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"Banks gave £450K to #Farage after Brexit vote"

Pymts for Chelsea home, Land Rover, trips to US-including to meet Trump and RNCCLE 2016🚩pymts to US lobbyist Gerry Gunster

Via "Rock Services Ltd" & "Southern Rock" 🧐

Russia ➡️"Diamond mines" ➡️Banks…
RECALL: BANKS: "In 12/18, So African intel officials confirmed to me that Banks, who owns diamond mines, had been the subject of two investigations by the Hawks....”

"This detailed @NewYorker investigation into Arron Banks, his Russian connections, and his opaque funding of the Leave.EU campaign makes an unanswerable case for a Mueller-style inquiry into whether the EU referendum was stolen."

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This is Johann #Gudenus. A leading figure in the Austrian FPÖ and most likely the 1st member of a governing party in Western #Europe to send his emails from a account - a Russian company with very close ties to the #Kremlin. But there‘s much more to it: /1
Gudenus is the mastermind behind the partnership agreement between the FPÖ & Putin‘s United Russia party, signed in 2016 - which includes a paragraph on Russia helping the FPÖ to draft laws. Also on the picture besides Gudenus: HC Strache, the current Austrian Vice-Chancellor /2
As a student, he lived in Moscow & studied international affairs - but not at MGIMO, which is the standard university for aspiring Russian diplomats. He studied at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry, which also trains Russian spies & special operatives /3
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#DemocracyNow #Israel #GolanHeights
Human Rights Attorney @4noura to Trump: “Israel Is Not Interested in the Golan Heights for Security.

