJoe
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WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Catch up with the latest stories from @MintPressNews that the #MSM was too afraid to cover, like the alarming SWAT-style arrest of government critic and journalist @MaxBlumenthal, in the Trump administration's escalating war on #FreePress.…
@MaxBlumenthal Rather than do its job, part of which is to keep governments in check through watchdog journalism, Western media has failed its own, abandoned the public, and allowed itself to become an arm of US imperialism through propaganda and media blackouts.
Whether it's the shocking political arrest of fellow journalists like Blumenthal or #Assange, or anti-government protests around the the world, #MSM news coverage is dictated by foreign policy and whether or not sitting governments (or journalists) are considered U.S. allies.
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President Trump’s campaign met with a prominent pro-Ukraine advocacy group in #Washington during the 2016 election.

The Trump campaign made it clear that Trump was not prepared to automatically send military aid to #Ukraine to confront #Russia. (Thread👇)…
President Trump’s position at the time angered the pro-Ukraine advocates in attendance, said Sam Clovis, national co-chair of President Trump’s 2016 campaign.
“They wanted us to ‘confront Russia’ and provide military aid to Ukraine,” Sam Clovis told The Epoch Times.

“We told them we couldn’t do anything until we had better information. I don’t think they were very happy with that.”
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A note on #impeachment #Ukraine

Below you will find what the Constitution of the United States says about the impeachment process.

Something to remember as we wade into this sacrosanct constitutional process: Congress has unchecked power to impeach. The House of Representatives
has 'sole' power of impeachment. Sole = belonging only to. Nixon v. Fitzgerald, a landmark case that established executive privilege & presidential immunity also ruled that impeachment & the press were inherent powers of the public to check presidential abuse of power.
The Constitution does not give the judicial or executive branch any jurisdiction to limit or obstruct the impeachment process. In fact, doing so would contravene the express mandate of the Constitution and all following judicial & legislative actions in this matter. So what's
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@peterschweizer #SquidProJoe & the #BidenProtectionMedia shoot ink jets at those who question #Biden’s threat (which he said was authorized by #Obama), to withhold a BILLION $ from Ukraine if they didn’t fire #Shokin, who says he was investigating #Burisma & #HunterBiden.
@peterschweizer #JoeBiden says he knows nothing about most of this.
Kathleen “requested that Hunter’s access to their joint assets be limited. They owed more than $300,000 in back taxes.”
July 1, 2019 #HunterBiden “I’ve pretty much always lived paycheck to paycheck."… #DNC
@peterschweizer “I wonder where the hell that money is man because I’ve got to pay tuitions. God bless me!”
“He said my son made a billion dollars in China. I don’t know where the hell it is.”
Ask your son, #JoeBiden. Are you still paying for HIS tuitions?… #SquidProJoe
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5/16/19: URN Prosecutor Says No Evidence of Wrongdoing by Bidens—inv’n focused on Ukrainian

9/9/19: 3 House cmtes inv Trump, Giuliani pressure on URN to hurt Biden's campaign

9/18/19 WBC broke

9/19/19 Biden op broke = disinfo, sources = GRU/TeamTrump

Get it?

Anyone who ran with the Biden aspect re WBC was dupped by TeamTrump front-facing much worse scandals.

The Biden disinfo is not an ‘urgent’ NatSec issue, duh! It’s old news.

@nyt @washingtonpost @wsj @cnn @msnbc: You just aided GRU/Trump’s Biden smear campaign.

Biden aspect of the WBC disinfo — meant to smear Biden. RT hyped fake vid.

WBC may not be about URN, but cd re URN PP #Crimea #Sanctions

Did Trump pass doxxing info re US spies, Smolenkov & more key intel related to 2016 elex to Putin? #IO #Helsinki #G20 #G7
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News Analysis 🔎 The revelation of the alleged extraction of a #Russian @CIA #Spy has raised a number of questions, including how the #CIA used the information it received—and the quality of that information.

(Thread 👇) By Jeff Carlson @themarketswork…
Notably, the #Spy appears to have been a key source for allegations of #Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

A closer examination of the spy’s alleged background, however, paints a complicated picture. The spy’s direct supervisor appears to have been mentioned in the…
#SteeleDossier, and it’s possible that information provided by the #Spy may have been included in the dossier.

The primary allegation in the Sept. 9 @CNN article—that the decision to extricate the spy was driven by “concerns that President Donald Trump……
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🚨Pentagon defunds European projects that deter #Russia to fund Trump’s wall, authority DoD gained when Trump declared the border a national emergency - The Washington Post…
#Maddow says #Trump has moved to systemically dismantle each of the 4 pillars of USG response punishing #Russia for its invasion & annexation of #Crimea:
1) #Sanctions
2) Aid to #Ukraine
3) Ousting Russia from #G8
4) European #Deterrence Initiative
EDI was defunded for the Wall
🔥Garamendi on diverting military funds for a border wall: WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON BETWEEN PUTIN & TRUMP?! Cutting projects critical to secure NATO's eastern border in Estonia, Poland & Ukraine gives Putin a lot of leeway, tells allies US is unwilling to stand up to Russia.
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20. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?

