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The last time I visited #China, I knew it would be the last time. 5 minutes after sitting down with a #Uyghur friend, she was called by her cadre 'minder' questioning her why she was talking to a foreigner. Like so many, we've never heard from her again.
I made the choice not to return as a researcher because it endangers people. Or you can go back but you must construct your research in a way that the Chinese government approves and ignore people like my friend who has disappeared. And write about #China like it never happened.
That research access is based on approving or refusing to challenge the deadly lies which the government tells. When I worked in #China, it was clear many people maintain that access despite being racist towards Chinese people. This has nothing to do with respect for China.
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"A #Uyghur student has been missing in #HongKong for more than two weeks since he sent a message saying he was being interrogated by Chinese police at the city’s airport, a human rights group said Friday."…
Amnesty International said Abuduwaili Abudureheman, who was born in Xinjiang in western China, traveled to Hong Kong from South Korea to visit a friend on May 10 but has not been heard from since he texted his friend about being interrogated after his arrival.
“The unknown fate of Abuduwaili Abudureheman is deeply worrying, given the background of crimes against humanity committed against Uyghurs by the Chinese government in Xinjiang, and its ongoing pursuit of Uyghurs who have traveled overseas."
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Western gov't & media say Islam is banned in China, and minorities' languages like #Uyghur's r erased.

This lie can be easily debunked if you simply visit a mosque in China.

🧵I visited, found publications in Uyghur, Kazak, Arabic ...
This is China Muslim magazine in Uyghur 👇 Image
Different editions of the Koran are available in mosques in China.

On the left is a version in both Mandarin and Arabic and on the right is the version in Arabic with annotation.
This is a local newspaper in Kazak which is available in this mosque in Xinjiang's Tacheng city.
There's a large population of Kazakh ethnic groups living in this city.
This city shares a border with Kazakhstan. Image
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As #Russia and #China torture their populations, the fire of hearts stoked by the remembrance of history, which they deny and attempt to obfuscate/distort, spreads and engulfs.

The fire hurts, but the hurting is right, it is good.

It is direction; it is to be trodden.
No other direction brings #Humanity further.

The #Holocaust happened; The #Holodomor happened, the #Uyghur genocide is happening, the #Tibetan genocide is happening.

Through painful turmoil, we toil. A great many other foul conflicts rage; their fires of the heart hurt too.
#Palestine and #Israel both claim to want peace, neither can be first to stop the violence, neither wills to turn a cheek or implement full reconciliation where little ever sprouted.

#Iranian women remain targets, victims, punished; men remain slavers, cherished, what is holy?
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This is America — an insecure Empire that spreads stupidest lies every day about its geopolitical competitors.

🔹Atrocity propaganda for the brainless…

🔹written by guys who don’t speak a word of Chinese or Uyghur language…

🔹who are not experts on history, politics,…… Image
#Cotton fields in Xinjiang are not only highly mechanized but they are also hi-tech — using things like driverless tractors and (BeiDou) satellite for navigation.

April is the month of sowing seeds; and September is the harvest season.

#China #Uyghur #AI ImageImageImageImage
Xinjiang region produces 40% more cotton than the entire US!

5.3 million metric tons versus 3.8 mmt.

Xinjiang accounts for almost 90% of cotton produced in China. Image
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"In a new research paper, @adrianzenz casts doubt on the applicability of the rules related to #Uyghur forced labor by the ILO, a U.N. agency, arguing they were mainly drawn up to tackle commercially — not politically — driven exploitation."…
"In other words, Beijing is not primarily looking for cheap labor when its local officials in Xinjiang arrange for Uyghurs to go to work.
Instead, it is a top-down political campaign to make these Uyghurs, collectively presumed by the state to be potential secessionists and terrorists, submit to Communist Party rule.
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"#Uyghur activists in Germany and in four U.S. cities gathered outside Thai consulates and embassies on Friday, demanding that the Southeast Asian government improve the condition of Uyghur refugees in detention in Thailand."…
"The protesters also demanded that Thailand allow U.N. human rights officers to have access to them, and to release them and work with third countries to resettle and reunite the refugees with their families."
"“It is extremely distressing to receive the news of another death in the Thai IDC,” Arkin told Radio Free Asia, referring to Bangkok's Immigration Detention Center, notorious for its overcrowded and squalid conditions for inmates.
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“A #Uyghur college student who supported the “white paper” protests in China is being detained in Xinjiang pending an investigation into her communication with her brother who lives in the United States, according to a state security agent.”…
Kamile Wayit, a 19-year-old preschool education major at a university in China’s Henan province was detained in December after posting a video about November’s “white paper” protests across China.
When she returned to her home in Atush, the capital of Xinjiang’s Kizilsu Kirghiz Autonomous Prefecture, for winter break, city police apprehended her, her brother Kewser Wayit told RFA.
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This is the first time I travel abroad using this refugee travel doc since I was granted asylum in the US. I've always said that I am just lucky in this process while thousands of #Hongkongers & #Uyghurs struggle to see progress on their asylum applications . 🧵US lifeboat policy Image
US asylees & refugees typically can’t leave the country. A refugee travel document acts in place of a passport for those who can no longer use their original passport to ensure (but not guarantee) that they can re-enter the country under circumstances. 2/
To get a travel doc, first you have to be granted asylum. But that itself is alrdy a long process to go thru. Applicants can be left waiting for as long as 10 years for the interview, during which they hv to be in the US and can only apply to work after 180 days after filing. 3/
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My daughter & I went to #Xinjiang for a ski trip in Keketuohai #可可托海 in the Altay 阿勒泰 area bordering Mongolia, Russia & Kazakhstan.

