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A @Kiltprotocol & @MoonbeamNetwork joint venture

Currently theres no way to issue pre currencies on #DOT or #KSM

Polimec tackles this problem and enables projects to issue pre currencies on #KSM or #DOT before their mainnet goes live

Thread 👇
With the succes of $KSM & $DOT we saw foul players enter the market, pivoting on the #DOTSAMA name

Most launched as an erc-20 token and had absolutely nothing to do with Dotsama

We've also seen legitimate projects who out of necessity chose to issue a pre token as erc-20
This way they could reward their early supporters through staking possibilites

I've been staking my @hydra_dx (HDX) since shortly after the LBP in febr 2021 & they are going live as a parachain soon

For these type of projects Polimec is going to be
the answer
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KILT Protocol:

#Kilt is a fully decentralized identity protocol for issuing self-sovereign, verifiable credentials.

In this thread we will discuss the tech, tokenomics and the value proposition to help you understand the project in more simple terms.

/Thread 🧵
1. Value Proposition

$KILT is the only project in ID and Credentials which "solves the price/truth Paradox".

They produce affordable credentials whilst delivering the security of a permissionless blockchain.

This is key to adoption by the Financial Industry.
2. Visualise

Say you are sick.

If a person, X, comes to you claiming they are a doctor, it would be hard for you to trust this person, because you know nothing but their name.

If the same person produces a medical license issued by the government, you would trust them more.
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Aujourd'hui on va parler de KILT [THREAD]

$Kilt c'est un des tokens les plus bullish à mon sens sur l'année 2022, c'est aussi plus de 20% de mon portefeuille.

Je suis le token depuis plusieurs mois et je suis convaincu qu'il va tout changer.
Thread c'est parti
Alors d'abord, à quoi ça sert ?
Le plus simple si vous voulez vraiment tout comprendre ce serait de regarder leur vidéo officielle :
Perso j'avais déjà sorti la carte bleue à la moitié de la vidéo.

Sinon laissez moi vous expliquer !
En gros, Kilt, ça permet de "vérifier des informations d'identification numérique".
Ca paraît complexe mais ça l'est pas.
Imaginons que vous êtes sur la blockchain et que vous voulez prouver que vous êtes un médecin, ou que vous êtes l'ex CMO de tel ou tel token.
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Alot of people dont know about VCO's and how HUGE this is for #KILT

One way #KILT will lure corporate and government entities onto their blockchain is by making use of

Verifiable Credential Organisations (VCO's)

What are VCO's & why are they important?

Thread 👇
A VCO, formerly known as Token Curated Attester (TCA);

Enables Attesters to run their business completely on the #KILT blockchain

Attesters could be corporate and governement entities/departments

As @ingoruebe stated earlier, this will be a gamechanger in CT

The tech 👇

VCO's are #KILTs version of Token Curated Registries (TCRs) which;

"Were conceptualised as decentrally managed lists with intrinsic economic incentives that,

through the wisdom of the crowd (bottom-up), provide truthful information that CANNOT directly be verified."
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Le Bitcoin est-il une shitcoin ? [THREAD]

Ca vous parait peut-être bizarre, mais quand on y réfléchit, le #bitcoin a tout d'une shitcoin.

Alors, qu'est-ce qui fait sa valeur ? Petit thread

#btc #crypto
Une shitcoin, c'est une crypto qui n'a aucune utilité spécifique, et dont la valeur est basée uniquement sur la puissance de la communauté qui l'entoure.

On peut citer ElonSperm, #Littlerabbit ou même #doge (au fond, doge n'a pas été créé pour faire quoi que ce soit ?)
En général, les shitcoins ce sont des tout petits projets qui prennent de la valeur sous la forme d'un Ponzi et s'effondrent rapidement.
On les reconnaît souvent à leur Whitepaper très simple et leur plan de développement basé uniquement sur le marketing (Binance listing soooon)
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The ONLY thread you need for your next pick🌕

My favourite project

#KILT - KILT Protocol

I promise, no boring copy-paste bullshit thread this time

(Call by @bag_hunters) The ONLY group that did call DOT during the private sale phase + many other insane calls like MOVR lately
KILT is a blockchain identity protocol for issuing self-sovereign, anonymous verifiable credentials utilizing DOT

Basically they make any credential like ID card go fully digital and give YOU full ownership of it so you can choose who AND what to show about your credentials
It’s one of the first projects to build on Substrate and launched over 3 years ago in 2018

Their team has ex-CMO of Polkadot as their VP of Business development and their current CFO as their CFO

How many other projects have heavyweights like that? Exactly
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1/ @kusamanetwork $KSM has now finally announced the 2nd batch of parachain auctions (starting 1st of September) and there is one powerhorse in the stable: #KILT. I recently told you why this is my absolute pick no. 1 for the $KSM auctions: #KSM4KILT
2/ You might know the citation 'Follow smart money'. I would rather remodel this to 'Follow smart people' and (of course) dyor when it comes to financial investments.
So lets have a look for #KILT #KSM4KILT
Actually @MrBeast is aware of @kiltprotocol and is following the project
3/ @DonnieBigBags from @bag_hunters called out #Kilt months ago and he got famous for his calls for excellent picks (e.g. $DOT) not by accident.
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1/ We are shortly before the announcement of the next $KSM parachain auctions and I want you to know which project I have chosen to loan my $KSM to and where I will market buy in: #Kilt @Kiltprotocol I try to give you an overview so that you can DYOR and understand my decision. Image
2/ The idea: Identity is broken in Web2.0. Our data actually does not belong to us. #Kilt fixes this. #Kilt is a blockchain based implementation of decentralized identifiers and verifiable credentials. They implement digital credentials that a trusted entity can be contacted ... Image
3/ ..and asked for a special kind of credential. The trusted entity checks, verifies and then signs it. The claimer can now use that credential without the entity knowing what reason for. That prevents tracking of the users of credentials. The blockchain is used for validation. Image
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Getting close to @Polkadot and @kusamanetwork parachain launch by @web3foundation, we check why #parachains need @Kiltprotocol and how ones can benefit from #KILT beeing a #Polkadot and #Kusama parachain.
#KILT provides a base layer for verifiable credentials in Web 3.0 world, building a permissionless trust infrastructure for real-world business cases like #DeFi, genetics testing, cloud computing and energy partnerships, also exploring collaborations in climate change and gaming
As parachain Kilt would provide its #DIDs (Decentralised Identifiers) and Verifiable Credentials through Relay Chain to other parachains

KILT would soon be able to utilise functionality from other parachains, such as smart contract systems and oracles.
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