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Lo que llega en JULIO a Netflix, HBO y Amazon Prime 👇

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#LasChicasDelCable temporada final - 3 julio
#ZacEfron: con los pies sobre la tierra - 10 julio
Maldita con Katherine Langford - 17 julio
#TheUmbrellaAcademy temporada 2 y #VisAVis: El Oasis - 31 julio
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La vieja guardia con Charlize Theron y Chiwetel Ejiofor - 10 julio
#Spiderman: de regreso a casa - 16 julio
#ElStandDeLosBesos2 - 24 julio
#HarryPotter y la cámara secreta - 30 julio
#Extraordinario con Julia Roberts y Jacob Tremblay - 31 julio

#PerryMason - todos los domingos 22hs
I'll be gone in the dark - todos los domingos 23hs
I may destroy you - todos los lunes 23hs
#Batwoman - todos los viernes 22hs
#VeronicaMars final de temporada - viernes 21hs
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#Apollo13 NASA's most successful failure, l'échec le plus réussi de la @NASA. #OTD 11 avril 1970, 19:13 UTC : décollage de la fusée #SaturnV emportant la mission #Apollo13. Elle n'atteint pas la Lune mais les astronautes rentrent sains et saufs. Un #Thread à suivre... #Apollo50 ImageImageImageImage
#Apollo13 13 ? Décollage à 19:13 UTC. Les astronautes ne sont pas supersticieux. Et il y a souvent de petits imprévus. En nov. 69, #Apollo12 à été frappé 2 fois par la foudre juste après le lancement. Le centre de mission a perdu la télémétrie : #Apollo50 ImageImage
#Apollo13 : en période de #COVIDー19, un mot sur la rougeole. Initialement désigné pour la mission, Ken Mattingly a été remplacé par sa doublure, Jack Swigert, quelques jours avant le décollage : la NASA craignait qu'il ait attrapé la rougeole. Pas de chance ? #Apollo50 #Space Image
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Yesterday was 50th anniversary of the #Apollo11 moon landing. 50 years ago today, newspapers around the world reported on the historic event.

Check out these front pages from Monday, July 21, 1969.

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A couple more fun facts about #Apollo11.

1. The famous boot print was a pre-planned science experiment. David Carrier recommended Buzz do it for a soil mechanics experiment. The vertical sidewalks and shiny flat surfaces proved the soil has high cohesion & lots of dust.
2. There actually is a crater in this picture under the engine nozzle, but it’s VERY shallow and it’s a ring, deepest ~1 meter away, less deep on the centerline. (In the lower right corner you see a 1 cm ridge stepping DOWNHILL away from the nozzle.) This was predicted. #Apollo11
3. The contact probe touched the surface when the Lunar Module footpads we’re still about 1 m up. Neil Armstrong was supposed to shut off the engine when it touched and freefall the last meter, but he chose not to. I can’t find the exact quote right now, but he said basically,...
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I remember a ham & cheese sandwich, with the awful bright yellow mustard that was the only kind available then, and washed down with Hawaiian Punch, a sweet and vaguely fruit-flavored drink widely advertised on TV at that time.
Neil Armstrong was going to step out of the Eagle onto the moon fairly late that summer evening, & my mom thought I ought to eat something. I was 10.
I followed the space program a little like I followed the New York Mets at that time: I memorized all the astronauts’ names, the military services they came from, the Apollo missions they were scheduled to fly (and the missions on which they were to be part of backup crews).
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Happy #Apollo50th!

On July 20, 1969, humans walked on another world for the first time in history. In case you weren’t around for the Moon landing, here’s a visual summary of the #Apollo11 mission from Earth to the Moon and back.
#Apollo11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins launched from Cape Kennedy in Florida aboard a Saturn V rocket, beginning a three-day voyage to the Moon.
The Apollo command and service module docked with the lunar module and was inserted into lunar orbit.
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Today is the 50th anniversary of #Apollo11 landing on the moon! To celebrate this feat of engineering, ASME has put together articles about everything from the lunar module's engineers to the best movies movies about the moon. Here we go! #Apollo50ASME #Apollo50 #Apollo50th
"When I was there working on it, it was more like, 'We've got a job to do, we’re engineers, we can get the job done.'"

The engineers who built the lunar module look back:

#Apollo11 #Apollo50 #Apollo50th #Apollo50ASME
Hear from those engineers in the own words in the latest episode of the ASME TechCast. Listen now:

#Apollo11 #Apollo50 #Apollo50th #Apollo50ASME
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1- Los 50 años del viaje del #Apolo11 a la Luna.

