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I can understand ppl who have never met #JustinTrudeau forming a vision of him based in the Christ-like qualities the media framed him with last election. I also understand ppl who are now suspicious of his sincerity & honesty becuz of the media & Ethics commissioner's
"Hillary's emails"-ing his role in SNC Lavalin & racial insensitivity from decades ago, and his not coming forward w/pics himself before Warren Kinsella slipped them to Time magazine. Plus #Scheer's constant barrage of lies about the PM are bound to stick to your subconscious.
Fact is that the overwhelming majority of Canadians only know #Trudeau through these lenses. How else would you? Well, I have known him - not well, but well enough - for several years. He is neither the messiah he was painted as before nor the slippery devil he's painted as now.
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This is an attempt to influence votes by AFN. CANADA is in the middle of an election and the request is for a stay. UNTIL AN ELECTED GOVERNMENT GETS BACK IN PARLIAMENT.

Any government would be compelled to do the same!
Interesting since I saw condemnation last week in FN twitter of Bellegarde and more than one FN activist warning the AFN not to support Liberals Child Welfare compensation ruling.
Far left (left libertarian) FN radicals looking to unseat LPC are behind this. Supported by pincer attack from “progressives” by NDP & GPC stating they would approve unequivocally. But they can’t deliver this outright.
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This article is fully researched and a compelling read. Amy MacPherson digs into how and why the Trudeau scandal came to be.
If you care about free elections, foreign interference or Election Act restrictions, read this article in full.

And then submit your complaint to Election Commissioner of Canada using this link… citing FOREIGN INFLUENCE as the potential issue.
Attach this article with all its detailed receipts.

Thank you Amy MacPherson.


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I listened to the new @cbcradio show #TheCostOfLiving in the truck today while hurtling down the TransCanada from MooseJaw to Alberta... There was a thing that kept coming up, and it troubles me... #cdnpoli 1/14
They talked about "uncertainty" a lot. About how people feel like they are falling behind economically. They talked about how this makes people anxious, and how that anxiety leads to more uncertainty and slowing economic growth... 2/14
They talked about how a university team of economists analyzes economic news coverage for key words for key words, like "uncertainty", and uses the tabulation of these words to make pronouncements about the state of the economy. 3/14
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I’m going to frame this in its proper context for readers.

This is called extortion. “Give me what I want or I will force the nation back to the polls, costing taxpayers millions.”

I’m not sure extortion is the best campaign strategy, but its extortion nonetheless.
This is a strategy with precedent. US Republicans have used it for at least the last decade to ensure the political appointments they want are made, or to stop the Democrat’s policy.

It’s also referred to as obstructionism. “Give me what I want or I shut the government down.”
As noted in this article from 2011, it’s a strategy that originates from Southern US slave owners.

And we now have video confirmation of Elizabeth May’s adoption of authoritarian & libertarian strategies to extort compliance to GPC policy.…
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Ron Toye Depo. Unedited. Enjoy


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A thread on Justice and the Canadian Way 1/15...

Today @JustinTrudeau released Fmr Justice Anne McLellan’s report on the MOJAG. In it, she outlined recommendations to avoid future ethics violations in dealing with public prosecutions #cdnlaw #cdnpoli

The crucial points:
She did not believe that further structural change is required to protect prosecutorial independence and promote public confidence in the criminal justice system. #cdnlaw #cdnpoli
She suggested that removing the Attorney General from Cabinet would also affect the credibility and quality of legal advice they provide.
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