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#TheGreatAwakening #Trump
#TransitionToGreatness #6giugno #COVID19
#WWG1WGA #QAnon #Italia
Avete visto cosa hanno scatenato ora?
Pensate a cosa il deep state avrebbe fatto, 3 anni fa, se Q team avesse arrestato subito 0bama &Co.
Pensate se lo avessero fatto subito, senza prima sconfiggere lSlS, fermare l'invasione di MS13.
Pensate a cosa avrebbero avuto per le strade adesso.
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I Think The Events Going On Now Are Got When U read the Q drops from


As in...Q started October 2017 and supposed to End November 2020 ( 11.3 11.4 11.11 - All Important Markers)
By That Logic We are in Feb'18 going in Reverse...Mid point May 06 '19
Yesterday it Was BIG Today it's About Jobs and Security...!! U see Trump's tweets connections with Q posts of Feb'18 ??
If We keep Going back in Feb'18 Q drops...We Have this Next !!! #Anons Safe ? #MindContolled Shooters maybe next on their Plan !!
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I see #Q people!

"Fist pumps re: POTUS / Q encounter =
Keep up the good fight, Patriot." - Q drop 1601
"Fist pumps re: POTUS / Q encounter =
Keep up the good fight, Patriot." 🐸
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PSA: When Q says “it’s happening”, this is the kind of thing he’s talking about.

Deep State “insurance policies” have been cancelled. Their moles and leakers have been flushed out.

The mark of their power FOR CENTURIES, was the ability to control information. They already lost.
In the last week more than 100 things have been released that they never wanted released.

Drip, drip... FLOOD.

Patriots are in control and are exposing the bad players NOW, because all the preparations are finally ready.

There are still people saying “I just can’t get excited anymore”

People who say this don’t understand what is going on, or can’t see how we’re already gaining yard after yard, constantly advancing this information war.

They’re missing what’s already happening, right now.
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"No Evidence of Collusion"


This is for all the anons with far more reach and influence than myself. Please use this as you see fit. No opinions from me, their words speak for themselves.

#QAnon #QAnons #ObamaGate #TrustThePlan #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide #WWG1WGA

All of these screenshots are taken directly from the recently declassified House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence transcripts. Thanks @RichardGrenell and all the Patriots who helped!

One thing to remember throughout, the #MuellerInvestigation started on 5/17/17.

Evelyn Farkas

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia (2012-2105)

Interview date: 6/26/17
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POTUS just now said, "...I think we have alot of very 'BIG' news to report..."
• 04/10/20 - DJT - Good Friday
April [A].
BIG month.
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• Qdrop 3863 - ___________ ]NOTHING[
• Dan Scavino tweeted POTUS holding a document with "NOTHING" on the back of the piece of paper; at 6:19pm on 03/22/20.
#NothingCanStopWhatsComing #QANON
• 2 #Q related images/references tweeted by @DanScavino in recent posts.
• President's Longest Running Aide.
• President's Director of Social Media .
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😱WOW!! Check this out!!
President Trump is telling us something!!
The "CDC" is Centers for Disease Control and Prevention!

Are YOU thinking what I am thinking?😉
#TheStormIsHere BOOM💥
2/ Look here first👆
Tomorrow is the one year delta on this👇post!
3/ 👇Two year delta yesterday!
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Nice 1 yr Delta between Q/POTUS

P1: POTUS Tweet
3/9/20 6:40:56aCST

P2: QPost 3010
3/9/19 5:35:12pCST

P3: 8773 hour delta. 8773=25 5:5

More proof Q/POTUS connected:

The above tweet/post is (Pic1) 10h:54m:16s from exact delta to the second.

P2: Another POTUS 3/9/20 tweet incl:

39,256s=>25 5:5
654m=> ~546 in POTUS tweet
45.44% => 9.8=>17

Also 1,9,7 => 17
Without QPost3010 and POTUS’ tweet at 6:40:56aC, everything would be off.

This is another PERFECT example/proof of coordination between POTUS & the Q Team.

Mathematically Impossible just went out the window. We are beyond that now.
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Direct reference to QAnon BUT... consider also this:

Could @potus mean by “WHO (World Health Organization) knows what’s this means” to send a message to anons and the DS?

