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[Thread] Joey Gibson trial for felony riot starts with pretrial motions. One motion by defense tried to prevent testimony from woman who was knocked out by Nazi Ian Kramer, with a baton.

#PatriotPrayer #Riot #CiderRiot Courtroom for Joey Gibson's...
Judge denied motion to keep her from testifying, but agreed she couldn't talk about her broken vertebrae/concussion as she isn't a doctor. These are injuries Andy Ngo falsely tried to claim were faked.
Motion granted to prevent Joey Gibson from being referred to as leader of the group, but not "perceived" leader of group.

He is leader of Patriot Prayer. These right wingers met at his rallies.
Another motion doesn't allow his beliefs to be referred to as "extremist beliefs"
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.@seanfeucht is a neo nazi hate group magnet. he only comes around once a year, but he's like joey gibson on steroids.
some pics here of @seanfeucht's fascist & neo nazi "flock" this evening
incredibly violent antisemitic #proudboys fascist tiny toese is there, he recently said he wanted to murder Jewish people. @tedwheeler's cops helped him assault people in recent years. he was also recently sargent-at-arms for @CCRP_WA.
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posts from #patriotprayer #proudboys nazi collaborators jake beaird & chris “probation” ponte make it p clear that their group chats are focused on daring each other to do a mass shooting against portlanders.

the support they get from @tedwheeler’s cops feeds these impulses.
both of these dudes have gotten away with frequent, documented assaults; & they are infuriated when the cops don’t actively help them attack people in the streets.

@tedwheeler’s cops have fed this entitlement at everyone’s peril.
jake beaird has become a central organizer of fascist violence in the PNW lately. some more links in this thread
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.@tedwheeler's fan-service is working well.
local neo nazis (like mike "vinnicuz" isaacs here) are stoked about @tedwheeler encouraging chuds to hurt portlanders who protest against his murderous, racist police force.
alyssa "rhodesia fan" vinsonhaler of #PatriotPrayer infamy is also excited about @tedwheeler's statements from today. in the quoted tweet below, you can see her with lilith "drakken" saer - a neo-nazi who forced her way into the US capitol on january 6.
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here's @ClarkCounty_GOP's fascist sargeant-at-arms doing some casual Holocaust-denial with neo-nazis from the #ProudBoys hate group.

tiny toese: "what are we waiting for? let's make [the Holocaust] happen. round [Jewish people] up."
here's @ClarkCounty_GOP's fascist sargeant-at-arms tiny toese instructing #ProudBoys hate group members on proper pronunciation of the n-word & praising them for saying it. they also make plans to harass black people online.
here's @ClarkCounty_GOP's fascist sargeant-at-arms tiny toese bragging about his years of aggressive violence and his coke habit to neo-nazis & fascists in the #ProudBoys hate group.
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@MichaelCoudrey 1/17 They were hunting for a specific target. The black truck was seen throughout the area on multiple occasions. They were communicating by radio, once the target was spotted, they arrived on scene and executed their plan and dealt with the variables.
@MichaelCoudrey 2/17 The livestreamer was there to make sure it was seen by the world. He got CS'd by the vapor cloud that blew in his direction that one of the patriot prayers had sprayed at the shooter before the shooting. The live streamer kept filming, they wanted it to be seen.
@MichaelCoudrey 3/17 When a shooting occurs, people run away, even at least for cover or duck down on the point where they are. The livestreamer just casually walks towards it right after the shots. The only reaction is very slight twitch of the camera shaking. This is not normal behavior.
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Trumpies rolling around downtown, hours after caravan ended, showing the size of their balls off. #PortlandProtests
Black charger chased out and beat on, then instead of going North on 4th the car charged through the crowd.
Someone was shot on 3rd and alder. Only thing I know is there was one shot, 3 or more people involved and bear spray was involved. Body still in street. Image
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[Thread] Be careful today. Far right violence and threat of violence on protesters is escalating. As was seen last Sat. and at protests in general, there are alot of new people to the scene. This is good that more people are coming out, but also means more behavior....
2)....that puts people at risk physically and legally, due to inexperience. This also leaves those that have more experience, with the responsibility to help those that don't really know what they are doing. Many don't know who these chuds are, just that they are racists...
3)....#bluelivesmurder chuds are now starting to join forces with the usual Fashy chuds. This means radicalization of more "moderate" conservatives to the #FarRight/#Fascism, just like we've seen happen over the last few years with #PatriotPrayer attendees...
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#PatriotPrayer folk approach me, they ask for examples of hate. Alan Sweeney using the N-word over and over. Alan says "and Ill use it again". Everyone laughs. I point out Robert Davis and Justin Sheets are anti muslim, so Sheets comes to try and start shit. Screenshots below...
...Justin Sheets and Robert Davis with their anti-muslim bullshit that they claim is a lie. Now trying to figure out which FB friend is feeding us screenshots. They won't, the person is too deeply imbedded. He claims his son in law is muslim, i highly doubt that. ImageImageImageImage
...Kareem really just responds to criticism of his interactions with nazis, like Ian Kramer and Allen Pucket, with "I just dont care," but claims slander. Video below, he acts like he doesn't know Ian Kramer, and quickly walks off. Image
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#Milkshake party kicking off #NoPride4ProudBoys
Handful of cops encircling the park #NoPride4ProudBoys #Milkshake
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1) @JoeyRockstone supporting Karen Siegemund (qouted below), President of #Antimuslim #HateGroup, American Freedom Alliance. Claiming she is a #victim because she is #Conservative, leaving out her affliations & hate. They promote anti muslim folx like...
2) @TheNonieDarwish calls for the complete annhilation of #islam and that it is poison.
supported by #PatriotPrayer and Karen Siegemund
3) @geertwilderspvv a dutch politician that compares the #Koran to #MeinKampf
Supported by Karen Siegemund and #PatriotPrayer
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Right-wing group, Patriot Prayer—who Antifa clashes and fights with—is hosting a “flash march” tonight in Portland.
Flyers warning people in Portland.
“I hunt Antifa cowards”
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The far-Right wants Joey Gibson of #PatriotPrayer to reforge a 'big-tent' fighting force to return their movement to where it was before #Charlottesville. There's only one problem - Gibson surrounds himself with groups that took part in #UniteTheRight.…
After the death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, the far-Right was in a state of disarray. Predictably, many attempted to use conspiracy theories and fabricated lies to explain what had happened as a "setup" to "silence conservatives," or instead, as a "Soros" false-flag.
Leading the pack was Alex Jones + like with Sandy Hook claimed that Charlottesville was false flag. He stated: "I thought Trump’s response was great…we know that Soros has been planning this..and like trying to create provocative events...the whole thing looks staged to me…”
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1) Starting tomorrow let's get the prayers going again. I have to tell you guys (my fellow Patriots) that I dropped the ball on organizing the prayer chains due to some personal issues of relapsing with alcohol & I had to totally rebuild my sprinkler system.
2) Enough of the excuses though. I humbly apologize & am trying my best to be what the Lord made me & what the Lord inspires me to do. So... let's talk about Prayers. There are so many issues to lift to the Lord.
3) I say we keep our same Prayer schedule to start with, which is:

