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#DrNandiphaMagudumana has appointed Advocate Anton #Katz to deal with her Free State High Court urgent application to declare her arrest and deportation in Tanzania unlawful. Katz is considered a leading expert in the field of international law. Image
#Katz is arguing that Magudumana's deportation was in fact a "disguised extradition" as there was "collusion between SA and the Tanzanian officials to hand the person over." He says it was clearly an extradition and not a deportation according to international law.
#Katz is basing his argument on a ruling made by the Constitutional Court in a 2001 judgment of #Mohamed and Another v President of the Republic of South Africa and Others - Mohamed was a Tanzanian citizen wanted in the US and was handed over to the #FBI by the SA government.
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1] Just finished once more, watching the @ProfMadhuku interview on @HStvZim, by @bbmhlanga

I've begrudgingly decided to do a short thread response to you, @ProfMadhuku, particularly on some issues I found extremely concerning.

[Interview link below]
2] Firstly, I must commend you @ProfMadhuku, for your consistency in being opposed to the current 2013 constitution.

At one point, you even said some unkind words towards Dr MRT regarding the issues.

You've substantiated this dissatisfaction with highlighting it's loopholes.
3] It's however ridiculous on your part Prof, to try and shield Mr Mnangagwa from criticism, over his appointment of a controversial ZEC Commissioner, on the basis that he acted within the law, since the shortlist came from our 'multi-party' Parliament.

That's extreme naivety.
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🛑 Remarquable émission de @marcweitzmann consacré à #Melenchon et à #LFI à écouter à l’occasion des #legislatives2022.
➡️ En voici un résumé dans ce thread ⤵️.…
2 Cette émission est l’une des premières à se pencher sur l’organisation et le fonctionnement de #LFI. Il en ressort un panorama glaçant.
3 Les mots employés par des intervenants, d’anciens membres de #LFI comme @fatimabenomar_ et @thomas_guenole, ou par l’animateur @marcweitzmann sont très durs.…
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➡️ ⚠️ #legislatives2022 : 1 candidate trotskiste proche de la mouvance indigéniste.
➡️ Mais qui est vraiment #DanieleObono, candidate de #LFI pour la #NUPES, dans la 17e circonscription de #Paris ?
Un Thread ⤵️
2 Daniele #Obono vient de l’extrême-gauche troskiste. Elle commence par militer dans le groupuscule Le socialisme par en bas (SPEB), affilié au Socialist Worker Party (SWP), dont le leader Chris Harman a, selon PA #Taguieff, théorisé l’islamo-gauchisme.…
3 Obono rejoint ensuite la #LCR, devenue le #NPA, avant d’adhérer à Ensemble !, micro parti fondé par Clémentine #Autain, rattaché au Front de gauche puis à #LFI.
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The banking sector has been an underperformer since COVID. What makes it so interesting now? (1/8)

#bankingsector #COVID19 #investing
The banking sector is the backbone of our economy. The health of our banks has always played a major role in our economic growth journey. (2/8)

#india #economy #banks
With the introduction of the Asset quality review in FY15-16, banks' asset quality has been under pressure. This was further aggravated by events such as demonetisation, GST, and the IL&FS crisis. As a result, the GNPA ratio for Banks rose to 11.2% in FY18 vs 4.3% in FY15. (3/8)
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#SupremeCourt to shortly hear plea by #futuregroup against classifying the company as #NPA . The writ has been filed against @RBI
Salve: The petition is filed in the following circumstances of desperation. @RBI has come up with a scheme in 2020 for those who were hit by #Covid_19 . We entered into an agreement , it required certain payments. Assets had to be sold. We could not do so
Salve: Banks met on 15th December 2022
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1. We all saw the #destruction caused by visible #looting in #SAUnrest & communities are reeling from the impact. But about 1000 times of what it will cost to repair last week’s damage, was “invisibly” looted through #StateCapture & #corruption. Here are some highlights
2. According to @ShadowWorldInv1 the #ArmsDeal of the 1990’s cost SA an estimated R2,2 billion looted to pay bribes and kickbacks. To date nothing has been recovered. Money that could have changed the poor’s lives wasted on #GrandScaleLooting.
3. In 2015 @CompComSA found #construction companies #GroupFive, #WBHO, #BasilRead, Murray&Roberts, #Aveng & #StefanuttiStocks guilty of #colluding when building 2010 FIFA World Cup stadiums. This added R14 billion to construction costs. (Your taxmoney!)
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Sensex at 44000+,Nifty at 13000+ & #BankNifty at 9 month high of 30000+💪

Amongst top gainers in rally are SBI,ICICI Bank&Axis Bank;549% rise in Profit in #ICICIBank,reinforces, rally is not just liquidity driven,but excellent Sep qtr results have played big role

SBI reported PAT of 4574.16Cr in Sep'20 qtr,up 52% YoY&9% QoQ

Note,most analysts were not expecting SBI to clock profit of more than 2100 or 2200Cr

