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Still confused about what @QredoNetwork does?🤷🤷

@QredoNetwork provides a new way for institutions and traders to store their assets without sacrificing control. Using Qredo’s innovative decentralized Multi-Party Computation (dMPC) encryption,
users can custody their coins and interact with the wealth of the #DeFi ecosystem through a secure, institutional-grade platform.
🛡️Secure Crypto Custody
Qredo solves one of the biggest problems in crypto by offering users a secure platform to custody their assets without
having to give up control of their private keys.

🛡️Better Digital Asset Governance
Qredo provides a suite of compliance and reporting tools to ease the path into DeFi.
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In this thread, I’ll take a closer look at @QredoNetwork’s Qredo ($QRDO), a layer 2 decentralized custodian protocol.

Gather round, there’s a lot of interesting stuff to unpack!

#crypto #blockchain #defi #crosschain #dao
Before we start, here are the things I will cover about this project:

• Website
• Team & Partners
• Whitepaper
• $QRDO Token Use Case & Distribution
• Social Media
Let's begin with some numbers.

#Qredo was founded in Q4 2018.
• As of now, the project has raised $50 million from investors.
• In late 2021, the network had 11.000 monthly users and $8 bn assets under management.
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Breve hilo con posibles zonas de compra en diferentes alts según la posible evolución del precio de #Bitcoin.

Primer cajón: suelo de #BTC 37K
Segundo cajón: suelo de $BTC 30K

Abro paraguas ☂️
#Polkadot - $DOT Image
#TerraLuna - $LUNA - Image
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The Ultimate MEGA Thread on Qredo.

I've been doing a deep dive on $Qredo and I'm convinced that it is undervalued.

Narrative shifts are constantly changing and will be focused on security as money flows increase.

Here's why Qredo will be more recognised in 2022:

The simplest way to define #Qredo is: as a solution to trade, transfer and take custody of your crypto on a decentralized network.

As people with become more experienced within this space, it is likely that centralized exchanges will have less crypto stored on it.

To put simply, pressure from regulators will only continue to increase over time.

For the big crypto investors, storing and exchanging assets safely will be of great importance.

Before continuing, ensure you have read this to understand the tech:

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Clearing up $QRDO's Tokenomics

By now I've read a lot of different statements about @QredoNetwork's token emission schedule, and as bullish as I am on the tech and team, I too have been confused by the tokenomics 😅

Anon, I'm tired of being confused, so let's figure this out
The graph in the token paper is labeled by months on the x-axis, but we don't know which month it starts at. I think I've figured it out, based on @JoshGoodbody's AMA here
@JoshGoodbody In that AMA, Josh says that the Circulating Supply will reach ~305 million tokens by the end of 2022. That lines up with the end of the second cliff on this graph; month 16

15 months before late December 2022 is late September 2021, when the $QRDO token was first listed on CMC
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I'm going to start this thread about #Qredo by listing many things @QredoNetwork has

- Security
- Speed
- Siloed Liquidity
- Reporting for institutions
- Unmatched privacy
- Blockchain interoperability

Let's discuss them further...

Let's discuss security firstly.

To understand the uniqueness of $QRDO you need to understand what lies in the core of #mpc

So how would we best define MPC?

Defining MPC.

Multi party computation is a cryptographic tool that allows multiple individuals to make calculations using their combined data.

This is without ever revealing their individual input.

#QREDO uniqueness lies in its decentralised MPC

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پایان انتظارها برای واکاوی Qredo
آنچه در این #کریپتوفاندا می خوانید.

⚡️ ترجمه ها از Qredo
⚡️طرح مشکل از زبان بنیانگذار
⚡️مفاهیم پیش نیاز برای درک پروژه
custodial/self costudial

⚡️معماری Qredo
⚡️توضیح روان / ساده از Qredo
⚡️مقایسه با رقبا
⚡️جمع بندی
⚡️فرصت Airdrop Image
آنچه با ترجمه بهش می رسید:
#Qredo در زمینه امنیت سایبری, رمزنگاری و بلاک چین کار می کند. Qredo با استفاده از جدیدترین نوآوری ها در زمینه رمزنگاری و فناوری دفتر کل توزیع شده ، یک شبکه قدرتمند جهانی را برای تأمین و تجارت دارایی های دیجیتال ارائه می دهد.
از زبان بنیان گذار
چگونه Qredo یک‌ مشکل بیلیون دلاری را حل میکند؟

کیف پول های سرد و گرم متمرکزند و یک اسیب پذیری برای سیستم های غیرمتمرکز. شیوه ذخیره کلید خصوصی شما در این کیف پول ها منجر به از دست رفتن بیلیون ها دلار شده Image
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