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A tale of two Canadians.
A thread.

David Johnston

- Scouted to play in the NHL (chose university instead)
- Harvard University - BA; magna cum laude
- captained the Harvard hockey team
- two time selection to the All America Team

- Cambridge University -
B of Law; with honours
- Queenโ€™s University - Law Degree; first class honours
- specialist in securities regulation; corporate law; public policy; IT law.
- Queenโ€™s University - faculty of law.
- U of T - faculty of law

- Dean of UWO Law School
- Principal/Vice Chancellor of McGill University
- President of U of Waterloo
- Moderator of various political debates and panel discussions

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"Wilson's ideal society, according to Gribben, would be run along biblical lines: same-sex marriage and abortion would be illegal; men would be in charge and women would be at home with the children."
We are seeing a lot of this in Canada. The Take Back Alberta group in Alberta is taking over the UCP from the inside and seeks to control school boards and municipal councils as well as the provincial government. This Liberty Coalition is actively trying to do the same
in other parts of Canada. Are they linked? Working together? They certainly have very similar goals. They seek to establish a theocracy where men rule and women and children are chattels. Where strict Old Testament interpretation becomes law.
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List of bills brought forward by the CPC to ban or restrict Abortion rights for women in Canada the list is long:

M-37 June 2, 1987
Gus Mitges, PC MP Motion to amend Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to include โ€œunborn persons.โ€ Defeated 89-62. /1
/2 M-268 Nov. 20, 1997 Garry Breitkreuz, Reform MP Reintroduction of Motion calling for binding national referendum on government funding for โ€œmedically unnecessaryโ€ abortions. (M-91)
/3 C-461 Dec. 2, 1998 Maurice Vellacott, Reform MP Bill to prohibit healthcare providers from being forced to participate against their will in procedures such as abortion or euthanasia. (Similar to Haidaszโ€™s conscience clause Bill S-7, 1997).
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I was in a conservative space last night

I enjoy the spaces put on by this certain person who organizes them. Mostly, it's composed of reasonable conservatives with interesting things to say

However, something kept coming up: "TruAnon" "Liberals are in a cult"


Here's the thing my conservative friends (the kind with a lowercase C):

You may have valid points about Liberal screw ups, and you may be different from far-right extremists

But you still don't understand why many of us still support the PM

No, it's not a cult


People don't defend the PM because it's a cult of personality

People defend the PM because every little criticism of him helps the CPC

You must see that?

Pierre Poilievre is dangerous

The CPC has pushed people to choose from an imperfect PM vs a dangerous man


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PP calling #CBC โ€œTrudeau Liberal propagandaโ€, had 2 objectives: to discredit CBC when holding Polievre #CPC to account AND to make CBC second guess any positive stories about Trudeau & #LPC.
@CBC obliges with stories like this. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia Image
By the way, the Jamaican trip was a Xmas vacation. So why is this a โ€œtop storyโ€ that prominently quotes #NevrePoilievre? @CBCRadioCanada @CBCNews, care to explain?

#Cdnmedia: itโ€™s time to decide whether you are on the side of democracy or on the side of dismantling it. #cdnpoli
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๐ŸงตMuskโ€™s attack on #CBC at the behest of #PierrePoilievreIsAFascist & #CPC, is all about FI. It is a foreign billionaire putting his fist on the scale in what amounts to a public square, to upend democracy & spread propaganda. While Musk carries water for authoritarian regimesโ€ฆ ImageImageImageImage
But youโ€™ll notice some interesting thingsโ€ฆ
#NeverVoteConservative #PierrePoilievreIsAFascist #DefundCPC #cdnpoli Image
When a Chinese official made this request of Musk & Twitter,
Musk had these warnings removed from Chinese state propaganda (directed at an English speaking audience, similar to RT). While their pages still say โ€œstate-affiliated mediaโ€, the warning on links has been removed. ImageImage
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Our dystopian neighbour, summed up. Canadians, we must guard against this from becoming our reality. There are forces here who want this in our country too. Look at the conservative party platforms, federally and provincially. They call for unfettered access to guns, 1/
Minimum wage reductions, privatized health care and education, erosion of workplace/consumer/environmental regulations (aka "cutting red tape", or "eliminating gate-keepers"), fewer social programs, 2/
Control over women's bodies, pay to play politics, reduced immigration and othering of the BIPOC population, free speech but only if they agree/it flatters them, control of the media, theocratic governance... 3/
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So yesterday I was fed a story in my news app that enraged me. #Cdnmedia is in a crisis. The rank inability to employ logical reasoning, the pushing of a narrative for political ends, is not reporting. It is propaganda & it misinforms the public, not the opposite. #cdnpoli ImageImage
It was more shockingly poor reporting on Chinese interference, implying a connection where no factual evidence is provided. Merely a faulty attempt to draw conclusions without substantiating anything. Just garbage reporting. #CdnmediFailed #cdnpoli ImageImageImageImage
The article even admits it has no evidence, merely wild speculation implying that the drop in #Conservative votes is due to a vague implication of Chinese interference. Chiu lost & because he lives in a RW bubble, imagines that it must be โ€œinterferenceโ€โ€ฆ#CdnMediaFailed #cdnpoli ImageImage
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How far public education in Alberta has fallen! According to Stats Canada "Alberta is dead last when it comes to per pupil school board operating expenditures. The stats donโ€™t lie. Alberta sits at the bottom of the list, spending $10,936 per pupil. /1
Thatโ€™s $1,767 less than the national average and $3,775 less than Quebec." Once upon a time education funding was #1. /2 #ableg @AdrianaLaGrange @TravisToewsAB #NeverVoteConservative
Education funding would need a $1.2 billion boost to bring us up to par with the national average.

Alberta is far and away Canadaโ€™s wealthiest province. Our students deserve the best funded classrooms, not average and definitely not last.
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