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#Diskurs #Neoliberalism

Sehr geehrte @jagodamarinic auf @dlfkultur hat heute eine Stipendiatin aus #Frankreich die Nichtwaehler des Herrn #Macron als "irrational" diffamiert & die Bezeichnung von Arroganz bei Macron als "Unterstellung" diskreditiert
In einer Podcast - Folge von
#LakonischElegant wurde durch Menschen mit Expertise aus #Frankreich dargelegt, daß dieser Ruf der #Arroganz keineswegs aus der Luft gegriffen wurde & daher als #Resonanz zu verstehen ist.

So hat #Macron #Armutsbetroffene als "Die Zahnlosen" verhöhnt
#Warum ich dies schreibe?

Aktuell hat eine "#Ernährungsexpertin" der @spdbt in #Deutschland #Armutsbetroffene als #Menschen mit falscher "Einstellung" kategorisiert, sollten Sie Hunger leiden.

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"Today, when the left’s political timidity and #authoritarianism has stripped it of all credibility as a democratic political force, it is more significant that the right also finds it very difficult to resist the lure of #vulnerability claims."…
"The old imperial myth of Britain standing up to foreign tyrants is once again being wheeled out in respect of Ukraine, but the context has changed. The critical point ... is that the fear-mongering style of politics developed during the Cold all conservatives have left"
"All the old commitments, once proclaimed by conservatives, to traditional virtues, such as faith, family, sacrifice, duty, deference to hierarchy, have decayed in practice into a fear-driven politics in which liberals, socialists and foreigners are constructed as threats ..."
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@ThomasKnorra Die Gegner des #BGE werfen selbigem nicht ohne Grund genau dies vor, was durch die #Agenda2010 realpolitisch ausgelöst wurde:

#SozialeSegregation & eine Entwertung von #Aktivität.

Befürworter der #Agenda2010 setzen auf eine Welt bunt kaschierter #Ungleichheit.

@ThomasKnorra Es gibt einen echten #Pluralismus und dieser stellt sich gegen jede Ausprägung und Form von systemischer #Ungleichbehandlung!

Und dem gegenüber stellt sich ein Trend, welcher gerne auf "#Vielfalt" setzt, ohne dies wörtlich zu nehmen!

Horizontal versus Vertikal
@ThomasKnorra Was diese #Menschen der #Realpolitik aus den letzten 15 Jahren meinen, wenn sie das Wort"#Vielfalt" tendenzioes umdeuten, bezogen auf konkrete Handlungen, meint immer nur einen selektiven #Pluralismus auf horizontaler Ebene:

Das heißt innerhalb einer oekonomischen Schicht!
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#Germany - a) in terms of the #security aspect, this is a result of Western #hegemony managed by the US, in case b) of #energy supply, this is a question of geopolitical point of view, how to consider it: if you see 30 years provocations as a necessary part of it, ....
... and you provoke the split between #CentralEurope and #Russia (#USA/#NATO), whatever the cost, you are right, but with what we are currently experiencing as a result (#Ukraine), and if you are c) fixated on #exports and #neoliberalism ... (2/4)
... and do not intend to pay decent wages, you are destroying your internal (also the #EU's) purchasing power and giving #China the opportunity to put pressure on you, all the more so, (3/4)
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#Neoliberalism has been a cataclysmic failure:

Taxes for the rich have been cut, & regulation reduced or privatized

Worker, consumer & environmental protections have been removed

Deregulation produces not competition, but market concentration…
Economic power has resulted in feedback loops of political power, in which elites make rules that bolster further concentration

Wealth distribution is vastly more unequal, yet economic growth is slower & more chaotic than during the era of managed capitalism Image
Daily life has become more of a struggle for hundreds of millions of ordinary decent people

The economic collapse of 2008 was the result of the deregulation of finance, costing the US economy upwards of $15 TRILLION (vastly more globally) ImageImage
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You may wonder why no one in the #LiberalParty expresses misgivings about the kind of corrupt cabal it has devolved into.
About why it has become a cancer in the body of #Australiandemocracy.
What we need to grasp is that no insider can think beyond the bubble of its power.
But again - why? Why this extreme form of blindness to what is such an obvious problem? Why can they not see that the past 9 years of LNP govt is essentially an unbroken string of failures?
Putting it broadly: the failure to arrest rampant inequality and ecological disaster.
The answer is simple. The Liberal Party has shifted, in sync with #Capitalism itself, to become an embodiment of #neoliberalism - a devolution of the need for material security into an end-stage war for the ultimate control of resources.
And the first victim of war is the truth.
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It's an awfully poignant & sad allegory for how humanity & #neoliberalism is failing to address both chronic problems like #poverty & #publichealth & existential threats to humanity such as #nuclearweapons, #ClimateCrisis, #biodiversity loss & even approaching asteroids.
The best line is towards the end when @LeoDiCaprio's character, his family & the two scientists who attempted to warn humanity are eating their final dinner together & they are bantering about relatively mundane things like store-bought vs homemade cake & brewing coffee.
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A handful of antidemocratic right-wing libertarian billionaires - not least, Peter Thiel - are primarily concerned with increasing their unimaginable wealth & power, & protecting it from Governments, democracy, & the people.

