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Just look at the confederacy. trump and the Republican Party are a confederacy of: racists, whites supremacists, xenophobes, obstructionists, hypocrites, misogynists conspiracy theorists, greed, incompetence, lust for power and insurrectionists hell bent on
trying to overthrow an imperfect democracy.
Prosecute these confederates. #trumptreason #traitors #maga #thugs #idiots #criminals #republicans #antiamerican
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#Traitors of #Kashmir who top the list.
They are the biggest hurdles in #Kashmir's way of development. Let us educate everyone and stop feeding attention to them.
Traitor No 1 - Syed Ali Shah #Geelani
The Pro-#Pakistani Separatist who is responsible for burning many houses, killing many #Kashmiris for his vested interest towards #Pakistan
Traitor No 2 - Ashraf Sehrai
The next #Geelani who actively funded militants and catalysed our(#Kashmiris ) sufferings
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🚨🚨BREAKING: #MyPillow CEO Michael Lindell’s notes for his meeting with Trump show that he lobbied to install Trump loyalists to gin up “evidence” of electoral “fraud” and impose #MartialLaw to keep Trump in power.

The #TrumpCoupAttempt continues.🤬…
#InsurrectionAct now as a result of the assault on the...#MartialLaw if necessary upon the first hint of any”

Lindell appears to be arguing that, in response to the violence at the Capitol, Trump should invoke the #InsurrectionAct, which would allow him to impose #MartialLaw.🤬
“Move Kash Patel to @CIA Acting.”

Kash Patel—former staffer to @DevinNunes—was key in Nunes’s efforts to undercut the #TrumpRussia investigation.

As CIA Director, he could declassify documents related to the #TrumpRussia🇷🇺probe that some #traitors want released.🤬
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‼️Florida @AGAshleyMoody served on the board of directors of the Rule of Law Defense Fund.

On the eve of the deadly #TrumpInsurrection, the conservative group sent out robocalls urging Trump supporters to join efforts to overturn the election by force.🤬…
The Rule of Law Defense Fund is a non-profit arm of the @RepublicanAGs Association and became a key contributor to the #TrumpInsurrection. Alabama AG Steve Marshall, chairman of the group, *blamed the staff* and vowed an investigation.

The rot starts at the TOP.🤬

Per @AP, one robocall said: "At 1 pm we will march to the Capitol building and call on Congress to stop the steal. We’re hoping 'patriots' like you will join us to continue to fight to protect the integrity of our elections.”

Incitement to an #insurrection, a federal #felony.🤬
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The Nation is divided by lies, lies told by our politicians with the Republicans leading the way in lying and causing divisiveness. Yet it is not all Republicans, it is a group that can be called Trump Republicans. @threadreaderapp unroll
(My own Rep LaMalfa is a disappointment for not standing up for what is moral, ethical, and what is right.) It is time for REAL REPUBLICANS to separate themselves from these Trump Republicans whose leader, Trump, has lied 27K times to the American people and
his supporters in and out of Congress repeat, boost and propagate these lies, why? Why has the Republican Party
become the party of the Confederacy and White (There are not many people whiter than me.)Supremacy? With the events of Jan 6, 2021, where Trump gave
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#firstamendment #trump #trumptreason #traitors #insurrection #republicans #maga #thugs #racists #whitesupremacy #hypocrisy

Inciting a rebellion and insurrection are not supported by First Amendment right to free speech.
For example, you cannot falsely yell “fire” in a crowded movie theater.
Taking a knee during the anthem is protected though, but racists and bigots and NFL owners were furious.
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#america #maga #traitors #trumptreason
#Repost @bakarisellers with @get_repost
This still image is taken from a video outside the Capitol. This shows a Metro DC cop being dragged down the steps and even beaten with American flags. Image
This is America. While some are worried about “censorship” or book deals, the words of the POTUS and his enablers did this.
I don’t want to hear about healing or turning the page until we see justice and accountability.

