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Here is the text of the big criminal justice reform bill (AB3) for the #nvleg special session:
- Bans chokeholds
- Duty to intervene
- Alcohol/drug testing policy after police shootings…
AB3 language on right to record police activity. Essentially, police can't stop a person from recording as long as they not physically interfering with/obstructing "law enforcement activity."
Here's bill language banning choke holds, implementing duty to intervene (essentially responsibility of police to intervene when they see another officer using unjustified physical force)
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I've gotten a lot of questions over the past couple of days about why the Southern Nevada Health District's data looks different than the data we report and I just wanted to do a brief little thread on it... 1/?
For starters, our data is statewide and, yes, Clark is a lot of the state, but that's one big difference worth getting out of the way first. 2/?
Let's look at the cases graphs. Our graph reflects the day that new cases were reported publicly, whether by a county or the state on behalf of a county. The Southern Nevada Health District tracks by symptom onset date. Why is that an important distinction? 3/?
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Carson City School District School Board meeting starts at 7pm. Here's where to tune in online:…

And this is the three page plan that was posted with the agenda about instruction starting again: Screenshot of page one of a three page plan for reopening scScreenshot of page two of a three page plan for reopening scScreenshot of page three of a three page plan for reopening
Meeting is underway, the superintendent is starting with mention of #nvleg and speculating that "lawmakers are meeting behind closed doors" as he has not seen much activity when he has tuned in today.
No public comment. On to Safe Routes to School Presentation.
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Assembly now taking up AB 2, which is being presented by John Vellardita, executive director of the Clark County teachers union. CCEA presented an amendment to that proposal that would limit which schools the district could sweep unspent funds from.
Vellardita calls the proposed cuts to SB 178 and Read By 3 programs "draconian."

"Those schools are the poorest schools in the school district. Theres a reason why they have this money going into the schools."
Vellardita, contd': Said a vast majority of the schools that get $ for Read by 3 and from SB 178 won't have any carry over to backfill those programs if the funding is cut by the state.
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Here's a link to @GovSisolak's 5 p.m. press conference, where he will provide an "update on Phase 2 of the Nevada United: Roadmap to Recovery Plan." I'll be live-tweeting his remarks & @MichelleRindels
is covering in person…
Sisolak is joined by COVID-19 Response Director Caleb Cage & DHHS administrator Julie Peek, who is leading contact tracing efforts
Recently we've experienced some trends that require additional evaluation and analysis. This includes an upward trend in the number of new daily cases in the last three weeks
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.@GovSisolak kicks off his presser by apologizing / retracting a statement and that indicated #nvleg bore blame for lack of investment in unemployment system
Follow @RileySnyder for most complete live tweets, btw.
Sisolak says the dog appears to be clearing away and people are wondering why they can't go out or grab a beer with friends. Says threat seems distant and abstract now. Reminds that models initially predicted thousands of deaths
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@GovSisolak is about to start his press conference on the state's "Road to Recovery" plan, which will include more details on the state's planned Phase 1 reopening. Livestream here:
Sisolak starts off by apologizing for giving impression that it was #nvleg's fault for issues with UI system, calls it a "long term structural challenge that is not the fault of our legislators."
Sisolak: core guiding priciples should be "Federally supported, state managed, and locally executed.”
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Two years ago, the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history killed 58 and injured 400+ in Las Vegas. The President’s only action was to prohibit bump stocks, and that took over a year. But @MomsDemand acted, and Nevada is now a gun sense state with a woman-led legislature.
It took FIVE YEARS to close the background check loophole. The bill passed in 2013, but the governor vetoed it. Then @MomsDemand volunteers helped pass background checks by ballot initiative in 2016, but state leaders refused to enforce it. All thanks to the @NRA’s opposition.
We didn’t give up. In 2018, Nevada @MomsDemand volunteers changed the makeup of the Nevada legislature through GOTV, and @everytown invested in gun sense candidates. We won - from the Governor on down. And the new lawmakers acted right away to pass gun safety laws. 💪💪💪
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THEY DID IT! A year ago, Nevada had a Governor who vetoed background checks, an AG we were suing to implement them, and a US Senator beholden to the @NRA. Yesterday, Nevada’s new Governor signed sweeping gun reform bills passed by the first woman majority legislature in the US.💪
The new laws ban bump stocks, implement a Red Flag Law and require responsible gun storage. Add these bills to the background checks bill signed into law earlier this session, and it’s proof positive that @MomsDemand has helped totally change Nevada’s political landscape. #NVLeg
Before signing the trio of bills yesterday, Gov. @SteveSisolak paused from emotion. Assemblywoman @sandra4nv - standing next to him - is a Las Vegas concert shooting survivor. Nevadans are so fortunate to now have these lawmakers fighting for them and their safety.
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NOW: Maria testifies to #NVLEG: 🤕“I was put on an IV & had to get blood transfusions because I had no blood left in my body. The medical bills are for different amounts (for each doctor) that add up $7000,” — Maria, community member testifying in Spanish in support of #AB469.🧾
💉☎“I stayed in the hospital for 3 to 4 days. The next month, I started getting calls about bills for doctors that had attended to me. I think that the law needs to change so that patients like me are protected,” — Maria, community member supports #AB469. #NVLeg
🗣Community member Maria is testifying in support of #AB469. She was in the hospital for 3-4 days. Month later, she started getting calls about bills for the various doctors that attended to her.

