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Finally added alpha dithering to our particle shaders! @Skepsisology has been requesting this for ages.
We use it for 2 things: fading out smoke that's too close to the camera, and fading out smoke over lifetime.
Here's how we did it (THREAD):
#gamedev #unitytips #madewithunity
Btw here's the YouTube version that doesn't suffer from Twitter's video compression so you can see the effect clearly (2/9)
Firstly, fading out particles close to the camera. In the vert function we get the distance between the world space vertex and the camera position, and normalize that with our desired dithering distance (3/9)
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A little thread on generating and rendering a procedural trajectory mesh! #madewithunity #unity3d
Trajectories under constant linear acceleration, gravity in our case, has a simple equation

p = p₀ + v₀t + ½gt²

p = Position
p₀ = Initial position
v₀ = Initial velocity
t = Time
g = Gravity
To get the velocity v at any given point, we derive the formula to get

v = v₀ + gt

Quite usefully, this vector is tangent to the curve! When normalized, it represents the direction of motion at any given time. In our 2D case, we can also get the normal by rotating it 90°
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1/ Here’s how I built the iconic first level of #SuperMarioBros as a life-size first person AR game that I played in @CentralParkNYC . Read on below!
2/ Ideas can come from anywhere. It all began with a simple cube. While learning @HoloLens dev I mistakenly placed a cube above my head, walked under it and looked up. The image of a #Mario brick flashed through my head
3/ Unable to find 3D assets in the style I wanted, I decided to recreate them myself. Used @adskFusion360 & had to consider things like how will bricks & characters I’ve only ever seen in 2D appear from the various angles that #AR enables.
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Dynamic ice & snow shader ❄️
Process breakdown in this thread! #madewithunity #unity3d
Snow buildup areas can be found by generating tangents in the mesh, where tangent.x will help us find the slope

−1 • Horizontal ceiling
±0 • Vertical
+1 • Horizontal ground

The range 0 to 1 is our snowiness! Here it is visualized, the full tangent and its x coordinate
We can then modulate this with various textures to make it look more snowy and natural! Giving it a snowy border in the front, as well as running a track through the center where the player will slide
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Thinking of building a 100% meditational 🙏 mobile game where your gameplay syncs with the music with visual cues to practice meditational/mindfulness techniques

Easier said than done. Let the hacking begin.. in this thread 👇
✨ Blank Slate. Let's go.

Naive Objectives:
👀 Visual appeal. Get the eyes glued.
🎼 Audio/visual cues
🚥 Basic movement controls
🛣 Endless scroller
I want to give focus to the character. The movement of the character represents the state of the player's current mindset. i.e. slow down when the player starts to focus more, speed up when it demands focus.

The best way to represent this is by adding a 3rd person camera control
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This waterfall is a combination of sprites, shaders, and no less than 13 particle systems! Dare I say it, the most advanced pixel art waterfall...ever?

I spent a crazy amount of time making this, so here's a thread (RTs appreciated).

#madewithunity #gamedev #screenshotsaturday
1/4 Lighting💡

Mostly accomplished via a fragment shader that draws a radial gradient with overlay blending using grab pass.

Standard-issue god ray sprites using overlay emphasize direct sunlight from above. The other lights have a teal hue to fake bounce from the water.
2/4 Shader

First, a gradient at the bottom. Then some wiggle by animating a uv offset quantized to texels. Offset direction changes every other pixel column:
floor(i.uv.x * _MainTex_TexelSize.z) % 2 * 2 - 1

Lower the waterfall's alpha to complete the distorted/watery vibe 🌊
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doing another vfx thread about my student project, @wildbrewgame
this time i'm breaking down my water shader!
#gamedev #indiedev #shaders #madewithunity
the starting point for this one is just a scrolling foam texture over a solid color alpha blended over the background.
there are lots of good stylized water tutorials out there, like this one by @minionsart : so i'm just going focus on what's different
next step is to add foam around the edges. i use a slightly different method here than others i've seen because instead of using the raw depth, i calculate the world-space position of the ground and then compare the water's height to that. if they are within a threshold it's foam
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My #bostondynamics #spotmini is almost ready for it's machine learning boot camp , on the left…
spent part of the day baking textures + aggregating meshes + setting up the rigid bodies & colliders in Unity so this thing will be able to walk the walk
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