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🧵Thread Post : 15 @syscoin

Looking at the market pumping again on the hopeful news of @BlackRock #BITCOIN ETF approval, it is an apt time to bring to your notice a hidden Blue 🔵 💎 #syscoin which has been continuously building over the past 9 yrs

Hope you enjoy the 🧵$SYS Image
1.1 What is @syscoin
$SYS is a #cryptocurrency that proposes near zero fee on financial transactions like #BTC & equips businesses with the infra to buy & sell goods,assets, digital certificates & data securely

#Syscoin #SYS #Sysarmy @RolluxL2 Image
1.2 $SYS also supports variety of marketplaces, ranging from #DeFi to #cefi markets.
Acc to @realSidhuJag CTO of Blockchain Foundry & co-founder of #syscoin "@syscoin presents mixture of both #BTC & #ETH with services built to attain more efficient financial computing platform".
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📰 DIA Ecosystem Weekly News 📰

Here is a recap of important news within the $DIA Ecosystem from the previous week.

A Thread 🧵 Image
✅ New data source validated @opensea

@opensea has been validated as a data source for the #DIA platform by the #DIA #DAO community.

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🎉DIA DAO x Relative Finance

@DIAdata_org has announced its partnership with @relativefi.

#Relative #Finance has successfully integrated a custom #DIA xFloor oracle which provides it with fully customized real-time price feeds for a variety of #NFT collections.
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Let’s talk #ERC4337.

It’s a new #Ethereum standard that introduces “Account Abstraction,” or smart account, capabilities in production. 

A thread🧵👇
1/21 Image
#ERC4337’s already spread to a handful of other chains, and it’s got big implications for #NFTs wherever it goes. Let’s dig into these implications in this thread 🔻

What Is Account Abstraction?🔻

To understand AA, first it’s important to grasp the basics of accounts on #Ethereum and #Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) networks.
There are two main kinds of accounts to consider here: Externally Owned Accounts (EOA) and Contract Accounts (CA).

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We all know that the major problem with providing Liquidity in #DeFi is the issue of IMPERMANENT LOSS.

Well, I came across a DeFi project that aims to SOLVE THIS ISSUE finally @Belugadex

Let's take a deep dive👇👇

A Thread 🧵🐬 #Web3 #Crypto Image
We will be covering...

🐬-What is Beluga Protocol?
🐬-Safety & Audit
🐬-Official links
🐬 -Conclusion

Let's dive right in 🤝

💦NAME; Beluga Protocol (or Beluga)

💦PRODUCT; @Belugadex

Beluga is an ecosystem of DeFi products built on #Solana, #Arbitrum and other #EVM chains with the goal of simplifying DeFi and a focus on excellent customer experience.
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Let's take a deep dive into the intricacies of Internet Protocols (IPs) like TCP/IP, their history, and how these systems parallel to the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem.

This thread is technical - buckle up! #InternetProtocols #Ethereum
TCP/IP, the backbone of the internet, has its roots in the ARPANET project of the 1960s-70s.

It's a suite of protocols for data transmission and routing. TCP/IP is layered, each with its specific tasks:

Network Interface, Internet, Transport, and Application. #TCP_IP
The Network Interface layer (eg, Ethernet) takes care of the physical transmission of data.

Internet layer (eg, IP) ensures data packets are routed correctly

Transport layer (eg, TCP) guarantees reliable transmission

Application layer (eg, HTTP) is for user interactions
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सावधान ! सावधान! सावधान!

भाजपाने कर्नाटक विधानसभा निवडणूकीत पूर्ण शक्ती लावली नाही. मागील वर्षी उत्तर प्रदेश निवडणूकीत भाजपाने जितका जोर लावला होता, तो या वेळी दिसला नाही..

उत्तर प्रदेश निवडणूकीत : 👇

1. त्या निवडणूकीत मोठ्या प्रमाणात पोलीस कर्मचारी, निवडणूक अधिकारी व 👇 Image
भाजपा कार्यकर्ते हे गुजरात वरून आणले होते..

2. त्या निवडणूकीत मोठ्या प्रमाणावर EVM मशीन भाजपा नेत्यांच्या गाडीत व टेम्पोत सापडल्या होत्या.

3. त्या निवडणूकीत अनेक वोटिंग बूथ वरून EVM गडबडी समोर येत होत्या.

4. त्या निवडणूकीत मोठ्या प्रमाणात AIMIM सारखा मत कापणारा पक्ष व 👇 Image
असदुद्दीन ओवैसी सक्रिय होता, किंबहुना गोदी मिडिया रोज त्यांच्यावर चर्चा करत होता.

5. त्या निवडणूकीत मोठ्या प्रमाणात मत परिवर्तनासाठी पैश्याचा वापर झाला होता.