PBT for #SBI came at 6341.45Cr,up 25.33%,YoY&14.3%,QoQ

Operating profit was up 12% at 16460Cr in Q2FY21

#EconomyRising #Banks
#SBI is not any other Bank;It is biggest Bank in India,accounting for one fourth of India's lending activity, so great results by SBI,signify, #EconomyRising

NII at 28182Cr,up 5.7%,QoQ

NIMs up 12bps YoY at 3.34%

GNPA in Sep Qtr fell to 5.28% Vs 5.44% in June qtr,with NPAs down
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Must read thread about performance of #PTIGovernment so far.
@SaleemFarrukh sir what about this say something nah.....
This is for those who criticized the economic policy of the #PTIGovernment
1. Current Account Deficit Reduction (from $18B)
2. Current Account Surplus October 2019 after 3+ years
3. Circular debt reduction
4. Budget surplus in first quarter
5. Tax collections Increase

6. Stabilized depleting forex
7. Increased FDI and FPI
8. Increased remittances
9. Record debt repayment in an year
10. 28 places jump in Ease of doing business
11. 1.2 bn $ saved in Karkey penalty
12. Sehat Insaf launched to cover 720,000 families
13. Ehsaas 50,000 scholarships.
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Gross NPAs of #PSB's reduced from ₹8.96 lakh crore in March-2018 to ₹6.78 lakh crore in March-2020. PSBs have recovered Rs. 5,86,496 crore NPA over the last five financial years till FY19-FY20. #NPA Image
A sharp decline in fraud occurrence from 0.65% of advances during FY10-FY14 to 0.06% in FY19-20; due to fraud prevention reforms and proactive checking of legacy NPA. Number of PSBs under PCA down to three. #NPA
Asset quality has improved significantly, with the net NPA ratio reducing from 7.97% in March 2018 to 3.75% in March 2020. Gross NPAs of PSB's reduced from ₹8.96 lakh crore in March-2018 to ₹6.78 lakh crore in March-2020. #NPA
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➡️ Retour sur le rassemblement de soutien à Daniele #Obono du 5 septembre à #Paris, suite à l’article de #ValeursActuelles.
➡️ Ou comment #LFI a franchi un nouveau pas vers l’indigénisme racialiste et le combat anti-républicain.
#Thread ⤵️
A l’appel de différentes associations, un rassemblement était organisé hier à Paris à la suite de la publication d’une fiction dans #ValeursActuelles montrant la députée #LFI Daniele #Obono en esclave.
On y retrouve des représentants de la mouvance indigèniste (#PIR, #Bouteldja, #Vergès) et l’extrême gauche acquise aux thèses de cette mouvance : #NPA, #Solidaires, #Atac, #LDH. Était présent aussi le #CCIF, illustration des convergences existant entre indigénistes et islamistes.
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Anidst the #COVID19 pandemic,the @narendramodi govt came out with a slew of steps to help #MSME sector-- a Rs 40000Cr fund to help distressed units by way of #Equity, Quasi-Equity& #SubordinatedDebt, guaranteed to the tune of 90% by govt's #CGTSME is easing stress!

#Modinomics💪 Image
Read👇 to know about eligibility criteria of #MSMEs that qualify, difference between #SeniorDebt & Subordinate Debt,Intetest Rate that will be charged,etc..

#economy Image
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In Simple Words...
Follow rules of 3 Monkeys 🐒 of #GandhiJi and use the word #NPA in place of #Evil


and when there is no #NPA you don’t have to follow any legal recourses to recover it from #Defaulters

#StopPrivatisation #SavePSBs
it’s like someone has been diagnosed fatal disease like #Cancer which is at very early & initial stage where it can be easily treated and cured but instead of start medical treatment, he has been asked not to believe in diagnostics reports and keep quite & do nothing #SaveBanks
Moreover, he has been asked not to believe in diagnostics reports & start thinking that he is very healthy and don’t have any problems and not to take any medicine until the disease reaches at its last stage and he start dying. #SaveBanks
@idesibanda @Bankers_United @bankers_we
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Depuis 3 ans maintenant, j’accumule des stats sur les invités et chroniqueurs dans les médias. Aujourd’hui, c’est l’heure du bilan du 1er août 2019 au 31 juillet 2020, sur plus de cent émissions, chroniques, tribunes, interviews, etc.
@acrimed_info @arretsurimages #politique
Si j’ai le temps, il y aura par la suite des zooms sur l’année de certaines émissions ou interviews phares, comme C dans l’air, certaines matinales ou autres. Je peux aussi répondre aux demandes spécifiques.
Côté chiffres, pr cette année 2019-2020, mes décomptes ont permis de recenser plus de 23500 interventions, dont plus de 20000 sont « étiquetables » politiquement, dans plus de 120 rdv différents. Cela concerne 1993 personnes, évidemment la majorité n’a qu’une seule intervention.
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Just in: A manager at Merafong Municipality in Jhb #ThysWienekus was arrested in connection with #VBS this morning. He will be charged with 1 count of contravening s173(3) of the Municipal Finance Management Act.
This is the first arrest in the #VBS Municipal investigations leg.
#ThysWienekus was later appointed as CFO of Merafong Municipality & may have been grossly negligent when he made a R50m investment with #VBS in contravention of the MFMA.
He acted on the instructions of(Screengrab is s173(3) of MFMA - what #Wienekus is charged with)
#NPA's charge sheet says #ThysWienekus made R50m investment in #VBS on instruction of Municipal Manager #RomeoMohaudi, despite knowing investments with VBS were not permitted.
It seems that #Wienekus may be used as state witness against Mohaudi and in this leg of investigations.
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Why are NPAs so widely tracked?

