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Is #Polkadot $DOT still alive?
Is the “Ethereum Killer” narrative still valid?
What's new with the protocol that was supposed to replace #Ethereum?

Thread 🧵👇

When #Polkadot launched in the second half of 2020, you could hear that we are dealing with the real successor to #Ethereum.…

The #Polkadot $DOT narrative was so strong that there was a temporary trend of pumping and getting excited about all projects that had anything to do with Polkadot.
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"Polkadot and Cosmos: The Interoperability Leaders"

Blockchains today are like isolated islands, which are great in themselves but can't communicate with others.

Blockchains are great databases, but they are dumb at communicating with each other and lack interoperability.

1/n Image
To transfer assets across chains, we have to use bridges, which come with inherent risks. According to @Cointelegraph more than $2.5 billion worth of assets have been lost in bridge hacks.

To solve this serious problem, developers around the world are building robust solutions.
In this thread, we will learn about the two interoperability leaders Polkadot and Cosmos point by point.

Link to the detailed article:…
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Increasing the no of users on-chain requires faster execution times, higher security, & cheaper txn fees.

#Sharding is one solution that claims to scale blockchains to process up to a million txns per second.

What's sharding? How does it work?

Let's find out 🧵👇 Image
In non-sharded blockchains, each node is responsible for processing every transaction and storing the entire state.

Even if there are 1000 nodes (⬆️ nodes = ⬆️ security), the TPS of the network is limited to the processing power of one node.

This creates a bottleneck.
Sharding is one of the most viable solutions to this problem.

It focuses on splitting the blockchain into smaller pieces called "shards."

Each shard can process a portion of the total transaction processing load, increasing the network's processing power. Image
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There are 21 @Polkadot parachains now.
Let's have a look at them.

A simple guide to Polkadot ecosystem

$DOT #Polkadot
Polkadot is a kind of L0 project, blockchain for blockchains, so-called parachains.
Every parachain can be independent L1, EVM, DeFi platform, or NFT ecosystem, but still, be a part of Polkadot. This is a very flexible architecture with a unified standard and security.
There are two ways to get a slot for Polkadot parachain. Common-good parachains (1) or auction-granted parachains (20).

21 parachains now
2 - L1
10 - DeFi
3 - Cross-chains
6 - web3/NFT
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Here's a little thread about $DOT - Polkadot.

Pretty much, Polkadot: "The Blockchain of Blockchains". 🤯

I will leave all the official links at the end. 👇

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The idea of @Polkadot was created in 2017, by Dr Gavin Wood (@gavofyork) just after inventing the #Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and the infamous 'Solidity' programming language.
@Polkadot is the first "Layer 0" #blockchain that can connect multiple "Layer 1" blockchains to itself. They aim to create a unified network of blockchains that can be built and connected.
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1/ 🔥 #Equilibrium is a unified DeFi platform that enables lending, borrowing, staking, swapping, trading, and earning across multiple chains.

Built on Polkadot and has a DeFi #parachain on @KusamaNetwork called @GenshiroDeFi with higher risk control than existing primitives.
2/ 💪 Equilibrium is built for #DeFi native and made accessible to everyone. It is the most comprehensive cross-chain platform to bring mainstream finances’ best practices to major digital assets.

To be a part of #Equilibrium, visit:
3/ ✅ Its native token is EQ which will work on every chain bridged with @Polkadot with utilities of governance, staking, and payment exchange.
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KILT Protocol:

#Kilt is a fully decentralized identity protocol for issuing self-sovereign, verifiable credentials.

In this thread we will discuss the tech, tokenomics and the value proposition to help you understand the project in more simple terms.

/Thread 🧵
1. Value Proposition

$KILT is the only project in ID and Credentials which "solves the price/truth Paradox".

They produce affordable credentials whilst delivering the security of a permissionless blockchain.

This is key to adoption by the Financial Industry.
2. Visualise

Say you are sick.

If a person, X, comes to you claiming they are a doctor, it would be hard for you to trust this person, because you know nothing but their name.