#Hypocrites #DoubleStandards #Liars #Warlords #USRealTerrorists
Wrong US policies in the Middle East. Sanctions against Iran. Sanctions used by the USA as a war weapon🤨👇🏼
1. United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?🤨👇🏼…
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"Trump's extraordinary promotion of Putin" — In move to soften #Russia's pariah status, #Trump advocated publicly & privately for #Putin at #G7 … amid warnings that Russia is actively trying to interfere in the 2020 presidential election.… h/t @McFaul
Spot-on description of Trump as #Putin’s advocate, apologist & promoter at #G7, working hard to soften #Russia’s well-deserved pariah status.
😲Trump even tried to redefine G7 as NOT a gathering of democracies. And became combative about democracy having no special weight‼️
There’s no good reason to reward Putin now. #Russia’s only become a worse pariah since annexing Crimea in 2014. Think Ukraine, Syria, Skripal, election ops.

We’d be fools not to view Trump inviting Putin to G7 as also an invitation to help him in 2020, as he did in 2016. #Maddow
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Wow Putin is scared. #Russia TV did one of their propaganda “exposes” to discredit @CNN reporter @clarissaward as a spy b/c she’s investigating Kremlin secret Wagner army. She even interviewed a mercenary. Recall 3 well-known Russian journalists were killed investigating Wagner.
.@CNN reporter interviewed a Wagner mercenary—#Russia’s secret private army he says "does anything Putin says" to boost Russian influence & suppress American. Same group that seized #Crimea, operates in #Ukraine, #Syria, #Africa. Kept secret to give Kremlin plausible deniability.
.@CNN reporter found out first hand about KGB #Putin’s #Russia. Doing a story on Kremlin-tied Wagner mercenary private army, @clarissaward was followed, filmed, had a guy go thru her hotel room, and became the subject of a Russian #disinformation attack video calling her a “spy.”
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🚨🚨This week Spain will welcomed Russian Navy back into its ports for refueling and resupplying. The brand new corvette Vasily Bykov left Ceuta today. The U.S. should make it crystal clear to Spain that this is unacceptable.…
The Vasily Bykov is based in the Black Sea and enables Russia’s continued illegal occupation of #Crimea. In April it was involved with tracking US Navy operating in the Black Sea…
Last November it was reported that Spain was going to host 3 Russian warships in its ports but at the last minute did not go ahead due to international pressure.…
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#BREAKING #MH17 crash investigators (JIT) announce murder charges on notorious Russian FSB colonel Igor Girkin + 3 others for ordering Russian BUK missile to fire on civilian plane that killed 298 people in July 2014, early in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine…
Instrumental in making critical breakthroughs in #MH17 crash investigation, @Bellingcat details what Girkin, Dubinsky, Pulatov & Kharchenko did to earn the title of first murder suspects JIT will prosecute for 298 murders… #Russia #Ukraine #JusticeForMH17
@bellingcat For 5 years #Russia's propagandists have denied responsibility for downing #MH17 w/ the now familiar #disinformation ad absurdum blitz. Today's @JITMH17 murder charges prove objective facts DO exist, truth CAN be known. May this be another nail in the Kremlin #propaganda coffin.
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"Banks gave £450K to #Farage after Brexit vote"

Pymts for Chelsea home, Land Rover, trips to US-including to meet Trump and RNCCLE 2016🚩pymts to US lobbyist Gerry Gunster

Via "Rock Services Ltd" & "Southern Rock" 🧐

Russia ➡️"Diamond mines" ➡️Banks…
RECALL: BANKS: "In 12/18, So African intel officials confirmed to me that Banks, who owns diamond mines, had been the subject of two investigations by the Hawks....”

"This detailed @NewYorker investigation into Arron Banks, his Russian connections, and his opaque funding of the Leave.EU campaign makes an unanswerable case for a Mueller-style inquiry into whether the EU referendum was stolen."

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36) The population of #Crimea is 2.3 million.
The breakdown:
68% Russians,
16% Ukrainians
12-13% Crimean Tatars
The other 3-4% is made up of dozens of other nationalities like Belarussian, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Uzbeks, Moldovans, Jews and 3000 Greeks.
37) Keeping in mind the breakdown of the population of #Crimea, consider this: the turnout for the referendum was 83.1% for Crimea and 89.5% for Sevastopol. Those who voted in favour of reunification with #Russia were 96.77% and 95.6% respectively.… ImageImage
38) The referendum was monitored by western observers who reported that it was conducted to western standards. #Crimea #Russia… Image
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This is Johann #Gudenus. A leading figure in the Austrian FPÖ and most likely the 1st member of a governing party in Western #Europe to send his emails from a account - a Russian company with very close ties to the #Kremlin. But there‘s much more to it: /1
Gudenus is the mastermind behind the partnership agreement between the FPÖ & Putin‘s United Russia party, signed in 2016 - which includes a paragraph on Russia helping the FPÖ to draft laws. Also on the picture besides Gudenus: HC Strache, the current Austrian Vice-Chancellor /2 Image
As a student, he lived in Moscow & studied international affairs - but not at MGIMO, which is the standard university for aspiring Russian diplomats. He studied at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry, which also trains Russian spies & special operatives /3
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