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@blok_project is a decentralised real estate investment platform, aiming to make #RealEstate liquid using an SPV financed by a token on @MultiversX

They have already announced the first investment property in Orleans, near Paris.

Let’s spotlight what they are building!
🧵👇 Image
To achieve their purpose, @blok_project uses two tokens, one for utility ($BLK) & one as a security/bonds ($BLOK)

To acquire real estate, they use a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to be financed by offering a sale of $BLOK tokens as obligations.

An overview of the $BLOK token, potential earnings and its use cases is available at:

Both tokens are presented on their Whitepaper, together with all the other details, like the Team, roadmap and more:…


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In my 10+ years of Crypto experience, I have never seen that kind of market condition where #BTC is down only 3%, and major #altcoins are down 20-30% 😱😳

Let's take a deep dive to know what's going on in the #Crypto market 👇
🔻In the past few hours, the #altcoin market has crashed like there is no support.

🔻So let's take a look at the factors crashing the market, which also include some #FUD.
1. #Binance is selling its holdings.

🔻An account started the rumour that @binance sold mass amounts of coins over the last few months, which caused the market crash.

🔻He also claimed that Binance moved a large chunk of its reserves. Image
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Why are you, as a yield farming maxi, not optimizing your NFT lending? 🤔

This is the ULTIMATE 🅱️LENDING GUIDE for @blur_io 🧵

🔑 What APY & LTV to bid
🔑 Farm Blur Points
🔑 Lock-in high ETH yield

*From one of the most efficient Point & ETH lenders on Blend*

(RT & Bookmark) Image
First, let's review how to earn Blur Points:

> Place competitive bids 🎯 - Blur scales Point rewards based on the probability that the bid is hit.


> Avoid getting hit 🚨 - Blur halts Point rewards when a bid is hit, causing a loss of X pts/day from what you were earning.
After 300+ hours of 🅱️lending, here is the process that we’ve used to compete:

> Look at the APY / LTV playing field of bids, loans and auctions for the collection you wish to lend against
> Determine optimal regions on that playing field for lending
> Lend in those regions
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Wombex @WombexFinance has been making significant strides in recent weeks, establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the world of #DeFi

I witnessed that team has been very active since its launch on @arbitrum

A recap of the most important milestones till now 👇 Image
1⃣ New Pools Added

🔹On April 8th, @WombexFinance pools were added to @DeBankDeFi, followed by new pools & yields added to @DefiLlama on April 12th

🔹On the same day, #Wombex added $BOB, $Frax, $MAI, and $MIM pools to the #Arbitrum Dapp Image
2⃣ Increasing TVL

🔹Just a day later on April 9th, #Wombex joined #Arbitrum X @WombatExchange AMA on Twitter, which helped to increase its visibility

🔹By April 29th, #Wombex had passed a total of $70M TVL on its platform, indicating strong growth & adoption Image
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1/6 #OrderBookAnalysis 🧵

TLDR: Liquidity=Sentiment

Liquidity placement in the order book reveals #Sentiment for a price range! 📊📈

💧 When more liquidity is concentrated around a particular price level, it indicates increased confidence or interest from #traders... Image
2/6 Analyzing the order book with a #DataViz tool like #FireCharts helps you mitigate risk by replacing speculative decisions with data based decisions.

No reason to speculate when you can literally see where higher concentrations of liquidity mark resistance and support. #FireCharts 2.0 (beta) show...
3/6 Knowing where liquidity ISN'T, is as important as knowing where it is. Thin liquidity indicates zones with greater potential for volatility since price moves through them with less friction.

But there is one more aspect of #OrderBookAnalysis I personally value the most... Image
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As a fellow gamer and lover of all things #CSGO 🤩

I’m excited to participate in the upcoming #IDO event hosted by $RUSHB - the ultimate gaming hub for all things CSGO Esport.

