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‼️GT Capital Validator is now live‼️

We ask all #LUNAtics to consider delegating a portion of their staked $LUNA to our validator, here’s why…🧵 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Validator information:

Name: GT Capital
Commission: 5%
Uptime: 100%
Validator Link:… Image
Firstly we are a validator built by LUNAtics, for LUNAtics.

Our members are a range of individuals from prominent community members, project founders, ecosystem tooling, research analysts etc.

We want the best for Terra and helping secure the network is part of that mission.
We also promise to be active in assessing governance proposals that are put forward by encouraging debate amongst our delegators & the wider community & putting all our decisions to a vote amongst active GT delegators. We will always vote, we will not be a passive observer.
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1/ The right founder and their leadership is often a defining factor in why a blockchain project progresses & succeeds beyond the “good idea” stage.

We are digging into some leaders in the crypto space.

Third up, Do Kwon aka @stablekwon

RTs appreciated! $LUNA

A thread 🧵
2/ Do Kwon is the co founder and CEO of Terraform Labs.

In 2019 he was recognised as one as one of the Forbes 30 under 30 leaders in the Finance and VC category.
3/ Do studied computer science at Stanford for 5 years.
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Que es $LUNA y porque debes prestarle atencion. (Título alternativo: Cómo llegar a la luna)

Traducción del Hilo de @TheMoonMidas y que me encanto para compartir con la comunidad.


Hola, amigo simio, tengo una pregunta para ti:

¿estás listo para ir a la luna?

Mira, nuestra historia comienza con un joven mago llamado @stablekwon que trabajo en las principales empresas de tecnología, eventualmente creando su propia mesh network.
Y también con Daniel Shin, un emprendedor muy exitoso que había fundado T-MON, una gran plataforma de comercio electrónico en Corea.

Entonces, el Sr. Shin vio que las compañías de tarjetas de crédito estaban cobrando demasiado por cada transacción.
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DeFi 2.0 before it was cool.

A brief rundown on what is @ApolloDAO and why I'm bullish on $APOLLO 🧵 👇
1 / WTF is @ApolloDAO and Yield Aggregators?

If you know what are @iearnfinance, @PancakeBunnyFin and @beefyfinance; you probably know what a yield aggregator is.
But for the uninformed:

Yield Aggregators are protocols which optimize rewards from DeFi yield farming for maximum efficiency by auto-compounding them.
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What is $LUNA and why you should pay attention to it.

(Alternative title: How to arrive to the moon)

Hello fellow ape, I've got one question for you:

Are you ready to go to the moon?

See, our story begins with a young wiz kid called @stablekwon who had worked in the main tech companies, eventually creating his own mesh network and well, just being a genius.
And also with Daniel Shin, a very successful entrepreneur who had founded T-MON, a big ass e-commerce platform on Korea.

So Mr. Shin saw that the credit card companies were charging waaaay too much for each transaction.
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Terra just got a juicy 3x boost in staking rewards.

How can you max out this new staking wave?👇 Image
Yield on @terra_money just increased up to 10.88%.

It happened in a short span of 14 days.

Here's how the current yield graph looks like: Image
How does this compare to rewards on other popular chains?

$SOL = 6.9%
$ETH = 5.2%

The recent staking boost came right after one of the biggest crypto burns in history (if not the major).

Terra is burning 88+ million $LUNA and it is no joke!

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🧵/ @astroport_fi has been billed as a next-gen Automated Market Maker and is one of the most exciting projects coming to @terra_money

But what makes this AMM different?

✦ Astroport combines features from @Uniswap, @CurveFinance, and @BalancerLabs to create a unified super-AMM
1/ Astroport's AMM will offer 3 types of Liquidity Pools that each serve a specific function:

✦ Constant Product Pools
✦ Stableswap Invariant Pools
✦ Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools

This thread goes medium-depth about the mechanics of each pool type that @astroport_fi offers
2/ Before we dive deeper in to each pool type, let's start with the basics

A familiarity with these terms and a brief history of Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) will help to convey the enormous scope of the Astroport team's ambitions
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Yesterday the @ApolloDAO sale took place on the #Terra blockchain🚀🎉.

Today we provide you a new on-chain analysis 🔎!

🤖This time we'll focus on bots 🤖

➡️Before the sale / Fees of bots
➡️How bots influence price

#TerraLuna #LUNAtics $LUNA
Some important background information:

The @ApolloDAO Token (terra100yeqvww74h4yaejj6h733thgcafdaukjtw397) was created via the execution of a proposal in TX….

So it all started at Block 5423469 at 2021.11.24 19:16:04 UTC.
The Liquidity Pool $APOLLO / $UST (terra1xj2w7w8mx6m2nueczgsxy2gnmujwejjeu2xf78) was created via the @terraswap_io factory contract in….

