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It’s amazing how people have no clue of the reality of Policing! A thread🧵

Here are some common comments that are made vs the reality of why!

If you’re a keyboard warrior, this may enlighten you somewhat.
1) ‘Got em on CCTV and Police hav dun nuffin’

Sorry your Twitter blurry CCTV doesn’t give us the names and locations of suspects, as well as positive ID for court! It’s far more complicated and than that! Blame @CPSUK
2) ‘there woz load of baduns. Police were nowhere to be seen’

Sorry sending 2 or 4 officers to a 20+ group of armed yobs isn’t a good idea. Underfunded/understaffed Police take time to gather enough Officers together to be able to deal with it safely. #Leicester
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Not one African Caribbean individual or community organisation has been consulted or involved in the recruitment process for the New Met Commissioner. This is in a city where 2m people are of African descent. @ukhomeoffice @CollegeofPolice @TheVoiceNews
This is a fundamental error when considering the profound crisis in relations between the @metpoliceuk and London's African, Asian and Caribbean communities. A group of predominantly white men will be responsible for assessing the two candidates' understanding of institutional...
..racism and let's remind ourselves institutional racism is a reality that is totally rejected by @BorisJohnson @pritipatel and @kitmalthouse The @MayorofLondon is more sympathetic but even he has been sidelined in this whole process rendered silent by his @TfL budget crisis...
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Thank you to all the peers who are showing great commitment & integrity as they stay late to knock back some of the disturbing provisions in the #PolicingBill, despite govt attempts to prevent scrutiny by scheduling.

This is no way to run a democracy. But the govt knows that.
This image just shows the commitment and integrity of many members of our unelected House.

Scandalous that peers should be put in this position on some of the most important rights in any democracy.
Just proving the point. This just shouldn’t be happening. Every unscrupulous card being played by the government to ram through their #PolicingBill.
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The Govt's draconian Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill is authoritarian, antidemocratic, anti-free speech, & anti-British.

It is an insult to all the brave people who gave their lives in WWII to protect our freedoms.

It MUST be resisted.

#KillTheBill #PoliceBill
Former Director of Policy for PM David Cameron, Camilla Cavendish, today stated that Britain is "sleepwalking into a police state."

She said that MPs claiming facemasks "is an imposition on civil liberties, have waved through these provisions" effectively criminalising protest.
Since the 296 page #PoliceBill passed through the House of Commons, Priti Patel has brought in an ADDITIONAL 18 pages at the last second (effectively an additional Bill) which has had ZERO scrutiny from MPs, & which bring in further draconian provisions.

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Here are 10 reasons why @BritishQuakers the #HouseOfLords needs to vote down part 3 of the #PoliceBill on Monday:

'Noisy' or 'disruptive' protests will be criminalised. Most protests annoy someone! And most protests are pretty noisy.
@BritishQuakers What constitutes 'noisy' hasn't been defined. Which means the police can define it according to their whim. If they think a protest is 'noisy' then it's noisy and will be illegal.
@BritishQuakers What constitutes 'disruptive' hasn't been defined either. So the Home Secretary gets to decide. So a government that thinks a protest is 'disruptive' can make it illegal, even (especially!) when the protest is directed at the government.
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It's @WeCops Wednesday! But we haven't got a chat!

It's nearly Christmas so the fab team are having a rest! But would you like to meet them?!
Here's @DannoReynolds
Force Incident Manager by day & night and an original #WeCopper
Here's @kerrimonaghan1, a Sgt in West Mercia currently the force tactical lead for use of force and stop search. She joined #WeCops 18 months ago after cohosting a chat on #StopandSearch
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A 14-year-old black schoolboy has accused the (STILL INSTITUTIONALLY RACIST) Met police of racist targeting after claiming he's been stopped by police about 30 times in the last two years. He's not been charged with or convicted of any offence.
A very short (for me) #THREAD on the MacPherson Report & institutional racism:

Claims that #StopAndSearch is an effective way to control & deter offending are misplaced. Every stop should be justified in itself, not in that it has some putative wider effect on crime. Stop & search is more a tool of social control than crime-fighting.…
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Opening what I suspect will become a very long [Thread] on the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill (#PCSCBill) which, having been introduced last Tuesday, gets its #SecondReading *next* Tuesday - #precipitous, to say the least...
While it is all too often merely lip service, the Ministerial statement of #HumanRights compliance on the cover of this Bill 👇 is particularly #hypocritical, given its actual contents...
Many have been writing about the impact of this proposed legislation on lawful #protest, notably @IanDunt...…

...who, critically, picks up on the extraordinary #HenryVIII power @pritipatel is trying to grab.

