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Why are NPAs so widely tracked?

Because if a sizeable percentage of the loan book of a Bank becomes NPA, the equity portion gets hit of the Bank (because remember deposits have to be returned with interest and some money is in CRR/SLR, so the direct hit is to equity).
Due to big sized NPAs, equity value can get hit, and if equity value gets hit, the stock price can get hit badly and also limits the growth of the bank.
Example – Bank has Rs. 80 of deposits, Rs. 20 of equity. Its loan book is Rs. 80 (suppose) and if 10% becomes NPA, out of 80, so that translates into Rs. 8 NPA. Since the bank has to pay back deposits with interest, the banks’ equity value gets hit.
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Finally, after so much wait, @RBI Governer comes out to provide much needed relief to economy - key announcements thread:

#RBI #economy #rbigovernor
1. Yes, even after all the projections of economic growth slip, India might still stay at the top of global economic growth chart (As per IMF).

2. NBFCs, this time RBI has looked out for you.

TLTRO 2.0 - targeted long term repo operations of INR 50k crore ease the liqudiity issues, specifically for NBFCs.

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➡️ Municipales 2020 : Décryptage du tweet de Phillipe #Poutou, candidat à la mairie de #Bordeaux.
➡️ Les dealers, ces nouveaux « héros » en première ligne face au #Coronavirus ?
➡️ Thread ⤵️
➡️ Poutou est candidat #NPA à la mairie de #Bordeaux (255.000 habitants). Il est à la tête de la liste « Bordeaux en luttes », soutenue par le NPA et #LFI.
➡️ Il a obtenu 11,77% (6 470 voix) et devrait se maintenir pour le 2nd tour.…
#Poutou s’est donc fendu d’un tweet censé mettre en avant les « vrais héros qui servent la communauté pendant la pandémie ». Parmi ces héros, on reconnaît ainsi un maraîcher, une soignante, une boulangère, des éboueurs, des pompiers, une boulangère, une caissière, un livreur.
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#YesBank Story

How Rana Kapur gobbled 5000 crore in kickbacks

Give out loans to doubtful Co's
They become NPA's
Instead of declaring em NPAs & initiating recovery proceedings, Kapoor conspired with the companies & got them to invest in firms run by his wife & daughters.
In 2015, @RBI, under asset quality review, the RBI inspectors found that #YesBank had suppressed its NPAs — reportedly underreporting the same by Rs 2,299 crore in 2018-19, Rs 6,355 crore in FY 2017 and over Rs 4,000 crore in FY2016 —as well as it had cooked up its balance sheet.
Rana Kapoor continued his rein till 2019, when he was shown the door, but by then, it was already too late