Stop asking us to forgive before you first fix this sh*t
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In the 3rd Adition of:

"SEDITION & High Crimes Today"

House of Reps & Confirmed #Traitors: #AndyBiggs, #JimJordan, #MattGaetz, Double-Down on attempt to Destroy our Democracy

#HalfwitMAGAts, #MAGAts
House conservatives urge Trump not to Concede…
...its also important to call out enabling cowards & therefore Co-Conspirators #BuddyCarter & #SteveScalise who think its perfectly OK for Trump to baselessly attack the integrity of the election; in complete abdication of their duties... #GOPComplicitTraitors #GOPTraitors
#JimInhofe #JodyHice more self-confirmed #Traitors ...

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In the replies to this tweet,

Name Republican figures who have urged our President to concede the White House to the criminals who tried to hijack our election.

9/11 was an inside job please clap

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Thread on Women #ACHIEVERS and #TRAITORS
Prosperity in #Kashmir can be achieved by #concerted efforts of personalities like #NadiaBeg #ArifaJan and #SabbahHaji who have stood by the people of valley and have been working tirelessly and not like…
..#Inshajan,#Asiyaandrabi and #SofiFehmeeda who have #tarnished the image of #femininity by their nefarious actions which have led to #bloodshed and #mayhem in valley.
#Insha Jan facilitated the #Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) terrorists who carried out the #ghastly #suicide attack in #Pulwama last year.
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@realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS
Mr. President..I am all In with you and from day one have been..and I must say this..
I do not care how much money they have... or presumed power...
If these criminals are NOT put in Jail very soon(some ASAP) eventually the public sentiment will assume that you are complicit with it all...
I am just being honest and feel that its what they would wish for as they are all the biggest POS thiefs and #Traitors the world sees and
MOCKS. They deserve no protection or consideration.Strip their Citizenship so their crooked Lawyers can not present any point of fact and stick them in the deep freeze of ETERNAL hell they deserve. EVIL deserves nothing...
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I am reading up on the ADX Florence supermax prison.

There are a several Americans imprisoned there who shared classified information with the Russians.

They are serving lengthy prison terms.

Russia is not our friend.


Robert Hannsen is interesting.

He is currently serving 15 concurrent life sentences.

He voluntarily passed US classified information for years.

I notice that the majority of his work with Russia came during Democratic presidencies.

Coincidence? Maybe.

I also noticed that Robert Hannsen is a member of Opus Dei, a fanatical sect of Catholicism, so is Bill Barr.

Maybe Bill Barr knows Hannsen?

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@realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS
Because the Constitution is replaced by the Wrap Up Smear Agenda in DC ...FOR THE LAT 31/2 YRS YOU HAVE BEEN IN Election Mode which tends to shy away from the complicity of Republicans..who are also SES Members,Rosenstein,Sessions,Mueller...etc..
Fake Conservatives at that... SES Horowitz said he was part of the same Party as Strozk...…
So Mr. President ..since you have been constantly defending yourself from their obvious Defamations...followers and maybe even my President is hesitant at mentioning the Republican aspects of the coups due to it ALWAYS being a running Election year it seems...
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In Simple Words...
Follow rules of 3 Monkeys 🐒 of #GandhiJi and use the word #NPA in place of #Evil


and when there is no #NPA you don’t have to follow any legal recourses to recover it from #Defaulters