(all times in Eastern Standard Time)

- 8pm Prayer for our Nation, President, Military & their families
- 9pm Prayers for @Jim_Jordan to be victorious in his march to claim the House Speaker Leadership
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More evidence that Antifa started the Riot in Portland.

Antifa hurling unknown objects at "Patriot Prayer."
Another angle of the Portland Riot between Antifa and Patriot Prayer:
Antifa pelting Patriot Prayer with eggs in Portland Riot.
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@DHSgov detaining a signature gatherer, claiming he was on federal property, when he was on sidewalk. Then telling me to leave because I'm a leftist at #patriotprayer event
@DHSgov officers detaining signature gatherer for asking thier number and claiming he is on public sidewalk. They say its a private event and #PatriotPrayer is approving who comes in and who doesn't
I approached a #patriotprayer attendee, Donavon Flippo, to ask why they didn't want me in the park. I was immediately approached by @DHSgov, officers and arrested. I was released with to 2 federal charges.
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1) Syria, Iran & North Korea have Trillions of $$$ associated with them over the next decade alone in capital investment. @realDonaldTrump just finished negotiating a huge interest in North Korean Infrastructure/Technology investment along with Russia & China. Everybody wins.
2) Next up? Iran / Syria / Oil Pipelines. @Potus has USA pre-positioned to be a major partner in Iran / Syrian Construction/Tech/Infrastructure/Oil Extraction.
3) Basically, Trump has the same ultimate goal as #DeepState , which is to heavily influence the Iranian, North Korean & Syrian Government. He's just going to do it by ensuring the Local Populations win too. Everybody Wins w/ @POTUS The Political Class literally don't get Trump.
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You must remember that the secret to all of this is not to be afraid of fear. When you can really allow yourself to be afraid, and you don't resist the experience of fear, you are truly beginning to master fear.
The stage is set
Actors are a running to the dark corners like roaches in the light
The ones that are the loudest are the main characters as no one can be that deceived
It's raining #TheRainMakers
Here comes the PAIN! #PatriotsFight
God's in Control
#WWG1WGA #KAG #GreatAwakening
Thread by @_VachelLindsay_
1. I have no doubt that Obama will be indicted and found guilty of at least THREE major felonies, just from his central involvement in the framing of Donald J Trump
@threadreaderapp #ObamaGate #MAGA #WWG1WGA #QAnon #LockThemUp…
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1) @DaveMillerOPB @OPBTOL I have asked #joeygibson most of these questions already and provided his answers in context for @psuvanguard.
2) I talked in-depth about fascists and extremists at #joeygibson's events in July, including #jakevonott…
3) and #raulgonzales and #basedspartan. #joeygibson never denounced #bakedalaska until @psuvanguard asked him about it on June 30.
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