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The Worker Protection Bill will have grave implications for #freedomofspeech in this country, as well as imposing huge compliance costs on Britain’s businesses. This week, the legislation reached second reading in the #houseoflords, and there were some terrific speeches.
Clause 1 of the Bill imposes a duty on employers to take "all reasonable steps" to protect staff from overhearing upsetting remarks made by customers. As a publisher and museum trustee, Lord @IanStrathcarron was able to explain why this part of the Bill wouldn't work in practice.
If we were just talking about sexual harassment, that would be one thing, said Lord Moylan. But in an act of "overreach", the bill is attempting to extend third-party liability to every type of "unwanted conduct" prohibited by the Equality Act, including overheard comments.
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We need to talk about women being pressured into abortions.

The European Court of Human Rights will rule today on a case where three women in a psychiatric institution were forced to have abortions against their will.

#ECHR #abortion #humanrights
Last month, the court ruled in a case where a 20-year-old had been forced to have an abortion by her parents, also against her will. The court strongly condemned this as a breach of human rights:
Forced abortion, they said, is
"an egregious form of inhuman and degrading treatment which had not only resulted in a serious immediate damage to her health – that is the loss of her unborn child – but had also entailed long-lasting negative physical and psychological effects."
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Castlereagh Creeping the House of Lords, or the Story of a Misidentified Portrait.

A 🧵

2 artists captured the proceedings against Queen Caroline in the #HouseofLords in 1820, and both include #ViscountCastlereagh. Let's start with James Stephanoff.

#twitterstorians #HistParl Image
Stephanoff shows Castlereagh perched on a staircase, watching from a small window. The 1823 key for Stephanoff's work identifies this figure as "The Marquis of Londonderry [Castlereagh], who usually took his station on the stairs leading to the gallery during the investigation." ImageImage
The other portrayal of the trial is, of course, George Hayter's monumental painting. Hayter, however, shows Castlereagh positioned in the box of the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, on the bottom right corner. Image
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Conservative Party has been split since the referendum. What the country and public are seeing is the ERG in action.#projectreality is now happening at a huge cost to the UK. It’s always everyone else’s fault and the ERG will always blame others for consequences of their actions
However moderate and blue worker Conservative MPs were not prepared to stand up to them when it mattered. They are reaping the consequences as is the nation. Attacking institutions is all ERG know. Europe, Parliament, Judiciary, OBR, Bank of England and on it goes
Meanwhile the croynism cult continues whether the rough awarding of contracts in #covid or #ethicsappointments or non appointments. #HouseofLords and unsuitable appointments. The decent fundamental values in the UK have been trashed for donations and loyalty to ERG.
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❓ In #LordsQs from 2.35pm:

@mritchiesd presses government on negotiations with the European Commission regarding the #NorthernIrelandProtocol #NIProtocol following the Northern Ireland Assembly elections #AE22.

📺 Watch #HouseofLords online…

1/4 🔽 Lords questions, question 1: Northern Ireland Protocol by Ba
Next @danielmgmoylan quizzes government on the economic situation in Sri Lanka and support for the country in #LordsQs from around 2.45pm.

📺 Watch #HouseofLords online…

2/4 🔽 Lords questions, question 2: the economic situation in Sri L
Then Lord Wallace of Saltaire questions government on the new model history curriculum as #LordsQs continues from around 2.55pm.

📺 Watch #HouseofLords online…

3/4 🔽 Question 3: new model history curriculum by Lord Wallace of
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❓ Live now: #LordsQs on food security and Ukraine, #GPS disruption or damage, ministers of religion at scenes of serious injury and reducing reliance on Russian energy.

🔴 Watch live…
Votes may take place today. Here’s how to follow live:

💬 See what is currently being discussed in the #HouseofLords on Parliament Now

🔴 Watch live on Parliament TV…

✔️ See results of votes
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📃 In bills:

#HouseofLords considers Commons changes to #NationalityBordersBill from 3.15pm. Treatment of refugees, employment for asylum seekers waiting more than six months among topics in the spotlight.

📄 See more…

📺 Watch…
Following #NationalityBordersBill, cap on remediation costs for leaseholders and eligible buildings on the agenda as members consider @HouseofCommons changes to #BuildingSafetyBill in ‘ping pong’.

📄 See more…

📺 Watch…
Next, members consider @HouseofCommons changes to the #HealthAndCareBill.

📄 Find out more…

📺 Watch on Parliament TV…
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❓ In #LordsQs from 2.30pm: 

@AnneCMcIntosh questions the government on food security in the UK as a result of the war in Ukraine.

📺 Watch #HouseofLords online…
Global Positioning System #GPS in #LordsQs at 2.45pm as Lord West of Spithead quizzes government on the UK’s fallback should services be disrupted or damaged.

