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I'm working on updating our legislative story shortly (busy evening)
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New results in Clark County mean that it's time for an update on what's happening in #nvleg races:

Overall, we're seeing Democrats increasing their leads in these races, including:

#SD8, where @donderoloopnv has pulled ahead of @paulos4nevada by 325 votes
@donderoloopnv @paulos4nevada Other remaining Senate races:

#SD9, where @MelanieScheible has increased her lead over Tina Brown to 2,453 votes (about 6 pts)

#SD12, where @pazina_julie has increased her lead over Cherlyn Arrington to 1,970 votes (about 4 pts)
@donderoloopnv @paulos4nevada @MelanieScheible @pazina_julie Now for the Assembly:

#AD5 - @BrittMiller4AD5 (D) maintains her lead over Kelly Quinn (R) with by 1,374 votes (more than 6 pts)
#AD9 - @SteveYeagerNV (D) has increased his lead over Ryan Fleming (R) by 1,192 votes (5.5 pts)
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NEW batch of mail ballot results from Washoe County just dropped! Looks to be about 18,400 total.

Follow for updates ⬇️
Cortez Masto 50.1%
Laxalt 47.2%

Cortez Masto picks up 4,600 votes in Washoe batch

Sisolak now LEADS in Washoe with 48.3%
Lombardo 48.1%

Sisolak picks up just over 4,000 votes in this batch
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Looks like they've stopped processing mail ballots at the Washoe registrar's office for the night, meaning our batch of results should be coming soon. Updates to follow
By soon, I obviously meant around 2 hours 🫠 Updated results will be posted here sometime tonight:
We have updated results! This batch includes 20,600+ mail ballots
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Good morning! Here’s a quick 🧵on the state of play in #nvleg after last night’s election results (caveat that there’s still a lot of mail ballots to process in Clark + Washoe).

Coming into the midterms, Assembly is 26D-16R and Senate is 12D-9R.
Of 11 Senate races on the 2022 ballot, Dems and GOP can count on winning 4 races each (SD2, SD10, SD13, SD21 for Dems, SD14, SD16, SD17, SD20 for GOP).

There are 10 senate seats not on ballot -Dems control 6 seats, GOP controls 4.
The remaining three Senate seats (all in Clark County) are all very close and represent the difference between GOP control (11R-10D) or continued Dem majority just short of supermajority (13D-8R).
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Good morning from snowy northern Nevada! No new results were posted between 2:30 am and now (thankfully 🙏🏼) but we’re expecting a lot of mail to be processed and counted today. Follow for updates 🧵 Image
The Associated Press has called #NV02 for incumbent Republican Mark Amodei. He easily defeated long shot candidate Elizabeth Mercedes Krause to win a 7th term…
Eddie Lorton, challenger to Hillary Schieve in the Reno mayor’s race, trails by ~7k votes and posted this update on Facebook this morning.

“Please pray that we can overcome … Hope for a miracle in our City.” ImageImage
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Here is a thread featuring some of the #nvleg highlights from Washoe County (so far)...
In #AD25, Democrat Selena La Rue Hatch is leading her opponent Republican Sam Kumar. This is a lean-blue district, formally held by Republican Jill Tolles.
In #AD30, incumbent Democrat Natha Anderson is leading against Republican Ricci Rodriguez-Elkins (this is a solidly blue district)
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If you're watching #nvleg races, here's a quick thread with some of the initial Clark County results:
In Senate District 2, it looks like Democrat Edgar Flores is leading his Republican opponent Leo Henderson (it's a solidly blue district):
In the competitive #SD8 Sen. Marilyn Dondero Loop is ahead of her Republican opponent Joey Paulos (the district is a lean blue, BUT this is a very competitive race).
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Good morning, I wanted to take a moment to update you all on where we are with the status of COVID-19 in our communities. You can follow my live press conference on my YouTube channel here:…
We have seen a rapid decline in case numbers, coupled with declining hospitalizations, a drop in #COVID19 detected in wastewater, a broader availability of testing, and an increase in available treatments.
We reported our first Omicron case two months ago. Nevada recorded our single highest day of new cases on January 10 with 7,865 cases. We’re currently averaging around 1,280 cases per day.
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18 months ago, CCSD received this report about special education in the Las Vegas Valley. It is damning, finding racial disparities, inadequate curriculum, teacher qualifications and funding, and organizational problems. THREAD 1/x… Image
Before highlighting some key failures, the elephant in the room: @GovSisolak and #NVLEG have not provided adequate funding for schools. They should not campaign on having fixed it (they haven’t). Nor should anyone criticize them without supporting the necessary taxes. 2/x Image
Inadequate funding means bloated class sizes, lower salaries for frontline staff, chronic staff vacancies, and (likely) more difficulty attracting and retaining the highly skilled educators who are desperately needed. It makes everything else harder, if not impossible. 2/x
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Today, I was proud to see the first meeting of the State Infrastructure Bank Board take place.