What's their strategy, & who is Peter Thiel? Image
Most people know how Big Tobacco denied the link between cancer for decades by deploying 'the dark arts', & most people are aware of how the Koch brothers spent $billions using the same techniques to promote climate change denial & support Right-libertarian political parties.
Most people know that billionaires Rupert Murdoch (Fox News, Times Radio, TalkRadio, Times, Sun (& soon to launch talkTV), the Barclays (Telegraph, Spectator) & Lord Rothermere (Mail) invest heavily in stoking a divisive culture war in order to keep voters distracted & divided. Image
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What YOU can do:

1 Join a Union.

2 Support local, national & international groups, organisations & charities which: challenge racism, nationalism & the far-right; support refugees & democracy; fight poverty & climate change; push for electoral reform; oppose #NHS privatisation.
3 Subscribe to alternative/progressive media.

4 Stop funding/sharing divisive billionaire/hedge-funded media eg: GB "News"; Murdoch's Times, Sun, Fox News, talkRadio, TimesRadio & (launching soon) talkTV; the Barclays' Telegraph & Spectator; Rothermere's Mail; & the Express.
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#THREAD on #charity under #neoliberalism.

"The mobilisation of charity & welfare state restructuring are part of a broader project to ‘reassemble the social’ in accordance with (neo)liberal ideals of spontaneous, affective, self-regulating sociality."…
I'll quote/summarise the main conclusions of this innovative & timely intervention by Andrew Clarke & Cameron Parsell, who call for a reconfiguration, enabling people experiencing poverty, & the charitable people who work alongside them, to contribute to reassembling the social.
Enrolling charity in the neoliberalization of the social contributes to the reconfiguring of citizenship, solidarity & the social status of the poor to cultivate ethical solidarity, rather than to understand the true needs of the poor, or to address the causes of #poverty.
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The UK government once again faces accusations of passing responsibility to individual employers – trusting them to consult workers & act compassionately.

This is classic #neoliberalism, individualising responsibility & risking public health & safety.…
It is the latest incarnation of a UK government jobs policy that fetishises laissez-faire economics, perpetual consumerism & profit maximisation. For 40 years, The winners-take-all rule by the market-world elite has dominated for forty years.
Neoliberalism has eroded the social world of collective social institutions such as public services & trade unions, while greatly increasing casualised low-paid jobs under a disposable flexible labour-market model.

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#LandGovernance: Today is DAY 1 of the Political Economy of Land Governance in Africa short course.

The class of 2021 comprises 88 land professionals from 29 African countries.

Thread 👇

Read more:
@NELGA_AU @PLAASuwc @UWConline @ECA_OFFICIAL @giz_gmbh
Colonial conceptions of customary tenure continue to inform conceptions of the customary today. The "customary" is not fixed from some time immemorial; it has been reshaped for ideological & political purposes.

Prof. Kojo Amanor, African Studies, Ghana
@UnivofGh @IASUG Image
@UnivofGh @IASUG It's thrilling to get to know the land officials, activists, professionals and academics from across the continent.... The next generation of African land expertise.

The Political Economy of #LandGovernance in Africa short course - now online. Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/04/2021…
Study shows a whale of a difference between songs of birds and humpbacks…

#songs #birds #HumpbackWhales #ResearchStudy #differences
A Function Approximation Approach to the Prediction of Blood Glucose Levels…

#BloodGlucose #levels #prediction #diabetes #FunctionApproximation
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"No matter who comes to power, no matter what promises are made before elections, the same economic policies are followed"

"The sovereignty of the people is replaced by the sovereignty of global finance and the domestic corporations integrated with it"…
«For evidence of the connection between #neofascism and #neoliberalism, we need look no further than the fact that no neofascist political formation has actually imposed controls over cross-border financial flows»
«Ultimately, it is only by implementing such controls—along with strong domestic welfare policies—that we can escape this alliance. To assess the prospects for such a shift, it is essential to appreciate the distinctive features of the new #fascism»
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#Neoliberalism aims to reform the conduct of individuals & institutions to make them more competitive & productive. My 2003 PhD explored how this results in regulation which positions employees as (ir)responsible for failing to take adequate measures to protect themselves.
#COVID Image
My thesis utilised qualitative research methods & forms of Critical Discourse Analysis from within a predominantly Foucauldian perspective, to explore the relations between the perceived shift toward an underlying neoliberal political rationality, & emerging forms of regulation.
#Neoliberalism is concerned to reform the conduct of individuals & institutions to make them more competitive & productive.