So, Let’s the game begin!! A thread @rushbhub 🧵 👇🏻

$ZKS #ZKsync #Gems Image
This thread will cover 👀

1️⃣ What is RushB Hub?

2️⃣ Key features

3️⃣ Tokenomics

4️⃣ $RUSHB Public sale

5️⃣ Conclusion - Kaff’s thoughts
1️⃣ What is RushB Hub?

▪️ RushB Hub is a blockchain-based platform built on Zksync Era that focuses on the upcoming major update of CS:GO 2

▪️ RushB establishes a decentralized marketplace for CS:GO gamers to trade in-game items, offering fast, easy, and secure trading. Image
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最近meme season很疯狂,为什么中国诞生不了meme币?最近和我们基金专门看meme和nft的合伙人@zepump深度探讨过,$pepe和$turbo都是他最早发现然后分享给我的,我来分享一下我们聊天的结论。
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Meme season has created some incredible buying opportunities.

Here are my top 5 #utility gems under $15m Market cap, that I think will at least 100x in the bull run.

You want these on your list, trust me. 🧵👇 Image
So many people have been selling their crypto bags in chase of overnight gains in meme season.

For those of us focused on our #utility plays, this has provided an amazing opportunity to scoop up undervalued projects.

Now is the time to strike.

Let's dive in.
1. @TheopetraLabs $THEO

This will be no surprise to those who actively follow me.

$THEO is literally revolutionising the housing industry, utilising #DeFi to create affordable homes for the masses.

It is an insanely #bullish project.

Mcap = $1m(criminal)
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Wiedzieliście, że o tym napiszę, co nie? 🙂 Token BART to zbyt ciekawe studium przypadku, żeby o nim nie wspomnieć. Dziś krótki poradnik wpisywania słów w wyszukiwarkę. Ale porozmawiamy też o odpowiedzialności i o tym jak z pomocą marketingu szeptanego sprzedać scam.

1/ Image
Na jakieś 2h przed rugiem napisałem wątek, w którym ostrzegam przed wchodzeniem w memcoiny. Było delikatnie o "BART", ale żałuję, że nie byłem bardziej dosadny. To właśnie spam związany z tym projektem skłonił mnie do napisania tego ostrzeżenia.

99% memcoinów kończy żywot w pierwszych godzinach, maksymalnie po kilku dniach swojego istnienia. Są jednak projekty, które śmierdzą scamem bardziej od innych. Czy były jakieś sygnały ostrzegawcze w projekcie BART?

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A guide on how to buy #BRC20 tokens

BRC20 tokens are the #altcoins on the #BTC chain
And they are probably the fairest protocol I have ever seen

Check this out: Image
Max Supply cannot be changed
Distribution so clear
All miners get in at the mint price, even the deployer

But let's take it slow and today let's look at how to buy #BRC20 tokens

Currently they are less easy to use but the reason is simple, they are just born
We are so early Image
Here is the easiest way (to date) to buy these tokens:

1. #BTC Wallet - @ordinalswallet
Go to and create a new Wallet.

When you send BTC to this wallet it must be on BTC chain (roughly the cost is about $0.5 per transaction)
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回顾 Aptos 上的 NFT 行情:
- 为数不多有赚钱机会的头部项目 apt 猴,白单几百刀利润,打了马上卖,基本只有这个赚。其他接盘是亏的、抄底也是亏的
- 某平台自己发了好几个没推没dc三无的图让人去打,骗你们apt,收费mint,自己打自己做市刷量,一两天后就没买盘没热度

Sui 刻舟求剑,信息仅供参考
Sui 上 NFT 我自己只玩 free 和有白名单且有真实热度的项目,宁可不赚钱也不给狗比项目方送钱,发 NFT 成本太低,主打一个白嫖
DeFi 看起来合规的正经项目倒比较多,但还需要进一步观察,目前有几个看着不错可以肝白防身,不在这条 fud sui nft 的推多说,只是怕引起误解
个人观点仅供参考 #DYOR #NFA
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You prefer earning safer yields on your #crypto investments? 👀

Well, I may have found a project that could interest you!

