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1] Just finished once more, watching the @ProfMadhuku interview on @HStvZim, by @bbmhlanga

I've begrudgingly decided to do a short thread response to you, @ProfMadhuku, particularly on some issues I found extremely concerning.

[Interview link below]
2] Firstly, I must commend you @ProfMadhuku, for your consistency in being opposed to the current 2013 constitution.

At one point, you even said some unkind words towards Dr MRT regarding the issues.

You've substantiated this dissatisfaction with highlighting it's loopholes.
3] It's however ridiculous on your part Prof, to try and shield Mr Mnangagwa from criticism, over his appointment of a controversial ZEC Commissioner, on the basis that he acted within the law, since the shortlist came from our 'multi-party' Parliament.

That's extreme naivety.
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1] It's hilariously sad, how @DMwonzora & crew, do not realize that they are winning battles they would rather loose.

With every hit targeted at @nelsonchamisa, endorsed & celebrated by #ZanuPF, the #MDC-T is promoting the narrative that they are a ZanuPF front.
2] How does Dr TK, who publicly fought MT because of the MDC-A coalition, suddenly become Acting Pres of the MDC-T & defacto Pres of some MDC-A coalition?

How does she become leader of a anti-ZanuPF coalition yet be the godmother of a Zanu aligned opposition coalition, #POLAD?
3] That @nelsonchamisa is publicly recognized as the Leader of the Opposition @mdczimbabwe party is a local, regional & international reality that cannot be wished away.

Any pretence & actions to the contrary, only serve to expose the self-styled Constitutionalists.
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1] The key thing to read from this cryptic tweet is that there's a #Leadership vacuum in the so called #MDC of #Tsvangirai

Knowing too well that some #MDC-T supporters feel very strongly against her, the intention is to politically pronounce that #Khupe is a transitional Leader.
2] It's hilarious for EM, who accepted an appointment outside #Congress, to lecture #MDC-T supporters on #Khupe's #2014Congress #legitimacy

Defeats the whole purpose of the new argument

Why does it matter now?

Had the powers of #Congress #legitimacy been lost to him all long?
3] Back to the cryptic tweet..

EM is making political notification to MDC-T supporters, that MaKhupe should be accommodated for the duration of the EOC preparations.

Politically,it cannot happen.

There is no judgement that can erase the political realities of the past 2 years.
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1/8 "Matabeleland Collective collapses over Gukurahundi"

The so-called #MatabelelandCollectve died on arrival because it was neither about Matabeleland nor a collective; but a scam to cover up Mnangagwa's #gukurahundi atrocities to escape accountability!…
2/8 If the collapsed #MatabelelandCollective was not a Mnangagwa scam, like #Polad is, it would have ensured that the bambazonke Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No.2) Bill, 2019 includes extending the life of the National Peace & Reconciliation Commission (#NPRC) beyond 2023!
3/8 The 25 amendments in Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No.2) Bill, 2019 bring back provisions sought by Mnangagwa, Patrick Chinamasa & Paul Mnangagwa in August 2012 but rejected by the ZanuPF politburo. Also on that day Mnangagwa rejected the #NPRC!…
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I listened to @JobWiwa vs @lilomatic debat. Honestly, Linda thy cn say whtever bt u wer very factual. Only th reasonable cn see reason in wht u said. @JobWiwa exposed hs party ideology of demeaning any1 wh differs wth thm. A very dengerous narrative
Its a dangerous narrative bcoz it exposes MDC as believers of 1 party state. A real threat to democracy which they claim to fight for. @JobWiwa shocked me. Seems tht MDC dont wanna tak responsibility fr any calamities bfaling citizens in th cities they ar running.
@JobWiwa claims juristic monopoly in areas they control. Another dangerous narrative. MDC claims equates to owning pple in areas they control. I think th whole MDC leadership need serious political lessons @hwende.
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