📺 Watch online…
The attendance of ministers of religion at the scenes of serious injury in #LordsQs spotlight as @danielmgmoylan presses government for an emergency services strategy.

📺 Watch online from 2.55pm…
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❓ Live now: #LordsQs on the Vaccine Manufacturing and Innovation Centre, creating an independent regulator for English football, humanist marriages and tackling malaria globally.

🔴 Watch live…
Starting now, #HouseofLords quizzes government on the UK-Rwanda asylum partnership arrangement and the method by which it was concluded.

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📃 In bills:

Independence of the Electoral Commission and campaign spending in the spotlight from 3.15pm as #HouseofLords continues further examination of the #ElectionsBill.

📄 Read more…

📺 Watch online…
Away from the chamber in Grand Committee, members consider regulations on #PlatinumJubilee licensing hours, money laundering and more.

📺 Watch from 3.45pm…
#HouseofLords votes to remove clause 15 from #ElectionsBill, which would require the Electoral Commission to follow a strategy and policy statement set by the government.

Members vote 265 in favour, 199 against, so the change is made…
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❓In #LordsQs from 2.30pm:

@JDBakewell quizzes government on the sale of the Vaccine Manufacturing and Innovation Centre.

📺 Watch #HouseofLords live…
Creating an independent regulator for English football coming up at 2.45pm in a question from Lord Ravensdale.

📺 Watch #LordsQs live…
Next, humanist marriages in #LordsQs spotlight as @LorelyBurt quizzes government on permitting ceremonies to take place outdoors.

📺 Watch online…
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#LordsQs on deaths in prison custody, building new homes, @britishmuseum return of sacred altar tablets to Ethiopia and the future of the @niassembly.

📺 Watch live from 3.05pm…

📄 Read more… Graphic displaying today's date.
📃 In bills:

From approx. 3.45pm, protecting consumer bills in the spotlight as members begin ‘tidy up’ of #NuclearEnergyBill at third reading.

📄 Find out more…

📺 Watch… Graphic displaying bill title and date.
The #HouseofLords is expected to conduct all stages of the National Insurance Contributions (Increase of Thresholds) Bill today.

📺 Watch on Parliament TV… Graphic displaying title of bill and date.
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🕚 #HouseofLords at 11am: further checks of #BuildingSafetyBill.

#LordsQs from 2.30pm: @NHSuk facilities, UK speaking other languages, teaching creative subjects and UK property owner transparency.

📺 Watch online…

📄 See more…
📃 In bills:

At 11am members begin #BuildingSafetyBill further checks, including:

🏗️ building safety regulator powers
🏗️ safety of disabled people in high-risk buildings
🏗️ building safety service charge costs

📺 Watch…

📄 More…
Following #LordsQs, #HouseofLords urgent question on the conduct of @POferries Chief Executive and the action he will take to safeguard jobs.

📺 Watch Parliament TV…
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🕝 #HouseofLords from 2.30pm:  

#LordsQs on @NHSuk gambling treatment services, police cuts, preventing extremism in schools and implementing @COP26 side deals.

📺 Watch online…

📄 Read more… Image
📃 In bills:

Final #HouseofLords checks of the #SubsidyControlBill coming up later this afternoon.

📄 Read more…

📺 Watch online… Image
Later, #HouseofLords #ElectionsBill checks continue with transparency of campaign spending and the right to vote in UK general elections for citizens from Commonwealth countries in the spotlight.

📄 Read more…

📺 Watch online… Image
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🕚 #HouseofLords from 11am: members consider @HouseofCommons changes to #PCSCBill.

❓ In #LordsQs from 2.30pm: @TheFCA financial inclusion, football governance, low incomes during #COVID19 and #Ukraine visas.

📺 Watch…

📄See more…
📃 In bills:

From 11am #HouseofLords considers @HouseofCommons changes to #PCSCBill including:

⚖️ conditions on noisy protests and assemblies that may cause disruption
⚖️ powers of a National Food Crime Unit

📺 Watch…

📄 Read…
From 3.15pm: #DissolutionBill returns to the #HouseofLords in 'ping pong'.

Members consider @HouseofCommons disagreement with Lords change on dissolution requiring an approval vote in the Commons.

📄 More…

📺 Watch…
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🕝 #HouseofLords from 2.30pm:  

#LordsQs on accommodation for women released from prison, mental health services for rough sleepers, constitutional reform and future trade with the EU.

📺 Watch online…

📄 Read more…
📃 In bills:
#HouseofLords continues line by line check of #ElectionsBill from around 3.15pm, with requirements for voter ID on the agenda.