Meanwhile, the bank’s bad loans kept growing. Following the RBI’s asset quality review in 2019, its gross #NPA's surged 87% from a year ago, Its net NPAs more than doubled.
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As per RBI's data on global operations, aggregate loans increased from Rs. 25,03,431 crore as on 31.3.2008 to Rs. 68,75,748 crore as on 31.3.2014. #NPA
Asset Quality Review (AQR) initiated in 2015 for clean and fully provisioned bank balance-sheets revealed high incidence of Non-Performing Assets (NPAs). #NPA
Primarily as a result of transparent recognition of stressed assets as NPAs, gross NPAs of SCBs, as per RBI, rose from Rs. 3,23,464 crore as on 31.3.2015, to Rs. 10,36,187 crore as on 31.3.2018. #NPA
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➡️#Municipales2020 : Les candidats cédant aux sirènes du #communautarisme communautarisme, épisode 1⃣0⃣.
➡️Connaissez-vous Violette #Spillebout, candidate La République en Marche à la ville de #Lille ?
➡️#Thread ⤵️
➡️Violette #Spillebout est à la tête de la liste #FaireRespirerLille qui se présente dans la capitale des Flandres, 10ème ville de France avec 232.000 habitants.
➡️ Elle est soutenue notamment par #LREM, le #MODEM et l’#UDI.
#Spillebout a travaillé pendant 20 ans dans les cabinets de 2 maires successifs de #Lille, #Mauroy et #Aubry. Elle a dirigé le cabinet d'Aubry de 2008 à 2013. Les 2 femmes, longtemps très proches, n'ont désormais plus de relations, selon Spillebout.➡️…
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➡️ #Municipales2020 : les candidats et les listes tentés par les sirènes du communautarisme, épisode 8️⃣.
➡️ Connaissez-vous la liste « #Laval écologique et solidaire », mettant en avant une candidate voilée, et soutenue par 5 partis de gauche ?
➡️ Thread⤵️
➡️ Cette liste est conduite par Isabelle #Eymon, élue d’opposition de #Laval (50.000 habitants) et membre d’Europe Écologie Les Verts (#EELV)
➡️ Elle est constituée de citoyens et de militants EELV, du #PCF, de #GENERATIONS, du #PRG et de la #GRS➡️…
L’information est passée relativement inaperçue, mais sur cette liste « Laval écologique et solidaire », figure une candidate voilée en 19eme position, Ouafa #Bouazza, assistante maternelle, habitant Pommeraies, un quartier populaire de la ville classé en zone urbaine sensible.➡️
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➡️ #Municipales2020 : les candidats complaisants avec les islamistes, épisode 5.
➡️ Connaissez-vous Omar #Slaouti, candidat soutenu par #LFI à #Argenteuil dans le Val d’Oise (95) ? Thread⤵️
➡️ Omar #Slaouti est tête d’une liste « citoyenne », qui bénéficie du soutien de #LFI, de #GENERATIONS, du #PCF et du #NPA.
➡️ #Slaouti se décrit lui-même comme un candidat « sans étiquette politique mais de tant de combats pour la justice sociale et environnementale ».➡️
Cette présentation de la tête de liste n’est ni objective ni transparente car Omar #Slaouti est en réalité un militant très engagé politiquement, passé par le #NPA, et impliqué dans les combats de la mouvance indigéniste et allié avec des islamistes.➡️…
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#Moodys has pulled down its growth forecast for FY19 to 5.8%. Only surprise is why it’s not even lower. In the past year growth has collapsed from 8% to 5%. /1

#India #CPI #GDP #RBI #bonds #inflation #ratecut #NBFC #jobs #credit #NPA #NCLT #growth
On the other hand #CPI is now at 4.6%. The laxmanrekha of 4% has been breached. A mix of drought, floods and unseasonal rain is driving food prices up. Core #inflation continues to fall to 3.7% reflecting the slowdown. /2
#India #GDP #RBI #bonds #ratecut #NBFC #jobs #credit #NPA
The wisemen and women of the economy have only one mantra - Cut, Pray, Hope. When in doubt cut rates.135 bps done but transmission is limited. We are told don’t look at nominal, real rates are still high. A single large cut is required. /3
#India #CPI #GDP #RBI #bonds #inflation
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Key points from Ajit Pawar & other NCP leaders’s press conference on Shikhar Bank Scam Allegation on Pawar & 70 other directors:

