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Well there's some very interesting & innovative attempts to clarify Priti Patel's new laws around #protest in the 'Noise-related provisions: Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Act 2022 #factsheet'.

The Act allows police to place conditions on public processions, public assemblies & one-person protests where it is reasonably believed that the noise they generated "may result in serious disruption to the activities of an organisation carried on in the vicinity...
...or have a significant impact on people in the vicinity of the protest."

Priti Patel also "has a power, by regulations, to further define the meaning of 'serious disruption' & provide further clarity to police in the use of these powers."

Clear as mud. ImageImage
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Yesterday was the worst day for UK democracy in 200 years: following the 1819 #PeterlooMassacre, the UK Govt introduced draconian legislation, reminiscent of the #PoliceBill - the so-called 'Six Acts', which aimed at suppressing any meetings for the purpose of radical reform.
As for the Elections Bill, there were just 6 cases of in-person electoral fraud at #GE2019. For this, the Govt is disenfranchising 3 million or so of the electorate who don’t have ID, the majority of whom are young &/or from poorer & BAME backgrounds, who tend to vote @UKLabour.
As for the UK Government's grotesque Nationality & Borders Bill - & the abhorrent 'deal' with #Rwanda - it has been universally criticised by human rights organisations because, shamefully, it "undermines established international refugee protection law".…
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❓ Live now: #LordsQs on food security and Ukraine, #GPS disruption or damage, ministers of religion at scenes of serious injury and reducing reliance on Russian energy.

🔴 Watch live…
Votes may take place today. Here’s how to follow live:

💬 See what is currently being discussed in the #HouseofLords on Parliament Now

🔴 Watch live on Parliament TV…

✔️ See results of votes
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📃 In bills:

#HouseofLords considers Commons changes to #NationalityBordersBill from 3.15pm. Treatment of refugees, employment for asylum seekers waiting more than six months among topics in the spotlight.

📄 See more…

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Following #NationalityBordersBill, cap on remediation costs for leaseholders and eligible buildings on the agenda as members consider @HouseofCommons changes to #BuildingSafetyBill in ‘ping pong’.

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Next, members consider @HouseofCommons changes to the #HealthAndCareBill.

📄 Find out more…

📺 Watch on Parliament TV…
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🕚 #HouseofLords from 11am: members consider @HouseofCommons changes to #PCSCBill.

❓ In #LordsQs from 2.30pm: @TheFCA financial inclusion, football governance, low incomes during #COVID19 and #Ukraine visas.

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📃 In bills:

From 11am #HouseofLords considers @HouseofCommons changes to #PCSCBill including:

⚖️ conditions on noisy protests and assemblies that may cause disruption
⚖️ powers of a National Food Crime Unit

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From 3.15pm: #DissolutionBill returns to the #HouseofLords in 'ping pong'.

Members consider @HouseofCommons disagreement with Lords change on dissolution requiring an approval vote in the Commons.

📄 More…

📺 Watch…
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What is the biggest threat to the Union between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland? Baroness Taylor of Bolton and Lord Dunlop join this month’s #HouseofLords podcast to answer this and discuss a new report from @HLConstitution.

📄 Listen now…
Baroness Taylor of Bolton and Lord Dunlop also explain why now is the time to reset relationships between the UK’s governments, and why there should be stronger links between the UK's Parliaments and Assemblies.

📄 Read more from @HLConstitution…
@HLConstitution Baroness Taylor also explains the value of parliamentary and pre-legislative scrutiny to governments, and progress of the #PoliceBill #PCSCBill.

📄 Listen now…
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Here's a quick rundown of the changes to Part 3 of the #PolicingBill last night. Thread below!

#PoliceBill #ProtestIsNotACrime
There are a number of government amendments which were accepted. Most of these seek to tighten measures or to define key terms. These were accepted without a vote.
There were four wins which we need to maintain -- that is, amendments where the govt lost in the Lords, but MPs could reverse the change in Ping Pong.
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Thank you to all the peers who are showing great commitment & integrity as they stay late to knock back some of the disturbing provisions in the #PolicingBill, despite govt attempts to prevent scrutiny by scheduling.

This is no way to run a democracy. But the govt knows that.
This image just shows the commitment and integrity of many members of our unelected House.