#NVLeg, the law needs to change so that patients in Nevada are protected.
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When Senator @MelanieScheible asked @Pickard4Nevada "What do you think poses a greater danger in dense residential neighborhoods: Bees or Guns?" We expected a normal answer and honestly, we couldn't have been more wrong #NVleg
Instead, Senator @Pickard4Nevada said Bees because "there are more people, africanized bees, frightened by the bees and other things in their yard then are actually threatened by a gun in these yards" #marchforourhives
1. This quote deserves an award for #BestofNVLeg 2. @Pickard4Nevada clearly does not understand gun violence and how it transcends "these yards" 3. what else are people frightened by in their yards? 4. Why the emphasis on 'africanized?' is Africa triggering? #NVleg
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During our @MomsDemand press conference today for #SB143, Gov. @SteveSisolak said he can’t wait for this bill to get to his desk so he can sign it. We’ve been working on this legislation since 2013 when a bill passed the legislature, but was vetoed by then Gov. Sandoval. #nvleg
Then in 2016, @MomsDemand helped pass a ballot initiative for background checks, but then Gov. Sandoval refused to implement the law. Now here we are again - after years of fighting and winning a gun sense majority - truly, fiballt passing background check legislation.
Other speakers included Nevada Attorney General @AaronDFordNV, who has been all-in on gun safety, and Assemblywoman @sandra4nv, who survived the nation’s deadliest mass shooting in modern history and has been a true gun sense champion.
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Drug prices are in the news. A thread. @RepCummings said it best "There is a strong bipartisan consensus that we must do something to rein in out-of-control price increases"… ....1
Similarly, GOP Chairman @ChuckGrassley said "“I have heard stories about people reducing their life-saving medicines, like insulin, to save money. This is unacceptable and I intend to specifically get to the bottom of the insulin price increase.”… ...2
This is a BIG deal. Patients have been boldly telling their stories in an attempt to force change. They are fighting MILLIONS of lobbying dollars to protect the status quo. MILLIONS...3…
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Some common acronyms you might hear or see during the @DhhsNevada budget hearing at #nvleg
@DhhsNevada Right now we're hearing from @DhhsNevada Director Richard Whitley on the impact of the Government shutdown on SNAP benefits for Nevadans. Proper nutrition is one component to maintaining #mentalhealth
@DhhsNevada Assemblywoman @sandra4nv asks how many Nevadans receive SNAP benefits.
Whitley response: 433,000 Nevadans receive SNAP benefits.
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For context, here's what happened in Nevada on #ElectionDay: Flipped a US Senate seat from R to D - Yes, @RosenforNevada! Kept 2 house seats for Dems. I see you @StevenHorsford and @SusieLeeNV! Elected a Dem governor for the 1st time in 20+ yrs. Governor @SteveSisolak! ... /1
Flipped almost all our constitutional offices from R to D - including our first ever African-American statewide victor. That's Lieutenant Governor, @KateMarshallNV, Attorney General, @AaronDFordNV, Treasurer, @ZConine, and Controller @cebyrnecpa. Not even close to being done. /2
Elected the first majority female state house under @JasonFrierson's leadership. 29 seats! Won in 2 competitive state senate seats with @donderoloopnv and @MelanieScheible - plus still too close in SD20 with @pazina_julie. #NVLeg 2019 will have more women than ever before. /3
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Guardianship Commission called to order. Justice Hardesty thanking Sharon Coates for admin support, Dania Reid and John Michaelson regarding the rules, Hank Cavallera and myself for mediation materials, & Mallory Nelson and Riley Wilson for reporting data. Roll called as well.
Hearing from Mallory Nelson at the 2nd Judicial District Court about latest Guardianship reporting numbers. Under age 30 represents over 30% of the caseload which is concerning and highlights the need for Supported Decision Making efforts as children near age 18.
Questions being asked about the "court appointed attorney not defined" statistic - response is that Washoe Legal is appointed in a broad way and then the specific attorney appears so that would account for that data point. Questions also about restoration of capacity data.
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