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🚨My game costs 9.99$ and here is why:🚨

After 2 years of developement, I released my first #Indiegame at a price of 9.99$

Many people told me that I should increase the price because the game deserves more.

Here are 3 reasons for the price 🧵
#gamedev #metroidvania #indiedev
Reason 1: The Competition...

One of my main inspirations and favourite metroidvanias is Hollow Knight. Hollow Knight costs around 15$ and when Im honest, my game is by far not that good and polished.
So I knew that my game had to be cheaper.
Reason 2: I know my Audience :)

I posted a lot on Tiktok and I wanted to target younger players. Ofcouse, I really want to earn money to make a living of Indiegames one day, but on the other side I want that everyone can experience Makis Adventure. So I wanted to be under 10$ :)
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I accidently built a PixelArt-Editor into my #Indiegame and drew a Charmander because people in my Stream challenged me to do that...

Just a normal day as a #gamedev ... xD

#pixelart #madewithunity #metroidvania #ドット絵 Image
Since many people asked:

I use @aseprite for my Pixelart Assets and I can not recommend it enough <3
You can find the game here :)…
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🚨 Public Playtest 🚨

Hey, I started to develope my first #Roguelike last month and I need your help!🏹🦅

There will be a first public Playtest on the 25th of June!

Please tag Roguelike players and Retweet! 🙏
#indiegame #gamedev #indiedev
@Papfrich kennst du vielleicht noch Leute die Bock haben könnten das Game zu testen? Je mehr Feedback ich von Spielern bekomme, desto besser ^^
Here is the Steampage ^^ You can wishlist Rogue Jungle there if you want :)…
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🚨Why my Indiegame failed...🚨

I spent 2 years developing my first #indiegame and 4 months after release It still did not hit my financial goal (Its still a huge success for me personally)

Here is a thread with 3 reasons why: 🧵
#gamedev #indiedev #metroidvania
Reason 1: The Genre

My game is a 2D-Platformer, which is a pretty oversaturated genre on Steam. The competition was HUGE and the chance to have success with a game of that genre is super small!
Reason 2: Time Management

Im a solo dev, so I had to handle everything on my own. I spent way more time developing the game and marketing started way too late. Also the conversion rate was absolutely terrible for me, so thats a thing I need to keep in mind!
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Here are 20 ways to run a game marketing campaign without a marketing budget 💸

Keep scrolling 🧵👇 Image
Here is the link to the article which makes it easier to read and has more info, but if you want to keep reading on Twitter, you can always keep scrolling… Image
Marketing is often seen as a huge investment that’s out of reach for small #Gamedev, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Even if you have no marketing budget, there are plenty of things you could do to get more eyes on your #IndieGame!

🧵👇 Image
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Here's a simple high-converting layout and the content you need to create a Website for your Indie Games:

👉 Eye-catching Hero Banner + CTA
👉 Trailer Section
👉 Features Section
👉 Social Proofs
👉 Gallery
👉 Footer

Let me explain each section in this🧵:

#gamedev #indiegame Image
1. Hero Banner:

They are important in catching user's attention and ideally you would also add any CTA (steam link, Kickstarter link, etc) in your hero banner to funnel traffic and drive sales.
2. Trailer and Features section:

It's important to showcase, create excitement around your game, improve conversion and increase user engagement. It's especially important if your game have unique features.
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Me: I've been really out of the loop, what's going on in #DnD land?

*five minutes later*

Me: Nope.
We got Pinkertons being sent after people for unboxing videos, streaming fandoms going to war, and several instances of massive accounts sending harassment after relative nobodies.

And that was just my glimpse. Please for the love of all things holy tell me indie #TTRPG is OK.
Because I'm seriously afraid to look after the D&D peek.
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Okay so How to Make a Good Hero Banner for your Indie Game Website?

There are a few ways you can do them but here are the Top 3:

1. Background Video + Game's Logo
2. Game Art + Game's Logo
3. Animated Game Art + Game's Logo

Let me explain:

#gamedev #indiegame #webdev Image
1. Background Video + Game's Logo

is by far the MOST popular one that I've seen. This is essentially using a part of your trailer as a background looped video with the logo in front of it.
This is really good in capturing your user's engagement and can be used to showcase the gameplay with less words. It's simple yet very effective in delivering what your game is all about.

Here's a good example of it from Hollow Knight:
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Vamos a conocer un poco mejor la estructura de combate de un #RPG táctico 🧠🎮

🧵En este nuevo hilo de #EnClavedeRol vamos a hablar de LAS FASES DEL JUEGO!