This happened at Block 5423770 at 2021.11.24 20:50:26 UTC.
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The @apolloDAO had started building their warchest long before Protocol Owned Liquidity became the new buzz word. A quick 🧵on why owning a share of the DAO by holding $APOLLO tokens could be a low maintenance way for #LUNAtics to build wealth.
Since the Token Generation Event, $APOLLO token is currently sitting at an easy 10X the Community Farming rate of $0.25 This is just the beginning. According to their Tokenomics model (…), they will continue building the warchest for the next 3 years!
The greater the value of the warchest, the greater the value of $APOLLO token.

To build the warchest, a 10-20% performance fee applied to the various @ApolloDAO vaults.

But why would anyone depositing a token - $UST LP pair agree to that!?
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🌔Hey #LUNAtics,

🌎@terra_money weekly update is here!
Have a look at the latest news 👇

1🔸New @wormholecrypto $UST and $LUNA pools are now available on @Uniswap.

2🔸@coinhall_org announced Hallswap, the first DEX aggregator on the #Terra network.

3🔸Proposal to shorten the voting period from 14 days to 7 days and reduce the minimum $LUNA deposit from 512 to 50 LUNA has passed.

4🔸@GAMEVIL COM2US Platform is entering into a strategic partnership with #Terra. Learn more:…

5🔸 $VKR was listed on @MEXC_Global:…

6🔸@astroport_fi announced the launch of Lock Drop event on December 6:…

7🔸@ApolloDAO announced that the Apollo token will be launched on November 24:…

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Dear #LUNAtics,

When the @terra_money community speaks, we listen.

That's why we are lifting TVL cap limits for tomorrow's community farm.

ALL of them.

Plus, the exclusive initial price of $0.43 stays the same.

Here's the details:
Tomorrow, 8 AM EST, Stader will be opening the doors for all stakers...

🚨 There will be no TVL limits 🚨

We don’t want you to lose out on the opportunity to farm $SD tokens.

Also, we want to provide a fair environment where nobody will be left behind.

More importantly:
Initially, our primary reason for imposing caps was to secure the protocol stability at scale.

Based on our assessment over the past 2 days,

We are confident that all our systems are working as planned.

Best of all?
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#unrugged as a new trend 🔥 in #cryptocurrency market #LUNAtics

#smartcontracts on @terra_money are migratable means that at any time the owner can change the logic of its operation while keeping the same contract address
- indicating the admin address in the constructor (when instantiating the #smartcontract)
- implemented migrate function in the #smartcontract
sending #tokens (native, cw20 or LP) for a given contract without the possibility of confirming that it is not migratable does not mean anything and should not be considered as evidence
⁉️so watch out
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Dear #LUNAtics:

We just hit our cap of 200,000 $LUNA TVL.

If you are one of those who couldn't make it...

Here's great news and an apology for you: 👇
Today, 737 users got a chance to deposit their $LUNA on Stader.

All of these users came to our page at the moment of the official launch.

They also came through our links placed on Twitter, TG, and email list.

If you were not one of those users...
We'd like to thank you for your patience and so much love.

You've probably been waiting to participate for a long time.

You could even be very frustrated due to the low initial cap.

We would be frustrated too!

However, here's what happened:
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Stader Community Farming starts tomorrow.

Here's 6 reasons why you can't miss it:

($SD tokens is only one of them)
Reason #1. $SD Token Price

You will be farming $SD tokens at a price close to the private sale.

Starting at just $0.43.

The price will rise by 30% for every 2.2M $LUNA TVL.

The earlier you get in, the more you stand to gain.
Reason #2. Exclusive validator pools

Starting tomorrow you will be able to stake with 3 different pools:

- Community
- Blue Chip
- Airdrops Plus

We've carefully selected validators for each pool...

So we can safeguard your $LUNA as much as possible.

For example:
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An executive summary of my interview with @JerSebastian7 of @WhiteWhaleTerra. 🧵👇
For a recap on wtf exactly is White Whale Protocol, do read my previous thread on their Litepaper here:
1/ @WhiteWhaleTerra believes that the protocol is a mission critical project for Terra that puts control of the monetary supply of $UST in the hands of the community.
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The bullish case for @TerraFloki.

By now, most #LUNAtics are aware of their existance.

But many think "it's just a memecoin".

Well, hear me out, cause they might be the key to onboard a whole bunch of persons into $LUNA and @terra_money.

Are you ready?

On October 4th, 2021 I received a message from @Maxx__Dev, one of @TerraFloki devs asking me to read their litepaper.

I remember seeing the message and thinking to myself "I'll read it later."

Big mistake.

But next day I had the chance to grab a little bit.
Although, FUD started quickly and it made me sell too soon.


Well, right from the start it was different.

First, you couldn't buy it on Terraswap.

They had created their own DEX and their own pools to be able to trade their token.
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So market broke down and you are panicking?

Learn how to hedge your positions in the $LUNA ecosystem.

