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This is what Panic 👀Like #WeareTheNewsNow

‘It’s Out Of Control’: How QAnon Undermines Legitimate Anti-Trafficking Efforts >Nice try 🤡@POTUS…
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New Q drop puts things into full perspective.
#FutureProvesPast #DarkToLight #TheGreatAwakening

The truth is right in front of you.
Past playbook used today?
Knowledge is power.
The Nazi's never lost they moved to America through #OperationPaperClip (1945 and 1959). This comes as no surprise. Objective becomes clear, that is to destroy America from within.

"Infiltration not Invasion" - Q
The Nazi's had alliances with the dark forces through occult secret societies. The Dark fleet where based in Antarctic and underground network system. Confronted by Admiral Byrd and his fleet during #OperationHighJump (1946-1947).

"Symbolism will their downfall" - Q
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1/ Whoa new CUE!
SA = STORMTroopers = ANTlFA... #doublemeaning

Was I the only one who missed this in the drops???
SA is not just Saudi Arabia !

See n@zi/Soros connection!
2/ @IvankaTrump dropped us a clue, sept 30 2019
3/ RE READ the “SA” drops!! Thinking ANTlFA (aka SA)
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"They are hoping to delay the answer...focus on SPEED"

Attorney General James Speed, argued for MILITARY TRIBUNALS > civilian courts for the Treasonous traitors who conspired to ass@ssinate Pres Lincoln.

SPEED prevailed
2/ I've done NUMEROUS threads on how Military Tribunals are appropriate now, as we are in a state of Declared War on Terror, since 9/18/01. Kavanaugh and Graham schooled me.
3/AG Barr said the 1st indictment would not be “earth shattering” but would indicate the direction further justice would head.

Clinesmith was party to the
assa$$ination texts of the FBI #spygate plotters.#Futureprovespast
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Down With The Sickness. #CEMEX #ThesePeopleAreSick I hear CEMEX is feeling the heat in the Lions Gate 💥💣🍕🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ImageImage
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"A growing chorus of ordinary citizens and world-renowned medical and scientific experts is raising questions about matters ranging from the coronavirus' origins to the rationale for continued lockdowns" see articles below 😷

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Who's Targeted?

As I've already demonstrated, the people controlling the United States and other developed countries are not good people.

Once you understand how these controlling elite operate, it's easy to see why they are deliberately targeting innocent people.
On September 12, 2006, the Associated Press published, Official Touts Non Lethal Weapons for Use, where they announced, "Air Force official says non lethal weapons should be used on people in crowd-control situations."
They continued, "Nonlethal weapons such as high-power microwave devices should be used on American citizens... the Air Force secretary said Tuesday... Domestic use would make it easier to avoid questions in the international community over any possible safety concerns,
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1. Here is my 3rd thread on the Bible’s “Future Proves Past”. As mentioned before, it is not a coincidence that the majority of Anons are Christians or spiritually sensitive men and women.
2. Q uses many phrases over and over again to crystalize a point. “Future proves past”
“Learn our comms”
3. The #Bible has many similar phrases as well.
”That it might be fulfilled”
“Thus, you know that I am the Lord”
“He who has an ear, let him hear!”

A sample below Image
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Since everyone wants to see Q Proofs...
Remember 👇

556 💥#BQQM💥
694 💥#BQQM💥
3956 💥#BQQM💥
3977 💥#BQQM💥
4247 💥#BQQM💥

Did you notice the dates?

You’re welcome 😉

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I just discovered Operation Lockstep thanks to other Patriots on Twitter. It’s 🔥 SHOCKING🔥.
Published in 2010, it’s 1 of 5 scenarios used by Rockefeller Foundation in their push for globalization.
#OperationLockstep #COVID19 Image
Just read the first page of the #OperationLockstep section. #Pandemic? #COVID19 perhaps? #Quarantine? Economic collapse? Sound familiar? Image
Face masks...#MaskUp Control, Power... Remember this was written 10 years ago! #FutureProvesPast Image
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Let me tell you. I have being thinking about this. We are behind 3 years since this post. Everything that we are watching it already happened. Like Q ays We are watching a movie. Enjoy the show.
#Trump2020Landslide Image
Q took us to the future so, we can see the past.
Expand further.
Make the connection.
Map currently has 43 confirmed connections.
When this breaks many won’t swallow.
You are the voice.
We are here to help guide.
Future proves past
You are the calm before and during the storm
Q Image
We are behind 31/2 years!
Look to #POTUS tweet! 👀👇
#FutureProvesPast ImageImageImage
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3. Many anons are digging this. Disclosure I have not yet. I know 1 girl made vid that she was not missing however there are discrepancies in her age.
1 thing I will say is these #Wayfair “product names” matching missing persons are not normal names!👇🏻🤔💭
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#Freedom #RuleOfLaw #DeepDream #Manipulation #Corruption #FutureProvesPast
Newest Q posts connect us back to Feb '18 to shed light upon current social media control beyond any scope most can imagine into daily life on all levels.