Y para que este mega hilo tenga más alcance, agradecería mucho vuestro apoyo ❤️🔁

#tactical #indiegame #indiedevs
🔊 El objetivo de este tutorial es ofrecer una explicación detallada sobre las diferentes fases de combate que existen en un juego de estrategia táctica por turnos, se trate de un #RPG o no.
⚠️ Cada SRPG tiene unas reglas de juego diferentes, y aunque en su concepto todos sean similares, la explicaciones dadas en este hilo tendrán que adaptarse a cada juego en particular. No obstante, la estrategia básica de cada fase de juego debería ser aplicable a la mayoría.
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How I made an infinite world for my 3D Pixel Art game!

A thread 🧵#indiegame #pixelart #gamedev
Each chunk consists of 9 quadrants.
If the camera is in the middle one (5), nothing has to happen since the main chunk covers the whole camera view.
However, this changes once the player starts moving to the outside of the chunk -> Image
Now moving to the right, the camera can see outside of the main chunk and we should spawn a new one. We do this on the middle right side of the current main chunk, since the camera is in the middle right quadrant! Image
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I made a input buffer system. In this clip you can see how pressing block mid-combo would result in some harsh transitions and then how I rectified that with input buffering!

#indie #indiedev #indiegamedev #indiegame #gamedev #gamedevelopment #ue4 #gamedeveloper #ue5
Here's the simple version of how I achieved it:
- Create a bool to check if your input was pressed.
- This is checked in an event tick notify end which is placed in the animation as a notify.
- If true send an event to your character BP e.g Block.
In the end you should have a notify window which can be placed anywhere to stop these nasty transitions.

This is a basic version of a buffer system, this is simply checking if an input was pressed and what to fire from there!

Inspiration: @sekirothegame
🧵(3/3) Image
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How I added obstacle avoidance to my game!

A thread🧵#gamedev #indiegame #pixelart
I work with Raycasts, kinda like whiskers.
They make the boat steer the opposite direction when they collide with an obstacle!
Just like for cats it helps with limited vision! (since the boat obviously doesn't have eyes)
The boats avoid each other using the 'boids' algorithm.
There's three simple rules: 1. seperation 2. alignment 3. cohesion.
These 3 make for really cool effects!
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Which team will win the @FIFAWorldCup Qatar 2022? We still don’t have our types – who knows what’s gonna happen... Take a few minutes off the football mania and read this #WeeklySummary, some great things happened last week in #GameDev!

#BetterKnow #Gaming #Games
🎯 @oml_games (creators of @GhostrunnerGame) signed a publishing deal with @PrivateDivision, a part of Take-Two Interactive. Private Division will release #CyberSlash (codename) – a new IP of OML, planned to be their biggest project yet and a unique take on action games.
🎯 You can nominate games for The #SteamAwards 2022 – feel free to vote for @Lumencraft_game & Destroyer_IWS for Best Game You Suck At Award, @deadlinkgame for Outstanding Visual Style Award and Best Soundtrack Award or JARS by @MousetrapG in Labor Of Love Award.
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4 years ago, we made a series of VFX breakdowns to share with our fellow indie game devs. While we’re working on new ones, here’s a little recap’ of the tutorials we’ve made so far:

#unitytips #madewithunity #tutorial #Unity3D #shader #indiegame #gamedev #gameart
Retrowave Image Effect Shader 🕹
Electric Arc Effect⚡
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A lot of people have been asking about how I've set up the water I showed in my last tweet, so here comes a breakdown of the materials in Unreal Engine 4, a 🧵

#indiegame #indiedev #gamedev #UnrealEngine #VFX
First off the base water, for lakes and oceans etc, that the river and waterfall are based on.
Here’s an overview of the material. It’s an opaque material and I’ve turned on tessellation for displacement of the waves. Image
Here’s a closeup of the first foam part of the graph. This is for the animated small lines moving away from the shore, and uses techniques shown by Johannes Bjurström in this video: Image
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Hey there! If you didn't know, I'm a fledgling #IndieGameDev currently working on my first #indiegame Heathen's Hollow. This thread is a way for me to put links that will not only help the game itself, but help me as I grow my game and animation studio Jagger Grande Ent.
If you haven't checked them out, I currently have two dev posts over on Patreon (, with this being the latest one (…). Consider giving it a read, it explains what I intend on doing with the game, with more updates planned soon.
Speaking of gameplay, once I'm able to, I will be uploading gameplay footage over on my #YouTube channel (…). Consider subscribing to it to get notified when gameplay footage is dropped.
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We do not wish for negative and harmful action toward PQube. What we want is to explain our situation to our fans, get our game back, and move on.
@ASFTUgame you are not alone
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For today's #screenshotsaturday, I want to take you on a trip through memory lane and show off the procedurally-generated planet closeups in Slipways evolved. 🚀
This is how they look today, but we'll be going as far back as 2017 in the🧵below!
#gamedev #indiedev #indiegame
We're starting in August 2017, when I decided to push #pico8 a bit and make it render a textured planet in 3D.
At the time, I didn't even know if this would work. PICO-8 did not have any texture support back then - I had to do it the hard way, carrying pixels uphill both ways 😤
A few months later, in early 2018, I was working on the #pico8 version of Slipways.
No room for fancy procgen here, so the planets became #pixelart sprites. These humble 9x9 images would define the basic look of the various planet types in every future iteration.
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Ah, another guest. King Flannán, and the Unseelie Court by extension, welcomes you to the inner keep of the People's Castle. Care to look around? /thread