1. Primary allegation presented in assembly was ‘irregularities’ of 1088 cr. There was no use of the word ‘Scam’ or by no means ‘Money laundering’ +
2. The PIL has mention of ‘sensational’ 25,000 crore scam, when the bank only had total deposits of 12,500 crores. First of all it is not possible and even if it would happened, how did the bank survive? +
+ 3. The Director body consisted of rural reps, workers of NCP, Cong, Sena & even BJP. Bank was catering cooperative sector mainly cotton & sugar industry, which are affected by weather & draughts, it’s beyond doubt bank had to go out of line to save these industries +
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1/24 While it's bad that corruption in Zimbabwe has ravaged the economy, destroyed livelihoods & eroded society's moral fabric, what's worse is that the fight against corruption remains a corrupt fight by the most corrupt elements in the country to hide their corruption!
2/24 The economy is bleeding & dying with money losing value not because of a $12K Fruitful Communication/Zesa PR deal involving Undenge, Mazivisa & Pambuka, or Tsholotsho bicycles or a managerial appointment by Dr Parirenyatwa at National Pharmaceuticals but because of #TBgate!
3/24 #TBgate is a mega corruption scam through which billions in USDs were corruptly printed between 2013 & 2019 under a fictious 1:1 exchange rate to effectively line up the pockets of linked individuals for their personal benefit at the expense of the economy & the public good!
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We currently have 14 cases at SAPS. But evidence for many more. Time for action against Zwane, Seleke, Gigaba, Molefe, the #Guptas, the #Zumas, Anoj Singh, Mark Pamensky, Hlaudi and others against whom we laid criminal cases in the past 3 years. Plenty of evidence ready for #NPA.
1) #OUTA also made several submissions to the #ZondoCommission (with evidence) on #StateCapture involving
Dan Mantsha, Gupta companies, Matshela Koko, MKMVA, TNA, Sinqumo Trust (Zuma's wife's trust), Trillian, Free State Premier's Office,
Transnet Second Defined Benefit Fund.
2) #OUTA also made submissions (or are in the process of submitting) evidence to #ZondoCommission on #StateCapture at #SABC, #ESKOM, #Denel, #SAA and #Transnet. We are in regular contact with investigating officers on all of this.
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This is Pinky Khoabane the owner of Uncensored Opinion which published a video of Angelo Agrizzi calling blacks kaffirs. At Agrizzi's house was former #NPA prosecutor & current DA MP #GlynnisBreytenbach seen playing with Agrizzi's monkey.
#StateCaptureInquiry #BosasaBribes
#Bosasa is a white run company, why did they only have black journalists on their payroll? Is it a case of black being corrupt?
#BosasaBribes #StateCaptureInquiry
If #Agrizzi is so sure about #PinkyKhoabane et al, why didn't he include their names in his original affidavit that he submitted to #StateCaptureInquiry? The names just popped up from nowhere.
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The ghosts of 2008 are back. We had #Lehman. Today we have #ILFS and #RupeeAt75. The bulls have given up. #Sensex is down 4500 points in 25 sessions. As shared by @Prashanth_Krish over 50% of stocks traded on NSE are down 50% or more. Friday’s fall would have made it more brute.
Most of serious investors are fully invested. With the kind of sell-off witnessed in #Bajaj twins, #HDFC twins, #Reliance, #Kotak, quality midcaps/largecaps, no one is spared. Even Portfolios of respected investors like Rakesh J, @porinju, @VijayKedia1, SP Tulsian are down!!
In 2017 everyone made easy money. 2018 made you realise how difficult it is for traders and investors to make money in #stocks. I wish @adhia03 realises the gravity of his mistake by imposing #LTCG by referring stock markets as easy money making medium. #Nifty #Sensex
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क़र्ज़ की पीते थे मय #व्यंग्य #Hindi #Satire
धर्म संकट में है, धर्म ध्वजा धूलि-धूसरित हवा में कटी छिपकली की पूँछ की तरह फड़फड़ा रही है। लेनदारों के भय से,चेहरे पर रूमाल बाँध कर पिछवाड़े के रास्ते से घर से पलायन करने वाले भी राह चलतों को पकड़ कर दरयाफ़्त करते हैं - भई, देश का क्या होगा?
उदारीकरण के पथरप्रदर्शकों ने उधार दिया, और जम कर दिया। बाज़ार में ऐसी तरलता लाई गई कि आज भी राष्ट्र कल्लू हलवाई की तोंद की तरह थिरक रहा है। एक चकाचौंध भरी तरक़्क़ी यूँ चमकी सारे देश ने करूणानिधि वाले चश्मे चढ़ा लिए। उदारिकरण के अँधे को सब हरा ही हरा दीखता था।
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The most important question that no one has asked in the #2GScam is that how could #Rothschild be adviser to GoI designing auction system & at the same time also be advising Reliance & other telecom companies for the same auction. #2GScamVerdict <Thread>…
Let’s say GoI wants to utilise its spectrum resources (which is a national resource belonging to people of India) for development purposes. Ideally this is done by state owned telecommunications companies for various reasons - major being that of national security. #2GScamVerdict
Now if state telco lacks expertise or funding it is sourced from private sector. Since Liberalisation & Privatisation GOI chose to auction spectrum whereby Govt sold licences to transmit signals over specific bands & assigned scarce spectrum resources to private/foreign players.
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