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"Misogyny" is a trigger word for the far right-controlled Republican party. But the ideology is real, and it can lead to people getting killed.

Bryan Kohberger
George Huguely
Elliot Rodger
Andrew Tate
Donald T****

#RespectWomen is a public health and safety issue.
Evidently, my above use of the term misogyny has triggered a few of them.

They're trying to insinuate that Kohberger was a liberal which, even if true, would have nothing to do with the points made in my tweet. We already know several things about him, and his crimes...
Further, when writing the above list of 5 known and/or confirmed misogynists, some of whom have killed at least one woman, I considered a range of factors that put them on that list.

I want to encourage discussion about misogny and the targeting of women by violent offenders.
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Anyone reading on Jan 20, 2021 the list of T****'s last minute pardon palooza recipients could tell there and then that the clemency powers had been dramatically abused, and that many others would have sought clemency, too.…
At the DOJ link above, there are 5 clemency dates between the defeated former president's stunning electoral loss and the day he skulked out of DC before the victorious Biden took over.

(Never forget details like those, BTW. The coward gave the country itself the bird.)
Notable pardons included the clear, long term Russian assets and criminal conspirators Michael Flynn and Stephen Bannon.

They started on the fascist project to undermine American democracy years before T**** launched his presidential run in 2015.

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BREAKING: Trump lawyer John Eastman told Trump on January 4th that their attack on America was illegal. #January6thHearings
Trump's coup attempt would have thrown America into "a revolution within a Constitutional crisis." Judge J. Michael Luttig #January6thHearings #TrumpCoupAttempt
BREAKING: John Eastman told Pence lawyer Greg Jacob that he knew the Vice President has no authority to overturn the Electoral College vote. #TrumpCoupAttempt #January6thCommitteeHearings #LockThemUp
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@joebiden was on @jimmykimmel and said #lockthemup about @gop political opposition. He also was gaslighting about how great everything is going and he didn't mention shit about all the suffering vets. #chudwatch
He #jan6th shitshow show trials are here. The proudboys start off tomorrow it's said. Fbi informants Biggs and tarrio charged with sedition were working with the police and military against #BlackLivesMatter

I wonder how much truth will be in this presentation. We know so much!
Those of us battling these #whitesupremacists #domesticterrorists were the targets of fbi police and lawmakers. In fact all the lawmakers involved are not charged yet. I sense scapegoating a few proud boys and Oath Keepers maybe they will get trump but then they will call it good
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The Police Timeline of the Texas School Shooting Has a Lot of Holes | via @VICENews h/t @ItsKey_70sbaby #PunIntended #GunReformNow #WhenGoodGuysWithGunsGoWrong…
“Investigators ‘still grabbing’ information about Texas school shooting as families search for answers” #Uvalde #DemandReform #DemandTheTruth #DemandJustice…
“They create the conditions they lament then refuse all the viable remedies.” They put shit tons of assault weapons on the streets to justify further militarization of America’s police force, which still hasn’t demonstrated competence or capability of neutralizing mass shooters. Image
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1/ It’s 8 days on since the final curtain came down on the #Convoy2022NZ protest that was the 23 day occupation of Parliament grounds. Lots to unpack.

Thanks for your retweet’s of the coverage that made up my first thread, here’s part 2 (and it’s a long one).


2/ Let’s start with an opening montage of protester reckons & reasons shot by openly proud supporters of the occupation NAM - Non Accredited Media.

(keep your eye out for a full length documentary from them coming soon)

3/ Players. So many players. Lets start with one of our fav’s, Brad Flutey.

It’s hard to confirm his reasoning behind conducting these late night negotiations, but I’m picking it was part of a desperate attempt to try & gain official endorsement from protest leadership
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Shouldn’t this be an FBI press release not a CNN story?…
“"It was Rudy and these misfit characters who started calling the shots," a former Trump campaign staffer said. "The campaign was throwing enough sh*t at the wall to see what would stick."
“After Trump failed to stop battleground states from certifying Biden's victory, Trump campaign officials, led by Giuliani, launched its parallel effort to disrupt and undermine the Electoral College process. This included publicly promoting false claims of fraud”
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When MBz and MBS were gangstering American ally, Qatar with Trump's blessing, they were obsessed with getting their hands on dissidents and silencing al Jazeera. This obsessive goal has not stopped.…
Israeli security forces like to harass al Jazeera employees as well.…
Much of this enmity comes from who historically owns the Arab (or is it Persian?) "lake" along with control of passage via the tiny islands of Abu Musa, Lesser Tunb, and Greater Tunb. And the gas that springs from beneath tiny islands that lights Europe…
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Truth vs the lie.

