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Dear #Sadists & fellow #perverts

I shall be 70 this year. To free myself from my #emasculating #RomanCatholic #indoctrination I have done much. I have outraged many taboos. I have been #dominated by #women, #pissed on by them, licked their #spit and drunk their #piss ...
... However, I have not done nearly enough!

I have not been #GangRaped by women or #MaleToFemale #Transexuals. I have not been made to do things that disgust me (not much does) and told, "Get used to it because we'll make you do it again & again & again before you leave ...
... I have not been imprisoned by #SadistsAndPerverts for more than a day (well, actually I have but I've not yet been imprisoned against my will, so as to be pushed further than I wanted to go).

I have been beaten harder than I expected, but I have not had that done repeatedly!
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Pedophile Epstein employed over 300 people. The clientele had to number in the thousands.

And the kingpin escaped to Florida.

The Justice Department and FBI are protecting these sick, evil, criminal, child raping pedophiles.

How many in Congress? ImageImageImageImage
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Look at the timing!

Why are the horrific details of this individual's crimes being broadcast days after his arrest?

To make #GhislaineMaxwell look less evil?

You bet! That's how the slimeballs @TheJusticeDept protect their child diddler friends in high places!

They've redacted the majority of the Epstein Wexner Maxwell MegaGroup child sex Traffickers

Why? To protect top tier child predators

#EpsteinCoverup #GhislaineMaxwell #GhislaineMaxwellTrial #MaxwellTrial #MaxwellTrialTracker #EvilJustice #EvilFBI
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From 2017

All these child rape images came from CIA servers

Wikileaks CIA whistleblower framed by the SDNY @TheJusticeDept scumbags and federal
This would take them all down!

Is this is why Pompeo and #Blackmailed #Perverts wanted to off Assange
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A lingering stench betrays the Foul Actors of the #EvilGOP #UniParty and the brightly smiling face of a Fox News Mockingbird ImageImageImageImage
The continuing #EpsteinCoverup by #EvilCongress ImageImageImageImage
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Oh?? #Blackmailed #UniParty #EvilGOP

Borrow more money to give away to the foreign nation that ran the Epstein Wexner Maxwell MegaGroup child sex gang - Traffickers of thousands of children globally and just charge it to the People.โ€ฆ
America the Dumbass Fatted Calf
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This madness will never end by voting.

The fact, #Rats #Traitors #Perverts @LeaderMcConnell and @GOPLeader are still in charge of the #EvilGOP #UniParty #EvilCongress should be screaming "this whole system is rigged" by the most wick evil perverted #globalistpsychopaths on earth
The corrupt rotton #EvilFBI serves the #globalistpsychopaths actively destroying those defending the Constitution - Mobsters running a federal blackmail/ protection racket from its inception.
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So how many times did Cruz get Epsteined?
Take a lovely Cruz down memory lane...
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Remember the Congressional Sex Abuse Slush Fund used to payoff victims of the DC Deviant's Perversities....

Where's All the Names and Amounts? ImageImageImageImage
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#EvilJustice #EpsteinCoverup
Hundreds of Unindicted Epstein Employees
Thousands of Perpetrators
Thousands of Victims denied Justice by American Sh1thole Fake Perverted @TheJusticeDept
Two Fake Arrests
One Fake Death

Thus the abominations surely continue off grid...
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