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Weekly Update - Week of 4/13

Had a busy week w/ work so I'm a few days off of my usual Wednesday thread. But here's the numbers for the week from a variety of investments. Have a few new tables to show you as well! Enjoy!

2/ We'll start w/ @tombfinance. Price of $Tshare has stabilized and the $Tomb printer has started again, which I've been anticipating w/ the fall of $FTM. Moved my money out of @Reaper_Farm (which I love BTW) and back to @tombfinance. Going to start adding to $Tomb / $MAI pool.
3/ Next we have @HectorDAO_HEC which is still slow and steady. Price has been rising though so the affects of the DEFI tools are starting to come to realization. Not paying a ton of attention here, just leaving it and seeing what happens.
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It's Wednesday, so we have a new weekly summary for all of the daily investment posts. This thread includes data from:
@tombfinance / @Reaper_Farm
@HectorDAO_HEC / @nemesis_dao
@osmosiszone / @ThorNodes
@VaporNodes / @AngelNodes

Check it out!
2/ First let's take a look at @tombfinance, staking $TShare / $FTM LP in #autofarm @Reaper_Farm. @FantomFDN #drama caused some lower price action this month, but Tomb shows some consistent returns. Don't care about price, I care about #Compounding
3/ Next, let's look at @HectorDAO_HEC. APR is slow and steady and this project is pretty boring with very low returns. Price action continues to decline, but looks like a bottom is near. The pivot to a bank and $TOR saved the #rebase project, but we'll see what happens with $HEC
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Weekly Wednesday - DAO Investment Summary

Each Wednesday, I'll post a thread with a table summarizing the weekly gains from my daily summaries for @Reaper_Farm / @tombfinance, @HectorDAO_HEC, @nemesis_dao, @Wonderland_fi. Will also update on any news that's happened the week.
2/ It's interesting to see how the #DAOs are all figuring out how to survive. Most #DAOs have seen a 90%+ decline in price last month. As I mentioned in last week's thread, they are a great way to raise funds quickly: . Now we will see those in action
3/ @tombfinance has seen the best returns so far, although I'm still down overall. $TShare price is fluctuating, but the #APR is adjusting beneficially when the price is low. Using @Reaper_Farm has been seamless and I've been happy so far.
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A thread on the #rebase market space, the future of the rebase projects, and a bit on me. 🧵1/
First off, I am an ex-investment advisor, and I find the marvels of the innovations of #cryptocurrency just spectacular. With that said, I've learned that this space has an accentuated "gamesmanship" since really all markets, equities, stocks, bonds, annuities, are games. 2/
3/ Playing the game by the rules is what can make you successful and there is no guidance or regulation in this space to set the parameters, so you only have the slow & painful experience of getting scammed, rugged, or having the goal posts moved on you mid route in an investment
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1/ Some thoughts on making the dip and losses work for me, game theory w/ taxes, big dips, stables, and #rebase tokens. A thread: 🧵
2/ Maybe the best part about dips are the opportunities they provide if you've been taking profits mechanically as I argued for now very often. Further, unhappy market conditions lead to innovations. I am not a tax professional, but I am up to date w/ the court rulings . . .
3/ . . . the SEC, and the CFTC's dominion and applicable tax consequences, so take this as creative thought built upon credible research, knowing full well that the "tax laws" are unclear w/ #crypto in many places, including in the US where I live.
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1/ With no ill will towards $HEC @HectorDAO_HEC, I want to point out the side by side comparison of a #rebase project fighting against dilution $hec and one where dilution has been well managed $exod @EXODIAFinance . Disclaimer so you know my bias, I own both, but ...
2/ I have a much larger position in $EXOD b/c of its dilutive metrics and how small the mcap was, which allows for a much larger coin price run up w/o needing much capital to come in. $HEC on the other hand has done a truly remarkable job getting their mcap over 200 mil . . .
3/ but since their coinage had a marked supply increase early on (they are at around 3 mil total coin supply now), which $HEC is now taking all the necessary steps to correct -- so kudos to them for this -- their coin price is not moving up much. Consider how stark it is...
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Time again friends for the #rebase 🐳🧵thread. First, though, I want to make some comments on a consensus developing across responsibly run #rebase projects. We are seeing two very divergent behaviors to the bear market from these coins. 1/
2/ (1) some of the projects are losing value much greater than the market dump over the past 7 days. The entire #crypto market is down -14.4%. I can't find a reason(s) for why some suffer and others don't. 2/
3/ There seems to be a bias against older projects, which seems to be suffering from the bear cycle more, but beyond this, I see no reason(s) why some are and others are not. Those down hard include the following:
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More on #crypto portfolio management using long holds, insurance, rebase tokens, and other passive income opportunity. This time we will assume we begin w/ only $10,000 as the market is right now. 1/
As a rule, going after anything excessively high risk, #degen risk, is something you can do but only w/ a very small part of your capital, less than 5%.