#StopPrivatisation #SavePSBs
it’s like someone has been diagnosed fatal disease like #Cancer which is at very early & initial stage where it can be easily treated and cured but instead of start medical treatment, he has been asked not to believe in diagnostics reports and keep quite & do nothing #SaveBanks
Moreover, he has been asked not to believe in diagnostics reports & start thinking that he is very healthy and don’t have any problems and not to take any medicine until the disease reaches at its last stage and he start dying. #SaveBanks
@idesibanda @Bankers_United @bankers_we
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Quick throwback to that time when the ISC #RussiaReport said that the crooked Tories DID NOT WANT TO KNOW about the Russian attack on our democracy. ⬇️ If our systems were working properly, this “government” would have fallen...
😯✊🌹🇪🇺 #ToryTraitors #ToryTreason Image
The alarming fact is even more stark in the evidence submitted to the ISC by Christopher Steele... ⬇️ The pretend patriots of the Tory party would rather have Brexit than defend this country from attacks. 😳✊🌹🇪🇺 #traitors #ToryCorruption #ToryTraitors #resist Image
Steele’s evidence was also robust about the Russian threat. ⬇️ We must never forget that the Tory party did not even try to defend us against this. 😠✊🌹🇪🇺#ToryTraitors #ToryCorruption #treason Image
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BJP’s Bandipora leader, his brother, father shot dead
#Kashmir #Bandipora
@dograjournalist @TheSkandar @nee_el @hussain_imtiyaz @JmuKmrPolice @ANI ImageImageImage
At around 9 pm today militants opened fire on Wasim Ahmad Bari, BJP district president along with his brother Umar and father Bashir Ahmad, outside his shop near police station Bandipora.
#Kashmir #Bandipora
@dograjournalist @TheSkandar @nee_el @hussain_imtiyaz @JmuKmrPolice ImageImage
#Pakistan and its stooges are against #Peace in #Kashmir... #Failed youth under effect of #drug #abuse is lured into #terrorism by proxies of #Pakistan sitting in plush living rooms while #youth bears the brunt.. let's get back home.. We are very talented.
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@realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS From 2013...
Last year the Crown tried unsuccessfully to install J. P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon as the United States Treasury Secretary. The Crown is trying to force a total financial collapse in the United States.
To achieve this the Crown has ordered a cyber attack against American banks. The Canadian Prime Minister and the United States President are now preparing to impose martial law in Canada and the United States after a false flag cyber attack on the banking system.
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Is Indian Comunists are #HinduPhobic and #Traitors
Prime cause - A Foriegn ideological syndrome.

First thing my views is Indian comunists should learn the patriotism from Chinese comunists. Chinese comunists never say Tibet is not a apart of china.
Or crushing the uyghurs insurgency in Xinjiang province by army and never give up on Indian territories( Arunachal parades, Dhoklam) Issues etc - No support for self determination right.
Indian comunists - Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar khalid ( Kashmiri separatists)
Indian comunists are ideological crooks or traitors. They just want destroy The Indian nation by interrogating the history using biased selective presentation and Image
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Agree 💯
I’ve been fighting w my blue pilled CT brethren about this happening from day one....
Lamont’s a liar and Murphy’s an Iranian asset, they should be embarrassed. Who voted for these imbeciles?
#traitors Image
And CA has liars too🤔🤔🤔
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DEMs announce impeachment charges

IG says FBI was right, Trump apologists were wrong

Barr gaslights America w/o pushback care of @msnbc

Lavrov gets OO meeting; denies RU attack on our 2016 elex.

Pompeo promises ‘action’ if they do it again—lift sanctions?

Macron calls for creation of a ‘true European army’ to defend against Russia & the US😱

Lavrov said the Trump adm still had not unveiled proof of nefarious Russian activity.

Trump & Pompeo Spoke to Russian Official About US Elections. Did Only One Deliver a Warning?

The Lavrov visit came at a delicate moment in the relationship between Trump & Russia.

There is abundant evidence of Trump’s abuse of power on Ukraine.

Rick Gates should get probation re excellent cooperation Manafort & Stone—superseding indictments in pipeline? 🍿
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🔥David Holmes, Taylor’s Embassy staffer who overheard the call between Sondland and @realDonaldTrump wasn’t the only one listening. According to security officials, Putin was too....🔥#ImpeachmentHearings
@Jim_Jordan, Trump’s “star lawyer” 🙄 seemed completely unprepared...…
What’s it called when you intentionally use your unsecure phone📱to alert Putin on your progress aiding and abetting his war against us⁉️#TREASON
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ABSOLUTELY NO CRIMINAL ACTIVITY BY @NSAGov in the raw numerical phone metadata collection as claimed by dummy HS degree @Snowden to claim he was a whistle blower not a #Traitor . Metadata files were flat numerical files that were ANONYMOUS. Court orders needed for any ID data.
@NSAGov @Snowden 2. If data are anonymous, NO ONE's privacy is violated. NO laws broken. Dummy ignorant @Snowden has no clue about such regulatory & legal distinctions. Just as dumb @washingtonpost published his stolen TOP SECRET data on US Nat Sec practices. Brilliant plan by top US IC ruined!!
@NSAGov @Snowden @washingtonpost Changes imposed by Congress destroyed program. With limited data, the power of the math is lost. Banish @Snowden permanently to Russia, since he hates cold weather, instead of executing him for #Treason @washingtonpost Brilliant work by IC destroyed by #Traitors @GenMhayden
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