$LUNA gives you the tools to profit regardless of market conditions.

Lets dive in.

1. @anchor_protocol

The easiest and probably most obvious way to hedge your portfolio.

Hold $UST and deposit it in @anchor_protocol .

Your $UST turns into $aUST and automatically compounds to earn 19.5% APR regardless of market conditions.

Simple. Easy. Boomer Proof.
2. @mirror_protocol mAssets LP

Not a stable coin hedge but allows you to apportion your portfolio to assets like $mARKK or $mGOOGL that are independent of crypto prices.

Add the mAssets to $UST LPs and earn 22% ~ 44% APR

I personally use the $mGLXY - $UST LP 😉
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We’ve been building for this moment. $UST is finally listed on @PrimeTrustCo today, and the Kado team could not be more excited.

A short 🧵 on what's to come 👇

We're working with @PrimeTrustCo, @HalbornSecurity, + @terra_money on final updates to push Kado Pay live in the next few days.

We're building primitives that have never been built before. While exciting, it requires quadruple checking and testing with our stakeholders 🤝.

All for the sake of a safer and more reliable service for this community 🔒.

Keep your eyes peeled in the coming days... we will be announcing some awesome giveaways and contests with $10,000 in prizes for the shopping szn.

The holidays are coming early #LUNAtics.
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This is important. So I've made it into a thread 🧵

If you see a blockchain transaction analysis on Twitter from your favorite influencer, you should still DYOR.

Here's why 👇👇👇
The blockchain is a permanent ledger. It never lies, and no one can dispute it.

However, Twitter influencers can interpret data in misleading ways for others to consume.

This is a form of bias in data analysis, and it's common in academic research as well.
For example, a researcher in academia will accumulate data for months, sometimes years, to support an experiment.

When their data collection is complete, they review the data as tables, graphs, and other visualizations and write a report with their analysis.
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Buenas a todos!

Comparto mi primer hilo informando todos los airdrops que van a gozar por el momento quienes están haciendo staking de $ANC en @anchor_protocol.

Pero antes de empezar, ¿qué es un airdrop? 👇
Es una distribución de tokens que se hace a usuarios que tengan una criptomoneda preexistente.

Por ejemplo, por tener la moneda $ANC (y tenerla en staking), voy a recibir tokens de un nuevo protocolo que opte por repartir parte de su supply a quienes hagan staking de $ANC.
¿Por qué se hace esto?

Entre otras cosas, es una forma que tienen los proyectos para darse a conocer, y contar desde un principio con usuarios que puedan interactuar con su plataforma.
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Another day - another on-chain analysis by the DAIC crew on the @terra_money block chain.

➡️Today we'll have a look at @randomearth_io - the wonderful marketplace for #NFTs on #Terra . 🙌

🔎Let's see how you #LUNAtics are using this platform!
There are currently 36 active marketplaces for #NFT projects on randomearth.

Sorted by current largest turnovers:
1) Styllar (@STYLLARNFT)
2) Galactic Punks (@galactic_punks)
3) Levana Dragons (@Levana_protocol)
4) Luna Bulls (@LunaBulls)
5) Deviants Factions (@DeviantsNFT)
We are happy to have the @randomearth_io NFT marketplace on #Terra since beginning of October 2021. 🥳

Since 5 October, 582.669 transactions interacted with the smart contract of the marketplace.
➡️ That's ~14940 transactions / day
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How to retrieve the underlying image that your Terra NFT token represents.

Huge thanks to @TerraTurtles, @GerenttUST, and other helpful #LUNAtics - you know who you are. 🧵👇
Step 1:…

Press Query

"tokens": {
"owner": "your_address_here"

Copy the token address you see in the box, e.g:
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So I see a lot of people fomo'ing into $QRDO

In case you were in doubt of who Qredo is working with and the investors behind this project, please read this mega-thread I've put together with the help of @Sherwoodcapita1

There be some unreleased bonus alpha at the end... 👇👇
$QRDO (Qredo) was founded in 2011 and have steadily been working on their decentralised layer 2 network built to work with any assets on any network. Qredo had some really big name's invest in their project simply because no one else is doing custody like this... one else has really cracked MPC integration quite like $QRDO layer two solution. So heres some of the investors and developers to show they mean biz...

@coinbase - Some point to this as a guaranteed catalyst for $QRDO to handle CoinBase custody solutions, more on this l8r
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Hey #LUNAtics,

Wavezzz NFT Discord & Twitter have been deleted.

Have been trying to contact the team, but I am assuming the worst that we have been rugged.
I was working with the team as a mod, and was in contact with one of the founders as recent as an hour ago.

In the interest of transparency, I was airdropped a Wavezzz NFT for my services. I was not paid a single cent.
I'm mad & shocked that they would do such a thing. But it is what it is, and we gotta move on.

A reminder to always DYOR.
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