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Still confused about what @QredoNetwork does?🤷🤷

@QredoNetwork provides a new way for institutions and traders to store their assets without sacrificing control. Using Qredo’s innovative decentralized Multi-Party Computation (dMPC) encryption,
users can custody their coins and interact with the wealth of the #DeFi ecosystem through a secure, institutional-grade platform.
🛡️Secure Crypto Custody
Qredo solves one of the biggest problems in crypto by offering users a secure platform to custody their assets without
having to give up control of their private keys.

🛡️Better Digital Asset Governance
Qredo provides a suite of compliance and reporting tools to ease the path into DeFi.
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@QredoNetwork's Tokenomics is going to be highly deflationary.

To truly appreciate this, one needs to view it through the $QRDO 'ecosystem' lens, when the network is operational at scale.

Here are 8 highly probable (& some speculative) deflationary catalysts we can expect 🧵👇🏽
1. The ultimate metrics: AUM & MAU (monthly active users)

Qredo's entire ecosystem is built on the foundation of groundbreaking dMPC technology.

This is what enables the custodial infrastructure, attracts billions of dollars & will make Tokenomics highly deflationary.
With a low to moderate amount of AUM and network activity, Tokenomics may seem inflationary.

With a moderate to high amount of AUM, Tokenomics will take on an exponentially growing deflationary character.


Because of simple math & the design of the ecosystem.
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@QredoNetwork is the most important tech to arrive for the decentralized crypto world, after $BTC, $ETH, & $LUNA.

Here are 50+ strong fundamental reasons why $QRDO will transform the crypto world as we know it.

Save this thread to revisit as I keep it updated. Here we go 🧵⬇️
1. Product developed over ~3 years
2. Team went to VCs with working product
3. Project is not just a whitepaper
4. Pioneered decentralized MPC (dMPC):…
5. Combined MPC with L2 blockchain
6. Tech is available on an open-source basis
7. ~8B AUM⬇️

8. The only tokenized dMPC provider
9. No real competitors
10. dMPC prevents private key loss
11. dMPC puts an end to exchanges being hacked and people losing their life savings
12. 7 layers of defense:…
13. Safest digital asset custody globally

/2 ⬇️
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Here’s why I think $QRDO is going to be the top asset in Q1.

You want to be on the fastest horse in crypto, right? Opportunity cost is important in crypto imo. So you can trade and accumulate more of your desired token.

Here are the 4 reasons why $QRDO is prime for take off! 🚀
This is the biggest infrastructure we’ve seen in crypto. It will integrate with all layer 1’s and attract a LOT of liquidity from exchanges and capital from institutions.

As of now, @QredoNetwork has kept its cards close to them. That changes next month
We going to see lots of announcements between validator program, liquidity hub launch, institutional partnerships, Tier 1 exchanges, DAO Formation, Cex’s/layer 1 integrations, and derivative exchanges integrations.

Catalysts are very important to bring hype and attention.
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So I see a lot of people fomo'ing into $QRDO

In case you were in doubt of who Qredo is working with and the investors behind this project, please read this mega-thread I've put together with the help of @Sherwoodcapita1

There be some unreleased bonus alpha at the end... 👇👇
$QRDO (Qredo) was founded in 2011 and have steadily been working on their decentralised layer 2 network built to work with any assets on any network. Qredo had some really big name's invest in their project simply because no one else is doing custody like this... one else has really cracked MPC integration quite like $QRDO layer two solution. So heres some of the investors and developers to show they mean biz...

@coinbase - Some point to this as a guaranteed catalyst for $QRDO to handle CoinBase custody solutions, more on this l8r
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