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To celebrate the 52nd anniversary of the #Apollo11 #MoonLanding
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Hace 51 años...

“Un pequeño paso para el hombre, un gran paso para la humanidad”

#MoonLanding #MoonDay
🚀 La portada del @nytimes hace 51 años:

“Hombres caminan en la luna.
Astronautas descienden en planicie, recolectan rocas, plantan bandera”

#MoonLanding #MoonDay Image
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Moon Landing - 20th July 1969

மனிதகுல வரலாற்றிலேயே மிகமுக்கிய நாள் இந்த ஜூலை 20, 1969.

உடனே டக்குனு டாஸ்மாக் தொடங்குன நாளான்னு கேக்காதீங்க. நிலவில் மனிதன் முதன்முதலா கால் பதிச்ச நாள்.

இந்த ஜூலை 2, 1969ல என்ன நடந்ததுன்னு பாக்குறதுக்கு முன்னாடி இந்த நிகழ்வுக்கு பின்னால நடந்த அரசியலை மக்கள் வெளங்கிக்கணும்.
அதாவது 1945ல இரண்டாம் உலகப்போர் முடிஞ்சதுக்கு அப்புறமும் அமெரிக்கா-ரஷ்யா இடையேயான பனிப்போர் நடந்துக்கிட்டே இருக்கு. அரசியல், விளையாட்டு, அறிவியல்ன்னு எல்லா வகைலயும் யாரு பெரியாளுன்னு மாத்தி மாத்தி தப்படிச்சு காட்டிக்கிட்டே இருக்கானுங்க.
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A thread about #Lego, including a live build 🤓 👇

I grew up loving the stuff, from ages 3(?) to perhaps 15, from duplo blocks to cutting edge Technic. I credit Lego in part for my deep love of STEM topics.

As an adult, I've started playing it again with my own kids (1/n)
About 3 years ago, I bought the Lego Saturn V to decorate my home office. 🚀

Because #Lego + Space. No more explanation needed.

Amazing, amazing build!!

You can really appreciate the engineering in this one. Highly recommended if you can get hold of a set.

Recently I finished a few big work projects so it was time I built another set.

Lego absorbs your mind fully and so is a great way to distract yourself during this pandemic.

With Lego, you're in control and you enjoy the process and the outcome.

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50 years ago, humanity achieved something truly unheard of. We didn't just experience a breakthrough in rocket science, astronomy, and our way of living. The United States made the world stop what they were doing and look towards the sky. (1/3) Image
When we as a nation come together to fight for what is right in the world, we change the world. As we commemorate the 50th Anniversary of landing on the moon, let's remember. Let's remember that nothing is impossible so long as we come together to meet our full potential. (2/3) Image
This day, let's unite and look towards the sky as we imagine 50 more years of firsts when we come together.
(3/3) Image
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50 years ago today, Apollo 11 landed, a module hatch opened, and a man set foot on the moon. The #MoonLanding was a giant leap for humanity made possible by common purpose (and public initiative!) across a nation striving for the most ambitious possible goals.
As we stand on the verge of a new American era, it has never been more urgent that we summon that ambition again. From devastating hurricanes in Puerto Rico to raging infernos in California, we face the life-and-death challenge of a changing climate and climate disruption.
Climate change is here. It is an existential threat to our way of life on this planet. This timetable isn't being set by D.C. It's set in reality—and the time to act was yesterday. To meet this once-in-a-generation challenge, we must be as bold in our time as Kennedy was in his.
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THREAD: In honour of #Apollo50th, a look at how the #Moon landing was reported in the USSR and elsewhere
On Radio Moscow's home service, Vladimir Tregubov saluted the astronauts and the Soviet pioneers of space exploration. #Apollo50
In Pravda newspaper, a writer identified as Vinogradov personally congratulated the astronauts on their mission
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I’m over the moon about the interview I just got to conduct.
Stories to come.
EXCLUSIVE: I interviewed @TheRealBuzz for the 50th anniversary of the #MoonLanding. We talked his vision for 🇺🇸 in space: Back to the Moon as a step toward a Pilgrim settlement on Mars, using what he dubbed a TransWay Orbit Rendezvous to make it happen.…
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