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1./ Adding some $EVMOS to my portfolio. Why? 👇

@EvmosOrg is both #IBC connected as it is #EVM compatible. This means dApps written in Solidity (the @ethereum coding language) can launch in @cosmos ecosystem without having to change their code!
2./ Why does this matter? Well, just compare the number of protocols of the top-5 EVM compatible chains with the top-5 non EVM compatible chains. I think @EvmosOrg could be the trigger for many protocols to start migrating to @cosmos.
3./ I've been told protocols like @AaveAave and @compoundfinance are already working on this.

This would not only be a boost in #IBC connected protocols, but also in the number of users.
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1/ 🧵
#danksharding, #PBS, #crList, #blob transactions...

Seems #Ethereum has an affinity for making up words these days! And it all starts with (the normal sounding) #calldata

Let's figure out why, define some of these ridiculous terms, and see how #ETH can get even better
2/ #Rollups (RU) post their compressed L2 batched transactions as calldata onto mainnet Ethereum. But what does that mean and what is calldata?
Calldata (CD) is a specific form of read-only memory data used by smart contracts to call external functions. Image
Once a RU has batched enough txs, it posts this state transition change in a compressed form to the L1 via CD.
RUs currently utilize L1 CD for data storage, which is limited to ~10KB per block. This is so anyone has the ability to reconstruct the chain & verify the latest state Image
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【鏈上數據挖掘成長潛力公鏈 👀 Cardano EVM 兼容鏈】
Cardano ($ADA)過去其實在幣圈的評價也非常兩極,多數認為官方團隊實際上沒有太多作為,卻坐擁著高市值,推出至今整體生態的規模也不如其他新星公鏈

#Cardano #ADA #Blockchain #DeFi #EVM

1/n Image
但是在近期市場回暖時開始有更多鏈推出 EVM 兼容版本,Cardano 就是其中一位,推出了 Milkomeda 這條鏈,在幾個禮拜不到的時間內,目前 TVL 為100M 美金,在 EVM 兼容鏈當中排名 26

IntoTheBlock報告也指出「Cardano區塊鏈上的大型交易量增加了50多倍」是2018年年中以來的最高水平之一,Cardano 生態中不免有許多長期持有者,現在鏈上的 Dapp也不多,多數集中在 MilkySwap (MILKY) 以及 MuesliSwap (MILK) 上,可以好好埋伏一下看日後有沒有更多的 Dapp 出現,賺取早期進場紅利

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I've been studying @blknoiz06 for the last week.

Here are the top things I've learned from him. 🚀

A thread 🧵 👇 "imagine letting n***** outwork you"
1. His background

He's a trader, researcher, analyst and shares his profound views on Substack and #Twitter @blknoiz06

Held #Altcoins when they crashed during the last cycle and wasn't all in crypto afterwards, until he realized how much money he was leaving on the table. 💰
He missed the #DeFi summer, because he wasn't paying attention in Bear🐻. As he saw the 2017 cycle, he wanted to fully take advantage of the next bull run🐂.

He nailed all the trades in 2021: @AxieInfinity, @solana, @avalancheavax, @harmonyprotocol, @terra_money
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1. In the next 6-12 months, people will slowly understand Cardano's true and original vision, as well as its power. Our current L1 alone, is not the complete #Cardano Protocol, here is why and where it is headed, a massive thread on everything Cardano: @IOHK_Charles @IOHKMedia
2. While our scalable and low-cost #L1 is spectacular, with a novel #eUTXO ledger, brand new dApps with Plutus, predictable fees, fast transactions and the best security both in dApps and in the protocol itself, Cardano aims to be the best of all worlds, this includes #EVM.
3. #Mamba will bring sidechains with EVM and other capabilities, such as use-case specific side-chains like Catalyst or other on-chain voting systems, ensuring transparency and security while being fast and low cost. EVM on side-chains will be Ethereum but fast, cheap and secure.
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【Cipholio Opinions】零知识证明

1/12 ZK目前的热度非常高,在@cipholio@devoteEndlessly 共同举办的活动上分享了下目前 #ZK 的认识和看法。 Image
2/12 零知识证明具有三个重要特性。