La visita de Armstrong, Aldrin y Collins a la Ciudad de México el 29 de septiembre de 1969.
#Apollo50th #ApolloXI #Apollo50 #Apollo11 #CDMX #Mexico #MexicoCity
(Foto mía de la luna roja durante el eclipse del 20/01/2019)
2- El 20 de julio de 1969 la tripulación del Apolo XI descendió en la superficie de la Luna.
(Izq: Photo credit: NASA…)
(Der: Photo credit: NASA…...)
3- Una vez realizada esa hazaña, el gobierno de Richard Nixon se dedicó a cacarear el huevo. Eran los años de la Guerra Fría y los EEUU querían presumir su victoria sobre la Unión Soviética en la carrera a la Luna.

Jack Weir / Wikimedia Commons…...
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In celebration of one of the greatest achievements of mankind, I attended the #GoToTheMoon #Apollo50 event on the National Mall.
What a spectacular re-creation of the #Apollo11 moon landing mission. The projections on the Washington Monument were amazing!
TBH, I teared up 🇺🇸
We heard from #JFKMoonshot speech.
So inspirational.
#Apollo50 #Apollo11
The #Apollo11 moon 🌝 landing! #Apollo50
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This weekend is the 50th anniversary of the #Apollo11 moon landing and, of course, there are N.J. connections. Here we go ... 1/7
Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin grew up in Montclair, N.J. Reporter @karen_yi tells the story of a hometown hero: 2/7
It was the 8th inning of a tie game at Yankee Stadium when legendary announcer Bob Sheppard told the crowd Apollo 11 had landed. Columnist @StevePoliti revisits that moment:

Where were you? #Apollo50th 3/7
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THREAD: In honour of #Apollo50th, a look at how the #Moon landing was reported in the USSR and elsewhere
On Radio Moscow's home service, Vladimir Tregubov saluted the astronauts and the Soviet pioneers of space exploration. #Apollo50
In Pravda newspaper, a writer identified as Vinogradov personally congratulated the astronauts on their mission
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The great thing about the #Apollo50th is that there have been hundreds of beautiful articles from dozens of authors and outlets. Heck, I even wrote a couple of them.

I don’t know which of them has been the best, but I think this bad hot take from the times is the worst.
There are multiple reasons why offering praise to the Soviet space program on the eve of the #Apollo50th is in very poor taste, but one of the biggest is that they literally only did these milestones for propaganda purposes.
After early milestones like Sputnik and Yuri Gagarin, bits of tokenism like these were the only achievements the Soviet space program could reasonably achieve before us - they knew once NASA got going, the Americans would beat them to anything that mattered, including the moon.
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Buzz Aldrin peed his pants on the moon and 18 other wild facts you never learned about @NASA's #Apollo11 mission…
#Apollo11 was the ninth endeavor in the 14-mission Apollo moonshot program, and it was arguably @NASA's most dangerous and ambitious mission ever.
The first moon meal was bacon and coffee. But mostly, the Apollo astronauts ate a lot of dehydrated beef and vegetables. The Apollo astronauts had no bathroom. Instead, they used bags and roll-on cuffs.
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It’s the 50th anniversary of #Apollo11! How much do you know about the moon? Let’s find out ➡️👀🌕🌖🌘 We’ll post the answers at 5pmPT/8pmET. 1/
Question one: Which country was the first to land on the far side of the moon? 2/
Question two: True or False: The moon doesn't rotate, which is why we can only see one side. 3/
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To Apollo 11!
Whew - tense, tense, TENSE! #Apollo11
How the hell did they do it? You can see the SELLOTAPE. #Apollo11
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#LlegadaalaLuna #Apollo50th #Apollo50

25.000 millones $
400.000 personas
384.480 km distancia
600 millones espectadores

3 astronautas

Para muchos, el acontecimiento + importante de la historia.

Fuimos a explorar la Luna y descubrimos la Tierra!

Abro Hilo: Misión #Apollo11
Diámetro Mercurio: 4.879 km
Venus 12.104 km
Marte 6.779 km
Júpiter 139.820 km
Saturno 120.536 km
Urano 51.118 km
Neptuno 49.244 km

La suma de los diámetros del resto de planetas del Sistema Solar son 384.480 km, justo la distancia existente entre la Tierra y la Luna. Existen
coincidencias cósmicas tan improbables q nos resultan realmente mágicas y perturbadoras. El psiquiatra suizo Carl Gustav Jung lo llamaba sincronicidad, uno de los aspectos + enigmáticos y sorprendentes de nuestro universo. Jung llegó a la conclusión q existe una íntima conexión
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Let's look at Tin Tin on the Moon in celebration of #Apollo50 #Apollo11 actually achieving this.

