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@MuellerTadzio "In der Klimakrise kann sich die Bewegung gerade zwischen Irrelevanz und Militanz entscheiden." - Warum dieser Satz falsch und die Argumentation für die Klimabewegung gefährlich ist. Ein Thread…
Richtig ist: Die Emissionen steigen weiter, alte wie neue Regierung versagen bislang kläglich darin, die Klimaziele ambitioniert anzugehen und sich die Zivilgesellschaft zum Partner zu machen. Die Lage spitzt sich also zu. Besonders junge und engagierte Menschen sind frustriert
, enttäuscht, verzweifelt und zunehmend wütend darüber, zumal schon vor der Wahl keine Partei ein 1,5 Grad Programm im Angebot hatte. Einzelne haben sich bereits radikalisiert: Der Hungerstreik von @AufstandLastGen war dafür das jüngste und berührendste Beispiel.
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Osaka was willing to work with Roland Garros. Their shocking response has gotten us here. They clearly wanted to send a message to a player who spent the last year refusing to "shut up and play". This is as much a part of the "backlash" as that idiot who threw a bottle at Kyrie.
Sports World was willing to abide "Black Lives Matter" because athletes playing - and risking their health - were keeping the lights on and there were no white fans to boo/shower them with trash. Now the signal from the exec suites to the fans is ringing out: it's backlash time.
They want to roll back the athletic political and economic power that's been flexed in the last year primarily by Black athletes. So you go after Osaka. You go after Kyrie. You go after LeBron. That's all this is. #Backlash
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Opening what I suspect will become a very long [Thread] on the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill (#PCSCBill) which, having been introduced last Tuesday, gets its #SecondReading *next* Tuesday - #precipitous, to say the least...
While it is all too often merely lip service, the Ministerial statement of #HumanRights compliance on the cover of this Bill 👇 is particularly #hypocritical, given its actual contents...
Many have been writing about the impact of this proposed legislation on lawful #protest, notably @IanDunt...…

...who, critically, picks up on the extraordinary #HenryVIII power @pritipatel is trying to grab.

(Let's hope THAT one gets struck quickly!)
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1/ This thread reflects on a recurring problem in discussing the history of #animalstudies, critical animal studies, & human-animal studies. It’s #misogyny. Here’s the jist: feminists & feminist ideas are devalued or ignored only to see our ideas appropriated while we disappear.
2/ This reflects on a recurring problem in animal studies. I will try later to add another thread w/ many citations of impt writings. So this is the first of more to come
3/ In Ecofeminism: Feminist Intersections with Other Animals and the Earth, @last1000chimps & I described how reflections on the development of the animal protection movement usually tell the story of its beginning w/ the publication of @PeterSinger’s Animal Liberation in 1975
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#WhyWomenKill série Américaine qui a l'objectif de ramener dans le droit chemin (du patriarcat) les femmes qui auraient l'audace après #metoo de pencher du coté féministe.
#backlash de #MeToo
série patriarcale ++
3 femmes, 3 fausses héroïnes, chacune dans des personnages complètement stéréotypée.
1963, Beth Ann, étant la figure maternelle elle est bien entendu celle qui à la personnalité la plus néfaste.
folle manipulatrice se rapproche de la maîtresse de son mari pour lui voler le bébé
Visage maternelle : elle focalise sur elle toutes les peurs et complexe masculin, tout le pouvoir que les h n'ont pas. La série noues rappelle(comme dans toutes les oeuvres) : les femmes sont des voleuses d'enfants (propriété masculine), manipulatrices, dissimulatrice : le diable
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Thanks @DrAyeshaRay! Women playing visible roles in protests have become symbols of freedom & progress. From @GretaThunberg leading struggle against climate change, 2 Alaa Salah leading protest songs against al-Bashir on a car in Khartoum in a traditional white toub. 1/ #WIISTOTC
In her paper, @DrAyeshaRay invites us to explore the role of women activism in current protests and mass mobilization in India. This is vital because as @EricaChenoweth finds out, direct correlation btwn the success of protest movements & the participation of women. 2/ #WIISTOTC
@DrAyeshaRay As this is work in progress, I have several “Qs” to help you think through your contribution. First, in what contexts will decisions made by a diverse array of women coalesce into a collective response, sparking a women’s movement? 3/ #WIISTOTC
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