#Syria #UN #Jerusalem #Trump #IsraelGate
I wish that @4noura had not compared Russia's annexation of Crimea to would be scenario of Trump recognition of #Israel's land grab of the #GolanHeights.
1. #Crimea held a public referendum and voted by a big majority to leave #Ukraine and another referendum to join #Russia.
2. #Crimea in its entire history bf 1954 (that's when Khrushchev unilaterally decided to give Crimea to Ukraine), had never & repeat NEVER in its entire history been part of Ukraine
At the time the transfer to was largely symbolic, as both #Russia & #Ukraine were part of the USSR
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US announces NEW #Russia #sanctions with #Canada, #EU, reinforcing Western allies are united in standing against continued lawless Kremlin aggression & occupation of #Crimea, #Ukraine. #Azov #KerchStrait…
#EU #sanctions hit 8 senior Russian security & military officers responsible for aggression on 3 of #Ukraine's ships in international waters at #KerchStrait near #Crimea on November 25, 2018. 24 Ukrainian sailors were arrested & brought to #Russia, where they remain imprisoned.
🇨🇦#Canada imposed #sanctions on 15 Russian entities and 114 individuals in "unwavering" support for #Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. "Russia's provocations in the Kerch Strait and its illegal and ongoing occupation of Crimea will not go unchecked"— FM Freeland
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#Ukraine ex-president #Yanukovych at press conference today mentioned my #Maidan massacre study along with TV documentaries about Maidan snipers by Italian & Israeli journalists (17m). #Ukrainian #media reports omitted his reference to my academic study.
#Ukrainian publication that mentioned it misrepresented my last name & falsely claimed that I told Yanukovych about my study findings. This was done even though his reference to my study is available in press-conference broadcasts of Ukrainian TV channels.…
This is latest example of cover-up, censorship & fake news concerning Maidan massacre & my academic study of this crucial case of mass kiling for Ukraine and the world.
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All 24 Ukrainian sailors captured by Russia FSB in #KerchStrait declare themselves "prisoners of war." They await trial in Moscow. #Russia's outrageous open attack on #Ukraine in int'l waters off #Crimea is a HUGE int'l incident. Barely a blip in US press.…
Reminder THREAD on Russia's recent attack on Ukraine—ramming, shooting & seizing ships & sailors in int'l waters. Its overtness shows a dangerously brazen & newly emboldened Putin. I bet Trump's meek response to such a major attack played a big role in Mattis' decision to resign.
Yes, Trump's Syria withdrawal was the last straw for Mattis. But Mattis' bold remarks & acts re Russia attacking Ukraine in Kerch Strait take on new significance given his resignation. Mattis condemned Putin as someone "we simply can't trust" & likely expected Trump to do same.👇
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@Partisangirl The preponderance of evidence is overwhelming, summarized in detail here. The #KerchStrait Crisis' was planned provocation - just look at the results...… #Russia #Ukraine #Crimea #Kerch #Donbass #G20Argentina
"This is perhaps the most telling piece of evidence: on Tuesday, 27 November 2018, the NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, will be will meet with the Chairman of the Parliament of Ukraine (Verkhovna Rada), H.E. Mr. Andriy Parubiy at NATO Headquarters"
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1) How can #Crimea be annexed/occupied when it was Russian since before #US existed? When there was no such thing as #Ukraine before Soviet Union? When Crimea was transfered ILLEGALLY TO UA in '56 without any referendum! When Crimea voted to return to #Russia since 1991!
2) Many don't know but it was in #Crimea, that #Russia was baptized into Orthodox Christianity faith in 988. Grand Prince of Kiev, Vladimir was baptized in Chersonesus.…
3) Before the #Russia during the reign of Catherine the Great annexed #Crimea, the Crimean Khanate, a Turkic vassal of the Ottoman Empire took hundred of thousands Russians and other Slavic groups into slavery! #Turkey #OttomanEmpire…
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#Ukraine’s on the verge of martial law b/c #Russia just seriously escalated its 4yo illegal war—blocking key Kerch Strait, firing on & seizing 3 Ukrainian navy ships, wounding 6 Ukrainian sailors—AND Trump attacks NATO & EU. Appalling, terrifying & expected of a #PutinPuppet.
#Russia’s fresh aggression in its 4+yr illegal war on #Ukraine is a crisis with advance warning. Read @KyivPost’s coverage of Russia’s military threats to gain control of Azov Sea… via @BSBonner #KerchStrait #KerchBlockade #PutinWar #RussiaAttacksUkraine
Escalating tensions between #Russia and #Ukraine in the Sea of Azov bear echoes of Russian provocations that led to the war with Georgia in 2008… via @AtlanticCouncil h/t @IlvesToomas #KerchBlockade #KerchStrait #RussiaAttacksUkraine #BlackSea
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News conference by @POTUS underway.
“Last night the Republican Party defied history,” begins @POTUS.
Without his #MAGA rallies there might have been a blue wave, asserts @POTUS.
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#AiristonHelmi raids aftermath thread below:
1 Russian citizen detained. 1 person with unknown nationality detained.

17 properties were searched.

Possible imprisonments will be decided by Tuesday.…
Weapons found during raids. Deemed as collectibles, no charges coming on that.…
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Oh, no, no. The President of #Ukraine is surely wrong, and all those journalists who know shit about Ukraine, the international organizations that are too compromised or cowardly to speak the truth because it demands action, etc. know better. 🙄…
In all seriousness, just think about how profoundly twisted this is. #Ukraine has stated unambiguously that #Russia is waging an unlawful interstate war on Ukraine, and NOT ONE body of political note or power will even acknowledge this basic truth!
This is precisely why @RomanSohn and I demand that the EU & NATO *finally* lead & call things by their names, and clearly and unambiguously recognize the patently obvious truth, that #Russia is the aggressor in an unlawful, interstate war against #Ukraine.…
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Heartbreaking and disgusting that Republicans keep going to Russia, showering Putin with honor & praise (@RandPaul the latest) while the Kremlin’s top political prisoner filmmaker Oleg Sentsov lays literally dying.… #Ukraine #Crimea #FreeSentsov #Sentsov
France's Macron to raise hunger striker Oleg Sentsov in call with Putin

Shame on US. Republicans including @RandPaul & Trump himself keep meeting with the Kremlin & not a single one mentioned Russia’s outrageous jailing of hostages from Crimea & Ukraine.…
First photos of filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, day 88 into a hungry strike protest to free dozens of other hostages from Ukraine held in Russian prisons. Oleg was arrested in Crimea, sentenced to 20yrs in a Stalinist show trial. (Background reading @mashagessen…)
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@SenJohnThune is "not sure what this accomplishes."