(Let's hope THAT one gets struck quickly!)
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So then, a number of stabbings and shootings in my little BCU tonight, a flurry of which came in during the 1st couple of hours of the night shift (after 10pm) and so a section 60 is authorised. A vehicle is seen driving with 3 males aged in early 20’s wearing casual/sports....
clothing, no insurance shown on PNC and DVLA notified vehicle is off the road (SORN). The vehicle is stopped and all three occupants are detained for a search for weapons. All three, despite being relatively compliant are placed into handcuffs before being searched. This is....
done to protect the officers and other members of the public, including the one being searched, as it has been seen in the past where calm and compliant people, when stopped and searched, can suddenly turn to fight if they actually do have any weapons on them. If the ‘press’.....
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BREAKING | #StopAndSearch

We've uncovered new figures showing the Met Police dramatically increased use of the most discriminatory form of stop and search during lockdown.…
Section 60 orders allow police to stop and search people without any suspicion - a recipe for discrimination.

It's only supposed to be used if there has been violence or when serious violence may occur in a specific area.

Met police issued 65 in May - up from 13 in April.
Black people are almost 10 times more likely to be stopped under regular (so-called section 1) stop and search powers than white people.
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#Thread to share and spread what i find most concerning from the Submission to the #UK #APPG on #HongKong for its inquiry into violations of #HR and humanitarian principles by the #HKPF. Published by @HK_CRO, est. 2014 they work to protect and promote civil and political rights/2
in #HongKong, with a focus on #Police abuse of powers. The 4 pillars of their work are: #humanrights education, police power monitoring, policy advocacy, and emergency #hr support. #StandWithHongKong 🇩🇪❤️🇭🇰 /3
The Submission is based on the testimonies of providers of humanitarian aid gathered from individual interviews conducted by #CRO as well as media reports. All the 10 incidents there happened in or after June 2019 in #HongKong. /4
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The leadership of @PoliceNG isn't doing enough to control & punish mis-conduct by their personnel. The abuses are getting too much. 2 days ago, Tues, not too far from Concorde Hotel, Owerri, a team of policemen assaulted a @PMTNigeria driver for failing to tip them.... THREAD
Trouble apparently started when the driver appeared reluctant to part the with amount demanded by the @PoliceNG #StopAndSearch team. They ordered him out of his vehicle & went after him with hands & guns. Before long the driver was on the ground.
As the assault continued, other road users gathered & tried to plead but without much success. Instead of calling him men to order, the senior officer leading the team, an ASP, cld be seen on his phone apparently making or taking a call.
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#StopAndSearch won't affect me as much as many others (though more than most). If I conscientiously object to my privacy being unjustifiably violated, I'm privileged so it won't ruin my life.
But for the historically targeted, set to be further marginalised... :🖕🏿Johnson & Patel
I'm against #StopAndSearch without their being a reason to suspect THAT person, but if we ARE doing it, it shouldn't just be in some areas. Make it TRULY random/fair.
Make the rich rural Tory-voting pensioner feel the privacy violations they're inflicting on black boys in cities.
After all... Boris Johnson did say that the most ''loving'' thing you can do to a person is have an officer of the law force them to empty their pockets in public.

So why not spread the love?
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Thread: The latest statistics about govt's counter-terrorism #Prevent prog are out. Lots of interesting figures but here are some that I think are very troubling: Of the 7,318 ppl (mostly young ppl) referred to Prevent, *only 5%* are actually assessed to require Channel support.
2/How professionals decide *who is a risk* and how #Prevent prog arrives at risk factors is hugely impt. Huge Qs about how accurate the assessment is. Of the 7,318 ppl referred, many young & Muslim, 82% dismissed/referred to non-radicalisn services. But stigmatised either way.
The 95% "misdiagnosis" rate in #Prevent is worrying given that it disproportionately affects young Muslim ppl. Not many ppl realise this, but the way #Prevent is implemented - and its impact - is very similar to #Stopandsearch. It's humiliating and the stigma follows you.
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Some thoughts on this “degrading” and “embarrassing” encounter, and #stopandsearch more generally...…
Police have been condemned again for “racial profiling” following this interruption of a drill video. Armed officers engaged the group with air support, and again, the variable of culture has been overlooked by some who can’t see past race.
Watch the Instagram video in the link and you’ll actually hear the lyric: “we got guns”.

If you were to walk down the street, wearing a balaclava and saying this, I don’t think you’d have grounds to be shocked if the police stopped you, whatever colour you were.
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