Research proceeded through analysis of a key cultural technology, the Government's 'Revitalising Health & Safety Strategy Statement', & two case studies.
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Negative stereotypes harm all of us.

Supporters of #BlackLivesMatter aren't necessarily 'woke Marxists' (though some might be).

Similarly, people who boo England players for taking the knee in solidarity with victims of #racism aren't necessarily 'racist dickheads'. 👍 Image
Bonus Fun Fact:

As a New York born only child of Jewish parents of German origin, & a young socialist, the 'founding father of modern journalism', Walter Lippmann, was the first person to use the word "stereotype" in the modern psychological sense. Image
Lippmann, critical of US Chief wartime propagandist George Creel, advised Woodrow Wilson that censorship should "never be entrusted to anyone who is not himself tolerant, nor to anyone who is unacquainted with the long record of folly which is the history of suppression". Image
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Another ESSENTIAL listen from @gaslitnation.

The parallels with the UK - also reeling from forty years of #neoliberalism - are uncanny, & very concerning.

A Govt of corrupt millionaire bankers & lobbyists dividing voters & representing the interests of the grotesquely wealthy.
'We shouldn't have an economy & a democracy dependent on oligarchs being benevolent... countries that have strong social safety nets also have high levels of happiness, they have high levels of education (because university & HE are free), & they have low levels of corruption.'
'We need to push for greater equality & fairness in our economy, because it translates to greater equality & fairness in our democracy. America is a far-right country - we have our systems so skewed towards benefiting a minority slave-owning, property-owning class'.
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1/11 A real problem is the notion that there is something called 'objectivity.' This is a myth. There is no theory--not a single one--of truth that withstands scrutiny. We don't know what truth is and can never know.
2/11 Qualitative scholars, including critical theorists, acknowledge their own social locations relative to the subjects at hand, empowering readers to ferret out not so much bias as the perspective from which authors perceive their topics. It's a necessary honesty.
3/11 We should note here further that quantitative scholars do not escape bias. They are merely excused from the requirement to talk or even think about that bias.

Numbers *never* tell a whole story. Statistics are about aggregates.
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"Neoliberalism sees competition as the defining characteristic of human relations. It redefines citizens as consumers, whose democratic choices are best exercised by buying & selling. . . Attempts to limit competition are treated as attacks on liberty." 1/ .. #cdnpoli #cdnecon
"In the opinion of neoliberals, tax & regulation should be minimized, public services privatized. Unions & collective bargaining are market distortions that impede the natural hierarchy of winners & losers. Inequality is recast a reward for generators of wealth" #cdnpoli #cdnecon
Ed Finn: "Neoliberals view efforts to create a more equal society as both counterproductive & morally corrosive. The market (left free and unregulated) ensures that everyone gets what they deserve." 3/ ..… #cdnpoli #cdnecon
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Dec 8 2020: "In launching this new initiative, the #Hewlett Foundation is mindful of how an earlier generation of #funders helped create, nurture, and promote #neoliberalism."

"Just as philanthropy effectively spurred the development & ascendance of #neoliberalism, the Hewlett Foundation will support an ideologically diverse set of ideas and thinkers capable of leading a shift every bit as widespread and profound."
Led by Jennifer Harris, director of the Economy & Society Initiative, "the Hewlett Foundation is joined by a growing group of #funders interested in nurturing a #movement to supersede #neoliberalism."

"The Initiative will fund thinkers and organizations in the US & abroad."
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Results of elections over the last five years signal to Progressives that we cannot simply continue thinking in traditional ways, proposing the usual, conventional solutions & hoping the pendulum could shift in their favour.

We need to wake the fuck up.…
As a result of growing socio-economic inequality; the acceleration of economic, social & technological changes; changes in the voter base of social democratic parties; as well as numerous other global trends, many liberal democracies are led by populist politicians.

What to do?
In the EU, roughly a quarter of likely voters vote for populist politicians, whose actions centre on fighting against some outside enemy, the rejection of political pluralism & the irreconcilable conflict between the “people” & the elites - all very reminiscent of 1930s Germany.
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@Heidi_Cuda @BrentAllpress @Tentoads4truth @elliemail @MalcolmNance @Nick_Carmody @TeamPelosi @YourAnonCentral @jennycohn1 @ericgarland @JYSexton @politico YVW thank you for all your posts/threads..the CA one was excellent- the psychometric profiling of people prone to extremism and weaponizing them is one of the low points of this sad Trump/Brexit saga in history. For my money Murdoch is one of beneficiaries of it.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 10/19/2020…
Quantum physics may imply the existence of free will…

#QuantumPhysics #FreeWill #philosophy

#slavery #capitalism #ethics #economy
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 10/17/2020…
Pinpointing the 'silent' mutations that gave the coronavirus an evolutionary edge…

#evolutionary #COVID19
No, Roger Penrose, We See No Evidence Of A ‘Universe Before The Big Bang’…

#BigBang #universe #astrophysics
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