1. 完备性:只要证明者拥有相应的知识,那么就能通过验证者的验证。
2. 可靠性:如果证明者没有相应的知识,则无法通过验证者的验证。
3. 零知识性:证明者不会泄露任何有效信息。 Image
3/12 #ZK 并不是近几年才提出的新技术,只是由于效率不高和适合的应用场景不多等因素,ZK在很长一段时间内都停留在理论阶段。区块链的兴起为ZK带来新的发展契机。

@zcash @StarkWareLtd @VitalikButerin Image
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Are tokens are the new website? Like @cdixon I believe so, and here’s my take on why. 🧵👇
1/ In Web1, the primitive was the website. Anyone with the tech skills could create a website. This led to the mass democratisation of data, making information about almost any subject available to anyone with an internet connection.
2/ In #Web3, the narrative is that tokens are the new digital primitive that will serve as the key building blocks for many of the future products, services and innovations that will impact our society.
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🧵 on some of the major smart contract chains, their different approaches, and how HOPEFULLY (for the love of all that is holy) we are moving away from simply "X chain is superior because it did XXXX TPS on a closed environment testnet"
#Ethereum #terraluna #Solana #AVAX
As @epolynya has alluded to several times, #TPS numbers are almost meaningless now. Especially anything under 100k.

At the risk of having this thrown in my face 5 years from now, TPS is essentially solved.
This is due to many things but some reasons include:

- #modular designs (@CelestiaOrg, #ETH + #rollups, and @avalancheavax to an extent)
- Rollups, in general, and how they can somewhat "defeat" the #ScalabilityTrilemma
- @IOHK_Charles & his giga brain (ok maybe not this 😉)
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[THREAD] 0/ - #NEARProtocol

Aujourd’hui j’ai envi de vous parler de @NEARProtocol. Ce thread contiendra une présentation 360 degré de l’écosystème, avec quelques parties techniques. Je vous donnerai des retours personnels, restez bien jusqu'à la fin, un petit cadeau vous attends Image
1/ Je vous présente ce projet aussi puisque les fondateurs ont d’abord proposé Near comme solution de machine learning sur le domaine de l'automatisation de programmes à partir d'une spécification humaine : l’IA c’est aussi ma passion et mon travail.
2/ Near Protocol c’est un projet lancé en 2017 (au final ça commence à faire), avec des levées de fonds via des ICO chaque année entre 2017 ET 2020, avec un prix moyen de 1 $NEAR pour 0.4$ soit un ROI de ~ x45 à l’ATH. #CRYPTO
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So I’ve been writing a weekly 1000 odd word newsletter on #Web3 since the start of the year. I’ve been meaning to see how one of them looks summarised as a tweet 🧵. Please ❤️ + RT. Here goes… 👇👇👇
1/ TLDR; if you do want to move away from #Ethereum or one of its layer 2 networks, make sure you pick an alternative that is #EVM compatible.
2/ In earlier years enterprises would spin up their own permissioned #blockchain network using technologies such as @ConsenSysQuorum or @Cordablockchain. However, the creation of these networks move slowly as far as onboarding participants is concerned.
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Part 2/2
1/14 Let's talk about the #Cosmos hub again. The #IBC protocol standardizes cross chain information so that blockchains in the Cosmos network can also communicate.
2/14 In this economically integrated network, #Cosmos Hub is the value pivot of this network. So far, let's look back and see if there can be a little different experience in the definition of Cosmos?
3/14 When it comes to #Cosmos, an unavoidable topic is the comparison with #Polkadot. In addition to the four features mentioned earlier, I think the biggest difference between the two lies in the difference between the Security mechanism and the Cross Chain mechanism.
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Part 1/2
This sharing focuses on the introductory research, mainly on the technical framework, and supplemented by ecological development. Thread is a bit long and there is no financial advice in the whole context. Please read it thoroughly. Image
1/18 #Cosmos Ecosystem is far more prosperous and diverse than most people think. Cosmos is not just an Atom chain. The #BSC #Terra #Oasis you know well belongs to the Cosmos Ecosystem. The total market value in the ecosystem has even reached 138B. What kind of magic power is it? Image
2/18 This is a great definition of #Cosmos, and the prominent part is its core ecological characteristics. A little flustered to see a series of professional terms? Don't worry. Let's explain it one by one. Image
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Petit Quizz Learn & Earn sur @CoinMarketCap avec le token $ROSE du protocole @OasisProtocol.