This State-led initiative aims at providing fast-track, much-needed infrastructure projects across the State and create thousands of good-paying jobs right here in Nevada.
I would like to thank Treasurer @Zconine, @NevGOE Director @davidbobzien, @DiversifyNevada Director Michael Brown, @NevadaDBI Director Terry J. Reynolds, & @Nevadadot Director Kristina Sallow for their continued leadership & for making today’s meeting possible.
I first called for the creation of this State Infrastructure Bank during my #NVSOTS & thanks to the passing of #SB430 by the #NVLeg, we have further facilitated our ability to invest in our infrastructure and create real jobs for real Nevadans.
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New: A federal district court judge has denied a preliminary injunction motion that aimed to block implementation of Nevada's new law banning 'ghost guns' / manufacture of firearms w/out serial numbers. The bill, AB286, was approved during the 2021 #nvleg & signed by @GovSisolak Image
@GovSisolak Some background on the lawsuit, from @JamesDeHaven…
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Thread: When everyone celebrated the $500 million “increase” for #NVed K-12, we started crunching numbers. When the budget bill showed discrepancies we started to investigate. In the end, we have concerns over the proposed per-pupil funding outcomes. 1/4
It’s important to clearly communicate funding details and help manage expectations. So far it seems the $500 million is mostly a RESTORATION of cuts which is important, but people need to know schools are NOT receiving a “huge” increase in funding. So we have questions: 2/4
Q1: Do all the budget items that make up the Total Public Support in the K-12 funding bill match the budget items in the 2019 funding bill? If so, why is there a decrease in funding? If not, why is the bill language identical? 3/4
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Thx to @TishJames, we were just delivered news of a MAJOR legal win against the NRA.

Meanwhile, *right now* @bradybuzz leaders are testifying for vital gun violence prevention bills in both Colorado and Nevada.

Naturally, the NRA is opposing both of these bills.

The Colorado bill (SB 21-256) would empower localities to adopt gun safety measures that meet the needs of their own local communities.

That's common-sense. It's exactly what local govts should do, esp in the face of CO's gun suicide crisis.

But the NRA thinks it's "confusing."
Right now, Coloradan & gun violence survivor @MaishaFields is testifying in support of this crucial gun violence prevention bill.

Major urban areas here in CO have seen astronomical spikes in gun violence. Coloradans need sensible and lifesaving solutions, like SB 21-256. #COleg
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GREAT NEWS: Amid growing threats around homemade "ghost guns," both California AND Nevada just advanced bills to prevent the dangerous spread of these untraceable & unregulated firearms.

Thank you to @sandra4nv, @AsmCottie, @ca_brady & Brady Nevada! #EndGunViolence #CAleg #NVLeg
More on the California ghost gun bill here, led by @AsmCottie.

“If it looks like a gun, and shoot like a gun, it’s a gun. Closing [the ghost gun] loophole is simple common sense.” #CAleg @ca_brady @bradybuzz…
And here is the crucial Nevada bill, led by October 1 survivor @sandra4nv.

“What we want to do is make sure that we’re closing that loophole. That we’re not allowing someone who can’t pass a background check the ability to purchase a ghost gun.” #NVleg…
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Assembly Judiciary Committee is hearing #AB395, which abolishes the death penalty in Nevada, converts all existing death sentences to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Still an open question whether this has sufficient support to pass.

Bill presenter @SteveYeagerNV urges #nvleg to put aside their personal feelings about the death penalty and see this as a policy question. He thinks testimony will demonstrate it is costly, ineffective, retraumatizes family, convicts the innocent and has a regional bias.
@SteveYeagerNV Tom Viloria, a former prosecutor in Northern Nevada, says he used to support the death penalty. But he observed that often it's just one prosecutor who knows the full facts of the case, and choice to pursue death penalty could be tainted by desire to be "hard-nosed bulldog"
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If you believe in following laws & rules, boy have we got someone for you to hold accountable.

Start by reading this:…

It shows some of the overwhelming evidence gathered that CCSD is willfully infringing on our copyrights & violating the reorg law
Re: Copyright Infringements

CCSD central office sent staff to schools we work w/ demanding to see our product.

They went through our whole product taking recordings.

