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It took 2000 mules and their ABC agency #Rats…
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Pedophile Epstein employed over 300 people. The clientele had to number in the thousands.

And the kingpin escaped to Florida.

The Justice Department and FBI are protecting these sick, evil, criminal, child raping pedophiles.

How many in Congress? ImageImageImageImage
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Is the ON testing strategy working for the people?
As a citizen & taxpayer, I have certain expectations of public health & universal health care.

I want to know:
1.Whether I’m sick with a disabling, deadly virus (or contagious);
2.I can get timely effective treatment if sick;
3.There is a safety net if I become disabled; and,
4.That the government has a handle on the volume of cases so it can respond accordingly.

At the moment, I’m very concerned that govt & public health are unable to deliver.

Here’s why. A 🧵.
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My first #dissertation chapter has been published! The paper focuses on #predation of #urban #wildlife by #cats with recommendations for collaborative data-driven management strategies. Main points are summarized in this #infographic, but more info and paper link in this thread!
We spent 3 years surveying #WashingtonDC for #cats using #trailcams. Whenever we saw an image of a cat carrying prey, we noted the species and location, and added it to our predation database.
So what influences predation rates by #urban #feral cats? We found 2 driving factors: access to cat food and distance to forest edge. Why would cat food increase predation? Supplemental food allows cats to occur at greater densities, amplifying population-level predation!
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* exploiting white, black, brown, red and yellow ethnicities alike

Updated January 5th 2022
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[A thread] Morrison is a Pentecostal. That means he's bought into their hocus hook line & sinker. To have religious faith means having the ability to consciously suspend logic & critical thinking in the face of overwhelming contrary evidence - believing your own BS. #auspol 1/5
On vaccines, Morrison placed his absolute faith in AstraZeneca, to the detriment of superior mRNA offerings. So much so did he believe this crap that he didn't even bother to order Pfizer, even when the company approached him to. #auspol 2/5
Morrison preached that NSW was the "gold standard" in contact-tracing, even though it had never been tested the way Victoria's was. That too was bullshit. It fell over on it's first real test, and in fact at one stage needed back-up from Victoria. #auspol 3/5
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Doug Ford’s PCs starring in:



Almost 9 months into this pandemic, Doug Ford continues to receive not only a pass from mainstream media, but a pat on the back. They willingly participate in his Doug and pony shows, following him around…

…the province in what seems like a never ending campaign for re-election. Yesterday the Toronto Star claimed he has “brought professionalism to the Premier’s Office,” and that he was “poised for re-election.” Strong timely words for a govt that seems a lot closer to crisis…

…then the media will have you believe. If you cut through the facade concocted by govt media relations, their social media team, their polling strategists, you’ll find a simple tale of governing a province through deflection, deceit, & gaslighting, while very few…
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#EpsteinCoverup #EvilCongress #BadGovernment

There should be hundreds of Epstein Wexner Maxwell child sex Trafficking gang members prosecuted!

#ButNothingsHappening because the #EvilJustice Department and #EvilFBI #Rats cover them up and ignore the victims... Image
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Oh?? #Blackmailed #UniParty #EvilGOP

Borrow more money to give away to the foreign nation that ran the Epstein Wexner Maxwell MegaGroup child sex gang - Traffickers of thousands of children globally and just charge it to the People.…
America the Dumbass Fatted Calf
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This madness will never end by voting.

The fact, #Rats #Traitors #Perverts @LeaderMcConnell and @GOPLeader are still in charge of the #EvilGOP #UniParty #EvilCongress should be screaming "this whole system is rigged" by the most wick evil perverted #globalistpsychopaths on earth
The corrupt rotton #EvilFBI serves the #globalistpsychopaths actively destroying those defending the Constitution - Mobsters running a federal blackmail/ protection racket from its inception.
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Is there a greater act of high treason this rat traitor could have committed?

#Rats #Traitors of the #UniParty Congress cannot mouth the words "high treason" because they themselves are equally guilty!

#SpyGate ImageImage
#GotRope ?

What a sh1thole @TheJusticeDept we suffer

They conduct their shitshow investigations

#ButNothingsHappening Image
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Accused of conspiring with foreign countries against the French People.... Image
...and the fate of the royal #Rats Image
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Absolute B.S. this is the American #UniParty Abomination
"The Appearance of No Plan" was always the Plan

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