Scandalous that peers should be put in this position on some of the most important rights in any democracy.
Just proving the point. This just shouldn’t be happening. Every unscrupulous card being played by the government to ram through their #PolicingBill.
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The last day of Report for the #PolicingBill is well underway. We'll be tweeting here all night.
The first group has been covered. We're now on to the second group, which is about hunting with dogs. It includes issues such as hare coursing.

Part 3 will probably start in a couple of hours. This is a HUGE Bill, and Part 3 is right at the end.
Like @GreenJennyJones, we're settling in for a long night. Unlike Peers, we're at home instead of bobbing up and down to debate with the Minister. Huge thanks to all the Peers who stay to vote on these vital issues.
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Watch live as #HouseofLords begins the last day of detailed #PoliceBill #PCSCBill checks.

📄 Read more on changes being discussed…

📝 See the order they will be considered

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#HouseofLords votes to require a review into the prevalence of, and criminal justice system response to, 'spiking'.

Members vote 237 in favour, 190 against amendment 114A to #PCSCBill #PoliceBill, so the change is made…
#HouseofLords votes to require a statutory 'duty of candour' for the police.

Members vote 252 in favour, 179 against amendment 114C to #PoliceBill #PCSCBill, so the change is made…
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What’s actually happening today on the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill? And what does it mean? Here’s a thread about:
1.The key parts of the legislation
2.What happens next
Thread below! #PoliceBill #PolicingBill #ProtestIsNotACrime
Today is the final day of Report. That means that the House of Lords has discussed the Bill (last Nov/Dec) and now they’re voting on which bits should be included. Part 3 has been left until now because the government inserted 18+ pages of new amendments at the last minute.
Part 3 is clauses 56-62. It allows the police to impose new restrictions on non-violent protests, such as to limit the noise they can make and any serious disruption they may possible cause to others.
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The Govt's draconian Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill is authoritarian, antidemocratic, anti-free speech, & anti-British.

It is an insult to all the brave people who gave their lives in WWII to protect our freedoms.

It MUST be resisted.

#KillTheBill #PoliceBill
Former Director of Policy for PM David Cameron, Camilla Cavendish, today stated that Britain is "sleepwalking into a police state."

She said that MPs claiming facemasks "is an imposition on civil liberties, have waved through these provisions" effectively criminalising protest.
Since the 296 page #PoliceBill passed through the House of Commons, Priti Patel has brought in an ADDITIONAL 18 pages at the last second (effectively an additional Bill) which has had ZERO scrutiny from MPs, & which bring in further draconian provisions.

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Here are 10 reasons why @BritishQuakers the #HouseOfLords needs to vote down part 3 of the #PoliceBill on Monday:

'Noisy' or 'disruptive' protests will be criminalised. Most protests annoy someone! And most protests are pretty noisy.
@BritishQuakers What constitutes 'noisy' hasn't been defined. Which means the police can define it according to their whim. If they think a protest is 'noisy' then it's noisy and will be illegal.
@BritishQuakers What constitutes 'disruptive' hasn't been defined either. So the Home Secretary gets to decide. So a government that thinks a protest is 'disruptive' can make it illegal, even (especially!) when the protest is directed at the government.
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John Smith could have said this today. So prescient. ❤
And this. How different - and so much better - would Britain have been today, had John Smith not been taken from us. ❤
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The right to protest is crucial to democracy.
Priti Patel’s #PoliceBill aims to remove this right.

It would allow the government to stop any protest & create a police state.

Find out how you can help @TheGreenParty's #ProtestIsNotACrime campaign here:…
The #PoliceBill is now even more dangerous after "amendments" were added without proper scrutiny or debate.

These would make it even easier for peaceful protesters to be prosecuted & jailed for up to 51 weeks.

Will @UKLabour vote against them in the Lords?

"Locking on" was a key part of the Suffragettes long campaign for votes for women.

Priti Patel's #PoliceBill aims to make this a crime punishable by up to 51 weeks in prison.

Find out how you can help save the right to protest:…

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Here are five new laws for 2022 that you need to know about. First up is the #NationalityandBordersBill…
The #NationalityandBordersBill would redefine who can claim asylum in the UK. It marks certain routes as legal, and others - like small boat crossings - illegal. Priti Patel says controlling our borders is what British people voted for...… Image
🚨BUT 🚨
⚖️@FreefromTorture say #NationalityandBordersBill would break international human rights law
🚫 @UnseenUK has called it ‘catastrophic’ for victims of modern day slavery…
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Twitter gets a bad rap. But the massive implications if the #PoliceBill amendments are being widely recognised and discussed on this platform, while they're almost entirely ignored by the established media.

