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❓ Live now: #LordsQs on food security and Ukraine, #GPS disruption or damage, ministers of religion at scenes of serious injury and reducing reliance on Russian energy.

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📃 In bills:

#HouseofLords considers Commons changes to #NationalityBordersBill from 3.15pm. Treatment of refugees, employment for asylum seekers waiting more than six months among topics in the spotlight.

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Following #NationalityBordersBill, cap on remediation costs for leaseholders and eligible buildings on the agenda as members consider @HouseofCommons changes to #BuildingSafetyBill in ‘ping pong’.

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Next, members consider @HouseofCommons changes to the #HealthAndCareBill.

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#NationalityAndBordersBill #PCSCBILL
THREAD: The motive; could the cruelty have been imported here from a faraway land?

East meets West
As the Bill came back to the Commons yesterday, let’s consider the some of the key driving forces behind its ideology. 1/
Yes, Tory MPs have been supporting the Bill, however the lion’s share of the desire and drive arises from both @BorisJohnson being the PM, and the Home Secretary @pritipatel pushing it in order to appease their voter base. 2/
Patel is especially invested as she was charged to deliver the signicant electoral pledge of restricting immigration. However, the question of why Priti Patel as a PoC is hell-bent on pushing the #NationalityAndBordersBill has been asked a lot recently  3/
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🕚 #HouseofLords from 11am: members consider @HouseofCommons changes to #PCSCBill.

❓ In #LordsQs from 2.30pm: @TheFCA financial inclusion, football governance, low incomes during #COVID19 and #Ukraine visas.

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📃 In bills:

From 11am #HouseofLords considers @HouseofCommons changes to #PCSCBill including:

⚖️ conditions on noisy protests and assemblies that may cause disruption
⚖️ powers of a National Food Crime Unit

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From 3.15pm: #DissolutionBill returns to the #HouseofLords in 'ping pong'.

Members consider @HouseofCommons disagreement with Lords change on dissolution requiring an approval vote in the Commons.

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What is the biggest threat to the Union between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland? Baroness Taylor of Bolton and Lord Dunlop join this month’s #HouseofLords podcast to answer this and discuss a new report from @HLConstitution.

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Baroness Taylor of Bolton and Lord Dunlop also explain why now is the time to reset relationships between the UK’s governments, and why there should be stronger links between the UK's Parliaments and Assemblies.

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@HLConstitution Baroness Taylor also explains the value of parliamentary and pre-legislative scrutiny to governments, and progress of the #PoliceBill #PCSCBill.

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Furore over HMG public order defeats should not distract from other important changes to #PCSCBill made by @UKHouseofLords last night: urgent review into spiking and injections,making misogyny an aggravating factor in sentencing many crimes (as a racial element already is) … /1
… imposing a statutory duty duty of candour on police, and scrapping the Vagrancy Act 1824 which makes it a crime to beg or sleep rough. /2
Those changes will go back to @HouseofCommons, which can accept them, amend them or play us at ping-pong (which they always win if they are sufficiently determined: we always defer in the end to the elected House). /3
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Watch live as #HouseofLords begins the last day of detailed #PoliceBill #PCSCBill checks.

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📝 See the order they will be considered

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#HouseofLords votes to require a review into the prevalence of, and criminal justice system response to, 'spiking'.

Members vote 237 in favour, 190 against amendment 114A to #PCSCBill #PoliceBill, so the change is made…
#HouseofLords votes to require a statutory 'duty of candour' for the police.

Members vote 252 in favour, 179 against amendment 114C to #PoliceBill #PCSCBill, so the change is made…
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🏦The Lords is due to vote on this amendment to the #PCSCBill today, to give the inquiry into Sarah Everard's death statutory powers

Without this, campaigners say it can't address systemic police violence. It can't compel witnesses to testify either…
Priti Patel was threatened with legal action by @centreWJ over this last year

“There are fears that without the powers a statutory inquiry would have any findings will come late, will be inadequate, and ultimately will not fix the systemic issues”…
Coincidentally, the Home Secretary has just said that the first part of the inquiry will report this year

The first part will look into Wayne Couzens' conduct and how previous allegations against him were handled…
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“A big step towards authoritarianism” @GeorgeMonbiot

The govt are excluding debate on new anti-protest laws

The entire Lords committee stage debate on new clauses was crammed into one late night

The Commons have been excluded & the Lords marginalised
“This is proper police state stuff”

Priti Patel shoved 18 extra pages into the #PolicingBill after it had passed through the Commons & the Lords in a ploy to avoid effective parliamentary scrutiny

@GeorgeMonbiot decries the lack of media & public outcry.…
The deeply-authoritarian #PolicingBill hands police vast new powers to fine, remove or arrest ordinary people who simply wish to peacefully protest

@Femi_Sorry explains👇

@pritipatel’s new amendments contain new powers to ban named people from protesting
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Lords currently debating #Amendment214 "Sex-specific incarceration for violent and sexual offenders". Lord Blencathra spoke of mixed sex policy of @MoJGovUK & "erasure" of women as sex class. Baroness Brinton argued amendment "redundant" & not based in facts on ground. #PCSCBill Amendment 214 Lords debate
Lord Morrow arguing that amendment seeks to preserve basic dignity of women without which risk of breaching their Art.3 right. Baroness Meyer arguing against Brinton that a small number is a number and law should protect all & birth sex must always be recorded. #Amendment214
Lord Pannick arguing #Amendment214 would undermine GRC of trans inmates. Baroness Fox @Fox_Claire says wherever one stands on general issue of transgender rights, we are only talking here of convicted sex offenders in context of prison policy where "obviously a clash of rights".
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Ish. A lot of the failures of preventing to stop it imo are more placed within the strategic orientation of the movement itself.

A lot of the mobilising efforts were for organising one off (but country wide) "days of action".

That model isn't good enough.

The notion that the Bill could have been stopped by sporadic days of action is ludicrous. The orientation should have been towards consistent direct action/civil disobedience: sitting on train-tracks for days on end etc etc.

#killthebill #pcscbill
I emphasise the train-tracks point as an example of the kind of thing that was required. Generally speaking the tactics deployed by the movement were marches, rallies, and often actual sit-ins.

#killthebill #pcscbill
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Opening what I suspect will become a very long [Thread] on the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill (#PCSCBill) which, having been introduced last Tuesday, gets its #SecondReading *next* Tuesday - #precipitous, to say the least...
While it is all too often merely lip service, the Ministerial statement of #HumanRights compliance on the cover of this Bill 👇 is particularly #hypocritical, given its actual contents...
Many have been writing about the impact of this proposed legislation on lawful #protest, notably @IanDunt...…

...who, critically, picks up on the extraordinary #HenryVIII power @pritipatel is trying to grab.

(Let's hope THAT one gets struck quickly!)
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