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signs that bitterness is present in you.
Un-forgiveness: Failure to forgive leads to bitterness.
Forgiveness should be a given for us because we have been forgiven.
It's a continual process and does not always restore the trust required for reconciliation.
Keep in mind that remembering it,& feeling angry again, is normal. What we do with it is everything.
#Hopelessness: As bitterness settles into your life, hope for a better future will diminish. Unresolved anger and bitterness has a way of eroding even the most optimistic person
as it will invite a whole other series of toxic emotions like jealousy, hatred, rage...
#Gossip: Bitterness leads to gossip. The spreading of misinformation or uncertain facts about another person indicates that a root of bitterness may be slowly taking over one's heart.
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If anyone still thinks the US are the good guys of the world consider the case of Catherine Gun.

She was a principled officer at GCHQ before the Iraq War, who (rightly) took exception to the fact the UK was tasked by the US to gather incriminating evidence on UN officials.
The reason the US wanted incriminating evidence on the UN officials was because they represented the ‘balance of power’ in the UN Security Council, and the US intended to Blackmail them to vote for war in Iraq.
That is the US was getting the UK to break the law, and be complicit in blackmail, in order to launch a war that would kill and displace (eventually) millions of people, in order to achieve US ‘foreign policy objectives’ (invasions that bring domestic electoral success)
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Sure thing #pinktiekevin but what about the #EvilGOP Bush Family Crime Cartel #globalistpsychopaths Iraq Doctrine? Image
#KevinMcCarthyIsATraitor #MitchMcConnellHatesAmericans

So the Luntz Republican response to a rogue nation's global biowarfare is a stern letter to Nancy... WOW!

Pretty harsh, hope you sent flowers with it to lessen the sting... ImageImageImageImage
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To celebrate 153 years of genocide, I offer this grotesque CBC article (June 8 2020): "AFN national chief to help Prince Charles promote '#GreatReset' environmental initiative in Canada"

#AFN #Betrayal #Assimilation #Colonization #WEF #Nature4Sale #4IR…
"Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde says Prince Charles shares First Nations worldview."

First Nations worldview does not uphold the corporate ideology that nature herself should be assigned monetary value. This is the colonizers plan.

"The project involves the World Economic Forum and the prince's Sustainable Markets Initiative."


For more information visit the website No Deal For Nature:

Follow: @nodealfornature

Learn more. Educate others. Organize, Resist.
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One of the leading figures of French #islamologie in modern times was Louis Massignon (1883-1962) chair at the Collège de France on #Islam and whose name is forever associated with the study of Sufism and an #empathetic study of #Islam 1/ ImageImageImageImage
In fact his turn to faith before WW1 followed a trip to #Iraq in 1907 and encounter with Muslim hospitality and spirituality reawakened his #Catholicism along with the #intercessionary friendship of Joris-Karl Huysmans (1838-1907) and the hermit Charles de Foucauld (1848-1916) 2/ ImageImage
After his own doubt, De Foucauld became a Trappist monk living in Morocco, Syria and then in the Algerian Sahara with the Tuareg when he was martyred in 1916 and is currently in the process of being canonised by Pope Francis… 2a/
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#Betrayal is a source of a mental contamination, impacts of a trauma that create moral conflicts, one is vulnerable to the illusion of being significant pushing the limits and going against his own kind, following a false narrative.

Betrayal is an act of cowardice, associated with damaged self-esteem, shock, self-doubting and anger.

Bearing ugly connotations of deception and dishonesty of a disgusting person who turns against his own, to betray their trust on behalf of an outsider (a foreign government)
Spartans a fierce nation of undefeated warriors, decades after #Persian attempts on invading #Greece, fell due to the betrayal of #Ephilates member of the Greek Malian tribe which chose discretion over valor to collaborate with Persians. Image
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1. Are @BernieSanders' numbers crashing in #SouthCarolina polls because his numbers were an artifact of a Russian GRU attack? If I were GRU, I'd go after young people of color to nominate Bernie and then focus on them when the Kompromat is dumped after he's the nominee. #Betrayal
2. IMO a radical admitted pro-Communist like Bernie has been on the KGB-GRU board his entire adult life. They know everything about his past. Like where he was in the 1968 Chicago Riots. Anyone know where he was? Are you curious? #SuperTuesday #SouthCarolinaPrimary
3. In any event, right now the most likely result is that it goes to a second ballot and the Super Delegates elect @JoeBiden.
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Ohio mass shooter Connor Betts is a self-described "leftist" and "atheist" who praised Antifa, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and wrote "Kill every fascist" on his Twitter media page.
Ohio shooter Connor Betts shared praised for ICE-attacking terrorist Will Van Spronsen on Twitter. #DomesticWhiteTerrorism
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@263Chat 1/5 #Betrayal #RestourYourDignity The most betrayed people in Zimbabwe are voters. They follow leaders who ultimately let them down by disappearing after elections, beating up dissenting fellow leaders, engaging in ugly power struggles or looting coffers, party or state
@263Chat 2/5 #Betrayal #RestoreYourDignity Surely, the voter also has a role to play in this? Why would anyone come back for more punishment election cycle after election cycle, knowing fully that this movie is not going to change? What is our responsibility?
@263Chat 3/5 #Betrayal #RestoreYourDignity If the bad politicians are just being themselves, why does the voter not exercise their right to choose to do the right thing for country, children and grand children?
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