Originally serialized in the early 1950s, Herge did extensive research into what space flight might be like.

Join young reporter Tin Tin, and Captain Haddock in

Destination Moon
First off, Captain Haddock receives a telegram from Professor Calculus.

A 'telegram' was kind of like an Instant Message back then, but not so instant.
Any SpongeBob SquarePants fans out there

I love these jokes "We're Leaving at Once"
Two Days later...

It reminds me of "Gilligan Cuts" where someone says "I won't, I won't, I won't" and then it cuts to them doing exactly that.

Off to Syldavia!
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today is an awesome day to remember some of the amazing women scientists and engineers who were key in the success of #Apollo11!

(y’all know you want a thread of #WomenInSTEM: Apollo 11 Edition)
JoAnn Morgan: the first woman senior executive at @NASAKennedy was also the instrumentation controller for #Apollo11 and was the only woman inside the Launch Control Center during liftoff.
.@poppy_northcutt: NASA’s first woman engineer in Mission Control was responsible for ensuring that the ship (and the astronauts inside!) safely returned from lunar orbit back to Earth.
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Welcome to our "live feed" of the #Apollo11 mission as it prepares to the Moon. #Apollo50th
09:32 #Apollo11 has taken off from Launch Pad 39A at Cape Kennedy, Florida #Apollo50th
Each born in 1930 and weighing 165 pounds, the three astronauts inside are Commander Neil Armstrong, Command Module Pilot Michael Collins, and Lunar Module Pilot Edwin E. (Buzz) Aldrin, Jr. #Apollo50th
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Esta semana celebramos 50años de uno de los mayores logros de la Humanidad y la #Ciencia: en Julio 20 de 1969 alunizó el módulo Aguila de la Misión #Apollo11. Ese mismo año le seguiría el #Apollo12; en total 12humanos caminaron sobre la #Luna entre 1969-72
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Bonne nouvelle ! Les inscriptions au #Concours de #Nouvelles des @AmisCiteEspace sont prolongées jusqu'au 31 juillet. Envie d'écrire ? Faites le premier pas, c'est le bon moment...… #Apollo11 #Apollo50th #espace #livre #auteur
50 ans après les premiers pas de Neil Armstrong sur la Lune, imaginer une autre histoire ? C'est le thème de notre #Concours de #Nouvelles 2019. #sciencefiction, #poesie, #polar, #science... Tout est possible. Le réglement :…
#Concours de #Nouvelles de @AmisCiteEspace Envie de laisser votre empreinte ? Envoyez un mail à Remise des prix le 9 décembre à @CiteEspace #Lune #Apollo50 #Apollo11
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Stumbled on this picture of my dad taking my sister and me up the steps to the Apollo Lunar Module at @ExploreSpaceKSC back around the time of the Apollo 11 launch in 1969. #Apollo11 #Apollo50th
2/ And also this picture of my mom and me (and a family friend) watching the #Apollo11 launch. (The border says Sep 69 because that was when the film was processed, not when the picture was taken.) How do you like my penny loafers? 😅 #Apollo50th
3/ At Family Open House day a fire truck at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station sprayed firefighting foam and they let the kids play in it. I doubt that would be permitted nowadays 😅 That’s me smiling at the camera. Space fans will recognize the CCAFS hangars in back.
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Reading some @NASAhistory, and was curious who this was...
Her name is Poppy Northcutt, and she's the first female engineer to work in Mission Control at @NASA_Johnson #Apollo8.
For half a century, pop culture has immortalized a group of quick-thinking, pocket-protected men as the face of NASA’s mission control room during the Apollo program. But amid this sea of men, was one woman: Frances “Poppy” Northcutt, engineer and return-to-Earth specialist #NASA
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Finally got to watch @apollo11movie and was curious who this was...
Her name is JoAnn Morgan, and she was the only woman inside the control room at the historic launch of #Apollo11 in 1969. A glimpse of her is seen in this documentary, but that’s only the beginning of her story.
At the time, JoAnn was a 28-year-old instrumentation controller and the first woman permitted to be inside the firing room (where all personnel were locked in 30 minutes before blastoff) during an Apollo launch. #Apollo11
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