Because if a sizeable percentage of the loan book of a Bank becomes NPA, the equity portion gets hit of the Bank (because remember deposits have to be returned with interest and some money is in CRR/SLR, so the direct hit is to equity).
Due to big sized NPAs, equity value can get hit, and if equity value gets hit, the stock price can get hit badly and also limits the growth of the bank.
Example – Bank has Rs. 80 of deposits, Rs. 20 of equity. Its loan book is Rs. 80 (suppose) and if 10% becomes NPA, out of 80, so that translates into Rs. 8 NPA. Since the bank has to pay back deposits with interest, the banks’ equity value gets hit.
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Finally, after so much wait, @RBI Governer comes out to provide much needed relief to economy - key announcements thread:

#RBI #economy #rbigovernor
1. Yes, even after all the projections of economic growth slip, India might still stay at the top of global economic growth chart (As per IMF).

2. NBFCs, this time RBI has looked out for you.

TLTRO 2.0 - targeted long term repo operations of INR 50k crore ease the liqudiity issues, specifically for NBFCs.

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Alors que les soignants ne comptent pas leurs heures face au #Covid, le #NPA et #Poutou sont scandalisés parce que les cheminots doivent poser 5 jours de congés payés avant le 30/4 ! Il faudra sanctionner Poutou et cet égoïsme insensé dans les urnes aux #municipales à #Bordeaux.
Voici le retweet de #Poutou. Image
Je comprends que vous puissiez contester les modalités concrètes de cette mesure. Mais de nombreuses entreprises et administrations l’ont prise et pour de bonnes raisons. Or le message du NPA parle carrément de « vol à grande échelle » et de « casse du siècle » ! C’est indécent.
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➡️ Municipales 2020 : Décryptage du tweet de Phillipe #Poutou, candidat à la mairie de #Bordeaux.
➡️ Les dealers, ces nouveaux « héros » en première ligne face au #Coronavirus ?
➡️ Thread ⤵️
➡️ Poutou est candidat #NPA à la mairie de #Bordeaux (255.000 habitants). Il est à la tête de la liste « Bordeaux en luttes », soutenue par le NPA et #LFI.
➡️ Il a obtenu 11,77% (6 470 voix) et devrait se maintenir pour le 2nd tour.…
#Poutou s’est donc fendu d’un tweet censé mettre en avant les « vrais héros qui servent la communauté pendant la pandémie ». Parmi ces héros, on reconnaît ainsi un maraîcher, une soignante, une boulangère, des éboueurs, des pompiers, une boulangère, une caissière, un livreur.
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#YesBank Story

How Rana Kapur gobbled 5000 crore in kickbacks

Give out loans to doubtful Co's
They become NPA's
Instead of declaring em NPAs & initiating recovery proceedings, Kapoor conspired with the companies & got them to invest in firms run by his wife & daughters.
In 2015, @RBI, under asset quality review, the RBI inspectors found that #YesBank had suppressed its NPAs — reportedly underreporting the same by Rs 2,299 crore in 2018-19, Rs 6,355 crore in FY 2017 and over Rs 4,000 crore in FY2016 —as well as it had cooked up its balance sheet.
Rana Kapoor continued his rein till 2019, when he was shown the door, but by then, it was already too late

Meanwhile, the bank’s bad loans kept growing. Following the RBI’s asset quality review in 2019, its gross #NPA's surged 87% from a year ago, Its net NPAs more than doubled.
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As per RBI's data on global operations, aggregate loans increased from Rs. 25,03,431 crore as on 31.3.2008 to Rs. 68,75,748 crore as on 31.3.2014. #NPA
Asset Quality Review (AQR) initiated in 2015 for clean and fully provisioned bank balance-sheets revealed high incidence of Non-Performing Assets (NPAs). #NPA
Primarily as a result of transparent recognition of stressed assets as NPAs, gross NPAs of SCBs, as per RBI, rose from Rs. 3,23,464 crore as on 31.3.2015, to Rs. 10,36,187 crore as on 31.3.2018. #NPA
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