या सर्व गोष्टी एखाद्या अपवाद वगळता कर्नाटक निवडणूक दिसल्या नाही.
कर्नाटक मध्ये लोकसभा सिटचा विचार करता फार मोठ 👇 Image
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BRC-20 token: What's the buzz about?

Why has it taken the market by storm recently?

Could this be the next big thing in #crypto?

🧵 A thread:
#BRC20 #NFTCommunity
1/ Have you heard of the BRC-20 token?

It's a new experimental fungible token that's making waves in the crypto world.

Unlike other tokens created on #EVM Blockchain, the #BRC20 standard is quite simple.
2/ The token is built on top of the #Bitcoin #Blockchain network using Ordinals and Inscriptions.

Essentially, it's a JSON file implemented as a token contract, allowing users to create and transfer tokens.
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जितना मैं #केजरीवाल को जनता हूँ वो रिश्वत नहीं ले सकता !
वो देश विरोधी #JNU के पक्ष में खड़ा हो सकता है । वो देश की #सेना के मान-सम्मान की धज्जियां उड़ा सकता है । वो #सर्जिकल_स्ट्राइक जैसे देश हित के फैसले पर सवाल उठा सकता है । वो #शीला_दीक्षित के खिलाफ #600पन्नों के सबूतो
ं की फाइल दबा सकता है । वो #पंजाब में #आतंकियों के घर रात बसर कर सकता है । ओ देश के लोकप्रिय प्रधान मंत्री को #Psycho कह सकता है । वो अपने बच्चों की #झूठी #कसम खा सकता है । वो 5 करोड़ का वकील कर सकता है । वो सरकारी #97करोड़ से अपनी पार्टी का प्रचार कर सकता है । वो दुनिया के
भ्रष्टम #लालू से मंच साझा कर समता है । वो #मोदी विरोध के लिये देशद्रोहियों का हिमायती बन सकता है । वो #नकली_डिग्री वालों की डिग्री का सत्यापन कर सकता है । वो एक महिला कार्यकर्त्ता को आवाज उठाने पर #कोम्प्रोमाईज़ करने के लिये के सकता है । वो अपनी बीबी पर #कुत्ता छोड़ने वाले को
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Let me make this very clear - there is EVERY reason to Doubt the #EVM machines. IMHO they can be manipulated several ways -

precisely why every other Western & Developed Asian Democracy has reverted back to Paper Ballot.

Media reports of a difference of 1% of Votes or 6 MILLION votes between Election days & Counting day in 2019

VVPATs were destroyed in 6 months while the rule is 1 year. Court case was going on and yet it was destroyed

Media reports of 1/3rd of the Machines Malfunctioning
VVPAT counting of 1-2% is like counting 2 bundles of Rs2000 rupee notes amongst 100 bundles of Rs2000 notes at a Bank when withdrawing. Will u only count 2 Random bundles ? U will count all 100.
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GM(P). Axelar's General Message Passing (GMP) is now available between Cosmos and EVM chains, providing composability for dApps that span both ecosystems. 🧵👇
#cosmosandbeyond Image
Axelar has long been the best way to connect #EVM and #CosmosEcosystem via bridged assets. With GMP, that connection goes beyond bridging, supporting a new generation of cross-chain applications that combine the best of Cosmos and EVM.
.@sommfinance is a leading example: the Cosmos-based smart-vaults protocol announced today it is connecting Arbitrum w/ GMP:

Vaults will run across combined architecture of Sommelier’s Cosmos appchain and Axelar GMP to access unique DeFi apps like GMX on Arbitrum One.…
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Funding: $11M

@metatimecom #Airdrop Confirmed

Token launch Price estimated at $0.3.

Rt 🔁, Tag 🚀friends ❤️& follow @DigiTektrades 🫡

#Airdrop #Metatime #MetaAirDrop
@bonaventure001 @deficollins ImageImageImage
#metatime is an Instanbul-based crypto start-up that is laucnhing several products including an exchange, wallet, NFT marketplace, Blockchaiin & MTC stablecoin.

💯We can Earn Free $MTC tokens simply by completing simple tasks

See whitepaper for more👇… ImageImage
1. Join zealy:…
2. Register:…
3. After signing up, complete basic tasks & earn points in $MTC
4. Join Discord:

NOTE: Earned points are converted to token every month 🔥💯 ImageImageImage
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⚠️ A browser extension is always a double-edged sword.

In general, there isn't much to disagree with in what @panosmek has written in this fantastic thread, but here are few additional thoughts:

🧵👇 [1/13]
[2/13] Browser extensions in and of themselves can easily be the source of #exploits.

