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People are upset about playing on real world oppression in #ttrpg and #indiegames. So, grab a seat folks. I'm going to explain to you why people of marginalized identities should be able to play dark themes. My credentials? A graduate degree from NYU in this specific topic.
Let's start small. Children use play to learn about society and social norms. They play roles that society says they may inhabit. Like, doctor, lawyer, parent, teacher. However, things can go left because our society believes in something called the Mythical Norm.
Audre Lorde came up with this term. Those who fit the mythical norm are Young Western White Christian Heterosexual able bodied Men (Cis), who are educated and have stable income. Everything in society is made especially for them, and everyone else falls outside of normality.
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I'm getting my undergrads to make tiny RPG/storytelling games in the style of the @200WordRPG challenge, and to prep, we're looking at (and playing some) in class. A small thread for those interested in teaching games!
#teaching #gamedesign
@gshowitt's Mechanical Oryx. One of the more dice-heavy games in the challenge. A soft intro since we've played @john_harper's Lasers & Feelings. It'll show them the use of different dice, and how a few, choice prompts can create a weird world…
Andrew Millar's "Route Clearance" is next in line. How to use common game pieces like playing cards in roleplaying games. Serious, contemporary themes, and war & violence beyond action-hero-glorification.…
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It’s Saturday, so we’re gonna talk game tech! Binding of Isaac. No Man’s Sky. Killsquad. Different on the surface but, under the hood, a common approach. Today, we deep dive on procedural world generation for games! #gamedev #indiedev #IndieGameDev #indiegames #UE4 #unreal
If you want replay value, procedural is the way to go. Instead of building everything by hand, and enjoying it once, in a procedural approach you start with primitive elements, and rules to combine them, to build a game you can replay with a different experience every time.
This can be more or less complex. On one end, enter @NoMansSky, where everything is procedural, from plants to full planets. Here the load goes on the “rules” side, with exotic math paving the way. Wanna know more about it? This article is a great start:
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Nun, da sich das umherfliegende #E3-Hypedrenalin langsam verflüchtigt hat, wird es Zeit für ein kleines Résumé. Die meisten großen Spiele haben mich leider eher weniger beeindruckt oder interessiert ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Dafür ein paar vielversprechende kleinere. Bei euch so?! <Thread>
#GreedFall von @spidersgames schaut echt interessant aus und könnte ein neues Highlight von @FocusHome werden. Bin sehr gespannt =),9251,Gree…
via @pressakey / @greedfall #E32019 #indiegames
#DarksidersGenesis von @AirshipSyn als Spin-Off zur Hauptserie im Diablostyle?! Count me in! Noch nicht viel gesehen, aber schon ziemlich Bock drauf =),9256,Dark…
via @pressakey #E32019 #indiegames
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Thinking of building a 100% meditational 🙏 mobile game where your gameplay syncs with the music with visual cues to practice meditational/mindfulness techniques

Easier said than done. Let the hacking begin.. in this thread 👇
✨ Blank Slate. Let's go.

Naive Objectives:
👀 Visual appeal. Get the eyes glued.
🎼 Audio/visual cues
🚥 Basic movement controls
🛣 Endless scroller
I want to give focus to the character. The movement of the character represents the state of the player's current mindset. i.e. slow down when the player starts to focus more, speed up when it demands focus.

The best way to represent this is by adding a 3rd person camera control
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This is a tweet for collecting games that I liked from #LudumDare43 👾🎮

@ludumdare #ldjam #ld43 #gamedev #indiegames
😣 The Cold Remains of Warmer Days…
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