Just finished my research on @CruizeFinance, I'm excited to share my findings🧐

A breakdown of its unique mechanics 🧵👇

#yieldfarming #CruizeFinance Image
1⃣ Overview

🔸Cruize's a project that provides volatility-protected yield opportunities on #crypto using structured products

🔸It allows users to stake their capital & generate safer yields through the combination of derivatives & bonds in pre-packaged instruments Image
2⃣ Competitors

🔸@CurveFinance & @AaveAave for example

▪️$CRV is known for its low slippage stable coin swaps on-chain

▪️$Aave has a broader range of services, including flash loans, uncollateralized loans & variable interest rates Image
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A gem that took short-the-banks a bit too seriously & beat them at their own game? @ScallopOfficial 💳

A regulated #Crypto bank connecting TradFi & DeFi, making the shift to #DeFi easier (& more accessible) than ever.

Here’s all the reasons I think $SCLP may be king this year🧵 Image
Defi offers many advantages that can't be found in TradFi, but lets be real - it comes with its own caveats.

When someone is not #cryptocurrency or tech savvy, they have a big learning curve when using these protocols deployed on various scattered blockchains. Image
@ScallopOfficial's unique DeFi-TradFi hybrid approach revolutionizes people's experience with finance!

Scallop Earn allows you to earn yields from #DeFi pools in just a few clicks without making the process complicated.

And what Scallop offers is not limited to this.
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1/ PSA: Startups are looking to diversify their banking relationship.

Here is a list of banks you can contact.

The banks that are hungriest to open up deposit accounts are those that have the highest loan-to-deposit ratios...

Non-Consensus recommendation: Your local community bank. You are more likely to get personalized service and care.

Here is a list of solid banks sorted by loan-to-deposits:

- First Republic

- Capital One

- Citizen's

- KeyCorp

- M&T Bank

- Truist

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Pour célébrer le lancement de son application xPortal, MultiversX organise un championnat avec de nombreuses récompenses à gagner!🔥

@xPortalApp est un portail vers de nouveaux mondes, un pont qui brouille les pistes entre le monde physique et le metaverse.

xPortal est une super application de portefeuille numérique et de paiements mondiaux qui réinvente la façon dont nous interagissons avec l'argent, permettant d'échanger et de stocker en toute sécurité des cryptos sur son téléphone mobile. Image
xPortal c'est :

🔹Un espace unique pour la gestion de ses finances
🔹Une application facile à utiliser et accessible à tous
🔹Un design avancé accompagné d'une très bonne expérience utilisateur
🔹La porte d'entrée vers l'ensemble de l’écosystème MultiversX Image
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How did I get 72k $BLUR during the airdrop while making money on the platform? Here's a thread to help you earn "safe" Blur points. #NFA #DYOR #BLUR #AIRDROP 1/12
Currently, there are two ways to earn points for this second season of Airdrop: list your NFTs on Blur and place bids on collections. Plus, all points are doubled for one month. 🙂 2/12
Regarding listings: I highly recommend listing all your NFTs, even if you don't plan to sell them. You can list for a short time (1 day) above the floor price at a price it won't sell. The next day, repeat with the new floor price. 3/12
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🚨 Attention Degens and gambling enthusiasts 🚨

An informative thread about the latest developments at @PolymarketHQ

Get a rundown on decentralized prediction markets and what it means for the future of cryptos.

#PolyMarketHQ #Decentralization #Polygon #Crypto


@PolymarketHQ boils down to a trading predictions market where users buy & sell shares in order to predict the outcome of a certain event.

Winner takes all ofc. and the best part it's all under the sun thanks the @0xPolygon PoS blockchain.

The protocol was launched in Q4 2020 and founded by @shayne_coplan and raised around $4 Million during their Seed round.