#4532 a grammar error "does" instead of "do"
Q#4533 the 'error' is purposeful. The 'es' from "does" is [ES] and the mistake illustrates "roadmaps to others"!
Many have confused ES for Snowden.
It is rightfully Eric Schmidt, now ex CEO of Google.
Let us go back in time, also to figure out what might be 'roadmaps'!
Q#914 Mar '18, clarifies that ES is Eric Schmidt and NOT Snowden (see post).
Why is Eric Schmidt suddenly of importance now, in Jun 2020?
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#Soros and #HRC

They will lose black vote once #HAITI revealed.

Since POTUS elected what changed w/ RED?
Since POTUS elected what changed w/ CF?
Since POTUS elected what changed w/ Mc_I?
These people deserve …. . .. …….
#Q 1821
Does @POTUS make statements that are false?
Knowing what you know now.
[Start @ 12:00]

Think #HAITI [14:40]
Think Watergate Commission [removed_why_investigate].
Listen very carefully.
Surrounded by EVIL.
Q ImageImageImageImage
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Hey #Anons #Q !!

I was recently doing some digging on the Q posts to try and decode and I found something very interesting...!!!

AnyOne can explain me this logically ??

So as per my theory Jun 2020 Connects to April '18 Dec 18' and Oct 19'
But there are no Q posts from...
...Aug 01 2019 to November 3rd 2019...!! So I thought I was wrong...No October Q posts...but while seeing the April 2018 posts o found this !!

#Castle_online #Castle_green similar to Which Q posted a couple of days back #CastleRock_GodSpeed
Also i just googled the numbers in the post...just out of intuition...and it lead to these search results !! #RedSparrow #RedArrows with the first two results being Dept of Defense's tweets...!!
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NEW #Q 4423 Q responds to Anon w/ #FollowThePen 🖊️
#QPost #RedPilled 💊 Image
#FollowThePen 🖊️#Qanon #RedPilled 💊
There are a total of 9 post of Q on just this...

👉… ImageImageImage
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I Think The Events Going On Now Are Got When U read the Q drops from


As in...Q started October 2017 and supposed to End November 2020 ( 11.3 11.4 11.11 - All Important Markers)
By That Logic We are in Feb'18 going in Reverse...Mid point May 06 '19
Yesterday it Was BIG Today it's About Jobs and Security...!! U see Trump's tweets connections with Q posts of Feb'18 ??
If We keep Going back in Feb'18 Q drops...We Have this Next !!! #Anons Safe ? #MindContolled Shooters maybe next on their Plan !!
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Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 903ea7 No.9442918 📁
Jun 3 2020 01:04:16 (EST) NEW
Worth remembering.
Q !!
Jun 3 2020 01:05:26 (EST) NEW
Mistakes to some are roadmaps to others.
True, many mistakes from BLM and ANTIFA!
Their mistakes have been giving many clues and information to Patriots.
We have it all!
Blessings to POTUS and Patriots!
Build the map, bring the entire network down.
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NEW #Q 4385 #AntifaTerrorist #DarkToLight

Mapping Began Long Ago....
Arrests are imminent...…
How Do You Catch A Fish??
👉Way back to #QPost #28
👉Chess Anyone?♟️…

#DarkToLight #WeAreTheNews #FutureProvesPast
NEW #Q 4386 [#SOROS] 💀 [GS] A 'Special Place'

Expect us.
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#RedPilled 💊#QNN 🐸

Elmhurst Hospital Simulation Center…
Mike Pompeo Admits COVID-19 Is a “Live Exercise,” Trump Retorts “I Wish You Would Have Told Us”…
Event 201 - pandemic exercise in NY Oct 2019
DEMPANIC PANDEMIC #DarkToLight #RedPilled 💊 Image
Excellent read...👇
A Timeline—#Plandemic and Erosion of Freedoms Have Been Decades in the Making #RedPilled 💊 #DarkToLight
👉… ImageImage
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