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0/🧵Comparison of #Sui vs. #Aptos, other #Layer1 #blockchain projects given excitement from fundraises at unicorn+ valuations. Discussion on #technology, #tokenomics, #ecosystem

Deep dive:…

TLDR below ⬇️🧵⬇️

#altcoin #cryptocurrencies #venturecapital
1/ @Mysten_Labs was formed by ex-Novi Research team at Meta, similar to @AptosLabs. Team has launched a high performance L1 PoS chain, Sui centred around scaling composable and dynamic NFTs for broad metaverse applications incl. gaming, social, commerce, etc.
2/ Like Aptos, the tech stack has made significant progress from Diem, which was originally designed to handle light payments traffic between a small number of custodial wallets (10s to 100s). Diem’s original architecture would not have been able to support mass adoption.
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1) Liminal. Another one of the first products powered by $AZERO.

Liminal isn't just used by Aleph Zero. It can be used on ALL blockchains in true interoperability.

A thread 🧵what "Liminal" is all about and why you should pay attention.

Read on 👇

@Aleph__Zero @AntoniZolciak
2) Liminal is a #Layer2 protocol.

For those that don't what this is let us start with explaining what a #Layer1 is.

A layer 1 is a base blockchain that can validate and finalize transactions without the need for another network.

There's an entire underlying infrastructure.
3) Almost all of the cryptocurrencies launched today NEED a layer to be build on.

They can't function on their own unless they are a layer 1 blockchain themself.

Examples of these are #Ethereum, #BNBChain, #Solana, #fantom,...
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As the Ethereum merge is coming around August, have you thought about how #Layer2 blockchain will aid scalability?

Let's talk about;
•How #Layer2 will aid Ethereum scalability
•Types of #Layer2 scalability solutions
•My bias on the future use case

A Thread 🧵
Ethereum as a blockchain has been plagued by scalability issues for a while now until they made a plan to move from POW to POS.

Being the first blockchain that introduced smart contracts into the cryptocurrency space, it lured many developers to develop app for millions of users
However, the rise of users led to congestion and increased transaction fees.

This gave rise to the creation of other #layer1 blockchain.

For a newbie reading this now, you might be wondering what scalability is all about.
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🧵 What if we never needed an #ETH killer, just a faster and cheaper #Ethereum network? Enter #Layer2 solutions.

A brief thread on what they are in simple terms, why I'm bullish, and how they'll drive the next wave of #DeFi adoption. 1/12
A traditional business has sales to generate revenue (transactions) and accounting to keep the books (settlement).

Putting the accountant in charge of everything would be slow and costly and inhibit growth!

#Layer2 = sales and #Layer1 = accounting. 2/12
So, business needs multiple skillsets to scale, #blockchain needs decentralization, security and speed to scale.

Similarly #ETH excels in decentralization and security but increased costs and reduced speed inhibit growth. 3/12 Image
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🧵 $30B in TVL wiped out by the $LUNA and $UST collapse. Total #DeFi TVL slashed in half over the last month.

What does the future hold for DeFi on the major #Layer1 chains and protocols? My thoughts in 10 tweets. 1/10
#DeFi exploded from $19B TVL at the start of 2021 to $280B by the end of 2022, holding steady until April of this year.

It now stands at $128B with the majority of that over 50% drop coming in the last month as investors rush for the exits. 2/10 Image
Why? A negative global macro outlook with inflation and rising interest rates leading to sell off in traditional markets.

The knock on effect on $BTC compounded by the shock from the $LUNA and $UST fallout has nervous investors going risk off. 3/10
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NEAR Protocol (Overhyped or Undervalued?)

Here I'll be discussing some facts & thesis around #NEAR Ecosystem

Contents ↓↓↓
• What is @NEARProtocol?
• NEAR Protocol as ETH 2.0 Killer?
• How Fast is it?
• How is NEAR different?
• NEAR Ecosystem MCAP

Follow 🧵 Image
• What is NEAR Token?
• How to Earn with NEAR
• How many validators are there in NEAR Ecosystem currently?
• Reasons behind NEAR recent bullish movement 📈
• is NEAR Token a good investment?
• Catching up with the latest updates around NEAR Ecosystem.

Now let's dive in 🏊
🔸 What is NEAR Protocol?
NEAR is a Layer 1 blockchain that uses sharding tech to achieve scalability. It adopts the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism to secure its network.