If the same person produces a medical license issued by the government, you would trust them more.
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@Polkadot X @kusamanetwork

Qu'est ce que sont les parachains auctions et les crowdloans ? Comment cela se déroule ? Quels sont les avantages, inconvénients et risques ?
👉[Les bases de l’écosystème @Polkadot ]

🔸#Polkadot est une #blockchain fonctionnant avec le consensus Nominated Proof of Stake (NPoS) et se différencie par son approche multi-chain.
Elle est ce qu’on appelle la couche 0 (ou relaychain) sur laquelle va reposer d’autres couches (#Layer1 ). Ces couches-là seront les #parachains (d’autres blockchains toutes connectées entre elles).
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Crowdloan de #Acala $ACA y otras #crowdloans, ¿Merecen la pena?

-Mi estrategia
-Cómo entrar con +7% de bonus

Hilo 🧵🦊👇 Image
La crowdloan de #acala cierra en exactamente 24 horas y he decidido hacer un hilo sobre los pros y los contras de participar en crowdloans de parachains.
En general, para los que os gusten las cosas sintetizadas, se podría decir que si eres un inversor a largo plazo, esta podría ser una gran oportunidad.
Si eres un trader, es posible que prefieras conservar el control de tus $Dot y vender justo antes de un posible mercado bajista Image
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🔥 Hoy 29/09/2021 ‼️🔥

Topico: #Parachains #RelayChain #Bridgechain
(#HiloInstintoFinanciero 59)
Abocado a #Polkadot

🟢 ¿Qué son?
🟢 ¿Para qué sirve?
🟢 ¿Para que se aplicaria?
🟢 ¡Sorpresas extras!

¡Quedate leyendo que algo SEGURO te llevas!
Primero lo primero, ¿Qué es #Polkadot?

▫️ Es un protocolo de codigo abierto
▫️ Permite la evolución de la tecnología blockchain
▫️ El objetivo es la interoperabilidad entre distintas cadenas de bloques
▫️ Permite intercambiar datos y conseguir desarrollar servicios mas potentes

No tiene la misma estructura que los demás protocolos por eso definiré parte por parte como esta compuesta.

▫️ Su red se divide en partes diferenciadas con distintos roles y funciones:

1⃣ Parachain
2⃣Relay Chain
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¿Qué es #kusama ? ¿Por qué es considerada la blockchain prima-hermana de #Polkadot ?

Abro hilo:
Todo el mundo habla de Polkadot, pero poca gente nombra a Kusama. El hecho de no ser mainstream no quiere decir que no tenga potencial, y lo vais a poder comprobar a continuación.
⬇️ Image
Kusama está programada con #Substrate , y contiene casi al 100% el mismo código y estructura que Polkadot. La ventaja de #Kusama es que la gobernanza y las decisiones que se toman a través de su comunidad son 4 veces más rápidas.
La gente suele pensar que @kusamanetwork es la red de prueba de #Polkadot y, a pesar de que en cierta manera los programadores realizan cambios y adaptaciones en #Kusama , las redes de prueba son realmente Westend y Rococo.
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¿Qué es @Polkadot ? ¿Qué son y cómo funcionan sus #Parachains ? ¿Qué son y cómo se llevarán acabo las subastas de estas Parachains?
Explicación completa
A pesar de ser algo complejo, lo voy a explicar de la forma más sencilla posible.
Es algo largo, pero os aseguro que merecerá la pena. Te pido por favor que si te es útil, lo compartas de la forma que quieras. Si es con un RT mejor que mejor 😄🙌
Voy a dar por hecho que tenéis un conocimiento mínimo sobre lo que es una #blockchain y como funciona, ya que sino será complicado entender como funciona #Polkadot .
Al final de este hilo descubrirás porque se viene un año increíble para Polkadot y su hermana #Kusama .
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Getting close to @Polkadot and @kusamanetwork parachain launch by @web3foundation, we check why #parachains need @Kiltprotocol and how ones can benefit from #KILT beeing a #Polkadot and #Kusama parachain.
#KILT provides a base layer for verifiable credentials in Web 3.0 world, building a permissionless trust infrastructure for real-world business cases like #DeFi, genetics testing, cloud computing and energy partnerships, also exploring collaborations in climate change and gaming
As parachain Kilt would provide its #DIDs (Decentralised Identifiers) and Verifiable Credentials through Relay Chain to other parachains

KILT would soon be able to utilise functionality from other parachains, such as smart contract systems and oracles.
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