I can confirm that
- there is no permit required travel to & within XJ
- extra info required for non-resident staying in XJ hotel

1/18 ImageImage
My travel document is a resident card which effectively like a mainland ID card, my daughter travel with 回鄉證 like millions of Hongkongers thus considered non-resident. Therefore I was able to observe the difference the treatments of different travel doc.

The flight from Guangzhou to Urumqi was booked on Ctrip app. No special requirement for booking. No special security checks for boarding flight to XJ.

Note to those planning to fly to Urumqi - book seats on the left side window for the stunning views of Tianshan.

3/18 Image
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"A former #Uyghur propaganda chief who was imprisoned on separatism charges despite being a mouthpiece for #Beijing has died at age 57, according to a prefectural official and an activist who runs a nonprofit human rights advocacy group."…
Ilham Rozi was arrested in 2019 and sentenced to 15 years in prison for inviting prominent Uyghurs to give lectures in early 2010s. He died on March 7, only five days after he was released from jail, said @AbduwelA.
"Ayup, who obtained information about Rozi through various channels, said officers from the Igerchi police station in Aksu city took Rozi out of a prison that operates under the auspices of the Xinjiang Construction and Production Company."
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Problem with the Integrated Review section on 🇨🇳 isn’t the language (which has much to recommend it).

There’s some nice sounding stuff in there eg:
The problem is that there isn’t much we can elevate to what Robert Kennedy called the “dignity of policy”.

Let’s dig a bit.
The IR talks about ‘creation of dependencies’ (an explicit aim of the CCP). In 2020 @dominicraab commissioned Project Defend to address dependency. It was quietly dropped in 2022. Nobody knows why. The IR doesn’t reinstate it, doesn’t even hint towards it.…
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NEW: @ITCTofficial interview with deputy leader of TIP (aka ETIM).


#China #Xinjiang #Uyghur #Syria… Image
Was TIP involved in the July 2021 suicide bombing against Chinese nationals in Kohistan, Pakistan?

In this interview, TIP deputy leader Abdusalam At-Turkistani denies TIP's involvement in the attack.

Special thanks to @cozyduke_apt29 for playing a critical role in holding this interview.
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OK, I'm biased here in that I do not believe that the situation in Xinjiang is anything like that claimed by Western media. This article has really angered me though:…
#China #Uyghur
The article relies only on anecdotal accounts, it doesn't include any indications of attempts to verify the stories and publishes them as fact without any caveats. Although a few searches on his previous interviews reveal that Parach's story has clearly changed over time⬇️
Why do I find it suspicious that so many innocent men abandon their families to that which they are so terrified of? They claim no knowledge of extremist elements but are contacted by them and trust those same elements to traffick them out of the country.🤷‍♂️⬇️
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“Lawmakers and human-rights groups in Europe have denounced an expected visit to London and Brussels this month by a Chinese official sanctioned by the U.S. for helping orchestrate repression of ethnic minorities.” #China #Uyghur…
Mr. Tuniyaz, who is chairman of the Xinjiang government and the region’s No. 2 official, has been a visible advocate of Chinese policies in the region.
Mr. Tuniyaz’s planned visit was criticized by some lawmakers in the U.K. “The U.K. can engage with China without meeting its worst criminals,” a group of members of Parliament said on Twitter.
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From @guardian: "The Foreign Office has shocked cross-party opponents of #China's treatment of #Uyghur groups by revealing that it has asked the #Xinjiang governor for talks."…
According to an email from the Foreign Office, Erkin Tuniyaz – who has been sanctioned by the US – is planning to visit the UK next week, followed by trips to other European countries to meet “stakeholders” to “discuss the situation in Xinjiang”.
News of the meeting was conveyed by the Foreign Office to campaigners in a bid to head off protests. It is likely to be taken as a sign by China that the UK is looking to improve bilateral relationships.
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What has Happened to me ~Testimony of an Uzbek Woman~ (1/7)#Uyghur #stopuyghurgenocide #China #CCPChina
What has Happened to me ~Testimony of an Uzbek Woman~ (2/7)#Uyghur #stopuyghurgenocide #China #CCPChina
What has Happened to me ~Testimony of an Uzbek Woman~ (3/7)#Uyghur #stopuyghurgenocide #China #CCPChina
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THREAD: Groups aligned with #TTP