NEAR competes with other smart contract-enabled blockchains like Ethereum, EOS, and Polkadot.
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1/14 🧵
Do you know the difference between
- #Layer0
- #Layer1
- #Layer2 ?

Let's dig out, keeping them simple at the same time. Image
2/14 🧵
Layer 0 - What is that?

Layer 0 is the layer who provide securities and architectures to the Layer 1s.

What these securities Layer 0 provide?
1) Security (securities transactions, security of the chain from attacks).
3/14 🧵
2) Frameworks (solution that simplifies the development, deployment, and support of technically complex products).
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gm, seems like a good time to drop this LUKSO🆙 primer!

💻Testnet soon™
👟#rtfkt x #nike hype building
💼Increased lifestyle business interest in Web3
🤬OpenSea + MetaMask banning
💸More scams + fake mint sites


#crypto #nft #metaverse $LYXE $LYX #clonex
LUKSO is a next-gen #layer1 for the modern lifestyle industry.

LUKSO provides the infrastructure for blockchain-based permanent digital IDs (Universal Profiles 🆙) necessary for building a truly decentralised and seamless Web3 economy.


#crypto #nft #metaverse $LYXE $LYX
LUKSO is the brainchild of @feindura + @m_h_d_v.

The choice of advisors reflects LUKSO's direction, with industry veterans from @CHANEL, @Nike, @instagram etc.

Along with names from the DLT world including @NEARProtocol, @ethereum etc


#crypto #nft #metaverse $LYXE $LYX
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上周四晚上,我们在Twitter Space邀请到了 @Jun_Yu @Phyrex_Ni @frankling 三位大咖作主题为《虎年熊吟-美联储加息周期下加密牛还能归嘛?》的分享。

1. 关于整体行情预期:今年总体宽幅震荡 市值占比向 #BTC 集中。
2. 1 关于美联储加息宏观和整体市场:

美联储加息影响较小,缩表影响更大 ,美联储预期 已price in,不具备深度熊市的条件 1万2万比特币,基本不太可能,33000足够筑底。- @Phyrex_Ni
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#Layer2 Scaling is a concept that is used in the #Ethereum communities with some believing it represents $ETH future.

What does this truly imply? 🤌🏼

How does it operate and why do we need it? 🧐

Today we will deep dive into non-custodial solutions ⬇️
1/ Over the past years, #Ethereum popularity has resulted in a massive rise in transactions and, therefore, #network traffic.

With several users competing for faster #transaction processing, a bidding war occurs, resulting in very expensive gas fees for each user.
Once new scaling solutions arise in the #blockchain space, it is always necessary to consider:

- how much they inherit #Layer1 #security and network characteristics

- if they impose stricter user requirements compared to the underlying #Layer1
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1/ How do you NOT get rekt in a bear trend or a bear market?

We've been in a two-month long bearish trend that could easily turn into a bear market.

I am not saying it will, I am saying it could. Once you accept that reality, you can plan for it.

Here is how?
When I offer advice on bear markets someone is quick to point out I am too new. I trade in a team of 3 guys with decades of forex experience who switch to crypto Nov 2017 and saw the worst of the bear market. My plans are based on their experience.
There's plenty of profit to be made trading when $BTC is dumping if you choose the right #altcoins. You need to find trending narratives like #defi and #layer1 atm. Even #PlayToEarn is still pumping in the right context, like when it's on a new blockchain.
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Solana is one of the biggest blockchains in this crypto space. Recently, however, it seems that Solana has slowed down. In this article, we take a look back at Solana's progress and project its next stretch.

#Solana #Layer1
Whitepaper was published in 2017, soon after, Solana received interest from many big VCs. Especially, when metion Solana, many people will immediately think of Alameda Research and FTX, a huge backer and top tier exchange. For early investors, Solana is definitely a bargain.
However, another big VCs, Multicoin Capital, also invested in Solana from the early stages and holds to the later stages. The estimated profit of this deal can be up to 614000%. This is also one of the most successful investments of Multicoin Capital.
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1/ #BTFD they all say, but they never say HOW.

Buying the dip is a science.

The more $BTC bleeds, the more #altcoins bleed. With blood comes profit. Red is green.

In this MEGA-THREAD I'll show you how to turn red into green.

Like, retweet and follow for more 😘
2/ -- DIP FUND --
I routinely tell people to keep a min of 30%-50% of their portfolio in #stablecoin. This is your dip fund.

When #crypto is bullish, you can get away with 30%. When it's bearish or crabby, 50%+ is a good dip fund.

