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You may hear people saying the CPC will cut healthcare. You may hear CPC supporters say that's fear-mongering. But, is it, really? Let's take a look. 1/25
#cdnpoli #elxn43 #Vote #NeverScheer #healthcare #ChooseForward
The National Citizen's Coalition was incorporated in 1975 by an insurance agent names Colin M. Brown. Mr. Brown had begun advertising back in 1967 against the Canada Health Act. 2/25
Our universal health care was the NCC's primary target, but over the 4 decades it has been in existence, it has also campaigned against;

- The Canadian Wheat Board

- the Canadian Labour Congress' strike protesting wage and price controls in 1975

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Mike Roman, Trump's former Director of Special Projects and Research, is working on Scheer's campaign. Scheer doesn't want to talk about it. Georganne Burke, another Trump supporter, is in Scheer's inner circle. He doesn't want to talk about her either.
It's rumoured that Matt McBain who, along with his buddy, Devin Dreeshen, went on the campaign trail for Trump in 2016, is also active on the Scheer campaign. Dreeshen is now a UCP MLA. Devin's father, Earl Dresshen, is CPC incumbent MP for Red Deer, AB.
Do we now have a Republican Party in Canada, and Scheer and company just haven't got around to doing a formal name change yet? #NeverScheer
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I expect every party to be making hay over Trudeau's makeup for the next several days. Because when something is tossed in your lap, you go for it, right? Except, maybe that isn't the high road... To begin with, I acknowledge my privilege. #cdnpoli #VOTE #NeverScheer 1/24
I am white. I grew up in a lower middle class family and got a good education. Education was highly valued in my home, and I know it isn't that way in many families. Many kids grow up without someone at home who encourages and supports educational success. 2/24
Having said that, and acknowledging that I cannot appreciate the pain that racial discrimination may bring, I still say that 20 years ago we were less enlightened than we are now. We had less opportunity to be enlightened. 3/24
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The Conservative Party of Canada supports a 3 year prohibition on embryonic stem cell research.

They claim adult stems cells are more promising, so let's look at their claims.

#cdnpoli #elxn43 #NeverScheer #stemcells #research #science
The Ford Government has already cut funding for stem cell research.

"Scientist working on treatment of premature babies calls move 'extremely short-sighted and uninformed'"…
What are embryonic stem cells?
"Embryonic stem cells exist only at the earliest stages of embryonic development and are capable of making any cell type in the body."

via @UMich…
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We are now entering a new paradigm. @charlesadler is calling out conservatives who threatened a Liberal cabinet minister and her children. Physically threatened. The (sic) kudatah boys are spreading across the country. 1/10
I heard a @cbcradio report that experts expect, regardless of who wins the election, the losing side will not accept the win. I beg to differ. In #ableg the hard right did not accept the NDP win. They sought to overthrow the democratic choice. 2/10
It is not Liberal supporters, or NDP or Green, who threaten to "take back" their province or country from the duly elected government. Let's drop this "both-sideism". It is only the far right that threatens violence if they don't get what they want. 3/10
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I listened to the new @cbcradio show #TheCostOfLiving in the truck today while hurtling down the TransCanada from MooseJaw to Alberta... There was a thing that kept coming up, and it troubles me... #cdnpoli 1/14
They talked about "uncertainty" a lot. About how people feel like they are falling behind economically. They talked about how this makes people anxious, and how that anxiety leads to more uncertainty and slowing economic growth... 2/14
They talked about how a university team of economists analyzes economic news coverage for key words for key words, like "uncertainty", and uses the tabulation of these words to make pronouncements about the state of the economy. 3/14
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Seriously, right-wing dudes. You have to stop this. It is insulting to Canadian women that you imply we vote progressive because Justin Trudeau has nice hair. Or wears cool socks. #cdnpoli #elxn43 1/24
We are not a bunch of adolescent girls voting for the cutest boy to be president of the student council. That's really offensive. We care about policy. We want a government that will offer the things we want for our society. 2/24
We care about our children's future. We want strong environmental policy so our children and grandchildren have a future. The CPC is not offering that. Say what you will about debt going forward, it is irrelevant if the planet is boiling. 3/24
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Has Trudeau made mistakes? Sure he has. Every leader does. I give him credit for admitted as much. Most are incapable of such honesty and self-awareness. #cdnpoli #TrudeauMustStay #NeverScheer
Of course, Leo would prefer that we elect #WeakAndy - Harper's puppet. But let us remember the govt of which Andy was part ... #cdnpoli #TrudeauMustStay #NeverScheer…
"given his longevity in power, & in regards 2 fundamental things people grade a govt on – such as the economy, democratic practices, the environment, corruption, foreign policy, culture, civil liberties – Harper’s record might very well place him as the worst PM in Cdn history."
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So, here's what is puzzling me. People are upset today about the pipeline getting approved. I get that. Governments should have begun heavily investing in the transition to green energies 20 or 30 years ago. Things would be radically different now if they had. #cdnpoli 1/25
However, here we are. We have much of our infrastructure still dependent on fossil fuels. We have a lot of people still dependent on fossil fuels for their livelihood. Approving #transmountain while committing all profits towards transitioning to renewables was a compromise 2/25
The government is in a very difficult situation here. There are conflicting demands from different groups of Canadians, demands that cannot be met fully on either side without causing hardship on the opposite side. 3/25
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