2.Mazar Baloch's Group
4.Jamaatul Ahrar
5.Ghazi Abdul Rashid Shaheed Brigade
6.Tehreek-e-#Taliban Punjab
7.Musa Shaheed Karwan group
8.Amjad Farouqi group
9.Hakeem Ullah Mehsud Group Image
10.Bajaur Taliban
11.Mohmand #Taliban
16.East #Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM)
17.#Uzbekistan Islamic Movement (UIM)
18.Mustafa Doga Madakhel's militant group

Laskhar-i-Islam is a militant terrorist organization active in and around #KP. LeI was founded in 2004 by Mufti Munir Shakir. The most recent leader was Mangal Bagh. On 12 March 2015, Lashkar-e-Islam announced that it was joining #TTP. Image
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“Some 55 Uyghur organizations have called on world leaders to recognize Dec. 9 as Uyghur Genocide Recognition Day, ...…
... marking the day a year ago that an independent #Uyghur Tribunal announced its findings that #China committed genocide against Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang.”
The groups from 20 countries urged global leaders to take immediate action to end the Chinese government’s human rights atrocities against the predominantly Muslim Uyghurs.
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"More than 50 #Uyghur groups on Thursday urged heads of states and leaders of international organizations meeting with #China's President Xi Jinping this week in Saudi Arabia to condemn China’s atrocity crimes against the #Uyghurs and…
... end the genocide in its far-western Xinjiang region."
“On various occasions, Uyghur organizations have expressed their great disappointment over the silence of Muslim-majority countries on the Uyghur genocide, which has involved the arbitrary detainment of millions of Uyghurs in concentration camps, ...
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Over the weekend, thousand of overseas Chinese in 60+ cities rallied in memory of #Uyghur victims in the #Urumqi fire and in solidarity of the Covid protest back home. Many of the protests were led by overseas Chinese women, feminists and queer.
On Instagram, Chinese Queers Will Not be Censored has been documenting feminist and queer organizers' voices and demands. We see women and queer people leading the chanting: We want freedom, not forced covid tests. We want diversity, not patriarchy.…
Chinese feminist and queer organizers demand diversity. This means seeing and listening different voices. In New York, feminist and queer organizers prioritized #Uyghur people's speeches in the open forum session.…
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China 🇨🇳

The largely overlooked story behind China’s Covid quarantine camps - the mass detention of the #Uyghur Muslims - with inhumane facilities and starvation.

Also - more than 1 million Uyghur and other Muslim minorities are forcibly held in mass detention camps in the Xinjiang province of China where they face countless human rights abuses such as forced labour and coerced sterilisation.…
The UN Human Rights Council has voted not to debate the treatment of the Uyghurs and other mostly Muslim minorities in China’s northwestern region of Xinjiang.…
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Many of the world’s largest asset managers and state pension funds are passively investing in companies that have allegedly engaged in the repression of #Uyghur Muslims in #China, according to a new report.…
The report found that three major stock indexes provided by MSCI include at least 13 companies that have allegedly used forced labour or been involved in the construction of the surveillance state in China’s Xinjiang region.
“If the average Briton or American realised that hundreds of millions of pounds or billions of pounds were being invested in Chinese technology firms with close ties to the state, they would be outraged,” said Johnny Patterson, an author of the report.
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"Authorities in #China have sentenced the mother and sister-in-law of an ethnic #Uyghur member of the Dutch air force to 15 years in prison on charges of supporting terrorism and revealing state secrets, Radio Free Asia has learned."…
Capt. Munirdin Jadikar, now a Dutch citizen, has been living in the Netherlands since 2006. His mother came to visit him in 2014 to attend his wedding, he told RFA’s Uyghur Service.
In 2016, the same year he joined the Royal Netherlands Air Force, he lost contact with his mother, Imanem Nesrulla, and his sister-in-law, Ayhan Memet, he said.
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