So, rather than securing your #browser session, increasing your #privacy, or acting as a warning tool before signing transactions, it may turn out to be your worst enemy.
[3/13] — Attack Vectors —

🧐 There are merely two malicious concepts that will be exploited by #hackers to harm you while using #browser extensions:

🔸 Supply-Chain attack
🔸 Man-in-the-middle attack
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Some believe #privacy in #Web3 stops at anonymous transactions, which couldn't be further from the truth

@OasisProtocol have built a solution to propel #blockchain adoption to areas that were not previously possible 🌹

Mega thread🧵⬇️

Don't miss this one

❤️/RT/Follow for more… Image
2) @OasisProtocol will be imminently releasing the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL) to all major #EVM chains, allowing any #dApp to integrate customisable, compliant confidentiality to any existing dApp

With OPL and their #privacy paratime Sapphire, a new era is coming to #Web3 Image
3) Now let's get into what this unlocks in #Web3

Undercollateralized or variable rate lending in #DeFi

Borrower reputation can be established via private data such as credit history

Those with a good reputation can get loans using less collateral &/or lower interest rates
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EIP4844 综合指南:它将如何让 L2 费用便宜 10 倍?

Arbitrum、Optimism 和其他以太坊 L2 的交易成本即将降低 10 倍。 如何做?

#EIP4844 能够做到。这篇内容介绍了:

✅什么是 EIP4844?
✅为什么选择 EIP4844?
✅为什么 EIP4844 会使 L2 费用会更低?
✅什么时候实施 EIP4844?
EIP-4844 是以太坊分片设计的第一次迭代。

随着过去几年的发展,以太坊开发人员已经将分片方案从完全执行分片转变为仅数据分片,V 神将此描述为“增加实用主义”。

EIP4844 试图在不破坏 L1 上的可组合性和执行层的情况下,在以太坊上增加数据可用性容量。
EIP4844 的重要之处在于它的价值将渗透到用户手中,因为我们都将能够从较低的 L2 费用中受益。

该提议背后的原因与以太坊以 rollup 为中心的路线图一致,并进一步提高了 L2 的可扩展性,同时与未来的分片向前兼容。
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1/ Nearly every non-native #ERC token including ALL #NFTs are FLAWED! 🚨

Yes, that includes most on #EVM compatible ⛓️

#ETH tokens FLAWED
#SOL tokens FLAWED
#BSC tokens FLAWED
#XRP tokens FLAWED
#AVAX, #FTM, #MATIC, #HBAR, #TRON all flawed!

You get the idea…

But why? 🧵
2/ Well first, unless you are brand new to #crypto then you’ve heard of a wallet being drained from interacting with a token/#NFT

Someone sends you an #NFT. You try to sell it or even burn it. Poof all your #crypto is gone! 🤯

WTH just happened?!? Read on…📖
3/ #ERC tokens are specialized smart contracts NOT actual tokens

This includes ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens

So every token action be it fungible or non-fungible requires interaction with a smart contract
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[1/12] 🧵 @Conste11ation ( $DAG) is a highly scalable and secure distributed ledger technology (DLT) that achieves zero/low trust interaction platforms, peer-to-peer (P2P) internet overlay protocols, and platform-neutral computation description language. Let's dive in! 🚀
[2/12] 🔐Zero/Low Trust Interaction Platforms (Shared Security):
@Conste11ation creates a shared security environment through its L0 consensus mechanism. L0 allows metagraphs (custom consensus apps) to maintain their own L1 layer while sharing L0 security with the global network.
[3/12] 🌐This shared security model reduces the need for trust as metagraphs inherit the security of the global L0 network. It's similar to Polkadot's shared security model, where parachains share security provided by the relay chain. #cryptocurrency #DAG
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🧑‍💻 Creating a Smart Contract: A Beginner's Guide

Explore the essential steps in the thread below ⬇️

🧵... Image
⏲️ First of all, we need to prepare for creating the smart contract

We need to clarify what is transaction on a code level, that is #solidity, IDE & External Tools
⛓️ Transaction

An #Ethereum transaction is a message between accounts, including info about Ether/assets being transferred, recipient address & more

Transactions can also contain smart contract function calls, enabling interaction with #dApps
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🪂 @metatimecom 200M $MTC #Airdrop 🪂

#MetaTime has already Raised $21m 🚀

💸We can Earn Free $MTC tokens simply by Interacting Social tasks

✅We can't Ignore this project, Read the Full thread🧵

♥️Like & Retweet🔁LFG🚀
✅ Join us on TG:

1/4🧵 ImageImageImage

🤔How to Join👇

1⃣Signup here:…

2⃣ Connect with social accounts and we can earn MTAp (points) these points will be convertible into Tokens every Month✅