📄 Read more…

📺 Watch online…
In Grand Committee, work away from the chamber, from 3.45pm: #HouseofLords debates new regulations on payments to farmers and to electricity suppliers, food and feed safety, and Commissioner for Patient Safety.

📺 Watch online this afternoon…
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What is the biggest threat to the Union between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland? Baroness Taylor of Bolton and Lord Dunlop join this month’s #HouseofLords podcast to answer this and discuss a new report from @HLConstitution.

📄 Listen now…
Baroness Taylor of Bolton and Lord Dunlop also explain why now is the time to reset relationships between the UK’s governments, and why there should be stronger links between the UK's Parliaments and Assemblies.

📄 Read more from @HLConstitution…
@HLConstitution Baroness Taylor also explains the value of parliamentary and pre-legislative scrutiny to governments, and progress of the #PoliceBill #PCSCBill.

📄 Listen now…
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Watch live as #HouseofLords begins the last day of detailed #PoliceBill #PCSCBill checks.

📄 Read more on changes being discussed…

📝 See the order they will be considered

🔴 Watch…
#HouseofLords votes to require a review into the prevalence of, and criminal justice system response to, 'spiking'.

Members vote 237 in favour, 190 against amendment 114A to #PCSCBill #PoliceBill, so the change is made…
#HouseofLords votes to require a statutory 'duty of candour' for the police.

Members vote 252 in favour, 179 against amendment 114C to #PoliceBill #PCSCBill, so the change is made…
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Here are 10 reasons why @BritishQuakers the #HouseOfLords needs to vote down part 3 of the #PoliceBill on Monday:

'Noisy' or 'disruptive' protests will be criminalised. Most protests annoy someone! And most protests are pretty noisy.
@BritishQuakers What constitutes 'noisy' hasn't been defined. Which means the police can define it according to their whim. If they think a protest is 'noisy' then it's noisy and will be illegal.
@BritishQuakers What constitutes 'disruptive' hasn't been defined either. So the Home Secretary gets to decide. So a government that thinks a protest is 'disruptive' can make it illegal, even (especially!) when the protest is directed at the government.
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🧵 Today (05/01) the #HouseofLords has 2nd Reading of the #NationalityandBordersBill. Read our briefing on 5 clauses whose #delegatedpowers raise particular concerns /1…
Although the Bill has been significantly updated since our briefing was published, the points we raised are still of relevance (NB the clause numbering has changed) /2
In this, as in most Bills, delegated powers raise important questions of constitutional, legal, and procedural principle that matter, regardless of views on policy merits of the Bill /3
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Festive hustings here at st Johns Methodist church in #Whitchurch. #libdems @helenhalcrow up first with introduction. Time for #NorthShropshire to stop being taken for granted, support farmers & invest in rail & buses.
Next @DuncanKer . Talks about his experience in local govt as a social workerchief exec. Moved to #NorthShropshire in 2012, made a rundown chapel into an arts & community centre. Elected first #green on #oswestry town & then @ShropCouncil . Lists some campaigns, agst fracking,
Agst NHS cuts,& trying to save the ambulance station. In May 2021 @TheGreenParty was the only one to win seats in #NorthShropshire . Now 12 of 18 seats on #oswestry town council. #Greens can win elections & when they do people vote for more.
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🕙From 10am: #HouseofLords debates the key principles of three private members’ bills on the status of workers, education and refugees.

📄Learn more…
Private members’ bills are draft laws, selected by ballot and proposed by individual members of the #HouseofLords rather than by government.

📄Catch up with the full list…
🕙 At 10am: #HouseofLords debates the main purpose of the Status of Workers Bill, put forward by @JohnHendyQC to give statutory employment rights to all workers other than the genuinely self-employed.

📄 Find out more in the Library briefing…
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Watch #HouseofLords live as members continue further examination of the #EnvironmentBill, with creating a soil management strategy, and the independence and powers of an Office for Environmental Protection, on the agenda.

🔴 Watch now… Image
#HouseofLords members vote on amendment 11 to #EnvironmentBill, regarding requiring interim targets to be met.

Members vote 203 in favour and 181 against, so the change is made…
#HouseofLords members vote to remove some exceptions to the need to follow policy statement on environmental principles in #EnvironmentBill.

Members vote 184 in favour and 182 against amendment 20, so the change is made…
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🕒 From 3pm in the #HouseofLords: #LordsQs, further check and change of the #EnvironmentBill and members debate #UniversalCredit.

📄 Learn more… Image
#HouseofLords debates UK-Sub-Saharan-Africa relations from 3.45pm in Grand Committee

📄 Find out more… Image
Here’s how to follow #HouseofLords business:
📄 We publish a weekly look ahead at highlights
📺 Watch online at
📖 Read transcripts in Lords Hansard
📧 Subscribe to our newsletter
More details…
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