Trump and Putin met alone for 2 hours. Russia is already saying they're eager to act on agreements made...


The Translator must be brought before Congress. What was agreed upon? What was discussed?

Call your Members of Congress!

☎️ (202) 224-3121


We don't know what deals were struck, but Russia does...

The Russian Military claims they're "ready for practical implementation of the agreements reached between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump..."…
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#Putin's opening to this press conference suggests the takeover of southern #Syria by Asad/Iran is a model of U.S.-Russia cooperation that should be expanded, and flatters Trump that his summit with Kim [which Putin very much liked the look of] resolved the Korean Peninsula.
On #Ukraine, Putin hints broadly that the U.S. agrees with him that Kyiv's intransigence prevented Minsk's implementation, and then carefully lets it be known Trump brought up the election meddling, an assist to Trump politically, before of course dismissing it.
Trump frames engagement around U.S.-Russian co-operation in WW2, notes that unfortunate Cold War business, then says: "Our relationship has never been worse ... that changed as of about four hours ago." Says he is being politically brave to do what's right. Lambastes media + Dems
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At Chequers @theresa_may, alongside @POTUS, says she thanked him for expelling 60 intelligence officers from #Russia following Salisbury nerve agent incident.
Will pursue a US-UK free trade agreement following #Brexit, adds @theresa_may.
US and UK in agreement on how to deal with #DPRK and #Iran and need for increased @NATO defense spending, declares @theresa_may.
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I’m starting to see firsthand, how Russia used support for Bernie Sanders to divide us.
I supported Sanders, and many accounts which I still follow are starting to come into focus.
I’m compiling a list of those accounts that have a clear goal of dividing us.
One obvious sign is when an account is critical of US foreign policy, which deserves criticism, but defends Russia.
Search the term “Russiaphobia”, and you’ll find plenty of accounts to keep an eye on.
#Russia2018 #Putin
Right now, it appears as though there’s a major PR push for Finland—which has me very concerned.
Many pro-Russia accounts are trying to create a narrative of Finnish people being in favor of Russia.
In the past, such campaigns are a prequel to a hostile military action.
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#JustinTrudeau #DonaldTrump #G7Charlevoix You've heard a lot about how scary it feels to some that our international order might be ending. This thread shows some glimpses into such a horrific war that came about after a previous international order collapsed. Remember
Throughout the 1930's the League of Nations and international alliances, were ineffective because of neutrality. This isn't that much different than the UNSC post-Arab Spring today. Nazi's before Poland in 1939 were already annexing territory. #Crimea in 2014?
When the stock market crashed in 1929/30, it wasn't just an American problem. Much like the financial crisis today, it was a global crisis that stuck around for quite some time. Many nations in the 1930's harbored economic resentment and turned isolationist, singular or fascist.
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1/12 Today is 4th anniversary of Russia’s military coup in #Crimea, organised by Russia’s Sevastopol troops with help of Ukrainian Berkut (on the run after murdering scores of protesters in Kyiv).
2/12 Feb 27th 2014: government buildings seized in Simferopol & Perekop isthmus taken. Sergey Aksionov appointed as puppet leader at gunpoint. Simferopol airport seized, large-scale Russian invasion.
3/12 On the eve of occupation, mid-Feb 2014, not even most Crimeans for “uniting” with Russia. So Russia engineers fake referendum producing 96.7% support “reunification”, on 83.1% turnout.
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