W.H.O. would deal w #Coronavirus as a #FalseFlag (they feed off your FEAR)‼️
Is @realDonaldTrump telling them that now they’ve gone too far and #NothingCanStopWhatsComing
#coronavirus #Lombardy #QAnon
WHO is yet another Cabal infested organization like the UN. Both agencies are involved in the collection of andrenechrome and then some for these monsters. And I mean literally, the are demons.

Pain IS coming.
Buckle up it’s gonna be bumpy but God WINS! 🙏✝️💖⚖️

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Well, this tweet is #BIGLEAGUE!
• Posted at: 11:09PM EST
• Date: 07 Mar 20
- 307 & 720

Let's checkout those relevant Q drops:
• 1109
• 307
• 720
Time posted by Dan Scavino: 11:09 - Q drop 1109
#AprilShowers 🌧⛈⚡
• Not too long ago, POTUS was in Carlsbad, CA signing an EO to assist CA Farmers with water resources.
• Gavin Newsom is suing the Administration from allowing water to Farmers.
Date tweet posted: 07 Mar 20 > Q drop 307
#LordsPrayer Marker.
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USMCA, China signing soon for phase 2/3 leads to ending the FED/Central Bank WW, ending the FAKE financial system. We are going Quantum financial system. All gold reserves, created by the light long ago, was meant to free humanity from the dark system, w/c was meant to occur in
2001, but 9/11 happened, bc of [them]. So GFL had backup plan, for RESET of the technology w/in Mother Earth's core, w/c led to all the keystones/energy ctr inserted in time, per my guides. This is the Great Wall of 5D New Earth Hz, to end darkness. #NothingCanStopWhatsComing
Q+ have hinted it before, w/ his coded light msgs (only frontline ground crew knows what the mission entailed) on what really was happening BTS, for new sacred vortex working. 💙🌠😇
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1) @realDonaldTrump
President Trump and
#Q was the Catalyst that breathed life back into #America. It was like learning to ride a bike. #Q provided the bike with training wheels #QDrops and slowly taught us to ride. #Q took off the training wheels when they went dark 8-1-19,
2) @realDonaldTrump
At first it was scary trying to find our balance and ride on our own, but #Q and #Q+ knew we had it in us all along and that we would be able to eventually ride on our Own. President #Trump is like the proud Father who sat back and watched us with Pride as
3) we wobbled yet he @realDonaldTrump still ran along side us to keep us safe and from falling until we knew we could ride on our own. @POTUS #Q+ and #Q is the wind #TheStorm
That caused the Movement of The American Flag which is We The People aka #QAnons.
This caused a ripple
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In case you missed this 👇

Johnson, Grassley Call for State Department to Release Documents on Hunter Biden and Burisma

Nov 07, 2019

1of 2
Johnson, Grassley Call for State Department to Release Documents on Hunter Biden and Burisma

Nov 07, 2019


2 of 2
Who could they possibly be referring to @JoeBiden 🤔

Two High profile Citizens are affiliated the company
( Including Hunter Biden as a Board Member)

There is NO evidence of Corruption???? MY ASSSSSS
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by Oliver Stone & @lopatonok DESTROYS @RepAdamSchiff & @SpeakerPelosi 's #ImpeachmentHearings & ALL #FakeWhistleblowers & 3rd party heresy against @realDonaldTrump

Here's proof & evidence:…
I highly recommend watching this documentary/film before the Democrats' False Impeachment Hearings. "REVEALING UKRAINE," asks the difficult questions to get to what REALLY HAPPENED in Ukraine.
@RudyGiuliani didn't have to travel to Ukraine to find out how the Democrats' #RussiaHoax began. "Revealing Ukraine" provides detailed & specific information on HOW it all occurred & WHO was behind it!
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Interesting timing! Here is what media spin looks like folks. They are going to try and put the Royal Family into a good light, while hiding the fact that THEY control the James Bond enterprise.
#NothingCanStopWhatsComing, Nothing! #Qanon
@StormIsUponUs Assets are being seized from head of trafficking Foundation in Mexico that they visited as part of their "Dual Year" (Mx/Uk) launch:
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