U just lost 6million quid in a month and were cutting liabilities including IPD. Yet you lied and told us you had never been so financially strong & cut IPD to help expand globally! You're finances were a bloody mess that's why you did it! #footballindex ImageImage
30% increase was received poorly because your imbecile CEO told us all to expect rockets then gave us goalkeepers, adding no value to our bets! Someone show the solicitors the video of the dubbed guys wetting themselves! #footballindex ImageImage
Truth vs the lie we were fed again. We were made to believe this was a change of roles. Exciting changes blah blah. Not that he stepped/was pushed aside because they were hemorrhaging money! #footballindex ImageImage
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These GOP lawmakers tied to extremist groups that stormed the Capitol

Rep. #AndyBiggs (R-AZ)
Rep. #LaurenBoebert (R-CO)
Rep. #MattGaetz (R-FL)
Rep. #PaulGosar (R-AZ)
Rep. #MarjorieGreene (R-GA)


Rep. #AndyBiggs (R-AZ) had links to the #StopTheSteal campaign aimed at keeping Trump in office despite his election loss, and whose leader, #AliAlexander, claimed helped him organize the Capitol protest that turned violent

#LockHimUpNow @FBI @DOJ

Rep. #LaurenBoebert (R-CO) has close connections to the #ThreePercenter militia group, who had members take part in the Jan. 6 insurrection, and other right-wing extremist groups, and has been accused of leading suspected militants through the Capitol ahead of the assault

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As an expert in extreme #violence and #fuckery I encourage Americans to flow like water on Jan 6. Get your #StopTheSteal signs and pay Proud Boys fiddy bucks to nail their dicks to telephone poles to show their support for Trump. We wish them all the best.
#StopTheSteal is the final curtain of the TravelingTrumpShow. Encourage them to fight amongst each other to show who will die gloriously for Trump when he becomes #FloridaMan. You can chant #LockThemUp but only after a fair trial. Perhaps give everyone trophies for showing up?
For people who don't know what "be the water" means.
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Qn excellent read that explains the Drudge site but should be expanded to the entire Trump FakeMediaInternetSwampOutrageClickBait Ecosystem. This explains the back end system used to shill the advertisers. Outrage = Clicks = Money X Ad/User Count Fraud.…
"The Dnyuz links, mislabeled ad inventory, hidden ads, and recent history of inflating ad impression numbers—even if not illegal—point to a once highly influential news operation whose highest concern is now the extraction of monetary value from its audience."
"Moss discovered that some 960 websites share one of three Google publisher ID numbers with The Drudge Report. These IDs are associated with three online marketing companies that sell reseller inventory on Drudge: Saamba, PixFuture Media, and Project Agora, Ltd."
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Biden threatened a COG Coup with the Dark Winter comment...#TREASON

It is also notable that George W. Bush’s controversial and classified update to CoG plans in 2007, known as Executive Directive 51, was directly inspired by Dark Winter, and
Barack Obama’s subsequent executive orders on CoG gave near-complete control of American infrastructure to the Department of Homeland Security in a such a situation. At the time Obama issued those executive orders, O’Toole was
the DHS undersecretary for science and technology and also influenced those updates to the CoG plans. O’Toole is currently the executive vice president of the CIA’s In-Q-tel.