Look screenshots below👁️👁️ 👇 ImageImageImageImage

They have own #EVM based Chain & According to Roadmap, there are many things is yet to come👇

-Mainnet Launch
-listing in Q4 ~ 20 Global exchanges👀

📌 According to Admin, launch Price approx $0.3 & 8% of total supply will be in Circulation (800m) ImageImageImageImage
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1/5 "The 1st one we're working on with them is a digital version of their multi-billion dollar Money Market Fund...We're also working with them on a range of #crypto ETP" 17:50
@simonbarnby CMO @ArchaxEx about the partnership with @abrdn_plc
@hedera $HBAR
2/ "The custody solution supports around 20 different #blockchains, but in terms of where we're seeing usage, I mean still a lot of people are using #Ethereum, #Polygon, #Tezos, #Algorand, #Hedera, #Avalanche. I guess they're kind of the main chains" 15:35… Image
3/ "We're driven by client demand as to, you know, what chains we support. At the moment it's kind of #Ethereum, #Polygon, #Tezos, #Algorand, #Hedera, #Avalanche. I mean, they are frontrunners and those are the ones we're focused on for custody" 44:30… Image
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💎@BanklessHQ’s podcast with @cburniske is a gem.

I’ve summarized the key points and added a suggestion for Chris at the end.


🧵From a 22k word transcript → 1.6k word thread
🎙️Chris Burniske talks about his conviction in #Ethereum during 2018-2019 bear market. Despite negativity & loss of faith, he & @placeholdervc continued investing in $ETH & its ecosystem.

#Crypto #Investing
🚀Projects backed by Placeholder include zkSync, Balancer, and Uma. Chris highlights that they found amazing valuations and top-notch teams in the #Ethereum space, with less competition from VCs during that time.

#DeFi #CryptoProjects
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0/ the era of monolithic blockchains is ending and the future is modular 🧱

the @EclipseFND x @nautilus_chain zkEVM partnership is a great example of why YOU should be excited about the modular thesis 🚀

a 🧵 featuring @CelestiaOrg, @RiscZero and @NeonLabsOrg

(0/18) 👇 Image
1/ introducting @EclipseFND 🧪

@EclipseFND is a framework that lets you build customizable, modular rollups using the #Solana VM (Sealevel VM) on any chain. While that allows for running programs written for Solana on the VM, #Eclipse isn’t using @solana for security Image
2/ instead, settlement happens on the #Eclipse settlement rollup, while the DA solution can be customized and can e.g. be @CelestiaOrg, @AvailProject or @eigenlayer Image
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#EVM & #IBC are two of the most important innovations in crypto. EVM has gained the most adoption as an execution layer, IBC seeks to gain the most adoption as an interoperability layer for blockchains. In this thread we will discuss which has more potential...🧵 Image
First, wtf is EVM?
Ethereum Virtual Machine is a critical component of the Ethereum network and has become a dominant force in the world of crypto. Devs can write and deploy code on EVM compatible blockchains, powering decentralized applications and automated financial contracts. Image
It has largely contributed to the success of many EVM compatible chains such as BSC, Avalanche, Polygon, and Fantom. Leveraging EVM have had significant benefits from it due to smart contract protocols porting their dapps on these chains due to being faster & cheaper. Image
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Identifying projects that will be integral to the future of #Web3 & #Crypto is vital for your portfolio

@OasisProtocol, $ROSE & founder Dawn Song, have partnerships, backers and connections that will blow your mind

Mega Thread below🧵✏️⬇️

Like, RT, Follow and @ tag friends🌹 Image
2) @Meta X @OasisProtocol

For over 2 years they have worked on developing fairness in their #AI

@OasisProtocol is @Meta's chosen technology partner & worth remembering that Meta approached Oasis

I'd be confident in saying this runs deeper than just AI 👀

$ROSE #ChatGPT Image
3) @Google X @OasisProtocol

Bringing the best in data #privacy technology to companies who essentially deal with sensitive information in large volumes

It will encourage & expand support for innovative applications that are computing & memory-intensive

#BigData #AI $ROSE Image
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The wait is nearly over...

After months of development and testing Cherry Network's Ethereum Virtual Machine (#EVM) compatibility parachain is about to hit our public testnet #soon
Once online, the Cherry Network EVM compatibility parachain will allow anyone to deploy and run Solidity code using the world's most widely adopted and stable smart contract development frameworks, such as @HardhatHQ & @trufflesuite, directly on the Cherry Network!
Parachain network transaction fees will be paid in $pCHER, a token seamlessly interchangeable with our relay chain's $CHER and across other parachains through Cherry Network's own interchain messaging system dubbed Cross-Consensus Messaging format (XCM).
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