I hope you have a dip fund ready to go.
My dip fund is split 70% for buying dip (strategically), 30% for investing in projects in a bear market.

More on buying the dip on tweet 6, let's talk bear launches first.
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Did a little deep dive on $DOT #polkadot
Heres my quick thoughts in a thread.
#cryptocurrency #crypto

If you found it useful please RT & share 🙂
Let me know what you think.

$DOT we saw a lot of buying pressure in the run up to the first parachain auction on the first of Nov 11, which promptly saw a sell off.

Classic case of buy the rumour, sell the news.

Historically we have seen a loose correlation between #BTC & $DOT

However since around the 20th Dec #PolkaDot has broken away from the side ways moving #bitcoin

Could it breaking out?
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With DeFi about to reach critical mass, the next 12 months will be crucial for the future of #Layer2 - and for our platform in particular.

Let’s take a Deep Dive with @will_harborne as he explains what's to be expected for DeversiFi in 2022.

#Thread (1/11)
2022 will be the avalanche year for Ethereum, the year that it takes back the centre-ground of crypto DeFi ecosystems and this will be driven by #Layer2 ecosystems. In fact, we predict there will be significantly more people using #Ethereum Layer 2 than #L1.

In parallel, we will see the growth of multi-chain ecosystems, which allow several blockchains to connect with one another - enabling #decentralised apps and protocols to launch on several networks.

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Intelligent investors inc. whales are buying up $Saito. Why? The design pays user facing nodes out of an open consensus mechanism, thus scales naturally & incentivises processing of huge amounts of data, so can be used to build decentralised versions of v. data heavy services 👉🏾
Saito’s design corrects the collective problems inherent in POW & POS mechanisms, so that profit-seeking actors compete to bring $ into the network, permitting scalability to the point that underlying hardware rather than economic constraints impose limits on blockchain growth 👉🏾
The fundamental problems affecting blockchain scaling are economic. Saito fixes these issues, allowing the team to build a massively scalable blockchain which achieves scalability by ensuring that payments flow to the nodes that spend money on network infrastructure 👉🏾
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My calls since being on CT. I may have missed some. I excluded a few good ones to make the list shorter.

Mostly #Metaverse, #PlayToEarn and #GameFi in there but a few #layer1 and #DeFi.

All verifiable from my tweet history 😘

Killing it, here is to an even better 2022!
If I missed any losers or winners let me know!
$DARK roughly break-even
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My top #Web3 picks

💎 $FLUX the future #AWS of Web3 provides the leading #decentralized #cloud
💎 $KDA the most secure and scalable #PoW #Layer1 to power Web3
💎 $PRQ connects Web3 to Web 2.0 systems, making them aware of on-chain events
💎 $PRE the #Web3 search engine

$FLUX have built out a #web3 #cloud that is capable of hosting websites, apps and #blockchain nodes.

There are dozens of websites and apps running on the platform as well as nodes for $KDA $PRE & $FIRO.

The #Flux platform is powered by over 2,300 community operated #nodes. /2
$KDA is the only #Layer1 #PoW #blockchain capable of running at a scale big enough to power the worlds financial markets.

#Kadena braid together multiple chains to create a scalable & power efficient braided chain with very low gas fees.

Near infinite scalability is possible /3
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@Polkadot X @kusamanetwork

Qu'est ce que sont les parachains auctions et les crowdloans ? Comment cela se déroule ? Quels sont les avantages, inconvénients et risques ?
👉[Les bases de l’écosystème @Polkadot ]

🔸#Polkadot est une #blockchain fonctionnant avec le consensus Nominated Proof of Stake (NPoS) et se différencie par son approche multi-chain.
Elle est ce qu’on appelle la couche 0 (ou relaychain) sur laquelle va reposer d’autres couches (#Layer1 ). Ces couches-là seront les #parachains (d’autres blockchains toutes connectées entre elles).
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Yesterday we launched the FIRST EVER #Layer2 bridge to a centralised exchange 🥂 - @bitfinex, but what does that mean for you?

🧵 #Thread🧵 (1/6)
Remember how you used to pay those pesky gas fees 💸 and wait absurd times ⏳ when moving from an exchange to #DeFi? This all changes now with minuscule fees and rapid transfers!
This bridge🌉now enables fast and low-cost transfers between #Bitfinex & #DeversiFi meaning that you can move @Tether_to tokens ($USDt) seamlessly between the two platforms, without ever touching #Layer1 #Ethereum! And what's more, we’ll be adding more #ERC20 tokens soon!
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