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सगळी विश्लेषण आणि अग्रलेख वाचले. कौटुंबिक नजरेतून कालच्या घटनेकडे क्वचितच मांडणी झालेली दिसली. पुरोगामी वगैरे कितीही मांडणी झाली तरी पवार - एकत्र मराठा कुटुंब आहे. अत्यंत प्रभावशाली अशा या कुटुंबातील काही सदस्य राजकारणातही सक्रिय आहेत. १/४
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इथे कुटुंबातील सदस्यांचे एकमेकांवर केवळ राजकीय नाही तर आर्थिक अवलंबित्वही आहे. शरद पवार यांच्या राजीनाम्यामुळे आणि येणाऱ्या काळातल्या राजकारणामुळे या सगळ्यांवर थेट परिणाम होणार आहे. पण तरीही या नजरेतून कालच्या घटनेकडे कोणीही फारसं बघत नाहीये. २/४
#Pawar #NCP
या संपूर्ण प्रक्रियेत अजित पवारांना व्हिलन बनवणं सोपं आहे. अर्थात त्यांचा फटकळपणा हे त्याचं प्रमुख कारण असलं तरी अजित पुढे येऊ नयेत (डोईजड होऊ नयेत) म्हणून काम करणारे अनेक आहेत. त्यातल्या त्यात सुळे म्हणजे दगडापेक्षा वीट मऊ असेही वाटण्याची शक्यता नाकारता येत नाही. पण.... ३/४
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According to compounder fav @rautsanjay61 #Mumbai is all because #Thackeray and #Pawar brand!
What an insult to the hard-working, inclusive and entrepreneurship spirit of the financial capital of India. Mumbaikars go through hardships 2 make two ends meet as corruption rules
One political dynasty has ruled richest civic corporation in India for 3 decades, cartel of builders, contractors have ruled. Thackeray's became rich, city got ruined. Gen Next is already here, shutting people down for dissent.That's the brand ideology. FAMILY rule.
Brand Pawar is power in every sector - real estate, land, agri, cricket thanks to IAS lobby and supportive media. Every family member is sitting on crores. Dissent has no place, only ambition rules. Gen Next has been pushed. Power at any cost. That's the ideology
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The slant-history writing of #Leftist Historians has portrayed many #Hindu Kings and Generals in a negative manner.

One such General was Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj’s #PeshwaBajirao Ballal - one of the finest cavalry generals in the history of India.

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The 2015 #Bollywood movie #BajiraoMastani too portrayed him as a ‘mentally unstable lover’.

Is Bajirao only limited to Mastani? Definitely not. So, who was Mastani? Mastani was the daughter of King Chhatrasal of #Bundelkhand.

The name of Bundelkhand is also found in..

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...the Puranas, Dasharna Desh, a region famous for its gem mines.

Mastani was very beautiful. She is described as such, but there is no mention of the red color of the neck while eating Paan, as often rumoured by several people. She came into Peshwa’s life after 1729.

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