Some notable investors include: @polychain @BCoinvestors @paraficapital & @1confirmation
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#ZK is a supa exploded keyword and may become the next trend after #AI, #LSD

How far #ZK trend can go?


Found $Spillway at 1M MC, but while I was busy with thread prepared, it pumped a bit.


[1] – What is it?

@Spillways is a privacy-focused and decentralized token mixer protocol on #Ethereum, which enables anonymous transfers of tokens from one wallet to another

⚡With cryptographic methods, Spillways ensures your transactions remain anonymous on Ethereum 🔐 🔒
[2] – What’s in it for adopters?

⚡Want to benefit from Spillways? The protocol offers several advantages such as fast transactions, secure safety protocols and scaling of ledger-management

• Transactions remain anonymous and private with Spillways! 💰 💵 💳
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@ujuuna999 上週火了幾天的日本項目kiyoshi在半個鐘頭前開了燃燒,項目介紹之前拍過影片感興趣可以去看看,這裡寫個thread介紹一下他這次的玩法和可能性
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🌜 $OP トークン配布予定のLayer2

➡︎ RT/ブックマークで見返す(のこり5日)






「他人に投票権利を委ねて、その人に代表で $OP voteや議論をお願いする方法。」


(#2 でも委任が悪く働いていない

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#JieData #FOMO #Crypto #cryptocurrency #NFA #FLUX #OGN
Alpha addresses: We will show you some typical addresses labelled by JieData.
1) Below are the addresses we found by using JieData. Usually, those addresses have a big transaction in half or a year. Typically, after those addresses move, there is an immediate and noticeable change in the price of the associated coins.
2) #FLUX addresses: 0xf9bd1905f306f5f44783b588ddbc19c83f34606e, we can check who had transactions with that address.
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1/23 It's easy to find bullish and bearish elements in the charts to fit you bias, but being a maxi can be risky. Remember:
Markets ebb and flow
Data constantly changes
Your bias only needs to match the TF you are trading

A 🧵 on the #data influencing the #BTC trend and PA.
2/23 Before we dive into the macro for #Bitcoin, let's look at what's happening this week. It's rare to have a Daily MA #GoldenCross and a Weekly MA #DeathCross happening on the same asset.
3/23 The #GoldenCross printed and the #DeathCross between the 200 & 50 WMA's is coming on the next candle. Knowing why we have conflicting signals isn't as critical as knowing how price will react, but if I had to guess, I'd say, short term manipulation.
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Aujourd'hui, tentez de gagner un NFT en partenariat avec @playstables :


Pour être éligible :
❤️ Liker & RT ce tweet
🔥 Suivre @LeCryptoDaily & @playstables

T.A.S. Le 13/02 à 18 h !
Pour en savoir plus [THREAD] ⬇️ Image
@playstables Stables est un projet NFT français basé sur les courses hippiques en les liant au Web3.

Son objectif est de créer un Fantasy Game innovant qui mêle l'intensité des courses hippiques, les possibilités du Web3 pour développer quelque chose de nouveau sur le marché. Image
@playstables Grâce à @playstables le monde hippique devient accessible à tous.

Vous possédez un NFT qui est lié à un cheval de course réel et qui vous permet de bénéficier des ses performances réelles dans le jeu. 💯
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#JieData #FOMO #Crypto #cryptocurrency #NFA
On-chain data helps you monitor the movements of #GRT whales.
1) Hi, guys! Let's get the fortune code of #GRT! By using the "Advanced filtering criteria" function of JieData, we can find that there are many #GRT smart addresses and active addresses that increase their holdings and keep the action.…
2) From the chart below, we can find that the address (0x0233BE572740AC113eeCc78894EE43d8EAFa5f55) began to buy #grt from Binance and KuCoin on June 14th, 2022. Currently, it holds 8,860,000 #grt. And the average buying price is 0.056U.
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