Vous voulez gagner du temps ? Ca tombe bien, je suis là pour ça et les questions/réponses se trouvent ⬇️*…
Q1) What is the @OasisProtocol ?
Réponse : A scalable Layer 1 #blockchain that can expand #DeFi beyond early adopters into mass market adoption

Q2) Why is Oasis ideal for DeFi?
Réponse: All of the above

Q3) What is the $ROSE token capped at?
Réponse: 10 billion
Q4) What is the $ROSE token used for?
Réponse: #Staking and securing the safety of the Network

Q5) What is YuzuSwap?
Réponse: The first DEX built by community developers on Oasis

Q6) Who are some of the backers of the $200 million Oasis Ecosystem Fund?
Réponse: All the above
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#Algorand Foundation officials said $10 million in grants would go to developers that can provide solutions for #Ethereum Virtual Machine (#EVM) compatibility, a key cog for emerging networks looking to woo established projects.
🧵 1/4
For #Algorand, #EVM compatibility means applications that are built on #Ethereum or other Ethereum-compatible chains can also execute on Algorand.

🧵 2/4
@StaciW_DC told @CoinDesk the other $10 million will go toward projects that can build robust developer tools for #Algorand. Developer tools are suites of products that make building applications on Algorand easier, such as compilers and debuggers.

🧵 3/4
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1/ @avalancheavax is a highly customizable #Layer0 that enables the development of an infinite number of #blockchains on top.

It can support the adoption of #EVM for any custom VM that implements the innovative #AVAX consensus. Image
2/ The #AVAX #protocol has the only #consensus capable of #scaling the active validator list while maintaining high transaction performance, sub-second finality, and unmatched #decentralization.

It is composed of four mechanisms: Slush, Snowflake ❄️, Snowball, and Avalanche
3/ #Avalanche #Consensus uses “repeated random subsampling” to vote: when a validator #node receives a transaction, it randomly queries other validators until the network achieves consensus.

X-Chain, C-Chain, and Platform Chain are 3 #blockchains making the Primary Network Image
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1/ Previously, I covered #L222 zk-rollup projects Starkware and zkSync but looking back, I should have begun with sidechains.

The who, what, why/why NOT, security guarantees, etc.

So, here's a 🧵 discussing sidechains generally and then a bit on #Polygon
2/ In the context of #Ethereum, sidechains are separate, Ethereum-compatible blockchains. Sidechains can be independent #EVM -compatible blockchains as well as application-specific blockchains catering to #ETH users and use cases like @0xPolygon or @Ronin_Network .
3/ Sidechains design themselves to be EVM-compatible so they can essentially copy and paste their code to easily interoperate with Ethereum and all of its infrastructure including wallets, block explorers, and more.
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[1/17] Aujourd’hui je vous propose un deep dive dans l’EVM @EvmosOrg qui sortira son mainnet le 28 Février. Je suis le projet depuis quelques mois, je pense que ça va apporter beaucoup à Cosmos. Dans ce thread : Info, Tokenomics & Airdrop. #Cosmos #IBCGang #ETH #EVM #NFT Image
[2/17] Pour faire simple, un EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), c’est une machine virtuelle qui est le fondement de toute la structure d'Ethereum et a pour but de déployer un certain nombre de fonctionnalités supplémentaires sur la Blockchain, notamment des Smart Contracts.
[3/17] Quant à Evmos c’est une Blockchain PoS Cosmos interopérable avec Ethereum. Elle est donc construite sur le SDK Cosmos et permet d’exécuter des smart contract Ethereum en tant que blockchain spécifique à Cosmos. Image
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1/ $ATOM has become the central talking point again as the top performer in the last 24 hours among the top 100 by a strong margin.

But what are $ATOM buyers so excited about and what does the #Cosmos hold for us in 2022?
Let’s look at some incoming catalysts 👇
2/ Gravity Bridge

Gravity Bridge is a neutral bridge between the #Cosmos and $ETH. This allows bridging of Cosmos assets to $ETH as ERC-20 tokens and ERC-20 tokens into the Cosmos eco, such as $USDC, $DAI and of course $ETH.