For the long holds, consider the runway of the coin you are buying. How much mcap growth is possible given the (a) chain it is on and (b) its use case. For instance, I could see $FTM’s mcap go up to 70 billion given its current rate of growth, ... 3/
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🧵A thread on derivatives in #crypto. I was an Investment Advisor & I specialized in options trading. $DPX as a new asset to buy & hold makes sense, as does cash secured put selling (writing) in order to pick your entry price. 1/
2/ However, % returns from staking in #crypto are so juicy, options' risk become uninteresting. Why do they? It is because of the dismal #dividends, bond yields, annuity yields, etc., that make options a desirable risk.
3/ You can't get the type of returns options' strategies, like iron condors, iron butterfly, straddles, strangles, etc., can supply from these alternatives, so the risk to reward ratio makes sense. Let's call this use of options "income generating options."
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🧵A thread on how to optimize #rebase projects while marginalizing your risk if you had $30,000 and entered on the high side back in October, using fav picks in this example. $OHM $TIME $KLIMA $EXOD will be used to show this. Is there hope, how to navigate dips and win. 1/
2/ The four projects I picked out I chose b/c (1) I am in them, (2) their fiscal metric management is good, and (3) because it gives us a nice diversification of outcomes that are realistic.
3/ Let's say you bought in at these prices in Oct/early Nov. w/ these average rebase compounding rates.

OHM $800 .45%
KLIMA $2800 .48%
EXOD $5,200 .55%
TIME $7000 .61%

How would you be doing today?
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1/ Time for another #rebase projects 🐳thread. Let's talk some of the new projects, some of the disasters, and some of the "relative metrics" that allow for adjudicating which #rebase projects will live, and which will die. 🧵
2/ I won't be using the rating system today or going into the developments except w/ rare exceptions; I want to focus on the mathematical metrics, what they portend, and especially to dissolve the notion that all #rebase projects are made of the same stuff. Management matters!
3/ With this said, any #degens looking for pump and dumps, quick gains, this thread is not designed for you although the info could be helpful. My aim is to discuss the metrics in terms of protecting an investment over duration and have reasonable expectations it will succeed.
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1/ Jumping into our 🐋 #rebase project fiscal review, Its been about 5 days since we last looked into these great new economic advancements in finance, but boy has the lay of the land changed in that short time, mostly due to mis-management w/ APY, bonds, and dilution.
2/ we have learned much in the past two months with the promulgation of #rebase projects, so much hope at the beginning with those million of APY % points, then turning into so much despair just a short few weeks later.
3/ I will be beginning to cover these in the future or now:, @Spicy_DAO , @dovefinance , @NovaDaoFinance. I have an inside man at @NovaDaoFinance so high hopes they do it right, being the first on the Cosmos blockchain soon.
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1/ its been 5 days since we last reviewed the #rebase projects, and there are more than ever, but we will be adding coverage to @MetaverseProDAO and @nemesis_dao, user requested. Today, since dilution is really messing w/ these DAOs, we will emphasize which ones are correcting it
2/ @crypto market getting his hard, and many of the #rebase token projects are getting caught with their pants down, when these daos have been minting new coin way too fast and the demand let's up, we see sizable tanks in price, kind of a perfect storm unhappy currents meeting.
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1/ Let's do a deep dive discussion on dilution with some case studies and discuss some of the protocols that have handled dilution best. #rebase @OlympusDAO @Wonderland_fi @HectorDAO_HEC
2/ as a reminded, here is OHM's EIP-18 that set the gold standard for handling dilution and the rates that make sense for long term sustainability for price value for investors. Image
3/ Here are the salient take-aways to help your wallet and your goal of achieving generational wealth.
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1/ The FIRST #AMPLNFT has wrapped voting on community contributed #NFT designs! $FORTH holders voted on their favorite designs and the winners are in!
2/ For future $FORTH votes don't forget to delegate to yourself on @voteWithTally here:…

And participate on signalling through snapshot votes here:
3/ 6 NFT designs have been selected, 3 Positive Rebase themed designs and 3 Negative Rebase themed designs.

A snapshot was taken prior to the vote and the thresholds will range from 100 days upwards for Positive and Negative Rebase days held
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