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🙋‍♀️Raise your hand if Wikipedia is one of the first places you go to find information. (Don’t worry, you’re not alone.)

Today, we hosted an edit-a-thon to increase the information about women on Wikipedia and make sure that information is accurate and sourced. #BecauseOfHerStory
We added lots of information and photos. We also created a dozen new Wikipedia articles for women in STEM, like Baerbel Lucchitta, an astrogeologist who helped make the lunar maps for the Apollo 11 mission:… #Apollo50 #BecauseOfHerStory Woman sitting on rover
Until now, there wasn’t a public domain image of astronomer Phoebe Waterman Haas, so museum educator Diane Kidd, who is also an illustrator, created a portrait of her live during our event. It's now on Phoebe's Wikipedia entry:… #BecauseOfHerStory Woman holding drawingDrawing of Phoebe Waterman Haas
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All eyes on @isro this morning 👀 - the Indian Space Research Organisation is set to launch its spacecraft, #Chandrayaan2, to the south pole of the moon today. The launch is scheduled for 14:43 local time (10:13 BST). Here's @BBCNews' report from Thursday…
This is @ISRO’s second attempt at launching #Chandrayaan2 - the first attempt, on 14 July, was aborted just minutes before launch, due to a “technical snag”…
If the #Chandrayaan2 landing is successful, it will make India just the fourth nation to complete a soft landing on the moon, after the US, USSR, and China, and the first to land near the south pole…
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As we commemorate #Apollo50, I’m reminded of what’s truly inspiring about the mission- that all corners of our country contributed to achieving the goal set out by President Kennedy.
Glynn Lunney, a native of Old Forge, served as one of the three Flight Directors for Apollo 11.…
The Command Module Columbia, home for the three astronauts on their way to and from the moon, was designed and built by Pittsburgh’s North American Rockwell.
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#Apollo50 science x fashion choice:

@SvahaUSA’s Apollo dress they sent me to try out. It’s a 100% cotton swirly T-shirt dress (with pockets!!) where spacecraft schematics are stylish.
Code MIKA20 is 20% (on anything) Mika in her Apollo dress leaning on a tree
Disclosure: I’m not getting paid or a sales commission — they sent me the dress to review (& yeah, I’m keeping it!), but that’s it. #ad-ish?

Pro: It’s a swirly science dress that’s more casual than my full performance gowns & crinolines. Mika dramatically posing off a lightpost in her Apollo dress at sunset
Pro: Pockets!!

Con: T-shirts are clingy & unforgiving. So are T-shirt dresses. If I stash rocks in my pockets, even wee pebbles break the line.

Pro: Cotton is exceptionally friendly in hot weather. Breathable, lightweight, wicks sweat...

Con: ...& wrinkles. Yay ironing? Mika with her hands in the dress pockets, which are now lumpy
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Today is the 50th anniversary of #Apollo11 landing on the moon! To celebrate this feat of engineering, ASME has put together articles about everything from the lunar module's engineers to the best movies movies about the moon. Here we go! #Apollo50ASME #Apollo50 #Apollo50th
"When I was there working on it, it was more like, 'We've got a job to do, we’re engineers, we can get the job done.'"

The engineers who built the lunar module look back:

#Apollo11 #Apollo50 #Apollo50th #Apollo50ASME
Hear from those engineers in the own words in the latest episode of the ASME TechCast. Listen now:

#Apollo11 #Apollo50 #Apollo50th #Apollo50ASME
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1- Los 50 años del viaje del #Apolo11 a la Luna.

La visita de Armstrong, Aldrin y Collins a la Ciudad de MĂ©xico el 29 de septiembre de 1969.
#Apollo50th #ApolloXI #Apollo50 #Apollo11 #CDMX #Mexico #MexicoCity
(Foto mĂ­a de la luna roja durante el eclipse del 20/01/2019)
2- El 20 de julio de 1969 la tripulaciĂłn del Apolo XI descendiĂł en la superficie de la Luna.
(Izq: Photo credit: NASA…)
(Der: Photo credit: NASA…...)
3- Una vez realizada esa hazaña, el gobierno de Richard Nixon se dedicó a cacarear el huevo. Eran los años de la Guerra Fría y los EEUU querían presumir su victoria sobre la Unión Soviética en la carrera a la Luna.

Jack Weir / Wikimedia Commons…...
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In celebration of one of the greatest achievements of mankind, I attended the #GoToTheMoon #Apollo50 event on the National Mall.
What a spectacular re-creation of the #Apollo11 moon landing mission. The projections on the Washington Monument were amazing!
TBH, I teared up 🇺🇸
We heard from #JFKMoonshot speech.
So inspirational.
#Apollo50 #Apollo11
The #Apollo11 moon 🌝 landing! #Apollo50
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This weekend is the 50th anniversary of the #Apollo11 moon landing and, of course, there are N.J. connections. Here we go ... 1/7
Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin grew up in Montclair, N.J. Reporter @karen_yi tells the story of a hometown hero: 2/7
It was the 8th inning of a tie game at Yankee Stadium when legendary announcer Bob Sheppard told the crowd Apollo 11 had landed. Columnist @StevePoliti revisits that moment:

Where were you? #Apollo50th 3/7
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THREAD: In honour of #Apollo50th, a look at how the #Moon landing was reported in the USSR and elsewhere
On Radio Moscow's home service, Vladimir Tregubov saluted the astronauts and the Soviet pioneers of space exploration. #Apollo50
In Pravda newspaper, a writer identified as Vinogradov personally congratulated the astronauts on their mission
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For all the moon landing is fake "Conspiracy theories", here is the list of claims and how they have been rebutted over the years #Apollo11at50…
Also can check out Mythbusters Episode 104, where they have exposed the claims of the Conspiracy theorists, withh actual tests.…
For techies, programmers on my TL the code behind the Moon Mission. Bit tough to understand, but work your way through it slowly.…
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I’m over the moon about the interview I just got to conduct.
Stories to come.
EXCLUSIVE: I interviewed @TheRealBuzz for the 50th anniversary of the #MoonLanding. We talked his vision for 🇺🇸 in space: Back to the Moon as a step toward a Pilgrim settlement on Mars, using what he dubbed a TransWay Orbit Rendezvous to make it happen.…
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Let's look at Tin Tin on the Moon in celebration of #Apollo50 #Apollo11 actually achieving this.