Look at what CCSD’s chronic absenteeism chart looked like prior to and after copying our product.
Re: Violating the Reorg Law

Multiple schools put Data Insight Partners / MyEducationData into their School Performance Plan for the 20-21 school yr, in compliance w/ the law

Only to be blocked by central office w/ no reason given despite us working w/ schools the last 3 yrs
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I'll be covering the 1:30 p.m. hearing on the Trump campaign's lawsuit (Law v. Whitmer) seeking to block NV's presidential results or have the state's 6 electoral votes assigned to President Trump.

Livestream link here:
Judge James Russell is in the court, we're getting underway
Judge Russell says "It is important for all Americans to have confidence that their governmental officials have conducted a fair open and free election."
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The #EconomicForum is meeting today to set a forecast for Nevada's general fund revenues for the current and next two fiscal years. That will form the basis for the governor's recommended budget going into the #nvleg session in February.

Watch here:
Gaming tax revenue, which accounts for 18 percent of Nevada's general fund revenue, has been rocked by the pandemic, as evidenced by this chart.

Forecasts vary based on everything from new 25% capacity limits on casino floors, to rising COVID cases and midweek resort closures.
Table games more dependent on tourists but Nevadans' loyalty to slots is helping buoy gambling tax.

In some markets, slot revenue is already back up to pre-pandemic levels.

Still, without NFR rodeo, CES and big New Year parties, gambling tax in for 'bumpy road' next few months.
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"President Trump actually won Nevada."

Despite what the certification, the GOP SOS and the state Supreme Court said.

Remember Schlapp is the genius who repeated claim of Biden-Harris van pulling up and switching out ballots.

The circus is back in town, so send in the clowns.
I am sure it will be a shitshow in court tomorrow, and it will go nowhere.

But try to remember some inconvenient facts:

Biden did not perform all that impressively in Dem Clark. The dirty little secret is Trump underperformed in red rurals, which killed his chances to win.
And I still get a kick out of all the supposed fraud here while the GOP made gains in #nvleg. Genius!

Trump-Laxalt-McDonald-Grenell-Schlapp effort to destroy faith in democracy should be called out, all those who abetted should be forever tainted. Staying silent is complicity.
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A word about provisional ballots in NV. We have two types of provisionals. The 1st are the traditional provisional ballots required under HAVA for voters who have unresolved ?s about eligibility (such as ID required voters). Historically, few HAVA provisionals end up counted.
The 2nd are same-day registration (SDR) provisionals, which were first authorized by #nvleg in 2019. These ballots are for voters who: (1) register as a new voter in person at a polling place; (2) make an update to their registration at a polling place; or
(3) register online after the Thurs before the start of early voting. Approx 66,500 SRD provisional ballots were cast this election. SDR provisionals do not require a cure by the voter. Instead, they are provisional ballots because they must be verified before being counted.
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Thousands have gathered at Minden-Tahoe Airport to see @realDonaldTrump's first campaign stop in Nevada since the start of the pandemic. This is less than half the crowd.
@realDonaldTrump Taking the stage, Trump immediately comes out swinging taking aim at @GovSisolak for "trying to silence us." The Trump Campaign originally tired to hold the rally at the Reno Airport, but that was canceled because the state has a 50-person cap on public gatherings (in theory).
@realDonaldTrump @GovSisolak Trump says this is a peaceful protest because "those are allowed." Trump has also criticized Sisolak and the Democratic-led #nvleg for passing a vote-by-mail measure during the recent special session. He says "They have to rig the election. That's the only way they'll win."
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A lot of space in between these 2 responses to #nvleg's elections bill, which is where I'm going to remain.

2 big problems with this terrible bill:
1. It gives paid political operatives access to ballots.
2. All VBM is more susceptible to fraud than voting in person. ImageImage
What's funny is that if @realDonaldTrump (and his campaign) were as dishonest as Reid says, Trump would love this bill, because it allows non-election officials access to ballots.
Trump is probably going to lose NV. If he were interested in stealing an election, this bill would help him and his campaign do that.
Just ballot harvest in heavily Democratic neighborhoods and only turn in 70% of the ballots.
(I'm not suggesting that obviously.)
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Here is the text of the big criminal justice reform bill (AB3) for the #nvleg special session:
- Bans chokeholds
- Duty to intervene
- Alcohol/drug testing policy after police shootings…
AB3 language on right to record police activity. Essentially, police can't stop a person from recording as long as they not physically interfering with/obstructing "law enforcement activity."
Here's bill language banning choke holds, implementing duty to intervene (essentially responsibility of police to intervene when they see another officer using unjustified physical force)
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