*Twitter is doing a better job than the press*.
The same goes for many other issues. I feel there is more sense and moral seriousness here than in almost all the mainstream media.
Lots of nonsense and nastiness as well, to be sure. But don't let the trolls (whose numbers are smaller than their noise suggests) define the medium
In some mainstream newspapers and TV channels, by contrast, nonsense and nastiness dominate.
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“A big step towards authoritarianism” @GeorgeMonbiot

The govt are excluding debate on new anti-protest laws

The entire Lords committee stage debate on new clauses was crammed into one late night

The Commons have been excluded & the Lords marginalised
“This is proper police state stuff”

Priti Patel shoved 18 extra pages into the #PolicingBill after it had passed through the Commons & the Lords in a ploy to avoid effective parliamentary scrutiny

@GeorgeMonbiot decries the lack of media & public outcry.…
The deeply-authoritarian #PolicingBill hands police vast new powers to fine, remove or arrest ordinary people who simply wish to peacefully protest

@Femi_Sorry explains👇

@pritipatel’s new amendments contain new powers to ban named people from protesting
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MPs are starting to debate the 'Don't Criminalise Trespass' petition I started over a year ago.

The #PoliceCrackdownBill will criminalise trespass with intent to reside - severely impacting Travellers & homeless people, criminalising protest camps & potentially wild camping. 1/n
Katherine Fletcher MP (South Ribble) is opening the debate. She recounts how she's spoken to me, @GypsyTravellers & @RamblersGB, and also the NFU and CLA. 2/n…
Katherine Fletcher MP admits to occasionally trespassing herself, often with a mountain bike.


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A line in the sand please.

From now on *don't ever* allow the political right or anyone associated with the Conservative Party to *ever* offer moral lectures on freedom.

The #policebill is a disgrace as is the brutish policing of the #BristolProtest.

I personally never fell for the whole "Tory civil libertarian" shtick but I hope from now on more people have their eyes open about this.

Results from how Parliament voted on the #PolicingBill. Just *where exactly* are these Tory "civil libertarians"? *Where* the hell are they?…

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Obviously I'm not trying to erase or downplay the authoritarian tendencies pre existent in UK politics but watching this I can't help but feel like we're entering frankly new territory.

We are hurtling into authoritarianism - fast.

Liberty is delicate and previous. It needs to be nurtured and ruggedly defended.

The spare, unequally distributed & contingent freedoms we have are being pulled from beneath us.

The lesson is obvious: don't allow them to do it.

The lockdown is an instructive metaphor. The value of civil liberties is only appreciated when you have that stripped from you.

Imagine some of the tendencies & power techniques involved in this lockdown becoming permanent & refined.

That makes me angry.

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The #PoliceBill is not directed against violent protests. It has no impact on them. It aims to suppress peaceful protest. It is an attack on our rights and liberty. It is not the act of a democratic government. It is the act of a Putinist regime.
The #PoliceBill is not the act of any legitimate democratic government. It drives a bulldozer through the right to protest which is a constitutional cornerstone of any democracy. And the UK is only a democracy by dint of unwritten constitutional conventions and norms.
With a compliant Commons majority the PM has the power of an absolute monarch. In the UK the power of the monarch was not curbed by a constitution, instead it was transfered to the monarch's proxy - the PM.
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It's naïve to think the police NEVER misuse violence - it's well documented.

Short THREAD on #militant #suffragettes, who helped women get the vote

And let's not forget the brutal miner's strike, or the poll tax riots, which helped end the draconian tax, & get rid of Thatcher. ImageImage
On Black Friday, 18 November 1910, suffragettes were kicked to the ground, punched, & their breasts were pinched.

Independent newspapers, later banned by the government, clever photo journalism, & mass protests all brought the cause for women's rights to the public eye. Image
Elsie Flint, a militant suffragette, recalled in the 1970s: "People laugh & say what ridiculous things to do, but it was never done for fun. They had to get the notice of the public and that was their way of doing it."

The slogan #DeedsNotWords was adopted. Image
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