Originally serialized in the early 1950s, Herge did extensive research into what space flight might be like.

Join young reporter Tin Tin, and Captain Haddock in

Destination Moon
First off, Captain Haddock receives a telegram from Professor Calculus.

A 'telegram' was kind of like an Instant Message back then, but not so instant.
Any SpongeBob SquarePants fans out there

I love these jokes "We're Leaving at Once"
Two Days later...

It reminds me of "Gilligan Cuts" where someone says "I won't, I won't, I won't" and then it cuts to them doing exactly that.

Off to Syldavia!
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Over the next nine days, we will be tweeting what happened during the Apollo 11 mission 50 years ago, and sharing some of our favourite images from the Nasa archives. Follow along on the thread below 👇 #Apollo50
Do you remember watching the Moon landings 50 years ago? Let us know using #MyApolloMemory
July 16 1969 – TAKE OFF
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Bonne nouvelle ! Les inscriptions au #Concours de #Nouvelles des @AmisCiteEspace sont prolongées jusqu'au 31 juillet. Envie d'écrire ? Faites le premier pas, c'est le bon moment...… #Apollo11 #Apollo50th #espace #livre #auteur
50 ans après les premiers pas de Neil Armstrong sur la Lune, imaginer une autre histoire ? C'est le thème de notre #Concours de #Nouvelles 2019. #sciencefiction, #poesie, #polar, #science... Tout est possible. Le réglement :…
#Concours de #Nouvelles de @AmisCiteEspace Envie de laisser votre empreinte ? Envoyez un mail à Remise des prix le 9 décembre à @CiteEspace #Lune #Apollo50 #Apollo11
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@AmisCiteEspace lance son concours de nouvelles. Le thème 2019 : "20 juillet 69, un autre pas pour une autre Histoire". Vous avez envie d'écrire ? La lune vous inspire ? Les tweets suivants expliquent comment participer... #Lune #Moon #Apollo50 #Apollo
#ConcoursDeNouvelles Pour s’inscrire, envoyer un message à l’adresse en suivant les indications du règlement #Lune #Moon #Apollo50 #Nouvelles #Littérature #Concours
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🚀Countdown to Launch 🚀

July 16, 1969, three astronauts departed on a mission that would captivate the world. In celebration of #Apollo50, we're counting down to the launch of #Apollo11 by sharing an artifact each day that tells the story of our journey from Earth to the Moon.
The artifacts we will be highlighting — big and small, critical and amusing, familiar and never-before-seen — are expanded on in the new book "Apollo to the Moon: A History in 50 Objects" by National Air and Space Museum curator Teasel Muir-Harmony. #Apollo50
Yesterday marked 50 days to #Apollo11 launch, so let's start at the beginning of the Space Race: the failed launch of the Vanguard TV-3 satellite in December 1957, a response to the Soviet Union's Sputnik success two months earlier: #Apollo50
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A la @CiteEspace, inauguration officielle de l'exposition "Plongés dans l'enfer de #Dora, 9000 destins singuliers" avec la présidente des Amis de la Fondation pour la mémoire de la déportation
@RegardSurTerre @CiteEspace A la @CiteEspace, dépôt de gerbe au pied de la plaque commémorative à la mémoire des déportés de #Dora. A droite, un moteur de fusée #V2. Au centre de la pièce, le moteur #Vulcain d'#Ariane5
A la @CiteEspace, la conférence « De la fabrication des premières fusées au développement des activités spatiales » commence... Début de l'intervention de @Laurent_Thiery #Dora #apollo50 #space
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La face sombre de la conquête spatiale. En hommage aux déportés du camp de Dora, conférence le 15 mai à 19h à @CiteEspace : "De la fabrication des premières fusées au développement des activités spatiales" avec @Laurent_Thiery, C. Favre et J.C. Renou, ancien ingénieur du @CNES
@Laurent_Thiery est directeur scientifique du programme de recherche sur les déportés de Dora pour @lacoupole62. Claude Favre, petite-fille de Marcel Petit, toulousain déporté à Dora, a rédigé les biographies des déportés de la région de #Toulouse. #space #Apollo50
Après la destruction de #Peenemünde, les allemands vont produire le #V2 en série dans l’usine souterraine Mittelwerk en utilisant une main-d’œuvre concentrationnaire provenant du camp de #Buchenwald. Des milliers de déportés vont travailler dans des conditions inhumaines #space
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“Earthrise: A Video Reconstruction” is #NASA #astronomy picture of the day by @apod/@USRAedu… Apollo 8’s iconic photo “Earthrise” was taken 50 years ago; 4K HD animation shows astronauts’ view using NASA LRO data of lunar surface
“Earthrise in 4K” is a 50th anniversary commemoration of the 1968 #Earthrise image during Apollo 8, and description how the rendering was made with NASA LRO imagery/data taken since 2009, by @NASA/@NASAGoddard/@USRAedu #astronomy #Apollo50 #Apollo8 #Moon
#Apollo8 was historic for 1st time humans left Earth and orbited the Moon. Apollo was intended as Cold War competition with Soviets. Starting with #Earthrise photo and many other observations, we found we had much to learn about Earth there. #astronomy #space #history
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