This unlocks $ETH liquidity into the Cosmos eco and
3/ perhaps of equal importance, could bring a greater variety of stablecoins into the Cosmos.

Rn, the only stablecoin available is $UST, so a larger variety would increase the options available for swaps into stables and also creates the option for stablecoin LP farming 🧑🏻‍🌾
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1/ M6 portfolio @_parastate aims to build a #MultiChain future with a smart contract platform bridging the app and dev ecosystem between $DOT and $ETH, and other chains that want to provide $ETH compatibilities.

TLDR of @banklessDAO interview with ParaState founder Marco Chen:🧵
2/ ParaState is an on-chain runtime for developer tools providing bi-directional compatibility between Ethereum and non-Ethereum based smart contracts.
3/ Projects have to decide between building on Ethereum (the largest) or other chains (less established), ParaState allows them to build on different ecosystems while staying compatible with Ethereum.
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来份个人 #Terra 操作。
二,然后一些在 #Terra 上的操作。
如果你也看好 #Terra 生态,那么下面内容可参考,接受反驳,接受建议。
1,@terra_money Terra station 单币 #luna 质押 (质押总APY目前9%左右,这个质押获取空投的概率是非常大的)

2, $ANC 质押 @anchor_protocol (目前APR 15.97%,#TFL)

3,在@anchor_protocol 上抵押 #LUNA,获取 #bLUNA 然后借 #UST#anchor 算是Terra上的金库,有好几个项目,已经给过
4, $MINE 质押 @pylon_protocol (目前没收益,不过属于 #IDO 平台,后面如果有项目上线应该会给福利,目前会给 $VKR $PSI $TWD 补贴 )

5, $STT 质押 @StarTerra_io (貌似唯一一个单币质押锁五天的?APR目前 9%左右)
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This is a follow up to a post I made back in 2021, there've been a lot of folks that’ve been asking about quality fundamentals posts and how some of these block chain technologies stack up in the real world, it certainly feels like the right time to talk about $ATOM.
I've been listening to all of the @cosmos_voice podcasts since the beginning and taking notes, I went back and read all of the old @Cosmos blogs, posts and articles, accumulating information on the Telegram groups, Discord channels, Reddit, Githubs, Mediums.
Piecing together pieces from Conversations with @Jack_Zampolin and @chjango's Interchain.FM, every gem that’s ever been dropped from @Cryptocito, @L1am_Crypto, @Wickex2, @ConeyDaddy, @ZoltanAtom, @Adriana_Kalpa, @johnniecosmos. It became quite fun.
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1/ Welcome to my first 2022 recap for the $MOVR week of Jan 1st - 7th! The market is red? I don't care
The recap contains:
- Last recap link
- Deployments & incomings
- Notable events & announcements
- Figures & facts
2/ Deployments:
@NFTradeOfficial deployed on $MOVR Jan 5th. They are the first cross-chain and blockchain-agnostic NFT platform& want to elevate the $KSM #NFT ecosystem.
3/ @MoonriverNW $MOVR has been decentralized further by increasing the active collator pool to 64.
Furthermore not the TOP 100 get rewards for each collator, it has been increased to TOP300!!!
BIG news for all stakers with small $MOVR pockets!
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The goal of the #IOTA project is to accelerate the world's transition to a global, immutable, censorship-resistant, game-theoretically secure, public and #feeless ledger capable of being validated by low-end hardware (as to maximize decentralization & minimize #CO2 output). 🧵👇
In other words: the #IOTA project is an evolution of the work Satoshi Nakamoto started with #Bitcoin. At its core, the premise is quite simple:

But why is this important? Many reasons. Here's just one of them:

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Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhry Fawad Hussain Tuesday said the sugar sector reforms committee would be releasing its comprehensive report on Tuesday to get suggestions of all the relevant stakeholders to reform the sector

#APPNews @fawadchaudhry @MoIB_Official
“One of the main proposals of the comprehensive report being released on Tuesday has called for deregulating the sugar sector. It also suggests ending the government’s role in price fixation and subsidy [on the sweetener],

#APPNews @fawadchaudhry @MoIB_Official
and [said] only the crushing season would be enforced by the government,” he said while highlighting the new sugar policy contours in a media briefing after the Federal Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

#APPNews @fawadchaudhry @MoIB_Official
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