Inspired by Dark Winter...…
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"they". I hope they perp walk Rudy in his tighty whiteys
and I can't wait for Bannon and Prince to join Rudy. It appears they have all been doing bad things for foreign paymasters. #DrainThatSwamp. #LockThemUp
NBC shows how the sausage is made. The pitch, the vetting and what red lines prevented them from being played. We need this on ALL media stories since they lives off "story pitches" and PR. And rarely is the genesis and provenance included.…
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Glenn & Eva Dubin subpoenaed for their ties to Epstein.
This sick couple participated in the abuse of children, took at least 7 flights on his plane, advocated for the pedo in prison and nearly let Epstein MARRY their young daughter. #LockThemUP…
Epstein reportedly planned on marrying Celina Dubin, who knew Epstein since she was a toddler and called him 'Uncle Jeff'.
Eva, Glenn Dubin and their young children are on Epstein's flight logs dating back to 1997…
Epsteins former butler who provided the 'little black book' of Epstein contacts to police, Alfredo Rodrigez, noted Eva Dubin as "former model and MOTHER OF NAKED PIC"
Epstein likely had CP of one of the Dubin children...
Rodriguez died from mesothelioma in 2015 Image
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The thing about the now routine bombshell Friday news dumps of the Trump era is they always leave open the prospect of history repeating itself with another Saturday Night Massacre. 🙃…
The @GOP establishment needs to be prosecuted for defrauding the American people on Trump and Putin’s behalf for the last 4 YEARS. The entire party sits on a throne of lies and every corporate donor who supports them should be boycotted and protested relentlessly.
I’m old enough to remember this moment and I’d still very much like to know why they looked so horrified. The onion isn’t anywhere near finished peeling.… via @RawStory #RussianAsset
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Is anyone else thrilled that the NSC, the world's most advanced spy agency, still uses Courier typeface ?…
What are the odds that an "eyes only" document would be released to the general public? I dunno... lets ask Trump's fixer at the DoJ.
straight up mob dialog; "I think it's.something you want to look at but the United States has been very·very good to Ukraine. I wouldn't say that it's reciprocal necessarily because things are happening that are not good but the United States has been very very.good to Ukraine."
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The President of the United States is conspiring and relying on foreign interference, hidden proxies and propaganda to undermine the 2020 U.S. election. That is actually treason. #LockThemUp
All proxies, not just relatives, but people like George Nader, Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort should be under scrutiny for their ability to make deals and act as bagmen for world leaders like Trump. Oh wait...they are already in jail, never…
Donald Trump's Taj Mahal was dinged $10m for money laundering… and openly brags about selling overpriced condos to Russian gangsters posing as corporations. Can we start there...and then move on to his kids?…
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Tonight’s @seanhannity Thread.

It’s one on one with @realDonaldTrump on the phone.
President Trump has heard some of the dossier came from Russia but other parts of it was just made up like a novel. It was paid for by the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, and the DNC.
President Trump says it was treason, high crimes, or whatever other bad word you could think of and it should never happen to another President.
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There is a lot not being said with what is really going on in Iran and the United States. This is my thread to fill in some of the blanks. #DRAINTHESWAMP
Did you know that the people of Iran are doing EXACTLY what we did in our last election? They are fighting their corrupt government the exact same way we are.
Yesterday, after the drone was shot down, Trump met with congressional leaders and TOLD them we would be doing a limited strike.…
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Kiddy Fiddler George Nader and Bunny Banger Elliott Broidy landed a $200M UAE contract...and worked for the KSA creep who killed Khashoggi..and linked in tabloid stars Avenatti, Daniels and Keith Davidson to feed social media frenzy. That's Trumptastic.…
Wait...there's more: Goat porn fan George Nader is repped by Broidy's lawyer. "A lawyer for Broidy, Chris Clark, contended the AP’s reporting “is based on fraudulent and fabricated documents obtained from entities with a known agenda to harm Mr. Broidy.”…
Leaked emails between Nader and Broidy are brazen and crass examples of foreign influence by Arab dictators in American politics. Perhaps reflective of their lifestyles and self interest than the welfare and interests of the American citizen.…
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rt @pspoole
Most glaring part of this discovery by @JudicialWatch is that dozens of Clinton State Dept officials were sending emails to Hillary’s email address on the private server they were conspiring to coverup the existence of…
"The new documents also include a January 2013 email exchange discussing Clinton’s departure from the State Department in which Agency Records Officer Tasha M. Thian specifically stating that Secretary Clinton “does not use email.”"
(an) "email exchange between Petraeus and Clinton was not produced in a related FOIA lawsuit seeking “all emails” of Hillary Clinton. The bottom portion of the email chain was produced, but not the beginning emails. "
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