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It‘s remarkable that @RT_Erdogan is preventing peaceful demonstrators from raising awareness about the genocide #China‘s committing against the #Uyghurs of #EastTurkistan. Separately, I’ve seen tweets from #Turkey’s talking heads accusing the [frequently incompetent] @CIA of…
… being behind the demonstrations. As somebody who‘s openly, vocally critical of the #CIA (seriously, check my timeline) & who spends hours everyday trying to help raise awareness of the #Uyghur issue, I can tell you that I’ve seen *NO* US gov’t support for the #Uyghurs AT ALL…
… this is immensely frustrating, b/c this is a #HumanRights crisis & the #CIA would actually be in a position to help if they wanted to do the right thing. But more importantly, this conspiracy theory deflects from something more troubling: #Turkey’s closeness w/ #China
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This is a remarkable piece of well crafted Propaganda 👇🏼 “They are using snake to interrogate” ? 👀 I will break it down in following thread:
1) Aydin Anwar, the Uyghur American Activist in video wears hijab. There are very few Uyghur American women who wear hijab. This is a nice touch to highlight Muslim nature of Uyghurs and appeal to broader Muslim community. This is working as Arab Americans I follow tweeted video
2) “They are being sterilized, a method used in Genocide” Even China Human Rights Defender whose widely sited estimate of 1 million in detention based on 8 informants and HRW report didn’t mention this. But it makes a good story…
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This is so sad, but it‘d also be bad if the @StateDept were holding back on taking stronger action against #Beijing to keep hope alive for these select families. @RadioFreeAsia is still using #China’s term for Occupied #EastTurkistan (“#Xinjiang”). Are these hostage families why?
… if it turns out that #RFAsia’s still using the Chinese Communist Party’s term — #Xinjiang — to refer to Occupied #EastTurkistan (which is what its inhabitants call it) in order to gain PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT for #Uyghur-language employees’ families… big scandal, @JohnLansing.
… I‘d encourage @BBGWatch to look into this. Nobody calls #Tibet by its #CCP name, “#Xizang,” so why are @USAGMgov outlets calling Occupied #EastTurkistan by its Chinese name, “Xinjiang?” We add insult to #Uyghurs’ injury by repeatedly & intentionally mis-naming their Homeland.
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Given the fact that @SaudiEmbassyUSA’s in desperate need of goodwill, one would think they’d be smart enough to do something magnanimous, like offer support to the #Uyghurs of #EastTurkistan. Instead, they threaten to strengthen Communist #China by selling oil priced in #yuan. 🙄
… in the grand scheme of things, #Khashoggi was one guy with — at the very least — a lot of very bad friends. #Turkey, meanwhile, has 200+ journalists imprisoned & is doing nothing to help the Turkic #Uyghur people. As Custodians of the Two Holy Mosques, @KSAmofaEN should help.
… despite this glaring fact, Saudi imams will THROW YOU OUT of a Mosque if you dare ask congregants to pray for the #Uyghurs of Occupied #EastTurkistan. The #KSA’s apparent unwillingness to align w/ Western democracies & oppose this unfolding genocide is a major strategic error.
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I assess that it’s unlikely Communist #China will exterminate the #Uyghurs of Occupied #EastTurkistan (“#Xinjiang”) using Nazi-style methods like gassing. #Beijing is smart enough that they’ll try to do it w/ a modicum of plausible deniability. Therefore, it’s vital we monitor…
… the condition of these #ConcentrationCamps in Occupied #EastTurkistan (“#Xinjiang”) for (1) cumulative average radiation exposure (from the daily body scans #Uyghurs are subjected to) & (2) prison diseases like #tuberculosis (which are fatal if untreated). We should also…
… consider the possibility that these diseases, when coupled w/ medical neglect, are an intentional strategy that Communist #China is using or will use to slowly eradicate the #Uyghur people of Occupied #EastTurkistan (“#Xinjiang”) housed in these #ConcentrationCamps. #GENOCIDE
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… the last time missing @INTERPOL Pres. #MengHongwei was in the news (aside from a September blip abt a spat b/t #Serbia/#Kosovo re: #INTERPOL membership) was in July. He met w/ #Russia'n Investigative Cmte Chairman #Bastrykin & was criticized by Prosecutor General #YuriChaika.
… another official who was detained by Communist #China recently is #NurBekri. He was head of the #PRC's National Energy Administration & was a #Uyghur. He went missing about a week after meeting w/ #Putin. Is it possible that #Beijing fears #Russia is recruiting its people?
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