#visualnovel #vndev #otome #otomedev #indiegame #indiedev #datingsim Image
The inner keep of the People's Castle — that is, where the King resides — begins with the throne room, though its purpose is more multi-faceted than that, as evidenced by the giant dining table that nearly stretches the entire length of the room.
This is known as the Dagda’s Feast, and it is open to all Unseelie citizens no matter their station or how far they’ve travelled. But how can the Unseelie sustain such a feast, let alone with the goal of feeding all who desire to attend it…? Well, as a matter of fact— Image
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As new media brings to light the life and mythology of Mesoamerican cultures, we thought that it would be fun to share our perspective on one of Netflix’s new shows: #MayaAndTheThree, based on ancient cultures from all over Latin America. A thread:
#GameDev #Indiegame #History
As a Mexican, there was a time when it was hard to find entertainment that made us proud of our Mesoamerican heritage. It’s so cool to find Maya and the Three: It's visually striking and portrays how women could hold the highest positions of leadership.
Given the name, I thought the show would take place in a Maya city. Two episodes in, I was surprised when it showed a mix of Mexica, Maya, and even Mexican Spanish motifs.
📸: Copan, Chichen-Itza, and Santa Cecilia Acatitlan ImageImageImage
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Our open license materials grow!

Motif Toolkit SRD, based on the popular Motif Story Engine & Runs On Motif #indiegames.

Two open source #TTRPG games: The Princess and The Dragon + For Treats! For Glory!

Diceless SRD [Opus Theater] & a Motif SRD dice pool add-on coming soon!
With the Motif Toolkit SRD, you can create your own Motif tools and games!

Wanna add some low prep or #solorpg oracles to your existing indie #TTRPG? You can!

Have an idea for a game completely running on Motif? You can!

Commercial use allowed.…
You're Our Hero. Knight. Legend. Beloved fiance of the Princess.

The Princess is Evil.
You're gay.
The Dragon is your true love.

Set out on a quest to rescue your lover from the wicked Princess & find your happily ever after!
#TTRPG #solorpg…
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I've asked you about the best ways you know to market your game. Here are your answers:
#indiedev #indiegame #indiegames #IndieGameDev #gamedev #gamedevs #GameDeveloper #gamedevelopment #videogame #videogames #gamers #gaming #indiegaming
Leading Answer: Build a community organically. You can do this by doing two things

First off, stay active and consistent in posting progress about your project. Gifs and Videos are best. Post even if you feel like you have nothing to show
Secondly, engage with other creators - help them when possible, be social, try to grow THEIR project. What goes around comes around
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Are you a newbie or hope-to-be #TTRPG #indiegame designer? Do you like genre-heavy and player-facing games? Or are you interested in GM-less and #solorpg games? We recently released an open license SRD. And we're willing to take pitches for mentorship!…
The SRD itself has a conversational walkthrough style that cover a variety of build possibilities in way useful for newbies and old hands alike. The mentorship offer comes with no strings attached and no costs. We will consult with you to bring a Motif game to life.
Aside from the SRD conditions, we only ask that you add a given phrase to the Attribution Text acknowledging our mentorship and assistance. Otherwise, the copyright is all yours. You own the result. You owe us no money & no royalties. We just want to help people make Motif games.
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A #gamedev thread on Nintendo Switch input latency for @UnrealEngine (#UE4) games.

Featuring @DreamscaperGame, our #indiegame leaving Early Access in August. It is a deceptively simple game that uses low-poly models & textures but hi-fidelity shading and post-processing.

Now, we had a couple of goals for Dreamscaper:

1) Launch one of the best-looking third-party titles on the platform.
2) As an action game, everything (especially parry/dodge) needs to feel responsive.
3) Let players control the trade-off between fidelity and performance.

RE: 1 & 3 - Working with my insanely talented friend @paulsvoboda we decided that, by default, we would first get the game running at near-native resolution with the highest fidelity possible at 30 FPS. We are extremely proud of how far we've pushed the device's hardware.

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